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Author: dhuron

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“..” words spoken
/.../ thoughts

(..) song lyrics in Spanish
{...} translation in English
@@@ beginning/ending of flashback
~~~~ scene switch

‘Reencarnacion’ (Reincarnation)


Duo watched will barely concealed horror as the strange youth set his own broken leg. Just the thought made him queasy, the actual sound of the bone being set in place made him want to pass out. He watched as the strange teen just walk by him without a word, slightly brushing against him.

(Tengo una pregunta
Cuando siento to piel tan junta
Verdad que hemos gozado
Otra vida en el pasado)

{I have a question
When I feel your skin so close
Have we
ever lived before}

He shook off the intense feeling of deja vu, and went to work on his gundam. Duo would look at the stoic pilot every once and awhile, the silence was starting to get to him. Yet, every time he tried to start a conversation he was either ignored or insulted. //Damn what is his problem. He hasn’t changed much.// The last thought shocked him. //How would I know what he was like?// He just turned on the boombox and got back to work, not seeing the questioning glance the other person threw at him.

Heero watched from the confines of Wing’s cockpit, for some odd reason he felt he knew the other pilot. //That is absurd. How could I know that loud mouth baka. He is just a distraction// He pushed the thoughts away and continued to work, ignoring the dull voice in the back of his mind. The other pilot was getting on his nerves, he kept asking questions and trying to start some kind of a conversation. Heero for his part would either ignore him or tell him to shut up. //How rude do I have to be before he gets the picture?// When he heard the music playing, he was not prepared for the soft vocals of a female singing in a foreign language. He turned to look at the loud baka with a questioning glance. //What is it with him?// The solider within him took control and he went back to work, not bothering to pay attention.

Later that night he watched as the other one slept, he looked so peaceful and content. Heero wondered if he was plagued by dreams as well. This particular dream disturbed him. In his dream he was dressed in medieval wear, and the loud mouth baka was there with him. For some reason his body wanted to be held in those arms, he was really confused by all the unfamiliar sensations and desires running through his mind and body. His eyes fell upon the rope of chestnut colored hair, sending his mind back into the dream.


“My love they are coming. You must go now” The young man with chestnut hair said. His violet eyes pleading with blue to listen and go.

“No, I won’t leave you here. I will not” The dark haired youth countered back.

“Please go, I do not want you to be harmed. I will be fine, but they are after you. Onegai, go now” He was crying trying to get his beloved to leave, for he knew if he was caught, death was the only punishment. “I will met you later, just remember I will always love you.”


Heero was brought out of his reverie by a low whimper from the other bed, shaking his head he sighed and decided he needed to leave and now. He left his makeshift bed and went to fix his gundam, for some odd reason stealing the parts from the other gundam brought a pang of guilt to his being. He spent four hours replacing the damaged parts in his gundam. He sat in the cockpit of Wing ready to take off. The thrusters were powering up, he looked into the monitor and saw those haunting violet orbs staring at him. He took off into the air, hoping to escape the unfamiliar ache in his chest.

After Heero destroyed the convoy, his laughter filled the cockpit bordering on psychotic, he thought of Duo again. //I hope we meet up again, I owe him//. He closed his eyes, trying to get focused when his mind was hurled back into the past.


“I don’t want to leave you. Please don’t separate us.”

“I don’ want you to leave love, but if they catch you here they will kill you.”

Heero stared down at his hands, he knew he would be killed for his heritage. “I know.” He took off his pendant and gave it to his love. “Keep this for me, one day I will come back for it.”


“Where did that come from?” For the first time in his life, Heero was starting to doubt his own mind. He quickly piloted the gundam to a safe location. //This is an obstacle. It will interfere with the mission// He kept repeating over and over, but somehow it even sounded vain in his own ears.

(Mira de amor hemo muerto tantas veces)
{Look, of love we have died so many times}


Duo woke up to find Deathscythe in shambles. “You just wait” He yelled at the retreating figure of Wing. //He will pay for this, for all of it// He ran back to his room and flung himself on his bed. “You bastard. You promised to return to me, but you never did.”


He watched as his love vanished into the horizon, with hope that one day they would be back together. “Come back to me, save me from this life” He turned when his father entered the room, he was a rather nasty king, but what could Duo do?

He waited for his love’s return. Days became weeks and then months. Slowly the prince died inside, he lost his love for life and became secluded. “Why didn’t you come back?” He sobbed into his pillow.

After three years, Duo had finally given up hope. He was of age to become married and disliked his intended bride. He was wondering in the forest one day, needing to escape his family. //Are you happy where ever you are?// He tried not to cry again, but the tears came anyway. He was not paying attention, and stumbled on a tree root. //Shit// Slowly getting up from the ground, a tombstone caught his eye. //Who would be buried out here?// He wiped off the collected dust and leaves from the tombstone and fell to his knees. “Heero” was engraved in the stone. His cries of anguish echoed through the forest, the animals cried from his loss, the pain radiating from him was so intense.


