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Pairings: Duo x Heero? Heero x Duo?

Author: SdstcOne *dhuron*

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'Precipitation' [1/2]


Beautiful arcs of white flickered between dark, billowing clouds, accompanied by roaring thunder. Lighting continued to crash, briefly illuminating the darkened countryside. Twin beams of light pierced the downpour of rain, as they followed the concrete.A soft, melodious tune filled the interior of the worn vehicle; the driver's head moved with the beat of the music, his mind drifting in pleasant bliss. Visions of his beloved lingered in his mind; he could still feel his beloved's cologne teasing his sense of smell.

Bolts of lighting continued to light the sky, each brighter than the previous. The young man smiled, slightly, at the dangerous beauty of each flash; reminding him of twin amethysts His heart ached, how long had it been since he last saw Duo?. Time seemed to have passed with agonizing slowness; seconds, minutes, hours spanned eternity for the young man.

In the distance, the Japanese man saw the dark outline of a house. He was almost there, so close to the reason for his loneliness.




Heero closed his eyes, running one hand through his sweat drenched hair while the other tugged at the hem of his shirt. His soft pink tongue began to roll across his lips, in a seductive manner. His mind drifted to his best friend, how he ached to bemore. His mouth went dry just by picturing the other youth in his mind, the blazing heat wasn't helping the Japanese youth in anyway, and it only furthered his fantasy of the braided one. Heero slowly opened his eyes, his hands began moving of their own accord; leaving trails of liquid fire in their wake. He gasped as his body was slowly engulfed from inside out with lust's searing touch.

"Duo..." he moaned out as his hands fell to the button of his too tight jeans. While biting his lower lip, his long fingers slowly unbuttoned them and lowered the zipper; his hand sliding underneath the material; Heero moaned out loud as he slowly teased his length through the boxer briefs. "Gods..." he moaned out, feeling himself harden further.

Heero pushed the denim down his hips and legs, not really caring if he was outside in his backyard. He could feel the damp air running over his lower body, like a hand teasing him with sweets eduction. Lost in fantasy, Heero let go and allowed the heated waves of ecstasy crash into his inexperienced body.

His hand finally slipped under the gray material, feeling his heated hardness. Slowly Heero's fingers wrapped around his length, squeezing just enough to relieve some pressure and tease him; his thumb ran over the slick tip of his aching cock. He threw his head back, slowly moving his hand up and down.

"Duo..." Heero whispered, sliding his other hand into the briefs past his pumping hand. He gasped as his fingers brushed his opening. He bit his lower lip harder, trying to keep from moaning too loud.


The braided teen smiled as he walked around the house, heading for the backyard. He knew Heero was the only one home, and that his friend would be outside, Duo thought he would surprise the Japanese youth.

"Heero..." He began, opening the gate...

What ever else Duo was going to say died on his lips at the scene before him, he was stunned into speechlessness. Before him stood Heero Yuy, pants pooled at his ankles, head slightly thrown back,l ips parted, the tip of his hard arousal poked out from thewaist band of the cotton material.

"Duo...I need you..."

The way the words were whispered, sent shivers up the braided youth's spine. His name was said with such desire, need, passion, lust, and fire; it scared Duo to no end, yet he couldn't tear hise yes away. The rise and fall of Heero's chest, the barely audible moans; it captured him, excited him to arousal.

Duo's heart began to race; he broke out in a sweat. The braided teen's grip on the wooden fence tightened, as he felt his arousal pushing against its confinement, creating agonizing, yet sweet friction. A soft whimper escaped his dry lips, his hand moved down to the ache between his legs.

"Oh god..."


Duo looked out the window, fascinated with the raging storm. The loud crashes and blinding bolts calmed the young man; reminding him of that one hot and humid night. So many restless nights came as a result of that evening; desire and an unquenched need were born from the flames of arousal, sparked to life by Heero. Every night, for the last two years, the braided man last thoughts were of the Japanese youth; his dreams were erotic, passionate, and hot. He never dreamt of anyone else, only of Heero.

"Where are you..." he wondered, out loud.

'It's my fault, the past two years.' Duo thought to himself. Everything had changed since he caught his best friend, masturbating while thinking of him. A small, self-loathing smile tugged at his lips, recalling the bittersweet memory.


"Oh gods...." he moaned, thought ceased and feeling began. He fought to keep his eyes open, enthralled completely by Heero. Slowly, unsurely his fingers unfastened the button and lowered the zipper. Duo's eyes watched Heero stroke his length, tease every inch of his chest.

Duo wanted to cry out as his hand slipped into his pants, shaking fingers surrounding the heated flesh. His entire world melted into pure pleasure, his hand slowly stroking.

'Oh god... raced through his mind with each stroke, involuntarily his hips began to move in small, tight circles; adding to the rising wave of ecstasy. Eagerly, almost desperately, Duo pushed the jeans down his legs; completely freeing his hardness.

Fantasy...need...desire...lust...passion; Duo was lost, only knowing what he needed, what his body was crying out for. His eyelids slid close, and he pictured Heero and him standing in his bedroom. They were touching each other, hands running over smooth flesh. Lips touching, tongues sparring, bodies moving together; words were not spoken, actions speaking for them both.

"Heero" he whispered, eyes opening slightly; the line between reality and dream wavering into nothingness. Duowhimpered as his body began to tighten, a flood of molten heat rushing through his veins. He longed to be giving Heero so much pleasure, to feel the other youth's flesh in his hands, to taste him. Images flashed in his mind, scenes of him between Heero's legs, staring into the Cerulean depths, taking the other's arousal into his mouth, pushing into the tight heat.

The lights began to flicker, bringing Duo out of his reverie. He walked over to the cabinet, and pulled out a candle. The braided man tried, in vain, to ignore his arousal. His hand drifted downward, sliding underneath the thin cotton; fingers wrapping around the stiffened flesh. Heero's face, twisted in ecstasy as he came was forever burned into Duo's mind. He closed his eyesa nd stroked his aching erection, picturing the way Heero cried out as climax washed over his body.

The braided man's hand stroked fast, needing to find release; frantically searching for more. Duo gasped as he felt the beginning of his orgasm, whimpering the other's name with fervor.

"Heero..." he cried out, passion covering his hand.

Duo collapsed onto the chair, spent but still empty. Only one person could fill the void in his life.


"Duo..." he whispered, almost feeling the other's presence. Heero wondered if Duo would be glad to see him, two years had passed since they graduated from high school. The Japanese man, barely 20, always thought that they would stay in touch. He even wanted, secretly, to attend the same school; just to be near his beloved. But things didn't happen as he had hoped, Duo started acting oddly towards the beginning of their senior year; it was almost as if he didn't want him around, yet couldn't stay away.

Heero frowned, going over the thought again in his head. He was sure that that was the reason for the past two years, but what happened to cause the rift? He was positive that Duo never knew of his feelings, well the ones that went beyond friendship. He had spent countless hours trying to figure out what went wrong, did Duo find out and was completely appalled? Soon he would find out, whether he could handle the truth or not was another matter all together.




To be Concluded...