Title: The Greatest Gift of All

Disclaimers: GW is not mine, never will be. I don’t claim to own them, I am just borrowing them.

Warnings: hmm....some Yoai...humor..AU...OOC...that is about it for this part.

Parings: 3+4/ (1+2 in later parts)

Notes: *sighs* Argh..Minna, I tried to write a one shot fic for Thanksgiving, but my muse turned it into another multipart. This will be the first part of a ‘holiday’ series, it will include Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.


Duo's Thanksgiving

It was November 21, Duo was at the safe house by himself. The other four pilots were called away on a mission. //And I get stuck here alone, damn injury// He was really lonely, stuck by himself in the huge estate currently serving as their shelter. His computer began to beep, he opened the vid file and saw Quatre. He said they will be home in two days, everything was fine but time was short. Cutting the connection before Duo could say anything. //Sigh, two more days of being bored out of my mind. Hey wait!! Thanksgiving is coming// Running to check the calendar, to his surprise it was in two days. //I know, I’ll cook a Thanksgiving meal. Ha, shock the shit outta them//. Walking to his room, he got changed and grabbed some money.

(Two days later, very early in the am)

Duo stood in the kitchen, flour on his face. His black apron covered with various substances. //Well if they say the best cooks make the biggest messes...//. With a grin he put the turkey in the oven. //The guys should be here later this evening// All the pre prep work done, he took off to the bathroom for a relaxing shower.

After getting dressed and rebraiding his hair, Duo went back into the kitchen to check on the turkey and ham. //Almost done//. Closing the oven, he check all the food chilling in the refrigerator. Grabbing bowls he began taken things to the dining room and setting the table up.


Heero, Quatre, Trowa and Wufei walked into the safehouse dead tired. Each going straight to their rooms intending on taking relaxing showers. After each was cleaned up they noticed how quiet the house was. //Where is Duo?// Heero wondered //Usually he is here pestering me to no end// He didn’t understand why his absence bothered him so much. Walking out of their shared room, he went to see if Trowa and Quatre had seen him. About to knock on the door, he heard a moan. Blushing, he left in search of Wufei. About twenty minutes later the door to Trowa’s and Quatre’s room opened. Finally noticing the lack of a certain voice. They went in search for the American, only to meet up with the Heero and Wufei.

“Have you seen Duo?” Trowa and Wufei asked at the same time. Starting to get worried, they went downstairs. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, they were going to split up when the most wonderful aroma teased their noses. Following the wonderful smells into the dining room, four jaws hit the ground. The grand table was covered with various foods, each sending off it’s own alluring smell. Five places were set, about to ask who did this, Duo walked out of the kitchen with the turkey.

“Hi guys, well don’t just stand there sit down.” He said while placing the large turkey in the center of the table.

Finally finding his voice, Quatre spoke up. “Duo, did you cook this’ he gestured towards the elaborate meal.

Smiling, Duo nodded. “Yes I did, I spent all day over that hot stove.”

“I didn’t know you could cook” Wufei stated.

“Well it’s something I don’t do often. Only for special occasions.”

“So what is the occasion?” Heero asked confused.

“Thanksgiving no da! Happy Thanksgiving guys”

Finally getting their heads out their rears, comprehension dawned on them. “Happy Thanksgiving Duo” they chimed together. Sitting down they began to eat. It was a really peaceful evening for Duo. He was celebrating a holiday with his only friends, throughout dinner they made small talk, even Heero and Wufei added to the conversation.

With dinner finished, Duo gathered up the empty plates and went to the kitchen. Putting the apron back on he began a sink full of soapy water. In the middle of washing the dishes, Heero appeared beside him. “I’ll help with these” Smiling to hide the shock, he simply nodded. //Damn, I didn’t expect this//. After the dishes were washed and dried, Heero turned to Duo.

“Duo, thank you for dinner. It was my first Thanksgiving, it was wonderful” With a grand smile he turned and left a gaping Duo. //Oh man...// Recovering from his shock, he went up to his room, passing the other three. Wishing them good dreams, he went into his and Heero’s room, changed into his sleep wear and went to sleep dreaming of a pair of blue eyes.

Duo's Surprise

The next morning, the other four pilots were gathered in the kitchen discussing Duo’s surprise. They were all shocked but touched with his efforts. After talking about it for awhile, they decided that since Christmas was coming, they would throw him a party and decorate the estate. Duo walked into the kitchen about an hour later, he greeted his friends and got a cup of coffee. About to take a sip, Heero’s laptop started to beep. Opening the mail and reading it, he told Duo he had a mission to attend. Of course, he pouted complaining about not being able to finish his coffee.

After about ten minutes of whining, Duo left the kitchen and headed to his room to pack. He left the house thirty minutes later. “Ok guys, he is gone for about two days. Let’s get busy” Quatre had no qualms with the little fib, they needed to get Duo out of the house so that they could surprise him, so they made up a mission for him. Leaving the kitchen, everyone went about to complete their assigned task.


