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Parings 1+2, 2X1

author: dhuron

Notes: This is for Nika, Happy birthday!! Hope you enjoy a little 2X1 action.


“ Sweltering Heat ”


The sun blazed down, scorching the earth and everything on it. The sky was a perfect blue color, not a single cloud in sight. The tanned boy looked at the thermometer, it still showed ninety-eight degrees. He took off his hat, sweat-soaked bangs fell into his eyes. The teenager ran this hand through the unruly brown locks, but they only fell back to their original position. The day went on as the construction crew began their daily tasks. Time passed by quickly for the youngest worker.

Heero looked around the construction sight, the sun had already set hours ago. He was the only one there, well if you didn't count the person in the office. Dark blue eyes tried to look through the window and get a better look at the beautiful person sitting at the desk. When the Japanese construction worker started the current job, just over four weeks ago, he first saw Duo Maxwell. He knew he shouldn’t have such lascivious thoughts about his boss, but Duo was so beautiful and sexy. At first Heero couldn’t believe this boy, around his age, was his boss and owned the second largest construction company in the state.

The Japanese youth felt his jeans tighten, his arousal straining against the material. The blistering heat wasn’t helping him either, pearls of sweat ran down his back and muscled chest. His black tanktop was soaked with sweat, and it seemed to only get hotter. Heero saw Duo looking at him, through the half-opened blinds, and had a very naughty thought.

Very erotically, and teasingly, his hands moved to rest on the waistband of his jeans. The tips of his fingers vanished underneath the denim material, his eyes closed in sensual bliss. Heero could feel the violet eyes rake over his body, shivers of pleasure raced up his hot body. Teasingly, he pulled the tanktop out of his jeans, lifting the small piece of fabric up so that his muscled abdomen was in plain view. Strong arms were raised over his head, the tanktop riding up his finely toned stomach. Unconsciously, Heero’s hips began to sway ever so slightly, not to noticeable, just enough to entice his audience.

Heero finally pulled off his shirt, throwing it to the side, and exposing his chest. One hand rose to his mouth, a pink tongue began to lick his index finger. His tongue moved up and down the slender finger, in a very suggestive manner. Finally, after what seemed like forever to the boy in the office, Heero’s wet finger moved down and began to tease and taunt his nipples. Circling the hardening flesh, then moving to the other erect nipple. After the teasing boy finished with the sweet torture, his finger slid down the center of his chest. A trail of wetness was left in the finger’s wake, slowly his hand moved lower and lower.

Heero was lost in pleasure, he didn’t know what had gotten into him. Never had he acted so rash, but if felt good to let go. The thrill of having those stunning violet eyes on his body aroused him further, his hips began to gyrate in small circles. Each movement brushed the wet tip of his erection against his boxers, a small moan left his lips. It felt like he was going to die of pure sexual bliss, and he had yet to be touched by anyone. He wanted to feel Duo’s hand roam over his bare flesh, he wanted to press his sweat-covered body against the braided one’s. He wanted to feel Duo’s mouth suck his arousal. Heero wanted his boss to thoroughly ravish him, he wanted to feel Duo inside him. Heero could feel the head of Duo’s cock slid into his body, claiming his innocence.

Finally, the Japanese youth opened his eyes. He looked towards the open door, and gasped aloud when a hand touched his naked back. The hand moved down to cup his ass, while the other one toyed with his erect nipples. “Nnnn...so good..” he moaned, leaning back. His back rested on Duo’s strong chest, his ass wiggling back against the hard bulge in Duo’s pants.

“What do you want?” The braided one asked him, his hands moving to stroke Heero’s hardness, through the jeans.

“You.” Heero moaned, rubbing against the heat radiating from Duo’s pants. He whimpered as his boss squeezed his trapped erection harder, making his hips thrust wantonly.

“Good, because I want you.” Duo whispered into his employee’s ear. Deftly his hand moved to the waistband of Heero’s jeans, quickly he unbuttoned them and lowered the zipper halfway down. “I want to hear you.” He said while his hand slipped underneath the slightly opened material and the thin silk boxers. Duo took the searing flesh into his hand and slowly began to pump Heero. His thumb ran across the head of Heero’s arousal, making the Japanese boy buck and moan.

