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author: dhuron

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Heero sat beside the unmoving form in the bed, the hospital room was off white and sterile, he continued to talk with the other boy as he had started nearly a month ago. After the accident, Duo was rushed to the hospital. Things were not looking good for him, the doctors took him to emergency surgery where they had spent over ten hours. Heero had spent most of his time pacing back and forth, trying to reign in the emotions but failed. The tears carving their path down his cheeks attested to it. Snapping out of his half like trance, Heero got up and went to the small bathroom, while he was gone he didn’t see the small movement of Duo’s left hand or the hint of a smile on his lips.


Quatre and Trowa were in the lobby awaiting the arrival of Wufei and Sally. Thanks to their help, along with Relena’s and Quatres, Duo was able to receive the best care in all the world and colonies. All his physical injuries were healed, but he still was in a coma.

“How is he?” a concerned Sally asked. The bags under her eyes told everyone that she, too, hadn’t been sleeping well. Even Wufei looked worse for wear.

“Still no change”

“and Yuy, how is he holding up”

“I don’t think very well, he is always with him talking, reading, doing what ever he can”

Wufei just nodded, he knew there was something between the two ex-pilots. He found it strange that after the war they went different ways. Looking over at Relena, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She had no idea what Heero really felt for the braided baka. Her eyes bloodshot and puffy from the constant crying and self blame she put herself through. //She is still completely blaming herself for this//

Sighing he walked over to the distraught young woman and pulled her into a hug. //Get well soon Maxwell//


Heero walked back into the room, deciding to lay with Duo instead of sitting in the uncomfortable chair. He gently climbed into the bed and curled next to his beloved. Missing all the chatter, the smile, everything he started crying again.

The darkness was slowly rising from Duo, he could faintly hear what sounded like sobs. Slowly the darkness faded, allowing light to once again fill his mind. The soft sobs continued as a voice spoke between them. //I know that voice, Heero!!// Struggling to be freed from the darkness, he willed his hands to move, his mouth to speak, or his eyes to open. A startled gasp made its way to his ears. “Duo?”

Heero was crying into the shoulder of the bedridden boy, asking him to come back soon. He nearly jumped as he felt a slight movement. “Duo?” Looking up into that hear shaped face, he saw a set of violet eyes looking back at him.


Duo felt something heavy and shaking on top of him, then he felt something wet seep through the garments he was wearing, lastly he heard the pleas. //Heero?// Opening his eyes he looked down at the brown mop of hair, he smiled when Heero stilled. Then after almost an entire month, their eyes met. “Duo?”

“Heero?” he responded to the barely spoken question.

Heero was still in mild shock, making sure he wasn’t dreaming he pinched himself. Now knowing it wasn’t a dream, “Duo how do you feel. Do you remember anything?” He asked in a very shaken voice, hoping the doctors weren’t right about him not remembering much if anything.

Duo saw the underlying fear in the cobalt gaze //What has him so scared?// “I feel ok I guess, stiff and a bit groggy. I remember I was running away when I saw you and Relena...and then getting hit by a car.” Tears unknowingly filled his eyes as he remembered that scene. //But if he is here with me now, maybe that kiss with Relena didn’t mean anything, or maybe he just feels obligated to watch over me// He quickly snapped himself out of those depressing thoughts. “How long have I been out?”

Heero watched his expressions as he spoke, noticing the wetness when he spoke of the events before the accident. //I’m sorry about that//. The familiar pain shot through his chest when Duo remembered the accident. //I almost lost you// “It has nearly been a month Duo.”

“NANI??” Mouth wide open, eyes round as saucers. “A month??” It took a while for Duo to come to terms with it all. //I’ve been out of it for a month? Has he been here all this time” He looked at Heero, the question visible in his eyes. “Yes Duo it has been a month,” Seeing the unasked question, he took Duo’s hand in his and gave it a squeeze, “I’ve been here everyday talking to you doing anything I could think of to bring you back”

“Why did you go through all that trouble over me” Duo asked not daring to look away from the piercing eyes. //Please let it be...// Heero was taken aback, at first, then seeing the longing in those eyes he answered truthfully, “Because Duo Ai shiteru” then he kissed him.


