Title: ‘Sabor’
Pairings: Duo and Heero
Warnings: Yaoi, OOC/AU, Language, Lemon
Author: SdstcOne
Disclaimers: Don’t Own, Don’t Sue, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell


He looked around the semi-dark room, taking in its state of tidiness. Eyes looking around, falling upon the partially opened window, allowing him a glimpse at the starry night sky; he smiled and followed the beam of light piercing the darkness to the bed. Three long days since he had been away, and the man had missed his lover.

A small smile reached and painted his lips and he dropped bags, and slowly began to remove his clothing. Fingers fumbled with the silk tie, before the knot gave way and he pulled it off, then moved to the buttons of the dress shirt.

The young man could hear the sound of the shower running in the bathroom, adjoined to their room, all he wanted was to join his lover in the shower and show him just how much he missed him. He pulled the dark blue oxford from his pants and rolled his shoulders backwards, the shirt falling off his body to linger around his wrists for a few moments before falling to the floor. The cool air in the room caressed his skin, and an involuntary moan fell from his slightly parted lips, his hand teased his hardening nipples through the thin wife-beater that still covered most of his upper body.

“Ahhh…” he moaned out, pinching the hardened flesh while his other hand fell to the belt. So long since he even had time to touch himself, even tease his body like he was doing. He managed to get the belt unbuckled and pulled it from the loops, dropping it on the floor as well. His hand moved to the front of the pants, to his growing arousal. The man bite his lower lip as he touched himself through the pants, a moan threatening to break free, his hips thrusts into the touch, body demanding, craving more.

Soon the tight fabric covering his chest was removed, and his hands freely roamed the exposed flesh, touches alternating from teasing feather light to seduction and demanding. Fire burned his skin, oh so wonderfully that he needed more of his own touch, the temperature raising fast, his eyes shut and he gasp as his cock twitched in his pants. He was so hot, burning brighter than the corona of the sun.


His hands moved down his chest, tracing over the lines of muscles, caressing his abdomen and moving lower, yet. They reached the waistband of the black slacks, his fingers slid underneath the material to tease his body more. He was drowning in a molten grasp of ecstasy, and didn’t want to be saved.

His eyes opened upon hearing the door to the bathroom open, and then his lover appeared, wearing nothing.

He gazed upon the other’s perfect body, eyes darkening with passion and need. He took a step towards him, his other half, his soul mate. He reached out and pulled the dark haired man into his arms, his mouth claiming his in a burning kiss. He took control of the kiss, slipping his tongue into the other’s sweet mouth.

Heero’s moan of satisfaction was lost in his lover’s mouth, he was still dripping from the shower and had intended on drying off in the room then going to bed, but when he opened the door he was taken by the vision of his lover half naked and touching himself. His voice had vanished as his eyes met with those of Duo, and suddenly he felt himself burning. His hands came up and wrapped around the long haired man’s waist, pulling their bodies closer together, how he had missed this.

They pulled back, panting from lack of oxygen and gazed at each other. Heero took Duo’s hand into his and led them both to his hard cock, he moaned as his lover’s fingers wrapped around his length. Slowly their hands moved in unison over the hard flesh, eyes saying more than their voices could.

Cerulean and Amethyst, both radiating joy, love, eternity, within their eyes held the strength of their bond, and growing passion. Lips met once again, deepening as their joined hands moved faster over Heero’s shaft. Duo’s lips moved down his lover’s face, to his neck. His tongue tasted the flesh, sucking and nibbling. His lover’s moans grew in volume, and he noticed that his were as well.

“Duo, get rid of these…” Heero spoke, voice heavy with passion. Thrusting into their hands, he moaned out.

“Not yet...”

Heero felt himself harden more in their grasp from that tone in his lover’s voice. His entire body shivered, and he willingly followed his lover’s lead, opening his mouth to Duo tongue, arching his back as his pleasure grew.

The braided man turned their bodies, and started to move towards their bed. He backed Heero up till he tumbled backwards onto the soft mattress. He looked down at his lover’s nude body, eyes darkening further. The Asian man’s hand strayed down to his erection, fingers wrapping around and slowly pumping. Duo loved watching Heero stroke his length, his own hand strayed down to the button on his pants. Quickly he unfastened them and they were pooled at his feet.

“Mmmm…..Duo…” Heero whimpered out, eyes taking in his lover’s mostly nude body. His gaze fell to the tight cobalt blue silk boxers, and groaned and licked his lips as the tip of Duo’s arousal poked through the opening. He rose to a seated position, hands rising to his lover’s hips, and he pulled Duo closer to him. The Japanese man breathed in the scent of his lover, the scent teasing his nose trailing down his body to his aching cock. He looked up and into the other’s eyes before opening his mouth and taking Duo’s arousal. Heero couldn’t stop the moan from escaping; vibrating along his lover’s length, his eyes closed and he savored the taste of the hard flesh, and Duo’s essence. His grip on the other’s hips tightened and he began bobbing his head, giving the other as much pleasure as he could. A low growl filled the room, and he smiled around the length, teasing the tip with his tongue while his hands slipped underneath the silk material to run down the cleft of Duo’s ass.

