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Rising Star Prologue/Teaser


Hundreds of screaming fans surrounded the stage, each routing on the newest sensation, singing along with the vibrant male. The electric beat thundered through the area accompanied by sweet vocals.

`Funny how everything changes for me
Memories take me away
Each time I open the door to my room
Where I must stay in all day
I don't want to be here, I'm much too tired
So I close my eyes and, `snap', I'm with you
We are on vacation, you and me together'

A toned body moved with the rhythm of the song, in a complex series of choreography. His red hair messy, obscuring one light green eye. Spinning on stage, allowing the music to overcome his soul, he continued to sing with fervor.

`Lying in the sunshine
I travel to Romantis
I travel to Romantis
Where nothing but the blue skies
Will tell me that the time flies
I travel to Romantis
Everytime I think of you'

In one of the many safehouses, the other four pilots sat watching the concert. Seeing someone their age so happy brought pangs within each of their hearts. No one knew why, but all four of them where drawn to this new Rising Star. Two months had passed since that fateful night when Shinigami finally left them for good, the same night when `Adam' made his debut.

//gods, I miss him// Heero's thoughts always were on his lost beloved. Ever since that night, he was more closed off than usual. Spending more time in `their' room, sleeping in his bed, anything to keep his presence with him. //Wait for me Duo//. All was quiet, except for the television, where `Adam' was performing for the first time.


Adam walked to his dressing room, tired from the performance he just gave. Running into various backstage workers, stopping him to congratulate him. Smiling and thanking them all, he finally made it back to his room. Locking the door, he moved to the chair in front of the mirror. Light green eyes, short wavy red hair, tanned skin, putting on his trademark smile, that didn't reach his eyes, he closed his eyes and gave out a deep sigh. Minutes passed and he just sat there recollecting his thoughts, his hand moving to grasp the single gold cross that hung from his neck in a involuntary gesture from times past.

"Adam, time to go home" his manager said through the door.

Opening his eyes, he got up from his seat and left the room.


Rising Star Part 1

He stared at the television, watching the drama unfold before his eyes. The Gundams attacked another military. Of course Oz and the vile media were blowing everything out of proportion. He saw the only clips of the battle, they fought with such conviction.

//Well, at least they are more unified than before// he mused. Turning off the television, he returned to studying the blue prints and schematics in front of his eyes. Production was almost complete, the new systems tested and installed. //Soon, very soon I'll be able to return to the battle field and even the odds// Fire burned within those pale green, once amethyst, eyes.


Une sat at her terminal with a scowl that would frighten anyone, she was reading the overview of the latest battle with the thrice damned Gundam pilots. //Damn//. They had lost quite a number of mobile suits as well as one of the research labs looking into new defense systems for the suits. //We need to get rid of them before they ruin His Excellency's plans// A small smile crept up on her face as the devious, yet crafty, plan of action came to mind.

Within the walls of the dressing room, Adam sat mentally preparing himself for tonight's show. //It isn't like you haven't performed in front of this many people before// his mind said. //Yeah, but this time...// his thought went unfinished as the door opened and his manager came in. After telling Adam the agenda, they both left the room and headed for the stage.

A pair of intense blue eyes spotted the fit form of the singer. His back was to them, awaiting for his cue to begin his melodious routine. //Why did I agree to come here? Oh yeah, Quatre threatened something really bad if I didn't// Heero mentally smirked at that, like he could do anything. //I guess I'd just better try and relax//


(A few hours before)

"Heero you are coming and that is final. You've been moping around all day and franky, it is driving me up the wall. If I have to I'll drag you there kicking and screaming" Quatre was slowly losing his temper. After he had gone through all the trouble to get tickets to the concert, he said he didn't want too. Hmpf..//We all know you like this new artist, why did you go and buy the cd eh?//

"Fine" the clipped monotone.


(back to present)

Music poured from the stage, a nice latin rhythm started up much to the surprise of everyone. Adam turned around with grace, while going into the choreography, began the lyrics

`Let's get loud, let's get loud
Turn the music up, let's do it
C'mon people let's get loud
Let's get loud
Turn the music up to hear that sound,
Let's get loud, let's get loud
Ain't nobody gotta tell ya
What ya gotta do'

The crowd began singing along, some jumping screaming at the young star, others stomping their feet on the floor trying to be loud. Jumping on the stage, Adam and the backup singers/dancers gyrated with the beat.

`If you wanna live your life
Live it all the way and don't waste it
Every feelin' every beat
Can be so very sweet and you gotta taste it
You gotta do it, you gotta do it your way
You gotta prove it
you gotta mean what you say.'

Getting into the whole performance, Adam forgot his worries and put his all into the song and dance. While singing the chorus, he looked out into the audience, feeling their energy pouring into his being. Scanning around, his heart sped up at the sight of the four gundam pilots. Quickly recovering from his lapse in the song, he continued. Finishing the current song, the band played straight into the next song. After the fourth, the band took and break, some other new artist took the stage and began. Heero was watching him intently, he noticed the lapse.//I wonder what made him stumble like that (1)// Grabbing a bottle of water, Adam quickly took a drink. //Shit, I figured Relena might be here, but not them. Although, it is a surprise to see Him here.// Trying to compose himself, he drank some more and prepared to take stage once again.

Once the show was over, the fans finally left. Adam went straight to his dressing room. Upon entering he shut and locked the door. Turning around, he started at the person in his chair.

