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Pairings: 1X2/2X1

Rating: NC-17

Author: dhuron

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“Paint Job”


“You are banned from Home Depot?” Quatre asked, his voice rising in intensity and pitch. He looked wide-eyed at his two fellow pilots.


Heero smirked, remembering why he and his lover were no longer allowed to step foot in the Home Improvement store. He found himself getting hard again, it was indeed worth it.

“Well....it’s because....” Duo stammered, still blushing from what happened.

“It was a can of paint,” Heero replied before walking out of the room. He turned and gave his lover a wink.

“Duo, Spill, and I mean now!”

“Well Quatre...”


“I don’t see why I have to be here, Duo. You can pick out paint by yourself, “The Japanese pilot said. He really wanted to stay back at the small apartment they rented. His lover was insatiable, and Heero spent most of the night making love to the beautiful boy. After their first session, both had fallen asleep content in each other arms. But Duo woke up a few hours later, and he was aroused yet again. The Perfect soldier didn’t mind much at first, burying his cock inside Duo was pure heaven. Now he had a headache, and wanted to go back to his bedroom and sleep. His lover would have none of that.

“I know, but I wanted you to be with me.” Duo told his lover, kissing him on the lips. He pressed against Heero’s firm body, “Don’t you want to be with me...?” Duo’s thrust his growing arousal against the other boy’s.

“Duo, don’t tease me, or I’ll take you right here in front of everyone,” The Japanese boy growled out, thrusting against his American lover. He reached between their bodies to fondle his lover’s hardness through the tightening jeans.

Duo whimpered, hips thrusting his arousal into Heero’s hand, and silently wished they were alone back in their room. He needed to have his lover fuck him senseless. “Keep it up lover, and I just might throw you down on the floor…” before the Japanese boy could answer; Duo sprinted down the aisle.

Heero watched his lover’s ass bounce down the aisle, groaning to himself at his very evident state of arousal. All he wanted was to take his lover, pound into the tight heat and hear Duo scream his name; begging for more. Sleep can be damned, Heero was hard and he went in search of his lover. Cerulean-blue eyes searched for the braided boy, the boy becoming a predator hunting its mate. Duo’s sweet scent sparked his lust into a roaring inferno of ravaging fire, Heero almost whimpered from the torture. Each step he took added to his arousal, his wet cock strained against the material of the pants; begging to be freed and buried in Duo’s body.

The braided boy wondered down the paint aisle, desperately trying to ignore his throbbing erection. He was wondering why he insisted on dragging his lover with him, Heero was too damn sexy for his own good. Duo smiled in memory of the previous night, he just couldn’t get enough of Heero thrusting into his body. Each time he’d wake up, Duo would want his lover to take him; claim him and mark his body as his own. Although, Duo did pay for it when he woke. “But it was worth it”.

Duo looked through the various brands of paint, really not sure which one they should buy. He was surprised at the rather large number of brands. He reached for a can on the top self, thinking he could reach the container. Standing on his toes, the braided boy began to pull the can off the shelf that was way too high.

“Come on you bastard…” the braided boy said to the can, pulling it off the shelf; only for it to slip out of his hands and hit the floor. Duo bent over, not knowing the consequence of raising his ass in the air, to pick up the can. The next thing Duo knew was someone grinding their aroused cock against his ass. An all too familiar sexual growl reached his ears, “Heero?”

Heero continued to search for the other pilot; he rounded the corner and spotted his lover. A small smirk curved his lips when Duo rose to his tip-toes to get the paint can. When it slipped out of his lover’s hands, he quickly ran towards Duo afraid it might hit his lover. But once Duo bent over, Heero stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth went dry and his arousal twitched within its cloth confines. With slow, deliberate steps he walked up to Duo, so that he was standing behind his teasing lover. He ground his hardness against the braided boy’s ass, slightly growling in animalistic lust.

“Heero?” his lover asked in a wavering voice.

The Japanese boy bent down, his chest flat against Duo’s back and his hips gyrating in small, sensual circles. Heero gasped into his lover’s ear; blinded by the burning fire consuming his body. His mouth was next to his lover’s ear, “Duo.”

A jolt of pure sexual electricity raced through Duo’s body from Heero’s tone of voice. A low whimper left his lips as he thrust back against his lover; he needed Heero so bad that he hurt. Duo wanted his lover to take him, make him scream his name at the height of ecstasy; but the braided boy knew they couldn’t in the middle of the Home Depot.