Duo cried himself to sleep, vowing he would not fall into love’s trap again. His slumber was plagued with past visions of his and Heero’s lives. In each one, Duo was left behind. Even in his sleep, the tears poured from his eyes, slowly and painfully everything came back to him. He was released from the memories when his ears registered the sound of the laptop beeping. Stumbling out of the bed, he opened the message and read it. “Oh gods no...”


Heero was not very pleased with Dr. J, he had been sent to infiltrate a school and was assigned to work with one of the other four pilots. //I don’t need any of their help// He knew he could handle it on his own, and anyone else would be a liability. He went to open the door after someone knocked. //It must be my partner// He had difficulties even thinking about the concept. When he opened the door, the great Heero Yuy stood there in shock, he did not even see the fist until it collided with his face. Looking up from the floor, he stared into a pair of pissed off violet orbs. “That was for wrecking Deathsycthe you bastard” Duo just walked over the fallen teen and went to the empty bed. He started to unpack his things, not sparing a glance at the other person in the room. Finally pulling himself off of the floor, he made his way back to his bed and started typing on the laptop, wishing the other pilot would talk or do something. The silence was ominous and did not seem to fit with his beloved...//What? Beloved? What the hell is happening to me?// His fingers continued to type while his mind drifted to past times.


“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you” His questions were stopped by a long passionate kiss and the body under him thrusting up against him. He slowly entered the fey beauty under him, their mouths never parting.

“I love you” The boy underneath him whispered as their bodies moved in unison

“ I love you too” Heero stared into the depths of those amethyst orbs he was enveloped by an ocean of warmth and tenderness.


Heero noticed he had stopped typing and was staring blankly at the screen. He also noticed the erection pressing against the spandex. He looked over at Duo, who was reading a book of sorts. //This distractions didn’t start until he arrived in my life// After he had his body under control, Heero decided to go to bed.

(No seguimos reecontrando Y ahora nos debemos intereses)

{And now we owe interests to one another}

Heero tossed and turned in his sleep, he was having
another dream. Sweat covered his body as the visions
became clearer and clearer. He jerked up, eyes wild,
looking around the room. His gaze fell upon the
sleeping figure across the room He still could not
shake the odd feeling within him. //Why do I feel like I know him. What am I suppose to remember, are these dreams signs?// He laid back down to think things through. So absorbed in his thoughts, he did not noticed Duo turn around with a wistful expression and longing in his eyes. He also did not see the tear that escaped from Duo’s control.

//I will not allow myself to.// Duo told himself while trying to control his tears. He could tell Heero was starting to remember. //Please don’t let him remember, it would be easier that way.// He turned and looked at the person responsible for his torture. //Why did I have find you again, why?// One tear escaped his control and rolled down his cheek. Even though he told himself he would not fall, his heart and soul were not listening, they had their own plans and nothing would deny them.

(Fui el griego que te amo cuando eras un delfin
La reina que a su rey por infiel puso fin
O aquiel esclavo que la Santa inquisicion
Quemo por hechizar de amor tu corazon)

(I was the Greek that loved you when you were a dolphin
The queen that murdered her king for being untrue
Or the slave that the inquisition burn for charming your heart}

The next morning was worse than the day before, the other pilot still would not talk to him, usually that is how Heero preferred things. This was different, he knew something was not right, slowly it was eating away at him until finally he cracked. “Why haven’t you said a word?” He said in a cold voice, he hoped it sounded that way. //Why do I even care? He is in the way of the mission. No he isn’t, but he is a distraction...grr...this just complicates everything// Heero sat there seething, but at who he didn’t know.

Duo just turned and looked at Heero. //Damn// He gave him his best glare, “I really don’t have anything to say to you. I was nice and helpful when we first met, but you basically told me to ‘fuck off’ by your actions. Oh what you did to my gundam was the icing on the cake.” He walked towards the door and opened it, “Enjoy the solitude and quiet, I do know how you like it so” With that he walked out, slamming the door behind him. Duo leaned against the door for a few minutes trying to calm down. //Why can’t I stay mad at him? Even after all his has already done. I want to love him, but I don’t want to be left again.// He went to for a walk, needing to clear his mind. Heero just sat there, feeling guilty for his actions. //I messed up, damn J and his training// He sat in solitude for the remainder of the morning and day. He had time to think and time to beat himself up for being such a bastard. //”I love you too”// He tried to figure out who he was talking to in his dream. //Was it him?//

Duo sat at the desk trying to finish his homework. But he just could not for the life of him figure it out. //Damn Calculus AP classes// His head fell into his hands and he sighed in defeat He nearly jumped out of his seat when he felt a hand on his shoulder. “You are on the right track, but here is where you went wrong” Duo looked as Heero showed him his mistake. “Oh I see” He looked into those eyes, those haunting eyes from the past. “Thank you” Duo continued with his homework, using the trick Heero had shown him to finish the problems. Unknown to him, his determination was slowly slipping.