“That had to be one of the most useless missions..” Duo was tired and cranky. The mission was boring as hell. Just sitting in a hotel room, listening to a couple in the next room. “Oz spies my ass..” The safehouse came into view, he let a sigh escape his throat. //I wonder what they were up too//. Pulling up into the driveway, he turned off the engine, hopped out of the car and went to open the front door. He opened the door to a darkened house. //Hmm, where is everyone?// Feeling the wall, he found the light switch, then lights came on, Duo’s mouth fell open, his back fell to the floor. The house was decorated for Christmas. A bright flash snapped him out of his stupor. Turning to the source he found four smiling pilots, Heero holding a camera. //He is smiling//

“Do you like it Duo” Quatre asked, smiling at the sight of a speechless Duo.

He couldn’t do anything but nod for a moment, sudden tears filled his eyes breaching the dam and rolling down his face. The others, in alarm, rushed by his side asking why he was crying, worried they did something wrong.

“No you did nothing wrong. I wasn’t expecting this, it is overwhelming. I’ve never had any of this. Thank you” He graced them with a wide smile, then pulling them into a big group hug. After breaking away he told them he needed to go unpack and shower. With one more smile, he went to his room.

The others left the foyer one by one, until one figure was left. Deep blue eyes stared at the stairs in a trance. //For once, I know what I want//


Christmas Shopping

The next morning Duo had gotten up early. //Well what is a Christmas tree without presents//. Quickly getting changed into some warm clothes, he walked out of his room and went downstairs, stopping by the kitchen for a quick bite to eat. He was about to walk out the front door when Heero stopped him. “Where you going?” Turning around to face Heero, he simply stated he was going out to shop. //Be nice if he came with me//

Heero saw Duo about to leave and wondered where he was off too. After hearing the response he shocked the other teen by asking if he could go along. //Maybe now I’ll be able to find out what he wants and get if for him// Grabbing his coat, he left with Duo to the mall.

Duo was extremely happy, he was out shopping for presents and Heero had volunteered to come along. Jumping from one store to another, he looked for the perfect thing for each pilot. He passed by a window containing some jewelry, stopping he looked at the display. In the center of the display, were two matching pendants. //That one on the left would be perfect for Heero.// Looking around to make sure said person wasn’t around, he quickly went in and paid for Heero’s gift. He walked out of the store, just in time to catch Heero looking for him. “Oi, Heero over here” He came over and asked what he was looking at. He pointed at the display case. Duo told Heero he was going to the cd shop and would meet him there.

Once Duo was gone, Heero turned back around to the display. //That pendant is perfect// Walking in causally, he told the clerk what he wanted and paid for it. After leaving the store he went to find Duo, patting the small box hidden in the pocket of his jeans. Once he found Duo, he suggested they have lunch in the food court.

“So Duo, find everything you needed?”

“Yes I did, how about you?”

Nodding his head yes, they talked liked regular teenagers for once. The war forgotten for now they were enjoying themselves.

“So Duo, what is it you want for Christmas?” Heero asked suddenly.

//YOU// He thought and had to be careful not to blurt it out. “Really just being with friends is enough for me. It is more than I’ve ever had” he replied honestly. Feeling a little embarrassed, Duo suggested that they go ahead and head back to the house. Heero agree and they left the mall and went home.

//He is so kawaii when he blushes// Heero thought on the way home.


Heero's Mishap

Trowa and Quatre were walking to their room, hand in hand, when passing by Heero’s room they heard a number of rather explicit curses. “What is this all about” Quatre asked the silent boy next to him, shrugging, Trowa grabbed the door knob and opened the door. Both boys tried their best not to burst into a fit of roaring laughter at the site. Unable to smoother their mirth, they were meet with a death glare.

Christmas wrapping paper was strewn all over the room, Heero was covered in tape and little pieces of festive paper. The clincher was the little red bow stuck to his head. Poor Heero looked so distraught and extremely embarrassed being caught.

Heero mildly glared at Quatre, who was currently rolling on the floor laughing his ass off. He shifted his gaze towards Trowa, who was red in the face from the suppressed laughter. He saw Trowa bolt from the room like lighting, growling at the still rolling blonde boy. “Quatre, Omae o Korosu” A blinding white flash filled the room, spinning on his heel he found the source, Trowa had ran and got a camera. “Guys a little help here” Heero had finally given up the tough guy act.

“What are you doing Heero” Quatre finally was able to speak, wiping the tears from his face.

“Hn, I was trying to wrap a present” Not thinking it possible, Quatre burst into another fit of giggles. Finally calming himself for the second time, he went over to the other pilot took the box and began to wrap it. “See Heero, it isn’t that hard”

“Hn” was the only response, followed by “Arigato” Shifting his gaze back to Trowa, “I want that picture and the negatives” With a smirk, Trowa shook his head no and bolted from the room once again, with one Heero hot on his heels.

//I wonder who the present is for// Wondered Quatre as he put the wrapped gift in the pilot's nightstand and left the room.

Christmas Cookies

Wufei looked at Heero intently, “Are you sure Yuy?”

“Yes Wufei, how hard can making sugar cookies actually be? We are gundam pilots after all.” Finally Wufei agreed to help Heero in his newest mission, make Christmas sugar cookies. The two pilots gather all the required ingredients and place them on the counter.

After reading the directions, the two get busy measuring, pouring and mixing.


