Minna, here is another poem that will tie into "ashes". Just how it will..*grins*..well you'll see soon enough. Also in the newest "timeline/arc" I have in the works will feature some of my more 'dark' poems...so be prepared.

BTW, yes I did write this one as all the others I've posted throughout this series arc. Enjoy!


The Darkened Existence
once held me in comfort
Straying from the light
Choosing an secluded life

Feelings of content beyond grasp
just being, existing,
Cowardly hiding from the world
Fearing being left alone

The Dark was spellbinding
Lulled me into psudo-comfort
Embraced my body in utter familiar coldness
Freezing my soul, locking away feelings

The Cold was home
Protected me from the hurt
Shielded me from the evil of others
Slowly killing my spirit

The Frosty Prison was breached
Unlocking me from my self-exile
Slowly the ice melts,
Freeing my Spirit

Feeling welcomed and wanted
Embraced with long forgotten warmth
Freed from the confines of my mind
No longer having to cowardly hide away