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Pairings: 1+2, 1X2

Author: dhuron

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Notes: Minna, here is the sequel/follow up to ‘Reencarnacion’. It is called, ‘Tu’. I will not be giving the translation to this song, mainly cuz I’m too lazy to actually type more..*LOL*. But I do have a ‘very’ rough translation I received from a tranlating site.
So if you want to know the words, send me an email and I’ll send it over.

“..” words spoken
/.../ thoughts

//..// song lyrics



“I promise. This time I won’t leave you” They fell back onto the bed, Heero pulling Duo into his arms. They quietly talked about their pasts, hours went by before they were finished. Too emotionally worn to do anything, Duo fell asleep safely snuggled against his beloved. “Sleep well Duo.” Heero kissed the warm forehead and pulled the blankets over them. He soon joined Duo in sleep, content with the fact that he would wake up with Duo in his arms.


Heero looked down at his, still sleeping, love. The light from outside fell upon the soft chestnut strands and upon the peaceful face. He brushed his fingers across Duo’s cheeks, a whisper of passion’s touch.

//En mi mente estas como una adicción
Que se siente dulce, tierna y natural //

His lips softly caressed his love’s full and warm ones, deep blue eyes filled with adoration and devotion. In his hand was Duo’s braid, the soft mass had always been Heero’s weakness.

//Pasar el umbral de mi intimidad
Llegas hasta el fondo de cada rincón
Me tienes aqui como quieres tú //


Duo slowly opened his eyes, the feathery touches sending shivers up and down his spine. The fervent devotion within the soft eyes convinced the braided pilot that he wasn’t dreaming. His hands ruffled the messy brown locks while moving his lips closer to his destined beloved. He pulled his beloved to lay on top of him, kissing him once again.

//Vienes y desplazas a mí soledad
Me vas atrapando //

Heated passion consumed them both, their kiss became deep and sensual. Hands caressed, bodies moved together reclaiming what was lost through the ages. Heero pulled away, slightly, to look into the passionate eyes of his koi. He breathed in Duo, the unique scent tickling his nose and releasing forgotten memories.

“Duo, this time I want to do it right.” , a long and deep kiss, “I want to wait until this is all over...”

“Anything for you”

//En mi mente estas palpitando a mil
Y verte a mi lado es mi necesidad
El dejarte ir o decir adiós //


Heero stared out the window into the moon-less night. The cool air blowing through his air, he sighed sadly. Three weeks had past since he last saw his Duo, a long and antagonizing three weeks. Unconsciously his hand came up to clasp around the cross around his neck. /I miss you/.

The time apart only strengthened his love for the other pilot. Every chance they got, they would speak over the vid-phone, briefly but it was enough.

//Es morir en vida es negarme a mí
Que mi libertad se termine en tí
Y sentirte cerca de nuevo es saber
Que te estoy amando //

Duo silently entered the dark room, he saw Heero standing at the open window. He took a brief moment to look at his koi, the Japanese pilot was still beautiful beyond words. Walking up to the silently brooding pilot, Duo wrapped his arms around the slim waist and hugged Heero tightly.

“Hi koi” he whispered while planting a kiss on Heero’s neck.

//Tú y de nuevo tú
Dejas que naufrague justamente en tí
Tú mi locura tú
Me atas a tu cuerpo no me dejas ir
Tú adherido aqui entre cada átomo
Entre cada célula
Vives tú, todo lo llenas tú //

Heero jumped once a pair of arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him into a loving hug. /Duo!/

“Hi koi”

The innocent kiss sent his skin blazing, the sultry voice chased away his negative thoughts. Here, in Duo’s arms, he felt warm.

“Duo, Ai shiteru” Heero turned around to face his baka, hands trailing soft touches along the soft cheeks. He pulled their lips together, putting his entire being into the kiss.

//Que vienes y pasas como un huracán
Tú total y pleno tú
Te has vuelto mí fuerza y mi talisman
Tú silente y sutil entre cada átomo
Entre cada célula vives tú //

“I love you Heero with everything that I am.”


Duo looked frantically around the peacemillion, but he couldn’t find Heero anywhere. He returned to his room and fell onto his lonely bed.

/Come back soon/

He was about to fall into a deep sleep when the alarms went off, the final battle was upon them. /I love you, come back to me/. He took one look at the picture on the nightstand, of them holding each other.

//Vas creciendo en mi, es inevitable
Caigo en tu mirada soy tan vulnerable//

Heero aimed Zero’s cannon at the debris, knowing he wouldn’t survive the blast. Duo’s voice carried over the static and shrill alarms.

“Come back to me...”

// Desprendes la luz de cada palabra
Te has vuelto mi espada tras cada batalla //


Heero jumped down from his battered gundam and looked around for the only person that mattered to him. He ignored everyone, brushing them off like common pests. He saw the tail end of the chestnut braid, his hand just itching to hold it.

Quickly he caught up with Duo and kissed him fiercely and passionately, not giving a damn who saw or what they thought.

//Descubrí el amor al llegar a tí
Y caigo de nuevo en esta conclusión
Que te estoy amando //


They moved together into the bedroom of Quatre’s mansion, lips only breaking contact to breath. Quickly, with tender love, they undressed each other and tumbled onto the bed.

//Y es que has hecho de mi
Lo que tú quieras
Lo que sientes
Lo que has deseado
A tu sexo, a tus ganas
A tu entorno, a tus afectos
Tú me has moldeado
Y en todo vives tú.//

“I love you” Heero whispered as he entered his lover’s body, emotions exploding from their first union. Twin moans of pleasure and ecstasy filled the room. Each slow thrust sent them higher and higher, finally pushing them both over the cliff.

Duo cried out his eternal devotion, tears pouring down his cheeks.

//Tú y de nuevo tú
Dejas que naufrague justamente en tí
Tú mi locura tú
Me atas a tu cuerpo no me dejas ir
Tú adherido aqui entre cada átomo
Entre cada célula //

Heero’s cries joined Duo’s, declaring his love to the braided beauty.

//Vives tú, todo lo llenas tú
Que vienes y pasas como un huracán
Tú total y pleno tú
Te has vuelto mí fuerza y mi talisman
Tú silente y sutil entre cada átomo
Entre cada célula vives tú //

Duo snuggled against Heero’s warm embrace, falling into a truly peaceful embrace. They both knew that now it really was going to be different, this time forever.



Hope you enjoyed! I highly recommed listening to this while reading, it's such a wonderful ballad. Noelia is just too awsome!!