“Nnnn...” The long haired man moaned out, hips thrust into his lover’s wet mouth. “Heero…” he gasped out as his lover’s head moved faster and faster, driving him to the edge. His hands fell to the wet, brown locks and he held on as he neared climax.

“Gods….!” Duo cried out, voice booming through the room as he climaxed, filling his lover’s mouth with his passion. He looked down at Heero, watching as his lover licked his lips.

“Turn around, on your hands and knees, Heero. Spread your legs for me…”

The Japanese man quickly complied with his lover’s command, lowering his head to the mattress and raising his ass into the air, his knees were spread as far apart as he could. He wanted to wrap his fingers around his cock, and bring himself to orgasm but didn’t knowing that when he finally did climax it would be well worth the wait. Another moan left his lips when he felt Duo’s hands on the globes of his ass, kneading the firm flesh and spreading his cheeks apart. His entire body throbbed in anticipation of Duo sliding two fingers into his body…

“DUO!” he cried out as he felt his lover’s tongue teasing his opening, he gasped loudly as Duo’s tongue moved to tease the area around, exploring every inch of him. His hands fisted the sheets and he cried out as the braided man bite down on the right cheek. Heero thrust back, needing more, craving the new sensation. His loud cry echoed in the room as Duo’s tongue slipped inside his body.

The braided man continued to push his tongue into his lover’s body while his hand moved over Heero’s hip and wrapped around the hard flesh. His hand moved over Heero’s cock, thumb teasing the slick tip, his own awakened arousal throbbed. His tongue continued to thrust in and out of Heero’s body, nearly driving him insane with need.

Heero was gasping for air, his entire being shaking with pleasure that his lover was giving him, the tongue thrusting in his body to Duo’s hand pumping his shaft. He could feel climax burning through his body, scorching his veins and with a primal cry of ecstasy he came, seed leaving his pulsing cock coating the sheets and his lover’s hand.

Duo pulled back, and looked at his hand covered with his lover’s passion. He watched as Heero collapsed onto the bed, and struggled to turn onto his back, watching his lover squirm like that fanned the flames of his growing desire. He began to coat his arousal with Heero’s seed, fighting back his own climax; needing to be buried in his Japanese lover’s body. He looked at Heero’s face and went breathless; it was rare to see Heero that open with his facial expressions.

Wrapping Heero’s legs around his waist, Duo positioned his arousal at his lover’s opening. Their eyes locked, and the braided man slid into heaven.

“Nnnn….Duo……” Heero moaned out as he was taken, his lover’s length filling him, stretching him, claiming him. It felt so good; he thought he would die from. Too much time had passed since he had let his lover take control and take him. Duo was so big, he moaned out again as his lover continued to slide into his heat.

Impossible tightness….The braided man held onto his lover as he slid in, moaning as he was gripped by Heero’s body. Slowly his lover’s body took him, inch by inch until he was seated to the hilt. Duo was at the end of his restraint, wanting to pull back and thrust back, deep and hard.

Their eyes met once again, and Duo pulled out of his lover’s body and thrust back in, hands moving to Heero’s. Their fingers interlaced as their bodies moved together, taking and being taken. Bodies merged, as souls reached out and caressed one another; twin moans filled the empty room as the heat and passion escalated, burning them both. Rhythm grew in speed, lips met and separated to only meet again.

They both were lifted to the peaks of ecstasy, lost in each other as the beginnings of orgasm seared through their veins. Duo pulled Heero up, and onto his lap and thrust hard up into his body, locking his mouth with his lover’s. His cry was lost in the Japanese man’s mouth, both moving faster and faster as their bodies strived to become one like their joined hearts and souls.

Heero’s voice boomed through the room from the intensity of his orgasm, his entire body quaking as wave after wave cascaded through his body, his cock throbbing, seed pulsing covering both their chests and abdomens.

“Heero!” Duo cried out, driving his cock deep inside his lover one last time before climax stole all control from him, hot passion filling his beloved. His hips continued to move, riding the fading waves. He stopped breathing and thought he died, from the force of his orgasm, time stopping around him and the man above him.

Slowly time shifted and flowed normally, leaving Duo and Heero in each other’s arms staring in one another’s eyes, peering at their souls. The dark haired man brought his lips to Duo’s in a passionate kiss, and then pulled their bodies closer.

“I love you”




Dedicated to Nazzari, a dear friend with a very bright and beautiful spirit.