"What are you doing here? You are taking a big risk" he said sternly

"Not to worry 02, no one will know I'm here, you are not the only one good at hiding" Professor G said with a small smirk. "Anyway Duo, I came to give you your first mission. The other four will be receiving orders to attack a research lab making a new suit. The Zeta suits, from what I've seen from reports, would be difficult to fight, even in the Gundams. We are unsure if they have built a proto type. The lab and all data must be destroyed, that is their objective, Yours however will be to engaged and destroy the proto type if it exist. Another uncertainly, we do not know how heavy guarded the lab is, so you might have to back them up. Do not reveal your identify to them yet. Is this all clear 02?"

Adam, or rather Duo, listened to the Professor. Nodding his consent. "Understood. Now will you leave, I don't want to take the chance of someone seeing you here."

"I'm going already, be careful. All the information that you need has been downloaded onto your laptop." With that the Professor left. Once the door shut, he sat down in front of the mirror. For a fleeting instant, amethyst eyes and chestnut brown hair reflected in the mirror, only to be replaced with Green eyes and Red Hair.

(1)- If you've already guessed why, don't tell!
The song used for this section is "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez. I know this part is kinda boring, but it is setup.....things will pick up soon!!


Rising Star Part 2

The mission was not scheduled for another week, which gave everyone time to prepare. On a standard reconnssnce trip, Heero finished early and decided to have lunch in town for a change, unknown to him a certain person decided to have lunch in town also.

Duo was at a small outdoor restaurant, sitting by himself enjoying a club sandwich. //Heero// At the thought of his beloved, his chest tightened. He could only imagine what Heero had gone through because of his "Death". //If only there was another way. But we have to force Oz's hand, that prototype suit is too much of a threat, it looks like the plan is working though. They are getting a bit too cocky// He was so involved with his inner thoughts, that he didn't notice the person behind him until said person cleared their throat. Startled, Duo turned around to meet dark blue eyes. //Oh Shit//.

Heero decided to go to a small and peaceful outdoor restaurant. Upon entering the dining area, his eyes spotted a most welcomed sight. //So I see him again// His feet taking him to the table, he waited a couple of minutes, getting no response, he cleared his throat. He had to hide a small smile. "Hello, do you mind if I join you?"

Lost in the eyes, Duo simply nodded his consent. After the initial shock wore off he cursed himself. //Damnit, this is going to be difficult.// Sighing inwardly, he welcomed his guest. "Hello, my name is.."

"I know your name, and I must compliment you on your talent" Heero interrupted. The waiter came by to take his order, just a special and a cup of coffee. When the two were alone once again he continued watching the Star, waiting for a reaction.

//What?? He listens and gave me a compliment// Duo's mind was in overdrive. After an eternity, he finally was able to get a hold of his stray thoughts. Giving his thanks, he settled in for a very interesting conversation. //Well at least he doesn't suspect//. The two talked for about an hour and a half, before deciding it was time to get up and leave. He was once again shocked into silence, when Heero insisted on paying the bill.

Leaving the restaurant, they made their way down the street still talking. They were so involved in the conversation that neither noticed trouble, until it struck. Five men descended upon the two, pushing Heero to the side, they grabbed Duo. //Shit, these stupid bastards are going to get it......Calm down, got to be careful here so the cover isn't blown// Shaking his head after hitting it on the side of a wall, Heero was pissed and grabbed the two would be muggers, beating them to a pulp. Duo watched as the odds were evened, a small smirk came to his face. He barely heard one of the thugs say something, deeming it not important he attacked the closest one. Send out a swift kick to the midsection, the thug stumbling back. Anger barely held in check, Duo began getting rid to of the three. While fighting, he didn't notice the paper that fell out of his pocket.

After dealing with the two thugs, Heero turned to face the other three. His jaw promptly hit the ground, he was unprepared to see Adam not only taking on all three of them, but kicking their asses with ease. He watched as the lithe form moved with wind like speed. Within minutes they were all incapacitated. Closing the distance, Heero asked him if he was ok. Adam simply nodded. He suddenly looked at his watch.

"Oh Shit, I gotta go. I have an interview to get to."

"Really? Is it a live one?"

"No, it will air later tonight, but also my new video will debut. (1) I really have to go. But I'll see you around." With that said, he ran to the arranged meeting point. Adam didn't hear Heero calling after him.

Seeing him run into the sunlight, Heero looked down and spotted a piece of paper, quickly picking it up he tried to get the other's attention. Failing, he looked at the paper and saw some words.

'The Burning Passion we share is real
Let it surround us, let us be together
Look within my eyes, and see your true self.'

Deciding he'll return it later, Heero went home pondering those three lines on the journey.

(1) Well, I'll do a sidefic for this interview and video..
(2) Hmm...can ya'll guess where this is from??? *waves pocky*


Rising Star Part 3

{The dark clouds covered the pale moon, thick fog filled the air, choking out vision. Everything was quiet, the ice cold wind whipped at his face and body. Chills running up his spine, the figure walked forward. A grunt started him, turning around, Duo was confronted with four pissed off set's of eyes.

"Why did you leave us?" Quatre asked, yet his tone dripped hatred

"You lied, you always said you never lied, what is this then. Pretending to be someone else while we all suffer in agony?" Trowa's voice bordered with suppressed rage.

"You dishonor us all, making us morn for a coward." Wufei didn't address him directly, the disgust in his eyes evident.

"Why" The sadness within Heero's voiced stabbed him viciously through the heart. He could handle a pissed off Heero, but not how he was. Eyes filling with tears and betrayal. The other three disappeared, leaving only his beloved. Opening his mouth to speak, only to interrupted by Heero's next words:

'Darkness covers the earth;
A child walks in the Shadows
His once vivid life fades away,
The Child is a man with no one

A child walks in the shadows,
The man looks back,
The child is a man with no one
Compassion leaves his heart
He has lost everything!

