Disclaimers: Same as before. "Regresa A Mi" is not mine, it belongs to one of the great Divas of all times..Thalia. I highly recommend her!!
Warnings: Same (1+2)
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Regresa A Mi (Return to me) sidefic to Jester Unmasked.

[Oh Señor
Dame fuerza hoy
No puedo vivir sin él
Oh God
Give me strengh today
I can't live without him]

// I finally have him back. This time I won't lose him// Heero's mused as he watched the braided boy swiming outside. He watched as that lithe form moved gracefully through the liquid.

[Voy a morir
Es mi alma que
Llora sin cesar
Ya que nunca volverá a sentir amor
I'll die
It is my soul
That cries without stopping
Since it will never feel love again]

Heero watches as Duo dances in the club, while he remained seated. //Will I ever have him the way I want?//

[Regresa a mí
No digas que todo acabó
Enfréntame, con un perdón
Regresa a mí
No digas que esto terminó
Hazme el amor/Dame tu amor
Ten compasión
Come back to me
Don't say everything ended
Confront me with forgiveness
Come back to me
Don't say this is finished
Make me love/Give me your love
Have compassion]

Days pass slowly and painfully for the perfect solider. The object of his desires remains out of his grasp. //How can I make him see?// Shaking his head, he goes back to typing on his laptop trying to forget the other pilot, if only for a little while.

[Recuerda, toda la pasión
Tu piel se acercaba a mí
Dulce calor
Remember, all the passion
Your skin came close to me
Sweet warmth]

Heero thinks back to the time when he confronted Duo.

Finally unable to do nothing, Heero placed his fingers under that delicate cheek and lifted those lips to his own. Without hesitation, Duo responded. Finally breaking their first real kiss, Heero looked into those passionate eyes

The memory brought a small smile to his face. // The day I found out he didn't hate me. I only hope one day we can continue where we left off// He saw Duo going out, "Where are you going Duo?" trying not to sound cold.

"Oh, just for a walk"

//Hm..perfect// "Mind if I come?"

"Sure that'll be great!" With a nod, Heero got up and went with his beloved, basking in his presence.

[Todo terminó por tí
Quisiste volar
Y cerraste así la historia de este amor
Everything finished cause of you
You wanted to fly
And you closed the story of this love]

{ Heero was running through a forest. Hearing something in front of him, he ran faster. The pale moon shined down on the earth, giving the forest an etheral look. Directly in front of him, he could make out a figure. "Who's there?" No response, getting rather annoyed Heero ran faster. But the figured danced out of his reach. Finally the stranger turned around, what Heero saw made him gasped. "Duo??...Duo??" Still no answer, moving forward, he reached out for his beloved. Shaking his head, Duo slowly vanished into the night}

Bolting upright in his bed, Heero was panting. Glancing toward the other side of the room, he confirmed that the room's other occupant was still in his bed. Still shaken from the bizzare dream, Heero attempted to go back to sleep.

[Regresa a mí
No digas que todo acabó
Enfréntame, con un perdón
Regresa a mí
No digas que esto terminó
Hazme el amor/Dame tu amor
Ten compasión
Come back to me
Don't say everything ended
Confront me with forgiveness
Come back to me
Don't say this is finished
Make me love/Give me your love
Have compassion]

[Oh mi amor
Sientes tu mi amor
Deja ya de jugar, con mi dolor
Trata ya de comprender
Que eres tu mi bien
La razón por la que late el corazón
Oh, my love, do you feel my love
Stop playing with me, with my pain
Try to unerstand
That you are my well-being
The reason why the heart beats]

The weeks went by and Heero continued to watch Duo, finally knowing more about the person that captured his heart. He was sure he fell in love all over again, but how to tell Duo? //How can I tell you Duo, how can I express these feelings, with my words. I got it!//. Retreating to his shared room, Heero sat at his desk, pulled out some paper and a pen and began to scribble his feelings. After he is finished, Heero read over his work. Shocked by what he wrote, but knowing it will tell Duo everything he couldn't vocalize.

Walking over to Duo's bed, he placed the single sheet of paper on the pillow and left the room. Duo returned from an afternoon at the park. He opened the door to his room, seeing Heero no where in sight. Walking toward the joined bathrrom, Duo washed his hands and walked toward his bed, intending to take a nap when a sheet of paper caught his attention. As he began to read, shock filled his being. Placing the paper down, he went to find the writer...

'Engulfing Fire

My heart had been locked,
for years, perhaps
countless lifetimes
not allowing one to touch it

The key was thrown far away,
buried, thought lost
in the folds of time.
Now, all has changed.

Passion overcomes,
consuming the soul...
in an agonizing pleasure
never known before...

The consuming fire,
burns with intensity that
would send the mighty Phoenix
away, burning with agony.

The key has been found...
the one has only turned it a notch.
Only a little crack in
the dam.

Passion infects the mind as
the vision of the meeting
flashes before my eyes...
the body trembles.

Under the starry night, the moon shines down
on the two, standing in front of each other...
so close, not touching; yet feeling
the heat radiating from each other.

Eyes peering into the souls...
as the fire builds to immeasurable intensity
hearing every breath, the body quivers
as the soul burns with passion

Passion and desire so great,
Aphrodite bows in awe
as she feels the burn
and is overwhelmed

My hand moves to touch the one,
all the passion and heat moving
into my hand, radiating
as all feel the force.

I touch the one,
as the explosion of passion,
thought to consume the soul,
as the earth trembles.

I brush against those lips,
Heat that would burn the sun
the body falters
from the ecstasy of a single touch.

I go to taste
those erotic lips,
as the sun rises in
the distance, the one leaves

All that heat and passion
with just a crack in the damn.
How I welcome the apocalyptic
passion and fire, once the key is turned

For the burning fire
of passion burns all,
The flames cannot be put out

No amount of water
can cool the fire
only make it stronger
and more consuming

Death can not end
the fire, as it
will return to
Karma's Circle

Building in force
awaiting for the one
to release it
for now the key is found.

I await patiently
for the one, with my key
to finish unlocking the fire
as it radiates like
that of the Phoenix.'





Part seven of Jester's Masked, will pick up where this sidefic leaves off.
This is one of my all time favorite songs, Thalia is just awsome. All her music rules...most is what I like to call ass shaking music...Hope you enjoyed this one!! *walks to his room singing `tu sabor yo quiero, y tu sudor yo quiero'.