(30 minutes later)

Duo walked into the safehouse and was assaulted by two things. One, a burning smell from the kitchen. Two, Heero and Wufei arguing with each other. //What the hell// He walked into the kitchen and his jaw promptly hit the floor. The kitchen was in a complete mess, broken eggs on the floor, flour covering the counter and walls, the oven was smoking, and on the table were the blackest cookies he had ever seen in his life. Wufei finally noticed Duo had waked in and tried to explain the what happened. “Duo, we were trying to make sugar cookies and well...”

“We failed” Heero was not too happy with himself, he looked down in shame.

Duo’s laughter abruptly stopped upon seeing Heero’s face, pushing up his sleeves he entered the kitchen and began to clean it up. “Ok guys, it’s the thought that counts. After we clean up the kitchen I’ll show you two how to make them and we’ll ice them together. How’s that sound?” He was rewarded with two small smiles and affirmative nods.


Quatre and Trowa came home, about two hours later, and were drawn to the kitchen by laughter. Sitting around the table was Heero, Wufei and Duo each holding an icing bag and decorating Christmas tree sugar cookies. “Hey you all made cookies?” Quatre was astonished.

“Yeah, Heero and Wufei made cookies and I showed them how to make the icing and to decorate them” Duo said, it wasn’t really a lie, he rationalized in his mind.

Heero and Wufei were shocked by Duo’s statement, not taking any credit for baking and cleaning their mess. Unable to help themselves, they smiled. “Well, I need a bath. See you all in a little while.” Duo said with a wink to Heero and Wufei and left the kitchen.

Snow Day

Duo woke up extremely cold, jumping from his bed he looked out the window. “SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He ran out of his room, the sound of him running down the stairs and chanting “snow” brought the other pilots out of there rooms. Going downstairs, they were curious as to why Duo was so excited.

“Why are you bouncing all over the place Duo?” Trowa was mildly annoyed by being dragged out of his koi’s warm embrace in their room. Seeing Duo’s eyes sparkling with joy quickly pushed those feelings away.

“Because it SNOWED!!! I’ve never been able to just go outside and play in the snow.” He spun around and looked through the kitchen window. Pure joy radiating from his entire being. The others couldn’t help but smile at Duo’s excitement. //He looks so kawaii when he is this excited// Quatre thought.

“I’m gonna go out and play in the snow. Hey you guys wanna come with me? We could make a snow man, OH I KNOW, Build snow forts and have a snowball fight” He was bouncing with even more enthusiasm.

“Maxwell, just let us get dressed” Wufei called over his shoulder as he went back upstairs. Quatre was getting just as excited as Duo as he dragged his koi up the stairs to change.

“Heero you wanna go out and play in the snow?” Duo asked, he hoped Heero would agree.

“Hai, I’ll go” He felt really good about himself when he saw the real smile Duo graced him with.


Heero walked through the door, his rump covered in snow as was his entire body. They snowball fight had started in his and Duo’s favor, that is until Wufei decided to sneak up on them. //I never thought I could have so much fun// He laughed out loud remembering that all four of them had cornered him and pummeled him with snowballs. //This is the most fun I’ve ever had//. Quickly pouring some milk into a pot, he put it on the stove to warm up. //I’ll just make us all some hot chocolate//

Trowa, Quatre, Wufei and Duo walked into the house about fifteen minutes later, all shivering from the cold, but still their laughter filled the kitchen. “That was fun, thanks for coming out with me guys” Duo was extremely happy, so far his Christmas season had been the most memorable time in his life. //And we still have a while before it gets here.// They went into the living room, where Heero sat waiting for them. “Sit down and have some hot chocolate. It’ll warm you up” The rest of the afternoon was spent talking about their snow adventure, as Duo so called it. //He is just to damn cute for his own good// Heero thought while he took a sip of his cocoa.


Heero's Surprise

Trowa looked at Heero like he had grown a second head. “Heero, you bought a rabbit?” He was still in shock, Heero had come home from an afternoon in town with a cage, in the cage was a small white rabbit.

“Yes Trowa, I bought a rabbit. Isn’t it kawaii? It reminded me of Duo.” He started blushing all colors of red, he really didn’t mean for that last statement to be said aloud.

Trowa smirked at the blushing pilot of Wing. //It’s amazing how far he has come, because of Duo// “It’s okay Heero, I won’t tell. It is cute, what’s it’s name?” Recovering from his mild embarrassment, only to be embarrassed again by the rabbit’s name.

“I named him chibi-D” His cheeks just got even more red.

Trowa smiled and patted him on the back, “That is a fine name Heero. Come on let’s go show the others”

Duo looked up as Trowa and Heero walked in, he noticed the cage Heero was holding. “What in there Heero?”

He walked over to the coffee table and set the cage down, opened it and pulled out the small white rabbit, turning to Duo he spoke, “Our new pet rabbit.”

Duo’s eyes almost fell out of his head, he took the rabbit from Heero and held it close to his chest. “Ahhh, it’s soooo kawaii. Heero it is perfect. What’s it’s name??”

Trying not to blush, “Chibi-D”

“I like that name, what’s the ‘D’ for?” If it were possible, Heero would have turned even redder.

