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//..// thought

^^^^^^^^^^ denotes the interview on tv
######### the video within the interview

Parings:? (1+2)


On with the sidefic:

The afternoon went by in a rush. Adam was busy getting ready and going over things with his manager, Setsuna. Heero was at the safehouse in his room thinking. //It's only been about three or four months, and already I'm attracted to someone else. K'so!! Duo, where ever you are, I miss you// Lying in his bed, he fell asleep where dreams of violet eyes and the long rope of hair awaited him. Quatre slowly opened the door ,a little while later, and peeked in. He saw Heero asleep on the bed, and the drying tear tracks. His heart clenching at the site, shifting his gaze, he noticed the paper on the desk. Seeing the last three lines, a tear leaked from his eyes. //Duo must have given him that poem//. Silently closing the door, he went to his room to try and reign in his emotions. //This is so hard, living with all the pain Duo. Wait for us//

Heero woke about mid evening. Quickly leaving his room and making his way downstairs to the entertainment room. Turning on the television and plopping down on the couch, he flipped through the channels until he was greeted with those Green eyes and Red hair. The interview had just begun.


Duo sat on the stage, politely answering the questions asked. Mainly the same questions, who was his role model, was he dating and if so who? //Heh, no I'm not dating, the only person I want I can't have yet...maybe never again// Finally the questions were veering towards the new single and the video. Telling the woman the answer his manager told him to say, they turned to a small screen where the video began.

(The screen shot is a lovely meadow, a few nimbus clouds blot the sky. A single figure stands before the small creek, a mask of sorrow marring the face. Fades to an apartment room)

"how did you get here
nobody's supposed to be here
I've tried that love thing for the last time
my heart says no, no
nobody's supposed to be here"

(The figure turns around at the sound of the door opening, another figure walks in, blurred from the camera.)

"but you came along and changed my mind
I've spent all my life
on a search to find
the love who'll stay for eternity
the heaven sent to fulfill my needs
but when I turned around
again love has knocked me down"

( The other walks toward Adam, we see them yelling, but cannot hear the words. Pain flashes in the green eyes, tears roll down his cheek)

"my heart got broken
oh it hurt so bad
I'm sad to say love wins again
so I place my heart under lock and key
to take some time and take care of me"

(Screen blurrs to the bedroom, Adam is packing his bags avoiding the other figure. Shutting his suit case, he walks out)

"but I turn around and you're standing here"

(Fades back to the meadow, he turns and sees a figure standing off in the distance walking toward him, still obscured from the camera)

"how did you get here
nobody's supposed to be here
I've tried that love thing for the last time
my heart says no, no
nobody's supposed to be here
but you cam along and changed my mind"

(He hears the footsteps coming closer, but refuses to turn around.)

"this time I swear I'm through
but if only you knew
how many times I've said those words
then fall again when will I ever learn"

(He turns to the person walking towards him)

"knowing these tears I've cried
this lovely butterfly
must take a chance and spread my wings
love can make you do some crazy things
so I place my heart under lock and key
to take some time and take care of me
but I turn around and you're standing here
standing here
how did you
how did you
shoo do doop
nobody's supposed to be here"

(He slowly walks away from the figure, not looking back. Placing one step in front of the other, walking outta the other's life. Slowly the video fades to black.)

"how did you get here
nobody's supposed to be here
I've tried that love thing for the last time
my heart says no, no
nobody's supposed to be here
but you came along and changed my mind"


The camera panned out from the television and focused on Adam and the host of the show.

"Wow, that was great. But it ended sadly, would this by any chance be autobiographical?" The young woman asked. Shocked by the question and mentally cursing the woman, he replied. "It is, to an extent. A past relationship of mine could be based from this." The woman seemed to accept his answer. Finally, to his great pleasure, the interview was over and he bolted from the stage to his dressing room. Setsuna was waiting for him.

"Adam, you have a concert in about two weeks. Two very important people will be there, and I have found out that one of them is an avid fan of Thalia (1) from the late twentith century. So I decided you are going to do a three song set, in clothing similiar to hers."

"What?????? You want me to dress up like a woman and sing?"

"Yes, it is important. Besides you owe me big, so I'm calling in the favor. This is what you'll be wearing." She pulled out the outfit. A bustier with red roses covering the fabric, and a belt of some sorts to fit on his waist with strips of fabric sewn with red roses. on them.(2)

"That???????? That won't covering anything, it is so flimsy."

"Well, she wore outfits like this on stage. Besides it is only this once. Now we better get back to the gym, so I can show you the dance steps and selected songs."

Sighing in defeat, he gathered his things and left with Setsuna.


//Hn, interesting.// was all that Heero thought of that last segment. Through out the video, he watched every detail, taking in every note, watching every movement of the Star.

Turning off the television, Heero went to do some work on his laptop, glancing at the single photo beside it. //Oh Duo...//


To be continued in Rising Star 3.



(1) The most wonderful female artist..*his muse is watching him with a glare*.....don't you think Tchan?

tchan: ::nods::

(2) Hmm the outfit is very hard to describe. I saw in when Thalia wore it on `Rosalinda'....perhaps I'll have my lil bro draw and pic and find a way to get it scanned.