Heero’s hand slid up his lover’s back, resting on Duo’s shoulders. He pulled Duo back so that they were standing, his chest flush against his lover’s back. He continued to rub up against the firm ass, hands roaming the well muscled chest. “I want you now, Duo. I can’t wait…” He took Duo’s hand and quickly looked for a relatively secluded spot to make love to the braided boy. He didn’t pay any attention to the stares they were getting and really didn’t care. All that mattered was ripping Duo’s clothes off and finally quenching his body’s need.

They rounded another corner and found themselves in the bathroom section of the store. Various tubs lined the floor and a few were hung on the walls. Heero quickly walked to the black tub in the very back, obscured by the cash register and a few other products.

Duo grabbed his lover’s waist and spun him around, claiming Heero’s lips in a sweltering kiss. Twin flames roared in building ecstasy, they hands quickly moved to unfasten each other’s pants.

Heero quickly pushed the fabric down his lover’s legs, his hand encircling Duo’s arousal, wet with the braided boy’s passion. As soon as his own pants were pushed down, he lifted Duo and bent him over the edge of the black tub.

“Heero, in my pocket” the braided boy moaned out as he was bent over. The coldness of the porcelain against his burning body made him gasp and thrust backward; wantonly. He couldn’t believe Heero was about to make love to him in the store, with a countless amount of people; of which any could see them. The thrill of making love in public aroused the braided boy further; he needed to feel his lover’s hardness fill his body.

The Japanese boy quickly searched his lover’s pockets, finally finding a tube of lip moisturizer. Heero opened the tube and squeezed the colorless gel onto his hands, coating his fingers.

Duo bit on his lower lip to keep from crying out as one slick finger slipped into his body. He began to push back, needing Heero to hurry up and take him. A small gasp left his lips as a second finger was added, and the pace was increased. Duo threw his head back, biting down harder to keep the scream from leaving his mouth.

“Please, I need you Heero.” Duo begged.

Heero removed his fingers and grabbed the tube once again, hands trembling from need. He squeezed the remainder of the moisturizer onto his palm, slowly he coated his arousal. He had to force himself not to climax; needing to be inside Duo before he surrendered.

The Japanese boy guided his arousal to his lover’s entrance; slowly Heero pushed himself into Duo’s burning heat. He slid in slowly, inch by inch enveloped by Duo; it was pure heaven for Heero, joining his lover. Finally, after blissful eternity, he was fully seated within the other boy’s body. Heero quickly covered Duo’s mouth with his hand, trying to prevent his lover from becoming too vocal; he wasn’t expecting the other boy to bite down on his hand.

Duo wanted to scream at the top of his lungs, but instead he bit down on Heero’s hand. His body screamed with pleasure, completely turned into a pure sexual machine. He pushed back, telling Heero he was more than ready.

Using his other hand, Heero gripped his lover’s waist and spread their legs as wide as he could. He pulled out of the exquisite warmth and plunged back in; biting his lower lip to prevent the moans from spilling from his lips. His pace was fast and furious, unable to stop his body.

Duo arched back, almost sobbing from the primal pleasure coursing through his body. He met each powerful thrust, silently begging for more. The braided boy’s grip on the porcelain tightened; as he felt himself so close to climax, just a little more. His lover’s hand encircled his wet cock; stroking it with the same furious rhythm as his thrusts.

“Gods!” Duo gasped out as he came, his passion covering his lover’s hand and the black porcine. His hips continued to thrust backward, inner muscles gripping Heero’s cock. Duo’s young body shuddered from his release, moaning low in his throat.

Heero felt his lover’s seed erupt from Duo’s throbbing cock; he tossed his head back and thrust harder, faster. The Japanese boy’s knees went weak as his own harness twitched, searing passion filling his lover. His hips continued to thrust is cock into the braided boy’s tight heat, pouring his soul into Duo.


“Oh my god, what happened then?” Quatre asked his face red.

“Well we barely got our pants back on…” Duo started,

“Before a not so innocent cough alerted us to our audience.” Heero finished.

“What?” The blond squeaked.

“The store manager, Kelly, was watching. She really enjoyed the show.” The braided boy said with a smirk.

“She didn’t have to ban us from Home Depot, Duo.” Heero grumbled.

“It was her loss, Hee-chan. I so wanted to take you in the garden area.” Duo replied, mischievously. He rose to his feet, and gave the blond a hurried goodbye. Duo then tackled his lover, straddling Heero's powerful thighs. He leaned down and licked the soft lips.

“Your sweet ass is mine, Heero.”


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