His childhood gave him pleasure, once
He tries to look forward,
He has lost everything!
He enters the eternal void

He tries to look forward,
His once vivid life fades away,
He enters the eternal void,
Darkness covers the earth.'

"You took away my light with your lie." With that said, he also disappeared. }

Bolting up from his bed, Duo was covered in sweat. His heart threatening to beat out of his chest, lungs grasping for air. "I hate being separated from them. The only people I care about, if only that whole mess never happened (2)."


"NO!!!!!!!!!" the four screamed. Their pleas went unheard as the scythe impaled the fuel tank and Deathscythe self-destructed simultaneously, causing a chain reaction of destruction. The sky rained fire from the blast, as four lonely gundams stood admist the destruction.

The four gundams left the area, unseen by them was a single figure standing on the cliff that overlooked the area. A braid of hair dangling in the wind. They did not see the tear that ran down the pale cheek. Turning around the figured disappeared.


"I will honor my promise, we will see each other again." He called out into the empty room. Still unable to sleep, his thoughts drifted. //They should have found what I left them by now. They should know how much they mean to me now.// Staring out the window into the stars, looking for answers. His eyes slowly began to droop, as sleep finally granted his body rest.


The grief within the walls of the safehouse was still present, although not as overwhelming as before. The other four pilots were still mourning the loss of Duo. Each day a battle. Memories of good times as well as those concerning Duo's departure after their mistake. Tension slowly vanishing from the other four, the bond between the four slowly grew stronger.

Quatre walked into Duo's room, which nobody had set foot in a long while. Heero had moved to a different one the next morning, unable to stay there longer. Finally deciding he need the pack the things up, Quatre started putting the various manga and clothes in boxes. Going to the desk, he shuffled through the papers, and stopped upon reading his name, as well as the others. Sitting in the cold chair, he read. More tears followed the seemingly carved path on his cheeks. Leaving the room he gather his other friends. Meeting in the kitchen he gave Heero the paper, Trowa and Wufei read over his shoulder.

""I see her,
In the shadows
illuminated by that eternal candle
I am drawn to her

Looking back, I see
the world in chaos.
Overrun by corruption,
People isolated.

I look at my life
Untouched, alone
Only my battered mind to turn to.

I see her,
In the shadows
illuminated by that eternal candle
I am drawn to her.

The mind becomes,
a breeding ground for self-destruction.
As the heart weakness,
and the soul fades.

I move closer to her
No reasons to turn back
Pain overcomes the essence,
and shatters the soul.

I see her,
In the shadows
illuminated by that eternal candle
I am drawn to her.

I walk forward,
on the dark road; alone.
Light behind me,
only the calming darkness in front.

embarrassment siezes my being
All the memories of forlornness
demand the capitulation of my sanity

I see her,
in the shadows
illuminated by that eternal candle
I am drawn to her

My body and soul move closer
to the sister of Hades;
A welcoming site

I leave everything behind
ready to cross over,
to leave the agony,
the agony of Isolation

I see her
In the shadows
illuminated by that eternal candle
I am drawn to her

Halfway, Between realities
My name is called
By a gathering

New faces,
unfamiliar yet captivating
Wanting my return
and offerings of understandment and true friendship

I see her
fading back into the shadows
Moving away from me
I am still drawn

In the middle,
I move toward Death
The gathering expresses
their concern

Four voices rise above,
Turning back I see
the four yearning for my return
My heart and soul weep happiness, at last

I see her
fading back into the shadows
Moving away from me
I no longer desire

I abandon my search
for Death, and go back
Pain begining to leave
as I look into their eyes and see joy

The gathering restore my soul and mind
but the four restore
my vacant heart; making it whole
and making my pain vanish into the shadows."

Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, Heero, perhaps you all know how much you all mean to me. If you didn't know the extend, maybe now you do. All four of you saved me from the icy warmth that the darkness offered. I'll be forever grateful. Duo."

The letter was dated two days before his death. Silence once again stole over the house. Emotions ran rampant between all four of the pilots. Getting up, Heero went to his room still clutching the paper. Upon entering his room, he placed the letter in a box that contained other reminders of Duo. Fighting more tears, he got into bed and tried to sleep.


The next day was a blessing in wolves clothes, the day of the mission. Needing something to blow up, then maybe the negative feelings would subside. The afternoon was spent checking over the gundams and going over the plans. Heero was to get inside the lab, destroy all the data, plant a virus, and get out. Then they were to destroy the base with the lab.

The mission was going fine, everything as expected. Heero had gotten in and out and they were fighting the small squad of Mobile Suits They didn't expect the reinforcement troops to come in and greatly outnumbering them. Heavyarms launched missile after mission at clusters of the suits, destroying them only to be out flanked by another group. Quatre was fairing good against a small group of suits, holding his own as his scimitars sliced suit after suit. Wufei and Nataku ruled the sky, slicing through three suits, only to burn two into goo with the dragon flame, so engrossed he didn't noticed Heavyarms under duress. Wing Zero was destroying more mobile suits with his beam saber, noticing Heavyarms' problem, he called out for Wufei or Quatre to help him, but they couldn't get to him. Suddenly a beam of destructive force ripped through the area, making the air cracked and pop. The mobile suits in front of Heavyarms were disintegrated as the dark blue beam violated each machine. Turning toward the source of the blast, the four pilots looked up into the dawning sun to see a figure partially eclipsing the light. A figure held a beam saber in one hand, and triple beamed scythe in the other, it's black wings outstretched, like Phoenix, Death stood reborn.