Heero watched as Duo finished his homework, for once feeling happy. //Perhaps there is still hope.// His eyes studied the form in front of him, he knew why he had the odd feelings around Duo. //The other half of my soul// He went back to work on his own homework, sneaking glances every now and then. Heero had to bite back a snicker when Duo started to nibble on his tongue, that was partially sticking out. //I just need time to make up for all the past mistakes//

(Oh, no quiero enamorarme ya, que la caida duele mas
No quiero enamorarme ya, pero no cedere en tu amor)

{Oh, I don’t want to fall in love anymore Cause the fall hurts me more
I don’t want to fall in love anymore, but I won’t believe in your love}

Slowly Duo lowered the wall he put up, telling himself they could at least be friends. As the days and missions passed, he felt himself slipping more and more. One morning he had awaken before Heero, looking over at the sleeping form he sighed in defeat. //I can’t do this again. It is too painful// He quietly gathered his things and left the small dorm room, he had been thinking about this for a while and finally requested a transfer. Duo turned and looked at the sleeping form one last time before walking out the door and out of Heero’s life. As Deathscythe neared his new home, Duo couldn’t fit back the tears of regret. //This is for the best, for both of us// But it didn’t make it any less painful.

(Es solo amor lo que vienes a buscar aqui
En un plano que es espiritual
Es solo amor lo que vines a entregar aqui)

{It is only love what you are looking for
In a spiritual space
It is only love what you have to give}

Heero woke up three hours later to an empty room, the room matched what he felt in his heart. “I just found him again” He got out of bed and went to his laptop. “A mission” He read the contents and sent in his reply, after getting ready he packed up and left. //I will find you again, but the mission must come first//.

He typed away at the laptop, trying to find another way. This mission was too dangerous, and he knew they all could die. He looked at Duo’s sleeping form, //I will protect you.// He made back up plans to ensure Duo’s safety as well as the other three pilots.


Duo watched in horror as Heero stepped out of Wing. “NO!!!!!” He screamed in anguish as the gundam self destructed, taking the most important person in Duo’s life with it. He sobbed in Deathscythes cockpit. //Alone again. Why is fate so cruel//

Heero knew there was no other way, to protect Duo and the others he would have to sacrifice himself. He opened a link to Deathsycthe “Duo get out of here, I’ll take care of it” He gave the Deathscythe pilot one last look before opening the hatch and stepping out. Before the he pushed the button, he heard the anguished scream. //I’m sorry I left you again. Forgive me//

(Oh, no quiero enamorarme ya, que la caida duele mas
No quiero enamorarme ya, pero no cedere en tu amor)

{Oh, I don’t want to fall in love anymore Cause the fall hurts me more
I don’t want to fall in love anymore, but I won’t believe in your love}

Duo listened to every word Quatre was telling him, Heero had survived the blast. //He is alive? He didn’t leave me again?// He could feel the hope soaring in his heart, but quickly placed it under lock and key. They were in war, and he could die at anytime. //Maybe this time will be different. Please let it be// His hand encircled the pendant he wore, given to him by Father Maxwell. Duo remembered the story with the cross.


Duo looked up at Father Maxwell, his small hand still holding the cross pendant he had just received.

“Duo this pendant is very old. It is said that it belonged to a prince, who received it from his beloved. The prince’s love said they’d return on day and to hold onto it for them. But the legend said the prince waited and waited but his beloved never came back. One day the young prince was walking in the forest and stumbled upon a tree root. When the prince was getting up from the ground he saw a grave. Curious as to why there would be a grave in the forest, he read the inscription. It belong to the prince’s beloved. Filled with such grief, the prince killed himself to be with his love once again.”


Finally the day came when Duo saw Heero again, and he was lost for words. //He is fine Duo, now go before you fall on your face.// He was turning to leave when Heero called out to him. //Just pretend you didn’t hear him. Just keep walking.//


The door opened to the prison cell, Duo eyes screamed in protest from the light. He saw him, standing there with a gun. He calmly got up and leaned against the wall. //Well at least this time I won’t be left alone. I do love you, but this is what fate has decided I guess// “Go ahead. I was destined to be killed by you.” Duo closed his eyes and waited for the bullet to pierce his flesh and bleed his life away. The bullet never came, and before he knew it Heero was helping him to escape the prison. He looked into the eyes again, and felt lost in the depth of the sea.