“Heero has been in there all morning, lets go so how he is holding up” Sally ushered everyone out of the room and headed towards Duo’s. They stopped in their tracks before the door when sobs were heard. They all thought the pressure of Duo not waking and possible never would got to him again. Moving as one dedicated support group, Quatre opened the door and they walked in, only to promptly stop in shock. Before their eyes was nothing short of a miracle, Heero kissing Duo, who was not only awake but was giving just as much if not more passion than the former. Someone within the group must have made a noise, because the couple turned and stared at their stupid faces. “Hi guys, come on in” Duo called out happily.


The passion was quickly rising between the two on the bed, both were relishing in each others company. A strangled gasp broke their moment, turning toward the door they were treated with the other ex-pilots staring in shock. “Hi guys, come on in”. He tried to get out of bed, but being in a coma for a month had taken toll on his body.

Once everyone had settled in the room, they all voiced their relief that Duo was awake and seemed well. Then they carried on various conversations, assuming Duo was listening. Quatre felt a pain in his chest, his hand rested above his heart. //What, who is this from// The pain grew until it threatened to overwhelm him. He quickly looked around the room, trying to find the source. His eyes met pain and fear filled amethyst eyes. With all his might, he tried to talk normally. “Guys why don’t we go now, I think Duo needs some rest now.” He motioned for them all the leave, each left with best wishes to Duo. “Heero why don’t you go and get some fresh air and food? I’ll stay with him.”

“I don’t...” Heero had started but was interrupted by Duo

“It’s okay Heero, I’m sure you haven’t eaten properly in a long time nor been out of this room much. Go, I’ll be fine. Besides I have Q here to talk with” Heero nodded and left the room saying he’d be back soon.

As soon as the door closed Quatre turned around and gasped out loud. Duo was shaking, his eyes wild and lost, tears gushing out. He was quickly by Duo’s side, trying to calm his friend. “What’s wrong Duo?” The panic and worry evident in his voice, but he didn’t care.

“Quatre, I need a favor.” Duo paused in hopes to collect himself. After the Arabian nodded he continued. “I need to leave, it will be for the best if I recover somewhere that no one knows about.”

“Nani? Why Duo? Why do you want to run away again?”

“I don’t want to...”

“Then why? Answer me Duo”

His heart was breaking, tears pouring. “Because I love him, I love him so much that I’d give him up to someone that could make him happier than me. Someone who can give him a future.”

“You mean Relena?” Quatre’s tears flowed, the words impacting his heart ten fold. He could feel the utter sadness within Duo.

“Yes. Even though he would say there isn’t a chance, there is. I saw how she looked at me, sorrow filled her eyes. Also when talking with Heero, there is a chance for her. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t give her that chance? I’m just so scared of losing him, I’ve lost so many.”

“What are you saying? That you love him but are wanting to leave him?” Anger and confusion had found their way into Quatre’s voice.

“Do you think it is easy? It is fucking ripping me apart, but there is a chance that she can give him what he needs, what can I give him? I am a nameless orphan who has lost everything. He deserves so much better, and if this is the only way he can truly be happy in the future then I must let him go, no matter how much it’ll kill me.” He couldn’t continue, the sobs grew till his shoulders were shaking.

“How can you let him go if he means that much?” Quatre just did not understand, he felt the pain within Duo. But he was going to leave his heart behind.

“Because, I love him so much I’d do anything to make sure he has what he deserves, what I can not give him. I am setting him free, I only hope my life and love will come back and prove me wrong. Please Quatre, do this for me.” His eyes pleadingly begged the other.

“Duo, I don’t understand why you are doing this. Do you know what you are risking?”

“My life Quatre, my life”

Quatre pulled Duo into a hug, both clinging to each other. “All right Duo, I will do this but you will come back when you are healed.” He felt Duo nodding his agreement.

Light blue eyes filled with tears took one last look from outside the partially opened door before leaving the hallway. //Duo// She thought before quickly leaving the hospital and towards her hotel.