(1) This is entitled "Lost Soul"
(2) Events in Jester Unmasked
(3) From "In Between"


Rising Star Part 4

The squad of mobile suits paused in their attack to look upon the white and black gundam, slowly descending from the sky. A group of five broke off of formation and headed for the newest threat. One suit strangely started to shift, it’s appearance rippled like waves in water, black fading to light blue, wings protruding from it’s back. The four other suits surrounded the prototype, fitting into a tight attack formation. So enthralled with the new suit and it’s welcoming party, no one noticed the shadow slowly creeping upon the battlefield.

Death stood ready, the small squad approaching. The blue suit broke formation, assuming itself to be the superior. Lunging after the suit, Death simply dodged each thrust and slash with ease, luring the prototype away from the other suits. The four gundams were busy trying to get out alive, weapon systems slowly depleting, fuel burning at an alarming rate, each pilot pushed themselves to the limit and beyond. Suddenly, Heero’s proximity alarms went off. Cursing, he turned on the external video. What he saw, made his jaw drop. The same white and black gundam stood at the perimeter, opening a connection to the other pilots, he confirmed that they were just as shocked. Flipping on the rear cameras, he saw the duplicate suit evading the prototype.

“What the hell is going on?” they chimed in unison.

At that very instant, the gundam at the perimeter raised it’s metallic hands above it’s head, a pale violet glow radiated from the machine. Energy swirled around the gundam, coalescing within the palms, the orb was a hue of violet and black. Throwing the orb at the center of the squad, screams of protest ripped through the air as the suits were annihilated by the tera-sonic blast. Feeling the blast, the five suits pursuing the phantom gundam looked back to see the destruction, turning back the pilots saw the suit slowly fade away, a mirage in the desert.

//Tsk Tsk, should’ve made sure the suit you were fighting was the real one// Duo mused within the cockpit of Deathscythe Omega. The advanced weapon systems were working wonderfully, as was the holographic projections. Brandishing the beam saber, Omega soared into the sky sending the four Aries to Hell while they were distracted. Four gundams stood on the ground, surrounded by debris.

All watched in rapture as the two advanced suits dueled in the sky. Movements agile and graceful. Speed uncanny, reaction times unsurpassed, they danced a waltz of chaos and destruction in the air. Almost evenly matched, blow for blow. //Shit, this guy is good. Let’s see what else this suit can do// Black wings spread full spread, Omega blurred, a pulsing light reflected from the gundam. Recovering from the blast, the blue suit found itself surrounded by mirrored images of Omega.

Meanwhile, the forgotten gundams were busy trying to establish a connection with the other suit, but they would only get the same sentence scrolling at the bottom of their screen. “In the eve of unholy anger, I will stand directing the arrows at myself in order to preserve the others.” (1) Blinking from their stupor, instruments recording battle data of the other two suits, they watched enthralled by the advanced technology shown from D.S.O. (2)

Replacing the beam saber with the scythe, Duo lunged forward, swinging it with poetic precision, violent flames met cold metal, severing the right arm and damaging critical parts of the prototype. Swinging the scythe over it’s head, Deathscythe moved for the kill. In a last effort, the damaged prototype reversed engines, aiming it’s cannon at Heavyarms it fired.

//NOOOOOOO!// Duo’s mind screamed, he raced to Heavyarms trying to beat the blast. Swooping down and grabbing the form, he jerked the controls up, extending the untested shields to surround the other form. The blast jolted both gundams, sending them crashing into the ground. Duo was thrown hard against his harness, bruises would most likely be there in the morning. He could only guess what kind of damage Trowa had suffered. Torn between obeying orders and checking on his friends, the gundam got up and slowly started to walk away from the battlefield.

“Come back here!! Damn You! Who the Hell are you?” The enraged dragon screamed at the retreating back. Anger clouding his judgment, Nataku followed the ‘friendly’ suit, grabbing its arm from behind. //Damn You Wufei, let it go. I can’t// Spinning in the grasp, Deathsycthe O. released a small burst of purple energy from the gun port on it’s wrist. Sending the battled form of Nataku to the ground, spinning back around it took to the sky and flew off. Fading away into the horizon, the fires of destruction casting an ethereal appearance to the fading form. Shaking off a sense of deja vu, Heero wondered who that was, seeing a similarity between Wing and Deathscythe. Just the thought of Shinigami brought the clutching pain back into his chest, so great in fact Quatre’s face was pained, hand to his chest feeling the depth of sadness from Heero.

(week later)
Heero was busy on his laptop trying to find anything on the new gundam. His searches lead to nothing. None of the scientists new of anything, just who was the pilot of this mysterious suit, what was his agenda? The entire battled replayed in his mind, from the obscure message to seeing it dive down to save Heavyarms. Although, Trowa suffered a few cracked ribs and a head wound from the battle. Quatre, being the mother hen, never left his side. //It is so obvious(4)// he thought but then regretted it immensely. Thoughts returned to Duo, from there they stemmed to the new Star he was fixated on. //Why am I drawn to him? It doesn’t make sense// (3).

Duo sat in the dressing room in the ‘outfit from hell’ as he so called it. //Why did I agree to where this??// Looking into the mirror, he looked like a female with long red hair. His outfit looked like a two piece swim suit, the strands of artificial flowers acting as a skirt. Corsages of red roses on both wrists, flower clips in his hair. Light makeup brought out the female features of his face. //I look.....// he paused taking a real good look at himself..///I look pretty damn hot!!!////. Briefly he wondered if Heero would like it, instantly his good mood went to hell. //He certainly is ‘friendly’ toward “Adam”.// Willing himself not to get upset, he went out the door and proceeded to the stage.


Relena watched Adam, while he was doing the Thalia Set. She was amazed at how good he looked and how wonderful his voice was at the high pitch. Once the show was over she went back stage to talk with him.

