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Title: Reluctant Heart Part 1
Author: dhuron
Pairing: 1X2X1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, angst, OOC/AU
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~~~*~~~ beginning/ending of dream
"…" spoken word
'…' thoughts
+ Scene change


The dark haired pilot moaned into his pillow, hips thrusting his arousal into the mattress underneath him. The blanket had fallen to rest on his lower back, hugging the boy's slender waist. Sweat covered his golden back, his hands fisted the sheets; head tossing side to side as Heero was lost to the ecstasy of fantasy. His face was twisted in pure desire, lips slightly parted as one word fell from those moist lips.



Heero watched the other pilot slowly remove the thin, soft boxers; his breath caught when Duo was finally fully revealed. To say that Duo was perfection, personified would have been a huge understatement. The Japanese boy bit his lower lip to keep the whimper from leaving his lips, Cerulean blue eyes reverently gazed upon the other boy. Summer's fragrant wind wisped through the chestnut brown hair; making ripples in the air. Golden sunlight surrounded the American boy, making Duo shine with an aura of pure innocence. Heero's eyes moved to the immaculate face of his beloved, bright violet eyes glowing with endearment. Soft lips were slightly parted, the boy's tongue wetting them.

Heero slowly moved his gaze down, admiring Duo's muscled chest and abdomen. His body cried out to him; needing to feel the boy's fire. The short-haired boy's eyes finally fell upon the American's desire. His mouth went dry, his beloved was fully aroused; Heero ached to touch the other boy, to be able to fall on his knees and worship Duo as the seductive winds caressed both of them. He wanted to run his hands over the creamy flesh before him, taste the pearls of passion at the tip of Duo's arousal.

"Duo…" he whispered, softly, slowly stepping towards the vision. Each step towards the other boy became more difficult for the Japanese youth; each movement caused his arousal to rub against his pants. Heero's hand slowly moved down his body, heading for the painful erection between his legs. Slowly he stroked his cotton-clad heat, eyes shutting from the wild fire consuming his shaking body. His other hand slid underneath the light blue T-shirt, teasing his abdomen with feather-like touches.

Blazes of ecstasy rolled over Heero as his hand slid upward; long, slender fingers brushed one stiff, sensitive nipple. The trembling boy cried out in pure pleasure, his exclamation breaking the silence. His knees nearly gave out from the rising waves crashing through his blood

"Heero…" The other boy finally whispered, extending his hand to the Japanese boy, longing filling his violet pools. "Show yourself to me….please…" He begged softly.

The Japanese boy pushed his thin, white tank top up his body; slowly pulling it over his head and tossing it to the side."Duo…" He moaned, slowly unfastening his pants; more shivers ran over his spine as the zipper was lowered, the metal teeth so close to his need. Finally they were pooled at his bare feet, Heero kicked them away.

The Wing pilot felt a bit embarrassed, standing before Duo, wearing nothing but a pair of tight briefs. His hand fell back to the ache between his legs, teasing the tip through the thin material; Heero was wet with desire and need. With each touch, the ache grew.

The short-haired boy was so lost in his pleasure that he failed to notice Duo standing in front of him. He jumped when Duo's hand trailed along his chest, adding to the heat flowing over his skin. "Heero…"

"Gods…please…touch me more…" the boy whimpered, needing more of the American's touch. Cerulean locked with Violet, lips gravitated towards one another, shyly. Heero's mind exploded from the first touch; thoughts, memories, perceptions fragmented and shifted to form one picture; his violet-eyed angel. Time stopped for a blissful eternity, their lips locked together.

"Heero….my Heero, you feel so good." The long-haired boy whispered, a siren's melody brushing the Japanese boy's ear. With natural grace and tenderness, Duo's hand slid under the other boy's briefs; the American sighed in pleasure as he ran his fingers over the round globes of the other boy's bottom.

"I want to feel you…all of you." Duo whispered into the other boy's ear before his hand slid to the front of Heero's briefs.

"Oh, DUO!" Heero cried out as slender fingers trailed along the underside of his arousal, gentle toying with the soft flesh at the base of his erection. Duo took his lover's sac into his hand.

"Heero…will you be mine…"

"Y-yes…." The short-haired boy moaned, wanting more of the American's touch. "Nnnn…" he gasped, feeling Duo's hand moving further between his legs. "D-duo…." The teenager stammered, body quivering.

"Ssshh…it's okay" Duo reassured him, gentle running one finger across Heero's opening; teasing the virgin entrance. Lovingly, he pushed against the Japanese boy's tightness; giving Heero a small taste of the ecstasy that awaited him. Slowly Duo's pushed in index finger into the other boy's searing heat, greedily swallowing Heero's moans with his mouth.

Heero's eyes were tightly shut, blinding pleasure slowly blossoming from his groin to the rest of his body; euphoria's ripples flowed through his blood. He felt vulnerable, strong, open, exposed, wanted, needed, scared, unsure, desire, and finally total surrender.

"Heero…I want to be inside you, I want us to be one…", before he could respond, Duo hands left the confines of the whitebriefs. The Japanese boy watched as his lover sank to his knees.

Duo's fingers glided up the boy's powerful legs, resting on the waistband of the thin cotton. Reverently, he tugged at the material; easing the cotton down Heero's hips. He leaned forward, exhaling over the tip of the Japanese boy's arousal. "I've wanted you for so long…" he whispered and tugged the briefs all the way down, fully exposing the Japanese youth.

"Breathtaking, Heero," Duo moved closer to the short-haired boy's arousal; his lips parting…


"Duo…" The sleeping boy gasped out, hips moving faster. Heero's hands continued their tight hold on the sheets, the raging inferno raced through his veins, focusing and intensifying the ache between his legs.

Heero's body sudden went still, his eyes widening. He tried to roll over onto his back, but each small movement made him whimper and gasp. The Japanese boy opened his mouth, licking his suddenly dry lips. He was confused because of his actions while sleeping, yet the throbbing pleasure was so intense. "Duo…" the boy whispered, remembering his intense dream.

The Wing Pilot rolled over, biting his lower lip to keep the moan from escaping his lips. His hands went to his shorts, slipping underneath the material he slid them down, raising his hips. Heero kicked them off, his arousal straining against the briefs. Feelings of uncertain clouded his mind, uncertain how to touch himself.

'Heero….my Heero, you feel so good.' the boy's sweet voice echoed within his mind. Heero closed his eyes, remembering how Duo had touched him in his dream. The Japanese boy's legs spread apart, bending at the knee; his hand slipped underneath the white cotton, the other pushing his white tank top up his torso. Heero's back arched off the bed his body trembling as he took himself into his hand; long fingers wrapped around his aching need.

It was the long-haired boy's fingers teasing his length, leaving trails of fire on his stomach and chest. Unable to stand the restriction of his briefs, Heero pushed them down, low on his hips. He wrapped his hand around his need once again, biting his lower lip. Heero pictured the violet-eyes boy on his knees, mouth parted to take in his arousal. His hand moved in slow strokes,visions of the braided boy's lips around his length drove Heero higher and higher.

Heero's hips began thrusting upward. He remembered the intimate touch that set his nerves, and blood on fire; his other hand left his chest, ghosting its way down past his erection. Trailing down one thigh, Heero's fingers teased his virgin entrance, mimicking Duo's touch exactly.

"Gods, Duo!" Heero cried out, feeling the earth move.His hand stroked faster, ecstasy building. He could feel the universe on the verge of oblivion, so close…

"Heero! Are you okay?" Quatre's voice boomed from thehallway.

+ end 1