Heero opened the door, gun aimed at the figure on the ground. //I can’t kill him. I just can’t kill him// He watched as Duo got up and leaned against the wall. “Go ahead. I was destined to be killed by you.” If it was possible, those words sliced through Heero’s vulenable heart. //Don’t say that Duo, please don’t.// He had to fight back the tears, Duo was still in danger. “Only if you want me to? Can you use your other arm?” He threw the other gun towards Duo and helped him out of the cell. He felt Duo leaning heavily against him as they escaped from the prison. Duo looked into his eyes, and Heero was lost in the amethyst orbs. //We will break this cycle. I swear it//

(Miro en tus pupilas y atravieso un espacio sin manecillas
Eran otros tiempos, otro nombre y hasta creo otro sexo
Vamos a romper el circulo de este cuento
Y seamos para siempre dos amantes navegando en el tiempo)

{I look into your eyes and I cross a space without clock hands
It was in another times, another name and I believer another sex
Come on lets break the circle of this story
And be for always two lovers traveling in time.}

Duo sat on the bed while Heero patched him up. The entire time he avoided looking in those eyes. //I will not fall in love. I will not.// All the memories of their past lives flashed through his mind, he saw himself crying his loss each and every time. He refused to cry in front of Heero. He tried in vain not to fall into the trap once again, fate was cruel to Duo in the past. //I can’t// “Duo?”

Heero finished bandaging Duo’s wounds and was going to say something, until he saw Duo’s face. It was twisted in grief. //Why is he so sad?// He did not understand what was wrong. The answer hit him like a bolt of lighting. //Of course..Heero no baka//

“Duo?” //Please don’t let it be too late//

Duo looked at Heero, wishing he didn’t. “Hai?” He swallowed the lump in his throat, rubbing his sweaty palms on the bed sheets. //I’m falling, will you catch me?//

(Fui la doncella que huyo en tu corcel
O en la prehistoria you te cubri con mi piel
O la sirena que un vikingo enamoro y abandono
Llorando su traicion)

{I was the princess that fled in your horse
Or in prehistory I, cover you with my skin
Or the siren that a Viking enamored And
abandoned crying treason}

Heero watched Duo nervously shift around in the bed. “Do you remember? Do you remember when I gave you this pendant” He touched the cross hanging around Duo’s neck. “Do you still love me? Can you forgive me?” He watched as Duo burst into tears and fell backwards on the bed, trying to hide from him Heero let his own tears fall, knowing how painful the memories were. He remembered Duo’s crying over his dying body, begging him not to leave. He remembered Duo’s face when he was taken away from him countless times. //Just one more chance//.

(Oh, no quiero enamorarme ya, que la caida duele mas
No quiero enamorarme ya, pero cedere en tu amor)

{Oh, I don’t want to fall in love anymore Cause the fall hurts me more
I don’t want to fall in love anymore, but I won’t believe in your love}

Heero sat on the bed beside Duo, his hand reaching over to touch one cheek. “Don’t cry, it always hurts to see you cry. Please don’t deny me.” He lovingly stroked the cheek, praying Duo would take him back. He bit back the sob and continued, “I can only imagine the pain you had to endure each time, but please don’t turn away from me. You are my life, I was empty and dead until I found you. Don’t say it’s over before it begins.”

(Es solo amor lo que vienes a buscar aqui
En un plano que es espiritual
Es solo amor lo que vines a entregar aqui)

{It is only love what you are looking for
In a spiritual space
It is only love what you have to give}

“I can’t do this again. You will just be taken away again. It hurts too much..” He didn’t get to finish his retorts, Heero had seized his lips with a passionate kiss. “This time will be different, I know it.” Duo cried on the shoulder, he wanted to believe Heero. //Could it be true. Will it be different?//

“I love you.”

Duo returned the hug with equal need. He couldn’t deny his feelings any longer. //This time will be different. I won’t let anyone take him away from me// Duo squeezed him tighter against his body. He felt Heero’s tears soaking his shirt and felt his body shaking. Duo finally pulled away and lifted Heero’s eyes to meet his own. “I love you. I’ll always love you.” His hand reached for Heero’s, taking it into his grasp, he brought them to the cross.



Duo looked into the cobalt eyes, “Promise you won’t leave me again. Just promise me” His eyes were pleading.

“I promise. This time I won’t leave you” They fell back onto the bed, Heero pulling Duo into his arms. They quietly talked about their pasts, hours went by before they were finished. Too emotionally worn to do anything, Duo fell asleep safely snuggled against his beloved. “Sleep well Duo.” Heero kissed the warm forehead and pulled the blankets over them. He soon joined Duo in sleep, content with the fact that he would wake up with Duo in his arms.



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