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Warnings: Shounen ai? twinge of angst

Pairings: None

Author: dhuron

Rating: PG

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Notes: Well Minna-san, this is in response to a challenge from Chibi. But I am using it to my advantage, this will be a “Prologue/Prelude” to an upcoming fic. The fic will be out shortly, and will be very lemony....

“Morning Reflection”

Duo watched the sunrise from his room. His thoughts were haunted by two sets of eyes, so contrasting yet alluring.

//Will either want me?//

His eyes filled with tears and longing, the objects of his desire were outside, oblivious to him.

//Do either of you know what’s inside my heart? I will open your eyes.//

He was determined to succeed.


To be continued....

Well minna, did it totally suck? ::grumbles about a challenging chibi:: It is not as easy as it looks, but I’m gonna give it another shot...*hentai gleam* This is the prelude to “Wining Hand” an almost PWP answer to a challenge. Hope you all look for it when it comes out. C&C, even if to say ‘IT SUCKED”....


On to Morning Thoughts