Heero entered the hospital early in the morning, wandering if Duo was awake or still sleeping. He opened the door and walked into Duo’s room. Only to find Quatre standing there, looking out the window, and no Duo. “Quatre where is Duo?” //Please, NO not again// He saw the sorrow Quatre’s eyes and knew the answer. He didn’t realize he was on the floor crying until he felt Quatre pull him up from the floor and onto the hospital bed. “I’m sorry Heero, he left this for you.” He took the letter with shaky hands and opened it.


I hope you can forgive me one day. I’m so sorry to leave, but I knew I couldn’t provide what you needed.

I love you with everything that I am, and always will.

“Where is he?” He voice was hoarse and grief stricken. //I need you, only you Duo. don’t do this to us. don’t end it before it begins// He looked at Quatre, “where?”

“I can’t say Heero. He made me promise, I’m so sorry.” Quatre turned and left the room before he lost the dwindling grip he had on his control. //Is this for the best Duo?// He walked towards the entrance of the hospital, not looking back.

“Why” Face in his hands, Heero had broken down. Everything finally came crashing down on him, he threw himself onto the bed, the pillows muffing the anguished wails.

“Heero, I know where he is.”

He turned to look at her. “Where is he?”

Relena sat on the bed and pulled Heero into her arms, comforting him the best she could. //You are best for him Duo, why don’t you see it. I couldn’t love him as you do, now we have to resolve this// She whispered soothingly into his ear. “We’ll find him...I promise”


Heero’s arms slowly went around her waist, his tears staining her blouse. “Why, We just found each other.” His body was shaking from the raging emotions, his mind racing through all the possible reasons.

Relena continued to hold Heero, her own heart clenched in pain from his distress. A thought suddenly came to her. //Is this what you were talking about Duo? // She pushed Heero back a bit and raised his head with her hand. “He is a fool, to think you’d be better off without him.” She placed a finger on his lips to silence him. “I heard him talking with Quatre. He actually thought you’d be happier with me, but I see that you need him. Go to him, there is a car waiting outside. Get him back”

“Relena..but..” He began but was once again silenced by her.

“Because I want you to be happy, Duo is your happiness. Now go and get him back”

“Arigato Relena” He wiped the tears away and quickly ran out of the room, face set in determination.

“Don’t thank me yet, you have a tough battle ahead.” She stared at the door he just left from hoping it’ll work out.


Hilde slowly walked down the halls of the huge house she was staying at, just the sheer size of Quatre’s mansion had her in awe. Every since the accident she was a mess, every night the nightmares tortured her mind and every time she woke up crying. She was brought out of her thoughts by a muffled sob coming from behind one of the doors. //Who is that// She walked towards the door and turned the handle, slowly she opened the door and saw a sight that sent her into tears again. “Duo?”

Duo was sobbing uncontrollably in his small room. //I miss you so much. Please don’t hate me for this.// He could feel the pain lancing his beloved’s heart and knew it was his fault. He tried to stop the tears, but they were relentless and wouldn’t be held back. He was confused and hurting. “Duo?” He spun around and saw Hilde, she was also crying. He reached one hand out to her.

“Please, just hold me. Onegai?” He said before the sobs rocked his body again.

Hilde quickly entered the room and slipped into the small bed, she hugged Duo tightly to her, trying her best to comfort him. “It’ll be ok Duo, everything will be ok”


Heero stared out the window into the lush gardens of the mansion. Duo was in there, and he knew his future would be determined within the next hour. //Duo...// His hands were resting on his lap, because if he didn’t keep them there they’d be yanking his own hair out. The car came to a stop and he all but bolt out the door and ran up to the door. //I’m here and not leaving without you//


Hilde looked at the sleeping figure on the bed once more. She opened the door and quickly left the room, closing the door silently. She leaned back on the door and closed her eyes. The sound of someone running down the hall brought Hilde out of the daze, she turned her head to spot Heero. She pushed herself away from the door and walked towards him. Her eyes looked deep into the cobalt depths, “He’s in there. Take care of him.” She then left his presence knowing everything was going to work out.