“gods...Duo...more....” Heero’s hand rested on the braided boy’s slim hips, his own hips thrusting into the hot hand pleasuring him. It was so good, but he wanted more. He pushed back, grinding his ass against the hardness still trapped in the black slacks. “Nnn...”

Duo pushed down Heero’s pants and boxers with his free hand, he still stroked the other boy’s hardness. He milked the Japanese boy for more moans and soft whimpers. Once the garments were pooled around Heero’s ankles, Duo’s other hand began to tease his lover’s hard nipples. “I want you, do you want me to take you?” He moaned into the other boy’s ear.

“Yes..” Heero gasped out between moans. His body was on fire, blood boiling with the raging inferno in his blood. He felt Duo turn him around, and he watched as his boss quickly removed his clothing.

Duo’s body was perfect, creamy flesh and nicely toned. Heero’s eyes greedily moved down the other boy’s body, resting on the aroused flesh. “Duo..” he whispered, eyes sliding shut. He wanted this so bad.

Duo looked at Heero, the boy was remarkable. He had always wanted to claim the sensual boy, but didn’t know if Heero was interested in him. Now Duo had Heero nude, rock hard, and asking to be taken. He looked around the construction sight, it was early evening and no one was around. It was just him and Heero. He walked over to Heero, pulling the other boy into a demanding kiss. His tongue passed the parted lips and claimed the sweet mouth. Slowly he moved them so that Heero was resting on the large plastic table. He lifted the boy, and laid him down on the table. “I’ll be right back.” Before Heero could miss the other boy, Duo returned with a small tube. “Spread you legs, Heero.” Duo whispered, his hands caressing the other boy’s inner thighs. Duo slid between Heero’s open legs, gently kissing the firm stomach.

Heero moaned and arched off the table when one slick finger slid into his body. He whimpered at the discomfort, but Duo began to kiss him and trace patterns on his chest with his tongue.

Slowly Duo prepared the boy under him, he distracted Heero by sucking on his nipples and teasing his erection with the tip of his tongue. He wanted Heero to scream out only in pure pleasure.

“Duo.....onegai...” Heero begged, thrashing back against the fingers pumping in his body. He wanted Duo’s length inside of him, he wanted the other boy to claim him.

Duo removed his fingers, hastily, and coated his burning erection with the lotion. He couldn’t wait any longer, he needed to be buried in Heero’s body. He slowly pushed his erection into Heero’s body, nearly crying out from the sheer tightness. Duo went slow, carefully easing himself into Heero’s heat. His hands grabbed his lover’s hips, in a painful grip. Both cried out as Duo claimed Heero’s body.

“Duo!” Heero cried out, clutching onto Duo’s shoulders as the braided boy’s arousal entered his body. He thrust back, wanting more, but whimpered when his lover held him in place. Heero tried to move, wanted to feel the hot length inside his body move.


“Heero...gods you feel so good” Slowly he began to thrust into Heero. His hips moved faster with each thrust, the pleasure coalescing in his groin. Duo knew after all that teasing, that he couldn’t last long. “Heero..” he moaned while reaching to reclaim the other boy’s cock. Duo pumped Heero hard and fast, while his hips began move faster and harder. He was pounding into Heero, sweet cries of ecstasy filling the night sky.

“DUO!” Heero yelled out as he felt his first climax. His seed covered Duo’s hand and his chest, as the braided boy continued to pound into him. Heero felt Duo climax inside his body, hot seed flowing into him.

Duo heard his lover cry out and felt him clamp down on his thrusting erection. He knew he couldn’t hold back any longer, with one more thrust he climaxed. His passion flowing into Heero’s body, marking the Japanese boy as his. Duo’s hips still moved with the receding waves of pleasure.

Heero opened his eyes, not noticing he had closed them, and looked at the beautiful face hovering above him. He could still feel the tremors of his orgasm. “Duo..?”

“Yes?” Duo replied, slowly pulling his softening erection from Heero. He pulled the other boy off the table and into his arms, allowing Heero’s long legs to wrap around his waist.

“Can we get out of this heat?” Heero said with a smile, his renewing erection pressing into Duo’s abdomen.

Duo only answered him with a smile.

“Hai, Hee-chan.”



HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKA!! ::massive glomps::