“I’ll tell you another time. Want to feed him?” He handed Duo a small bowl of rabbit food. They set it as well as the rabbit down on the table and watched as chibi-D ate his food.

From the doorway, Quatre and Trowa stood looking at the scene. “They are so cute together”

“Aa, they are Quatre. It is plain as day they feel the same about each other but to themselves. Perhaps they need a little nudge?”

Quatre grinned up at Trowa, “Yes I think they do” He returned his gaze back to the two pilots and the newest addition to the family.

First Steps (Part One)

Duo opened the door to Heero’s room intent on asking him a question. The conversation he just overheard still playing in his mind.


“Do you think he will actually admit to being cold in this weather, and do you think he will actually go out and buy some warmer clothes” Trowa was asking Quatre. They knew Duo was by the door, in fact they had been planning this for a while. Their friends needed help, but they didn’t want to do anything directly, so settled for the subtle approach. What better way to show Heero that Duo cares, than by him receiving an unexpected gift? “I know that Trowa, I can tell Duo that he needs a much warmer jacket for a Christmas present, but what about until then, he can not go with just his usual outfits”


//I’ll go and get him some things to keep him warm. Much rather keep him warm myself// He quickly forgot that thought before it could get any worse. Walking through the door, he stopped. Heero was asleep with chibi-D on his stomach curled up. //So kawaii// Quickly he went to his room and got his camera, he reached Heero’s room again and took a few photos of them. // This will go great with the photo album I’m gonna make// Closing the door, he went downstairs and left the safehouse.


Heero woke up from his nap about two hours later, currently he was looking for Duo. //Where is my baka?// After looking everywhere and not finding him, he plop down on the couch and began to think. //Things have changed so much.// He was drawn out of this thoughts by the front door opening, and one Duo Maxwell with numerous shopping bags. Quickly getting up, Heero helped with some of the bags. “Thanks Heero, those are heavy.”

“What is in all these sacks Duo?” Heero was just a tad curious, there were more than seven big bags. Taking two of the sacks and setting them behind the couch, Duo pointed to the remainder. “Those are sweaters, and a bunch of other warm clothes for you. It is way too cold for your usual clothes, and I don’t want you catching your death.”

Heero just stood there for a moment in shock. //He did this for me??// “Duo, I don’t know what to say. But thank you.” He walked over to Duo and hugged him, not caring at that moment what the other thought of it. //If this is what it takes to get him to hug me, I’d gladly do it again//

Neither one noticed Quatre nor Trowa peeking in from behind the kitchen door. “Looks like it is working” Quatre looked up in Trowa’s eyes, pulling the taller pilot with him, he lead them to their room for a little ‘nap’


First Steps (part 2)

Later that evening, after their relaxing ‘nap’, Trowa and Quatre found Duo in the living room. “What are you doing Duo?” Quatre asked. He walked over to the sofa and sat next to the braided pilot, who was placing clothes and other supplies into his duffel bag.

“I got called for a mission. Nothing major, don’t even need Deathscythe. I should be back late tonight.” He finished checking his supplies, with one last grin he was up and out the door. No one saw the dark blue eyes spying from behind the kitchen door, nor did they see the worry within those eyes. //I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Be careful Duo// He turned away from the door and sat at the table, petting chibi-D.


Heero and the others sat in the kitchen worried sick. It was after two in the morning and no word from Duo. They had gone through two pots of coffee and numerous cups of tea. Fear gripping at all their hearts, they knew something must have happened.

“Maybe he is just running late, or the mission took longer than expected” Quatre offered, although the worry upon his face grew in intensity. //Where is he? Heero is going insane with worry. Duo be ok// Quatre’s thoughts were stopped by the door, it opened and Duo fell in.


“Wake up Duo, please wake up soon. Ai shiteru” Heero sat by the still form on the bed. It had been over twelve hours since Duo appeared. All his injuries were cleaned and bandaged. The worst was a gash on his forehead, but he had yet to awaken. //It should I have been me// Heero thought again, willing his beloved to wake. The tears had long since started to fall, he didn’t care though. “I won’t leave. I’m here now and forever Duo. He softly began to sing to Duo, a song he heard coming from his room numerous times. Although he didn’t quite understand all the words, he knew Duo liked the song.

~ Deja ya de juger, con mi dolor
Trata ya de comprender Que eres tu mi bien~

He paused after the last line, he understood that //You are everything good in my life.// He used the back of his hand to wipe off the tears, he reached out and took Duo’s hand into his, clasping it firmly. He picked up on the chorus of the song.

~Regresa a mi. No digas que todo acabo~

He couldn’t go on from there, it was too painful. He closed his eyes trying to calm down, a very soft voice startled him. He opened his eyes and looked down, Duo was awake and singing the rest of the verse.

~Regresa a mi. No digas tque esto termino. ~

“Duo!” Heero pounced on the young pilot, afraid to let go. Finally he let up a little, but not much.

“Heero, you look like shit. How long has it been since you’ve slept?” He said it with his usual grin. “Thank you for watching and waiting for me to wake up” Heero looked deeply into the violet eyes, he was lost and never wanted to be found. Shaking off his trance, he smirked at Duo. “Well you don’t look much better yourself. Your welcome.”