Heero watched her leave, mildly shocked by her presence. The words spoken to him calmed him further. He slowly approached the closed door, his hand slowly reached out and turned the door knob.

Slowly the light filled the dark room, focusing on the single figure on the bed. Heero entered the room and walked over to the bed. //He looks so peaceful.// His hand gently brushed against one pale cheek. “Duo...” he whispered to himself as he fell to his knees. He told himself over and over he wasn’t crying, it was not happening, yet the proof were the big tears rolling down his cheeks. He closed his eyes, the intense emotions raging to the front once again.

Heero nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a warm hand brushing away the tears. He opened his eyes and quickly looked down, his gaze meeting Duo’s intense look.

“Heero..” Duo’s hand lingered on Heero’s cheek, suddenly he reached out and pulled Heero onto the bed with him. He buried his head in the space between Heero’s neck and shoulder. His own tears finally falling, the soft cries poured from his throat.

“I’m sorry..” he repeated over and over. His grip on Heero tightened the tears still flowing down his face.

“I’m never letting you go again Duo.” Heero told his love. He hugged him closer to his body and gently rocked Duo until he started to fall asleep.

“I love you...” Duo whispered as sleep finally claimed him. Finally he was safely in Heero’s arms.

Heero vowed to himself that he would do anything for Duo...”anything Duo, Ai shiteru...”


“Thank you.” Relena said before cutting the connection. She smiled and left the room to inform the others. She entered the small room, all eyes rose to her expectantly.

“They’ll be back by the end of the week.” Her smiled brightened as the others in the room sighed in relief. //Finally...// She left the room to start making preparations...


Duo watched, from his spot underneath a large tree, Heero swim in the blue water. He thought back to the week he spent with Heero. //I’m such a baka. How did I ever think I could go on without him// Duo rose to his feet and walked over to the pond.

Heero watched as Duo came towards the water. He swam over to dry land and climbed out. He grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his waist. He quickly walked up to Duo and hugged the stuffing out of him. “Duo, what are you doing up? You need to take it easy” He didn’t give his koi anytime to answer, he literally swept Duo off of his feet and carried him towards the house.

Duo let out a small ‘eep’ as he was lifted into the welcoming arms. He sighed and rested his head on the firm shoulder. “Love you” he mummered while lovingly gazing into the cobalt pools. He raised his head from Heero’s shoulder and his lips caressed his koi’s. The kiss was deep, slow, and passionate. Their mouths met and parted only to meet once again, the kiss was pure perfection almost as if they were meant to kiss only each other.

They broke apart, eyes dark with passion. Duo’s lips lightly grazed Heero’s cheek before stopping by the sensitive ear. “I want you Heero, and I want you now...” He finished his statement by very seductively licking his ear. He heard the soft moan that escaped his love’s lips.


He silenced his love with another deep probing kiss. “Now Heero, or I will take you right here in broad daylight for everyone to see.” He tried to keep a serious face, but the look of utter shock on Heero’s face sent him into a rolling fit of laughter. He wormed his way out of Heero’s arms and stood up straight. “What’s is going to be Hee-chan. Duo teasingly started to walk backwards while slowly undoing the buttons on his shirt” He heard the growl and knew he had about two seconds before he was pounced.

Heero watched as his koi teased him, and very successfully. He growled before he pounced his koi. He kissed Duo with an unchecked passion, he had wanted nothing more than Duo. His tongue slipped into the warm mouth, plunging deep and exploring every inch. He broke the kiss and looked deeply into the violet orbs. Heero picked Duo up once again and almost ran towards the house.


Heero placed Duo on the bed and stared down at the lovely vision. Nervously he fumbled with the buttons on the shirt. Duo rose to sit on his knees and helped to remove Heero’s shirt. His hands roaming over the smooth and firm chest. His fingertips ran across the taunt stomach, moving to the waistband of the pants. Slowly and almost torturously he undid the button and dragged the zipper down. The pants fell off the slim hips, leaving Heero standing nude before Duo.

