Here is a companion piece to 'Otherside' it would
actually fit both versions. After I post this I'll
will get to work on 3b of Version 1..*damn I write too
much ne?*....C&C Please?

"Pathetic Tears"

The Searing touch I received
Taken everything I have
Drained me of all feelings, leaving me cold
Leaving me with these Pathetic Tears

To weak to get up,
The serrated blade ruthlessly slices
Cuts my soul, ripping my heart
Feeling everything a thousand fold

Reduced to a hollow vessel, retreating within
Cold, unbearably cold. The warmth has been purged
Alone in the familiar darkened corner, shaking
Freezing tears flow down my face, feeling my heart

The Ice cold grip, can’t breath, the tears fall faster
Pathetic Tears is all I have left, Broken and Unwanted
Withering away, the light dimming
I gave and gave, received Pain and Unbearable sadness
Slipping back into the Void of depression, where I
The Jar broken, fire gone, hope killed, dreams fled
waiting in the cold void, for a merciful release