“Adam-san, may I have a word with you?” she ask

Duo froze, he knew that voice all too well. Turning around to face his bane. “Hai, Relena-sama. I’m honored you came to see me, I’m even more honored that you would talk with me.’ He hoped sarcasm didn’t leak from his voice, fortunately for him it didn’t.

“First of all, I’d like to say I love your music. I have a favor to ask.”

“Thank you. Go ahead.”

“I’m throwing a party for a friend’s birthday in a week. I was wondering if you would come by and perform. He is a avid fan of yours, also I wanted to know if you would do that set you did tonight.” She spoke with elegance, eyes never leaving his.

“Sure, he’ll do it. Just give us the location and time.” Setsuna replied.

//Grrr....Overbearing Woman// Duo was not too happy, he didn’t want to be around Relena, she was always in the way in the past.

“This is great, Heero will love it”

“NANI????? I mean is that who this is for” His mind was running rampant.

“Yes it is. Although we don’t see eye to eye, he has been depressed, although he’ll deny it. He lost someone very close to him, so I figured this might cheer him up.”

//Maybe she isn’t so bad after all.//


The three pilots were sitting around Trowa’s bed, he was still recovering from his injuries. Topic of discussion was of course last weeks events.

“Hn, enemy or friend” Heero pondered.

“Injustice!! He just blasted Nataku.” Wufei was still hot under the collar.

“I get the feeling that he is on our side. Agenda I don’t know, but I think when the time is right he’ll join with us.” Quatre stated quietly, while sneaking glances at the bed ridden pilot.(5)

“Did any of you get a strange feeling from that gundam.” Trowa asked

They all nodded in unison, each thinking how much it reminded them of Duo and Deathsycthe. Silence reigned over the room once again, deciding to change the topic, Wufei spoke.

“So Heero, I hear Relena is planning some kind of party for you.”

“Hn, yeah she is. She insisted I come. Might as well, she’ll pester me to no end, but you all are coming as well” He said the last part of the sentence with a smirk. The other three just groaned.

(1)-From "Sacrificing Soldier" by me.
(2)- DeathScythe Omega..figured I'd use DSO to shorten it
(3) Hmmm...the irony of it all....
(4)& (5) Woop..I see another sidefic alert...


Rising Star Part 5

Adam and Relena decided to meet in the conference room after he changed, walking down the hall he saw Setsuna and the person that loved and requested the last set. Some younger dignitary, waving and being polite to the man, he excused himself. Relena watched as he went to his room. //Ah Duo, I'm positive it is you now. I don't know why you are hiding from the others, but I can see it is hurting you as well. Would you go along with this so easily if you knew I knew it was you? Heero and you belong together, all you two need is a little nudge in the right direction.// Walking over to the conference room, she began to plan how to get them together again. Ten minutes later he walked in and they spent the afternoon making plans for the `party/concert' next week.


Two days had passed since Relena's appearance in Adam's life. In that time they went over the agenda for the day. First there would be a small party for the birthday boy, then he would perform for the whole Sank Kingdom.

{Duo found himself back to the night of Deathscyhe's destruction. .

"Duo, I see that everything has been accomplished. Are you sure you want to go through with this?" The professor asked.

"Yes, we have to. This is what we have been waiting for. We have to force their hand, and perhaps the others will work better with each other now that they have another purpose."

Listening to his every word, G nodded and led him to the operation room. "Take a last look in the mirror Duo, it'll be a long while before you will be the same." Duo took a last look at his reflection.

//Such drastic changes I will go through. Will I be able to go back to myself, or will I forever be like this//

He woke up on the table...

"Duo everything went as predicted. The physical changes are complete. Don't worry, after this mission is over we'll be able to return you to your original appearance. Just some minor surgery to reattach the braid, and changing your eye color back."}

Snapped from his daydream, Duo found himself still sitting in front of the mirror. He got up to go take a bath, when his laptop started to beep. Opening the message, fear gripped his heart. Running out of the apartment, he made his way to wear Omega was hidden, leaving the message open on the laptop:


Others in need of help, make haste"


Duo cursed everyone in Oz to Hell. He raced to the battle co-ordinates. G contacted him in Omega, he found out the others were in serious trouble. //Shit Shit Shit...Damn it all// Fury poured from his very being, masking the worry for his friends. Apparently they had moved into a very cleaver trap with the Theta. //If I would have destroyed that damn thing last time..// His thoughts were cut off as he saw a sight that chilled his blood. There stood an army of Aries, Leos and the Theta surrounding the four gundams. All four were heavily damaged, typing quickly on the keyboard, he patched into the other four's systems to see their status. Wing's power supply was dangerously low, Heavyarm's had no ammunition, Nataku sustained massive damage, power was on the Fritz, Sandrock's scimitars we in two pieces, the left arm almost hanging off the shoulder joint. Death entered his eyes, moving to grasp the controls Omega boosted speed to engage the enemy.

"We are surrounded , and by the looks of it we've lost." Quatre sadly stated, trying to keep Sandrock on his feet.

"We cannot be captured, nor let the gundams fall into their hands. The only choice is to self destruct and hope to take all these bastards with us" Heero delivered in his iced tone.

//I'm coming Duo, just wait a little bit more// Heero flipped up the panel concealing the self destruction button. Moving his hand to press it. Hearing their plans of self destruction, Duo raced faster to reach them. Deciding to break his silence, he opened a channel to the other four. "Don't go blowing yourselves up yet", Omega ripped through the sky. Activating the Scythe, Omega attacked four suits at once. The Fire of Judgment disposing the suits, he landed three feet from the crippled gundams. Quatre paused upon hearing the voice, opening the line back. "Thank Allah you are here." //That voice, I know it// Heero thought.