Duo removed his own shirt and threw it across the room. He then lowered himself so he was lying on the bed. One hand outstretched to his koi. “Take me Heero, I need you”

“Duo...” he whispered before his hands began to remove Duo’s pants. He watch inch by inch of creamy flesh exposed as the black trousers slid off his legs.

Heero climbed onto the bed, kneel between Duo’s spread legs. He leaned forward to capture the soft lips in a hot kiss. “I want you Duo, so bad...” His hands roamed the exposed chest and abdomen. His mouth moved from the wonderful mouth down to Duo’s neck and chest. The soft moans of pleasure aroused him further. Showers of kisses were placed on Duo’s body as he moved downward, he dipped his tongue in Duo’s belly-button loving the wondrous whimpers.

“Please Heero...” Duo moaned, the sweet torture was slowly driving him insane “GODS!!” he screamed when his manhood was taken into Heero’s mouth. He arched off the bed, his hands tore at the sheets. All too soon he cried out as his body convulsed and flooded Heero’s mouth with his seed.

Heero blindly reached over to the nightstand, grabbing the small tube of lubricant.. He crawled back up Duo’s body and kissed him soundly. “Do you want this koi?” He ask with a husky tone, his eyes silently begging.

Duo pulled him down for another kiss, putting all his heart and soul into the kiss. He broke away, “I want you”.

Heero closed his eyes, an intense wave of love and pure emotion washing over him. All he ever wanted, all he ever wished for was coming true. His eyes opened and he smiled so bright, the sun would be sent away in shame. He quickly opened the tube and squeezed the gel onto his hands. “Look at me Duo...” he asked his lover as one slick finger passed the tight ring. He slowly and carefully prepared his koi, holding onto his control with a faltering grip. Duo’s moans and pleas were slowly shattering his control.

“Heero, please” Duo managed to whisper before he was overcome with powerful emotions. The tears fell from his eyes, finally after so long he was truly happy. “I love you so much it hurts...” He couldn’t stop the words from leaving his lips, nor did he want to. A whimper replaced his moans when Heero removed his fingers.

“Look into my eyes koi...” Heero made sure his eyes met Duo’s before slowly pushing his erection pasted the ring. “Duo...” he moaned as he slowly pushed his erection into the tight channel. “Promise me...” He whispered, he too was overcome by emotion. Tears finally fell down his cheeks. “Onegai...” Heero was finally fully sheath, he paused so Duo could adjust. He pulled his koi up into his arms and hugged him tight, fearing he’d lose him again

“I promise...”

Heero buried his head in the junction of Duo’s neck, his tears rolling down his cheeks. He slowly began to move, slow and lovingly. He felt Duo’s breath on his neck, his tears falling onto his shoulder. He brought Duo’ mouth to his, pouring his torn soul and heart into his kiss. His hips moved in a quickening rhythm, one hand moved to Duo’s trapped erection and slowly pumped the hardened flesh. “I love you Duo.” His eyes were still shining with tears, he kissed Duo with every ounce of emotion within his body.

“Heero!” Duo cried out, his seed exploded from his manhood covering both their bodies. The orgasm hit hard leaving him shaking and crying in Heero’s arms. Heero couldn’t hold out any longer, he surrendered to the throes of ecstasy. His erection surged and hot seed surged, filling and claiming Duo.

Heero carefully pulled himself out of Duo, and fell back on the bed. He pulled his lover into his arms, kissing the warm forehead repeatedly. “Ai shiteru Duo..” He hugged Duo tighter.

“I love you too.” Duo whispered into Heero’s chest. His hands went around the slim waist and pulled their bodies tighter together. “Promise me...” He looked up into Heero’s eyes.

“I promise...”

Duo’s head fell back onto his koi’s chest, “forever”. The steady beating of Heero’s heart calmed his mind until his eyes closed.

“Hai, forever Duo.” He kissed the top of Duo’s head before reaching down to pull the blanket over their bodies. He soon join his koi in sleep. The future was finally looking bright.



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