“Heero why don’t you go take a long hot shower, and would you stay here tonight. I don’t want to sleep alone.” His voice had grown small, his eyes downcast in shame or embarrassment, he really didn’t know. //What is he going to say. Please stay//

//He wants me to stay? Maybe he isn’t out of my reach after all// “Hai Duo, I will be back in a little bit” He got up and left the room, leaving one very happy Duo. //He does really care for me//


Fumbled Chances

Trowa knocked on Duo’s door, he started to worry when he didn’t get an answer. He tested the door knob, it was unlocked. He opened the door slowly and peeked on eye in, which widened at the sight before him. Quickly he ran from the door to get Quatre and of course a camera.

“Trowa what is so important that you had to drag me out of bed...” He was silenced by the sight in Duo’s room, the blinding flash from the camera brought him out of the temporary stupor. Heero was holding the braided pilot, hell not just holding. The Perfect Solider was down right snuggling while Duo used him as a over sized teddy bear. “Kawaii” They two left the room, with sufficient proof. “I know Duo is working on a photo album, these will go great for it”

Heero was in heaven, finally after so long he had Duo in his arms. // If only it was how I want it. But I will be happy with this much.// He internally groaned when he felt Duo start to awaken, he looked into those eyes. He was lost, barely aware he was moving forward, his gaze only on those tempting lips.

Duo woke up in the arms of the last person he ever thought he would wake up in. //Oh this is good. Is he moving forward or is it my imagination?// He could feel Heero’s breathe, it was so close and moved in closer...

“Duo, time to get out of bed” Wufei announced as he walked into the room without knocking.

//Shit// Ran through both boys minds, they totally ignored Wufei’s red face. With a sigh, Heero got up from the bed. “Stay there Duo, I’ll get you some breakfast”

//Dammit Wufei, you just spoiled a wonderful fantasy// “Well Wu-man, wanna help me up?”


Duo sat at the laptop bored out of his mind, the others wouldn’t let him out of the until his wounds had healed. He told them he wanted to go look around town and see all the decorations and Christmas lights.

“Maybe later Duo, but you are still injured”

He sighed again. //This is so boring.// He connected to the net and started to surf around, while his mind drifted off to that morning. // It felt too real to be a daydream.// He came across on website that caught his interest. //That’s it! This should work, and when it does I’ll get the present I want for Christmas//

Whispered Confessions

(three days later)

Duo looked at himself in the mirror. //Hmm, not bad at all. Let’s see if I can make his mouth water// He left his room and slowly made his way down the stairs. His injuries were still healing, the main concern was the bruised ribs and the blow he took to his head. He was almost at the bottom when his head started to spin, all he remembered was going down, expecting to hit the floor. Instead he fell into someone’s arms, someone’s very familiar arms. //I could die happy here//

“Duo what were you doing coming down the stairs. If I wasn’t here you would have been hurt.” Heero had finally found his voice after the angel literally fell into his arms. //I could die a happy person//.

“Sorry Heero, but I’m so bored.” He left the warmth and looked him in the eye. Then he very slowly and seductive walked over to the sofa swaying his hips, enticing the other pilot. He hoped the outfit he was wearing would do it’s job. Tight black slacks fitting every curve of his lower body while a loose fitting sweater covered his well defined chest and upper body. He turned around and looked at Heero. “Heero, I wanna go out. Just for a little while.”

Heero tried not to openly drool at those very enticing hips. He heard Duo speak but really didn’t pay much attention. Finally he overcame his desired filled haze, and Duo’s words sunk in. “Duo it isn’t a good idea, you are not fully recovered.”

“Please, I just want to go out to a small cafe. Please for me?” He gave Heero his best pout and puppy eyes, hoping it would work on Heero just as well as it did on Quatre.

//Damn him, he must know I can’t refuse// “Fine Duo, but I don’t want you going alone..”

“Then you can come with me. Get your coat, I want to get out of this house.” Duo jumped in and didn’t give any room for Heero to argue.


Heero watched Duo glowing with happiness, finally he was back to normal. //This was a good idea. He is full of life again// He noticed that Duo had gone silent with a wistful look on his face, after bout five minutes he spoke “Heero what do you want for Christmas?”

“I don’t know Duo” //Liar, you do know//

“What about you Duo? What do you want?”

“To be loved” he whispered softly, as if he was in a trance.


“Oh! I said I already have it. Friends that care for me just as much as I do them.” //Dammit Duo, watch what you say. Don’t go and scare him off//

Heero had actually heard what he whispered, but decided it best not to let Duo know. //Let me be the one// He noticed the solemn look, “Let’s go and get some food Duo. My treat” He was rewarded with that smile that melted his heart.


Duo woke up early the next morning, he looked at the figure next to him. Ever since the first time he asked Heero to stay so he wouldn’t be alone, Heero had slept beside him guarding over him. “I love you” he whispered to the sleeping boy before he left the bed and went downstairs to work on the photo albums.

