Title: Hotter, Harder
Author: SdstcOne
Disclaimers: Don’t Own, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Sue
Pairings: Heero and Duo
Rating: NC-17

The house is burning hot, air conditioning being a luxury we don’t have. Sweat trickles down the back of my neck, and I once again curse this damn summer night. The fabric sticks to my overheated body, finally out of irritation the emerald top comes off and flies across the room.

All this heat doesn’t help the fact that Duo and I haven’t had sex in quite a while, every time we get started one of us is called away for a damn mission; but here we are, finally together and he is Sleeping....naked on top of the blankets, my cock strains against the denim jeans. I want him; need to bury my cock deep inside him.

Duo shifts on the bed, laying on his back; giving me a clear view of his semi-hard erection. His lips part and a soft moan echoes in my ears. So, he must be dreaming of me.

Deft fingers quickly undo the button of the jeans, and lower the zipper; I push them over my hips and down my legs and kick them to the side. I’m so hard, and the thought of what awaits me makes my cock wet. Standing at the foot of the bed completely naked, save the pair of white ankle socks on my feet. It is a particular kink that I quite enjoy.

My name leaves his mouth in a whisper, which is all I need to hear. Crawling onto the bed, I start at his left knee and slowly lick my way up to his inner thigh, then repeat the process on his other leg. His breath hitches, and his arousal twitches; very slowly I nudge his legs further apart. Breathing in his scent, mixed with the soap he uses is such a turn on and only adds to my excitement.

He continues dreaming, enthralled with whatever fantasy his mind has conjured up; my eyes are focused on one thing. Licking my lips, a slowly lower my mouth to the tip of his cock and blow over it; knowing just how he goes crazy when I do that. Duo gasps softly, his hips rising from the bed, asking for more.

Using my hands, I guide his legs so that they are bent at the knee and his feet on flat on the bed. Duo looks best spread wide and open. His breathing changes, looking up at his face I see lust filled violet orbs piercing into my eyes. I lower my mouth and take the head of his cock into my mouth, his back arches off the bed feeding me more of him. The feel of his hot flesh in my mouth, how long had it been since I last had Duo like this? With an achingly slow pace, I moved up and down on his cock, my tongue massaging the underside.

His fingers run through my hair, letting me know he is enjoying himself. Duo protests as my mouth leaves his arousal, a smirk curves my lips. Looking up, catching his gaze, tell him to watch me suck him off, watch what I’m doing to him.

Wrapping my hand around the base of his arousal, my tongue teases the tip, swirling around gathering the pearly drops. Slowly I move my hand up his arousal, from base to tip and back down, making sure to add a twist to my motions.

Again he moans out my name, hoping that’ll I’ll show him mercy. Duo’s hands tighten in my hair, his hips thrusting up off the mattress. In an instant my hand leaves him and I swallow him whole. He yells out and his body goes rigid as I deep throat him.

Just as Duo approaches his release, my mouth leaves his cock. Before he can voice any displeasure I tell him to get on his hands and knees and lift his ass high in the air. He does as he is told, lowering his head to the bed and lifting his ass, he even spreads his legs as far as he can.

Moving into position, my hardness settled between the twin globes of his ass, my chest against his back, and my lips barely touching his ear. Whispering what I intended to do to him, while grinding against his opening, I feel him shiver. Trailing my lips down his spine, my fingers following with a feather light touch, descending further down his body; Duo knows what is next, he whispers my name reverently as my hands spread him open.

My lover cries out as I tease him with the tip of my tongue, he is so very sensitive and I do know how to make him crazy. Exploring every inch with my mouth, each time adding a bit more pressure as I pass over his opening; my tongue moves to tease each cheek, not wanting to neglect them. His heavy breathing makes me so much harder, my cock hurts so good. My tongue passes over his opening once more, and this time I push past the ring of muscle. Duo nearly cries out as he feels it enter him, he pushes back wanting more. He begs me to fuck him with my tongue, and I don’t deny him, as I thrust back into him and he pushes back demanding more. We both know this is only a prelude to the real thing and soon he is begging me to fuck him with my cock, my own control falters and I pull my tongue out of him and rise to my knees. I tell him to get the lube out of the nightstand, and to hurry.

Wasting hardly any time, I coat myself with the colorless gel and get into position. Nudging him with the tip before pushing the head in; a growl escapes my control as I savor the feeling of his tight heat. The sound of my blood rushing through veins fills my ears as I fill him completely in one more thrust, driving myself into him hard and fast. Duo’s loud cry of pleasure feeds my own need and I pull all the way out and thrust into him once more.

My hands have his hips in a death grip, but he doesn’t seem to care. He pushes back, impaling himself further on my cock, squeezing it each time I pull out. I’m growling as I fuck him, filling his tight ass only to pull out and slam back in. Reaching for his arousal, my hand encircles it and pumps him simultaneously with my thrusting. All too soon the fire in my groin rises and climax burns through my body, with another growl I fill him, marking him as mine once again. Duo yells as his own cock twitches and he comes, splattering his chest with the first stream and then covering my hand with the rest.

I stay inside Duo as long as I can, but eventually my cock softens and leaves his tight warmth. We’re both panting, and somehow we manage to move so that we are lying holding one another. There is a mess on the bed, and his chest is covered with his passion, but being too sleepy we leave it and fall asleep, holding one another.

= end =