Omega stood before the squad of Aries and Leos. Gripping the scythe he shot into the sky, hurling the scythe in a downward arc, destroying a portion of the suits. The Aries took to the sky, firing wildly. Duo navigated through the barrage of weapons fire, only sustaining minor damage. He planned on luring them away from the other four. "What the Hell?" alarms went off in the cockpit, checking the screen he saw the Theta attacking Wing. //That Bastard will pay for attacking Him.// Spinning around to face seven Aries, he locked onto them and fired. The blue blast ,shot from the gun ports on Omega's forearms, engulfed everything within it's path in blue destruction. Diving through the sky towards Wing, he pulled the saber from it's compartment. //No one messes with my koi and gets away with it// Vengeance lending it's powers to Death.

Heero desperately tried to fight off the powerful suit. Wing took a beating, the pilot being thrown against the safety harnesses, repeatedly. Trowa and Wufei were busy trying to protect Quatre from the remaining Leos, slowly the enemy suits were destroyed. Turning toward Wing they saw it take a direct hit from the saber, severing the right arm. Wing fell to the ground. The Theta, poised saber above its head, moved to make the killing blow. Omega's saber sliced through the Theta, severing the arms then it grabbed the Theta from behind and took off into the air. Lifting higher and higher, he came to a stop just hovering in mid air. Letting the suit go and watching it plummet to it's demise. Vengeance and anger still clouded the pilot's thoughts, the air around Omega began to protest the searing power that collected in the machine's palms. Duo took one final look at Oz's new suit, he released the collected power, watching the suit's agonizing destruction. //Mission acomplished..Heero!//. Grasping the controls once again, he piloted the suit toward the fallen form of his love. //Be okay, please just be ok//. Opening the channel, he tried to get a hold of Wing's pilot but got no answer. Omega landed right next to Wing, opening the hatch, Duo jumped down from his suit. Climbing onto wing, he hit the emergency open mechanism.

The others watched as the friendly suit landed near Wing, jaws dropped when they saw who jumped out of the hatch. "That is the singer!!!!" was all that Wufei was able to say. The shock that the Rising Star was the pilot of the mysterious gundam, completely overwhelmed them. Quatre felt an odd sensation of familiarity in his space heart.

Once the hatch was open, Duo looked into the cockpit. He saw Heero's limp form in the seat, a gash on this forehead. Jumping in, he began to unbuckle the harnesses. "Wake Up...come on Wake up" He tried to rouse the pilot, panic once again filling his heart. Once the harnesses were unbuckled, he lifted the prone form into his arms and awkwardly climbed out of Wing. Jumping down from the chest, he landed on the ground, gently shaking Heero trying to wake him up. //Wake Up....don't you dare die on me//. Tears welling up in his eyes, his shoulders started shaking. The faint sounds of a groan met his ears. Quickly opening his eyes and looking down, he was met with hazy blue eyes.

"It's you" was the groggy statement

"Yes, it's me" Heero grabbed one of his hands and burrowed further into the embrace.

All five returned to the safehouse, Duo still holding the still form of the Wing Pilot. He followed the other three to Heero's room, and placed him on the bed. Turning around his face met with Wufei's fist.

"That was for the stunt you pulled with Nataku"

Getting up from the floor, he simply nodded and walked toward the door intending to leave. Quatre grabbed his arm, saying they needed to talk. Agreeing they went to the study.

"So why didn't you answer us at all the last time?" Wufei was still peeved.

"Orders. I was to remain silent." was the curt reply. //Damn Wufei still stubborn as ever.

"If you were to remain silent, why did you break it today, then jump out of your gundam, revealing yourself?" Trowa asked

//Damn Damn Damn. How am I going to explain this// He opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by Heero's voice.

"Guys leave him alone. At least he helped us." Needless to say they were all shocked by this. Although Wufei was still mad, he was muttering something about justice under his breath. Duo had to hide a smirk. //How the hell am I suppose to get through this// He sighed and prepared himself for a very long day.


(Five days later: The day of the concert)

The last four days went well considering Duo had to be careful around the others. They talked and got to know `Adam'. They seemed to accept him into the group, seeing how his gundam was advanced and all. //And now here I am in this damn outfit again..but now Setsuna made me wear pink!! Grrrr If she wasn't such a good friend and worked for G...// Trying to calm down, he thought of the small party earlier, it was nice. //Who would have guessed Relena actually had a heart. Gah..bad thought.// He reprimanded himself for that thought. //Although, Heero seemed pleased with his `gift' from her. Me...// he chuckled at that. //Ah but which one. Shinigami or Adam, gods this is so hard.// Getting up from his seat, he made his way to the stage.

Heero watched the figure upon the stage. //Damn, he looks good in that outfit// Trying so hard not to drool, he focused on the voice of the singer.

"Thanks everyone!! This will be the final song for the night, it is called "Mujer Latina" one of my favorites."

Heero's head shot up upon hearing the name of the song, memories assaulted his mind.

"Vengo de raza y de palmera De campo y de labriego De caña y de madera Mi orgullo es ser latina De mar y cordillera Ardiente como el fuego Soy sangre de mi tierra"


After checking for any messages from Dr. J, Heero got up from his spot at the kitchen table to look for `his' baka. //I wonder what he is up to//. First going to their room only to come up empty handed, he decided to try the Rec. Room. While getting closer to the doors, he could hear music blasting away


"Soy la hembra sandunguera Caliente como un fogon Dulce cuando me enamoro Y entrego mi corazon Soy la hermana de la rumba De la gaita y del tambor Del fuego y la sabrosura Que llevo en esta cancion Y te digo"


Silently opening the doors he was treated with Duo dancing in the middle of the room, his slim hips gyrating to the sensual vocals of some female singer. Eyes closed, his hands reached up into the air moving slowly as the hip movements slowed to sensual swaying. Heero was enthralled by the performance. Duo wondrous voice accompanied the vocalist


Heero watched as the figure on the stage danced to the rhythm of the music, tears in his eyes.