When the door closed, Heero opened one eye and peeked around the room. He was awake and heard the admission, his lips turned upward framing his face with the most brilliant smile. “He loves me...” was all he was able to say, still in shock

Final Steps

Duo was in the estate’s library putting together the photo album. //This has been the best time of my life// He looked down at the pictures of all the pilots. He closely examined each one. From the pictures of their snowball fight that one of the servants had taken, the picture of Wufei sleeping with chibi-D on the sofa, to Heero smiling while he helped Duo feed chibi-D. He started to wipe at his face, his teardrops ran down his cheeks and fell onto the table, they kept coming and coming. He wasn’t sure why he was crying, the memories were great. //I pray that this is the beginning and not the end//. “Duo!” Quickly he wiped away the tears and put away the pictures when he heard his name.

Heero finally got out of bed and quickly changed, he went downstairs in search of Duo. “Duo!” he called out after no luck in finding him. //Where is he?// “In here” He spun around and quickly walked to the library..//Why is he in there?// “Morning Duo, why are you in the library?” He had to control the urge to gasp out loud when Duo turned around, his eyes were puffy and red. //Why was he crying? //

“I was working on a project. So what are you up too this afternoon?” //Don’t ask why, just pretend my eyes are all red and puffy//

//You shouldn’t cry, after this holiday I’ll make sure the only tears you have are from happiness// “Well actually, I need to go into town and run a few errands. But I’ll be back later this evening. I just wanted to check on you.”

“I’m fine, you better go and finish whatever needs to be done. We are suppose to get a lot of snow later, be careful.” He really didn’t hear the response and only vaguely saw the nod, he watched as the figure walked out of the room with a sad and wistful expression.


“Trowa I didn’t know we had so many pictures of them.” Quatre stated as he went through the numerous photos, all of Duo and Heero.

“Yes I know Little One. There is a lot here” Suddenly Trowa and Quatre had a great idea. They looked at each other with a knowing smile and got to work.

Heero looked at the different displays, he had not found what he was looking for. This was the sixth store he had been too. //I know I’ll find the perfect one, he is worth nothing less// He went towards the final display case in the back. A brilliant sparkle caught his eye, he looked closer. //That is IT//

“Excuse me Miss..”


“Guys are you almost done? I don’t think I can stall Duo any longer, you know how curious he is” Wufei said while he peaked into Quatre’s room, when they told him what they were planning he agreed. It would mean the world to Duo.

“We’re done Wufei. I’ll go down and help you distract him while Trowa hides it.”

Trowa joined the other three boys ten minutes later, they were involved in a Christmas comedy. Quickly walking over to the couch, he plopped down next to Quatre and pulled the smaller boy into his arms. Wufei saw the wistful glance Duo shot at them. Heero returned about thirty minutes later, and they spent the night watching movies, while Heero and Duo stole glances all night. //I want to do this right, please wait Duo//


Heero moaned as Duo’s hands slowly slid under his shirt. His fingers leaving a ghost trail of contact, leaving goose bumps in their wake. That wonderful mouth was currently dominating his own, invading his mouth. All the sweet moans were swallowed by Duo. His other hand was trailing down his abs, and with torturous slowness that warm hand slowly breached his shorts, just barely running the tips of his fingers along Heero’s aching arousal.

Duo awakened to the feeling of a hand slowly working it’s way up his shirt. //What?// He moaned as he felt a very hard and hot clothe clad erection grinding into his rear. He looked over his shoulder and saw that Heero was still asleep. //Who is he dreaming about.. OH God// A sharp gasp escaped his mouth as one hand slipped beneath his boxers, barely running his fingers across his length.

The hot tongue moved from his neck down his chest, encircling and teasing his nipples. Duo licked and sucked every inch of the well toned chest, his eyes never leaving Heero’s. The fingers moved further down his pants to the neglected balls. The sweet torture was slowly driving him insane, he was reduced to whimpering and thrashing his head. He wanted more, needed more. Heero yelled when he was finally taken into Duo’s hand, with slow and wonderful strokes he brought Heero the edge...

Duo wanted to scream when Heero’s hand left his boxers, the wonderful feeling of having his hand near his extreme heat was mind blowing. He looked at Heero once again, he was still dreaming. Duo nearly drooled all over the pillow as he watch him slowly start to rub his hard erection through his spandex. Duo could see the prominent head of the penis bulging against the fabric trying to break loose, his eyes shifted to the long and hardened shaft and then to the hand, he was jealous of Heero’s hand. He wished it was his hand or mouth bringing that wonderful pleasure. He saw Heero’s eyes start to flutter and quickly turned his head and closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Heero had awaken from his wonderful dream, only to find that he was pleasuring himself right next to Duo. //Oh my God, I hope I didn’t wake him// “Duo?” he whispered. He sighed when he received nothing but quiet. Throwing the blankets off of his, he got up and went into the bathroom. Duo opened one eye after the door closed and let out a breath, he needed to calm down his body. He wasn’t sure just what happened, but Heero was dreaming..//But about who?//

Heero stood in the center of the bathroom trying to calm his body, the dream still playing in his head. Quickly walking over to the shower, he turned the knobs and started to run the water. He pulled the shirt up over his head, noticing his nipples were rock hard and aching, sliding his fingers in the waistband of his shorts he slid them down. He gasped loudly as the waist band grazed the swollen and extremely sensitive penis head. He kicked them to the side and entered the shower, knowing he wouldn’t get rid of his raging hard on by willing it to go away.

He turned the hot water knob, sending the temperature up. The hot water pummeled his body, the sensation of the water spraying his arousal nearly sent him into tears from the sheer pleasure. His hands idly started exploring his chest, working their way to the sensitive knobs, rolling them between his fingers and pinching them. His mind raced to the fantasy from his dream, one hand moved upward towards his mouth. He slowly sucked on two fingers, wishing it was Duo. His other hand slowly teased his taunt stomach, moving in slow circles descending towards his desire. His hand continued its decent, moving lower until it encounter one shapely testicle, while pretending it was Duo’s hand, he started to play with them, teasing himself. His moans and pleas were covered by the water running. In his mind, Duo was in front of him on his knees and slowly taking him into his mouth. His hand finally encircled his painfully engorged member, gripping it tightly, he made slow and powerful strokes. His other hand joined the first, both pumping his erection, while the water blasted his already hyper-sensitive skin. He could feel Duo taking all the way in, the head of his cock hitting the back of Duo’s throat. He could feel Duo’s fingers teasing his hidden entrance. His hands moved faster and faster, his hips thrusting into his hands. Images of him thrusting into that tight body flooded his mind as his thrusts became frantic, he could feel himself on the verge the tinkling sensation ripping through his cock as his seed exploded violently out of the head and into a waiting hand. After the last streams, he removed his hand from his softening member, the still hot water spraying against his penis. He brought his hand to his mouth and slowly licked away the seed, knowing in his mind it was Duo’s luscious seed.


Heero walked out of the bathroom to an empty room. //He must be downstairs// Leaving the room he walked towards the kitchen, as he passed the calendar he was pleased to note that it was Christmas Eve.


Duo looked up as Heero entered the room and quickly looked down. //Must not think of this morning. Must not get another raging hard on.// He looked up again and smiled. “Morning sleepy head.” //Damn that sounded so bad//

Heero smirked again, that morning’s events playing over in his head. “Morning to you too Duo. Sleep well?” //A little teasing won’t kill him// He walked passed Duo putting an intentional sway to his hips. After gathering his breakfast he sashayed his way back, not looking at Duo. //Damn I’ve been around him to long.//

Duo tried with all his might not to openly drool. //Damn Damn Damn// He kept his gaze fixed on those hips, picturing them driving his beloved into him. He watched as Heero moved to his chair and sat, all the while his mind slowly slipping away. “So Duo, what are you going to do today?” Duo just mumbled something, not really making much sense.

Heero watched Duo, he had to bite down on the laughter. Slowly he leaned over to the braided pilot, moving closer and closer until he could feel Duo’s breathe on his cheek and reached for the butter. While applying the butter to his toast, he asked Duo another question, which was lost on the dumbfounded pilot.

//What is he doing?// Was the only thought running in Duo’s mind. He felt Heero so close to his lips, only to be denied for butter. But he did see the gleam in those eyes. //Why that little bastard, he is teasing me. Well I’ll teach him not to get into a teasing game with me.// He looked at Heero and gave him his most seductive smile, while licking his dry lips. He nearly laughed when Heero dropped the fork onto his lap. //Oh this will be perfect.// “I’ll get it” His hand slowly and erotically moved to the other boy’s lap, sliding between the inner thighs to grab the fork, intentionally brushing against the burning arousal. Gently grasping the fork, he brought it up, all the while the prongs stimulating the already weeping member. All too soon the hand reappeared from under the table and placed the fork on the plate, Duo then leaned over and whispered in Heero’s ear. “I’ve got a few things to take care of, see you tonight.” He got up and left the room, with one look over his shoulder, that nearly made Heero cum in his shorts.

//That’ll teach him to tease me// Duo thought as he walked to his room, completely satisfied with the mornings events. //Maybe he was dreaming of me//. He entered the room and pulled out the finished photo album. //I hope they like it//. He looked out the window at the wonderful snowy scene, and sat there for quite a while.

Quatre and Wufei walked into kitchen an hour later, only to find Heero sitting completely still, almost as if in shock. “Heero..” Quatre tried to reach him, finally he got worried and started shaking him. “Heero!” Finally Heero responded. “Huh?” Slowly his mind came back from where ever it went to, he got up and left the kitchen intent on finding one certain person.


Duo just finished putting on the green bow on the gift when his door opened and Heero walked in. //I am in so much trouble now// “Hi Heero, what’s up?” He nearly choked while trying to hold back laughter as he saw what was ‘up’. He watched as the other boy walked up to him and pulled him up from the bed, meeting him eye to eye.

“Duo that wasn’t very nice. Now was it?” He said in a low voice that sent shivers up and down Duo’s spine. He only shook his head no.

“That is what I thought. Now I think we have both been dancing around this issue far too long.” The rest of what he was going to say was cut off by Duo’s passionate kiss, that drove away all thought from the Wing pilot. Heero’s hips thrusting against Duo’s on their own accord, trying to find release from the wonderful torture, his hands roaming Duo’s backside, while he felt hands in his hair. Duo wanted to scream as his mouth was invaded by that hot tongue. He was about to pull Heero onto the bed when Quatre called him from outside his door.