"Vengo vengo vengo de caña Vengo vengo vengo del son Tengo tengo tengo en el alma Ritmo ritmo ritmo y sabor Vengo de raza y de palmera De campo y de labriego De caña y de madera Mi orgullo es ser latina De mar y cordillera Ardiente como el fuego Soy sangre de mi tierra"

He gasped as Adam sang those lyrics, he watched the movements which were exactly like those from Duo. //Could it be??// Making his way from the crowd, he went to Adam's dressing room and waited.

Breathe coming in gasps, Adam bowed on stage and went to his room. He was not expecting to find Heero there with that glare. //This is not good// "Hi Heero, what are you doing here?"

"Who are you?" was the rude response.

Taken aback from the venom in the voice, he replied. "What do you mean, who am I. I'm the same person I've always been."

"Duo..is it you?" barely a whisper.

Turning his back to Heero, Duo's mind whirled. //How did he figure it out? Damn You Maxwell, of course he'd remember that song.// Cursing himself for the idiot he was, he didn't hear Heero approach him.

"Is it?"

Turning around to face Heero meaning to tell him no, he saw that face. Tears running down his face. //I can't lie to him anymore// So he answered him by reciting a part of his favorite poem.

"I await patiently
for the one, with my key
to finish unlocking the fire
as it radiates like
that of the Phoenix."

//It is Him// Heero threw himself at Duo, both crashing to the floor. He desperately clung to the body of his thought to be dead koi. The sobs racking his body as he called Duo a bastard and every other name in the book. Duo found himself on the floor with a sobbing Heero hitting him, with no energy, calling him names between sobs. "I'm so so sorry Heero, I..." He was cut off by Heero's mouth claiming his. After breaking the kiss, he spoke. "Not now Duo, we can talk later. I have you back now and I'm not letting go"

Reclaiming the others mouth in a bruising kiss. Duo's mind just shut down and his body just reacted to Heero. Moaning as they moved against each other, friction building between the two bodies. He opened his mouth and was rewarded with an invading tongue exploring every inch. Coming up from air, Heero looked down at the boy under him.

"Duo, I need you" was all he could say. Duo wasn't in any better shape as he just grunted a yes and thrusted up against the warmth covering him. Needing no more consent, Heero began stripping Duo of the little clothing he had on. Soon he lied there, gloriously nude. Practically ripping his own clothes off, Heero reclaimed that sweet mouth.

Unable to think, Duo was reduced to nothing. The body above him sending jolts of pleasure through his body. He was vaguely aware of Heero grabbing some bottle off of his desk. So distracted by that mouth, he hardly noticed one slick finger enter him. Heero was producing the most wonderful feelings, soon a second joined the first finally a third. Duo arched his back and moaned as a jolt of pure sexual energy surged through his already overly sensitive body.

Heero's was still in shock, his Duo was alive and with him. He intended on never letting him go again. Hearing the sounds he was making, only made his need grow. Pulling the fingers out, he liberally coated his member and positioned himself at Duo's entrance. Slowly pushing passed the tight ring, moaning at the tightness. He watched Duo's face as he slowly slide passed the relaxed muscle and entered his koi.

Duo was in heaven, feeling Heero nudging at this entrance, feeling a slight pain overshadowed immense pleasure, he relaxed his muscles and moaned as Heero slide inside him. Feeling him buried all the way in him, Duo wanted him to move but he wouldn't. Wiggling around trying to give him a hint, but Heero wouldn't move. "Please, Heero please I need you"

Hearing the confession, Heero pulled almost all the way out and moved back in. Slow thrusts gradually sped up until both were panting and the sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room along with their moans. Feeling close to the edge, Heero grabbed Duo's member and started pumping at the same rhythm. Duo cried out as he came, Heero thrusting in him and pumping him were too much, covering them with his essence. Heero, feeling Duo clamp down on him, thrusted three more times before he shouted out and his seed filled Duo for the first time, binding them together.

By sheer strength of will, Heero held himself up as he pulled his softening member out of Duo. Lying next to him, he pulled Duo into a fierce embrace, and whispered into his ear. "Ai shiteru". Crying once again, Duo turned to face Heero. "I love you too". They remained there in each other's arms, slowly they both fell asleep, content for the first time in a long while.

The door opened and Setsuna peeked in, seeing the two boys cuddled together, she smiled. "Mission Accomplished" Shutting the door she went to detour the others.


Pre-notes: THis is it minna-san. I was listening to Rober Miles as
I wrote this, so it isn't too angsty....I hope you all enjoy the
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Rising Star Part 6

Quatre noticed Heero leaving in the middle of the song, he also felt a pain in his chest.//What happened, is there something about this song that holds meaning for him?// Deciding he needed time alone, Quatre went back to watching the dancing singer. //I still get the weirdest feeling from him. Almost like it was Duo, but it can't be...or can it?//

Duo slowly woke up, feeling warmer than usual. //Odd//. He opened his eyes and was meet with cobalt. //It wasn't a dream//. Smiling a true smile, he burrowed further into the warmth he missed so much.

Heero watched his love sleeping, going over the couple of weeks in his head. //No wonder I felt such a pull towards him. Heero no baka, you should've figured it out// Seeing the green of his eyes and the small smile, he smiled back welcoming the warmth. "Duo, my Duo. I thought I've never see you again. Missed you so much" the last part came out as a choked sob. //Dammit get ahold of yourself//

"Heero, I'm so sorry. There was no other way, this mission was already in progress before you and I got involved." sighing he turned to look at his koi. "Remember when I left?" Seeing the nod he continued. "I wasn't at the school the entire time. First I went to G, still very upset. He told me of this plan to destroy a new mobile suit, but it was under the highest security. So I suggested a plan. We knew Oz would plant a trap, so I decided to self destruct taking the base with me. We then hoped Oz would get cocky since `they destroyed' a gundam." Looking up from the floor he saw Heero's gaze still upon him. "The first thing we had to do was create a new life for myself"

"Why a music star?"

Duo smiled, "Well I've always wanted to be a singer and what better way to hide than to hide out in the open?"


The other three pilots were beginning to worry. Heero had been gone for quite awhile, asking Relena if she saw him. "No I haven't" Quatre clutched his chest as he felt a pain, "I think he is crying". Everyone's face mirrored shock, deciding to go and find Heero, they teamed up and searched the area.

Trowa and Quatre walked down the halls looking in each room. They saw Setsuna coming toward them. "Have you seen Heero?" was the question. Grinning wildly she nodded and told them to get the others, she needed to talk with them. Leaving the two pilots, she went to find Relena.

"Relena guess what?"

"What? Do you know where Heero is?"

She simply nodded and smirked. Catching the nonvocal message, Relena smiled. //Finally two souls reunited//


Heero listened to Duo's every word. Although still hurt from the staged death, he was relieved to finally find his other half. "Duo, what about your hair?" He felt really odd asking this, not wanting to admit he had a thing for the hair. Grinning at his koi, hecaptured Heero's mouth in a long breathtaking kiss. "Don't worry about that, it's all taken care off." Pulling Heero on top of him, they began to explore each other again when a loud gasp came from the doorway.

Wufei met with the other two in the hall. Deciding they needed to ask Adam if he knew where Heero was, they opened the door and walked in without knocking. The site before them startled them, making Quatre gasp out loud. They were met with rather annoyed glares.

"Oh shit, Hi guys umm what's up?" Duo asked

Not able to keep the chuckle down, Heero started laughing louder and louder practically rolling on the floor. "Duo no Hentai". Finally claming down, he looked at Duo's beet red face. "Heero!" He said firmly, mock anger given away by a twinkle in his eyes.

"DUO??????" Wufei yelled.

// Oh double shit// "Hm, yeah Wu-man. It's me" He gave them one of his cheekiest grins. The looks he received ranged from disbelief to mild anger. Getting up from under Heero, he quickly pulled on a robe.

Getting over his shock first, Quatre's mouth moved like a flapping fish for a few moments. Forgetting words, he ran and glomped onto Duo. "It's you!!!" he repeated over and over, finally understanding that strange feeling in his space heart. "I should have known"

"Is it really you Maxwell?" Wufei still wasn't sure.

"Of course it is you Justice piping anal baka. Get over here and give me a hug before I tell Relena you have a crush on her." He grinned impishly. Wufei turned red, but quickly got over it. Deciding to lay his cool exterior to rest, he ran in and joined Quatre in hugging their lost friend. Looking over their heads he motioned for Trowa to join in. Needing no further encouragement, he too joined in. Tears of happiness poured down faces. Heero wormed his way through the other three and latched onto Duo. Finally allfive friends were together again.


Two days had passed since the `reunion'. Each pilot getting onto Duo for pretending to be dead, then hugging him. It is true, you don't know what you have until it's gone, Quate Trowa Wufei and Heero didn't realize how much Duo meant to them until he was gone. They all wanted Duo back with them, but with his career in the music industry, it posed as a obstacle.

Setsuna and Relena cleared their throats, getting the pilot's attention.

"We have already discussed this. Actually we had this planned over a week ago" Relena stated. Duo's mouth dropped. "You mean you knew?" She nodded then told him why she didn't tell him, she knew this was the best way to get them together again.

"Duo you will perform once more, a farewell concert. Your will be `attending' private school in the Sank kingdom, or that is the story we will tell the press." She looked at Relena who nodded. Looking at all his friends, Duo smiled brilliantly and called for a group hug.


Heero and the others stood off to the side of the stage. Duo was performing his last concert for a while. The music just pouring into him, his sweet voice sending the crowd into a melodious trance. Focusing on the words, he smiled.

{I can read your mind and I know your story
I see what you're going through
It's an uphill climb, and I'm feeling sorry
But I know it will come to you

Don't surrender 'cause you can win
In this thing called love}

// I did win, I won him//

{When you want it the most there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is}

He thought about everyone that has happened. //I can truthfully
say I have friends and a purpose to live and fight for//

{When you question me for a simple answer
I don't know what to say, no
But it's plain to see, if you stick together
You're gonna find a way, yeah

So don't surrender 'cause you can win
In this thing called love

When you want it the most there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is}

// I've never let you go again, this I swear. Yes Duo, I have faith now, you gave it to me//

{When life is empty with no tomorrow
And loneliness starts to call
Baby, don't worry, forget your sorrow
'Cause love's gonna conquer it all, all}

// How right this song is. Did you pick it for those reasons, or just because it is so lovely? I didn't think I would go on, but I'm glad I did. Forever koi//

{When you want it the most there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is

When you want it the most there's no easy way out
When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is

That's the way it is
That's the way it is, babe
Don't give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that's the way it is.}

Duo sang with his whole heart. The song was special to him, it reminded him of his relationship with Heero. //So true, keep faith and love will find the way.// The song ended and lights faded. He walked over to his friends, receiving positive comments. They walked together to a very special appointment. Driving to the spaceport, they boarded a plane to Professor G's lab.


Well minna,

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