“Duo! Come on Relena is here and she has something to give us.”

They both growled, annoyed at the fact they were interrupted. Duo kissed him once more, and headed for the door giving Heero a firm pat on the ass and a saucy wink.

(Seven hours later)

Duo walked into his room, carrying a rather large box. Inside were various sweaters and knickknacks that Relena gave him for Christmas. “Damn she is gonna spoil me” He put the box onto his bed and went to take a shower. Heero walked into Duo’s room ten minutes later and heard the shower running, he quickly went to the door and turn the handle. //Damn, it’s locked// He sighed and walked out of the room, going to his own room to gather Duo’s gifts. //I really hope he likes It”

Forty minutes later, Duo walked out of the bathroom. The clouds of steam seeping into the room, rising the temperature to match his thoughts. He sat on his bed and slowly started the comb his long hair, thinking of the mornings events.

Heero was busy scowling at his reflection, he had spent the last fifteen minutes trying to get his hair in some order. //Damn, why am I so nervous? Probably because it is the most important night of your life.// He scowled one more time at his reflection before he turned around and took off the towel. Quickly he dressed in the best clothes he had, ironically they were given to him by Duo. With one last look at the mirror, he gathered the two small boxes, hiding one in his pocket, and left the room.


“Guys, this is for all of you.” Duo said in an unusual timid voice as he gave them the box. He watched as Heero, Wufei and Trowa gathered around Quatre. He pulled out the photo album and opened it, for five minutes the room was saturated with silence.

“Duo this is great!” Quatre was very pleased

“Thank You” Trowa and Wufei stated simultaneously “It is wonderful Duo and we can all enjoy it” Heero shocked them all with his statement.

Seeing his chance, he pulled the larger box out from behind him and gave it to Duo. “Here Duo.” He watched the paper ,he literally spent hours trying to cover the box, fly across the room. Duo opened the box and his mouth hit the floor, with a sharp gasp. Blue eyes met Violet. Duo handed him a box to open, after it was open he saw an almost identical pendant. “How?”

“I saw these two that day we went shopping. I wanted to get them both, but couldn’t afford it at the time, so I got you that one. I guess you saw this one after I had bought yours.” Duo was smiling brilliantly as he looked upon the matching pendants that spoke volumes to the two boys. //Fate perhaps?//

The other three saw that it was time for them to leave, they said their thanks and got up. Quatre leaned down and whispered in Duo’s ear. “Duo, there is one more gift for you in your room. It is from Wufei, Trowa and Me.” He then left the two alone for the remainder of the night.


Heero didn’t make any advances until he was sure the others were gone, when he was sure he slowly scooted over to sit next to Duo. He leaned over and rested his head on the other’s shoulder. “Duo?”

Duo watched as Heero came closer, he felt home with him leaning on his shoulder. “Yes Heero?” He looked down into those eyes.

“I have something else for you, and I need to say something. But it is difficult..” //Damn just tell him//. He pulled out the other box and placed it into Duo’s hand, closing it around the box. “Open it”

Duo looked at the box, with shaking hands, he slowly tore the wrapping paper off and opened the velvet box. Tears sprang from his already red tinged eyes. He looked at Heero, eyes asking the question his mouth couldn’t voice.

Heero took the box into his hands and got on one knee. “Duo will you be mine? Ai shiteru.” He allowed the tears to fall at the sight of Duo.

“Yes..of course I will” The only response Heero received before he was glomped by the braided pilot. Their mouths met for only the second time, the passion soared from their bodies to hark from the highest peak. Soon Duo found himself on the floor with Heero on top of him, exploring his chest from under his sweater. Duo found himself complete at the other’s mercy, his mouth completely ravaged by the other’s questing tongue. His nipples being toyed with by a warm hand, his hard erection brushing against it’s counterpart. Finally Duo pulled back, his lips red and chest panting. “Heero, wait.” He wanted this so bad but really wanted it to be special.

“What is wrong Duo?”

Duo fumbled for the words, but they would not come out. “I want this so bad, I want you. I love you. This year is almost over, and I want to start the new one...well..I want to wait until New Years...” He looked down, feeling rather embarrassed. He felt Heero lift his chin, so that their eyes met. “I understand, and agree with you. We will start the new year in each others arms.” He started to get up, only to be pulled back down. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I thought you wanted to wait?” Heero was really confused now.

Duo laughed out loud, “To go all the way yes, but that doesn’t mean we can not do other things.” He flipped Heero over and quickly pulled off that sweater, then he attacked the strong chest. “Duo what are you doing?” Heero was having a very hard time talking.

“Well I’m only returning the favor from this morning love, only I intend to finish” He then unbuttoned the pants and slowly pulled down the zipper. “You do remember what happened this morning?” His hand slid underneath the fabric of the jeans and fondled the cotton clad erection. “You were dreaming, of me I hope...” The rest went unfinished as he ravaged that mouth once again Hearing the pleading whimper, Duo’s hand slid under the briefs and encircled the heated arousal. “Were you dreaming of me?” Heero heard the question and grunted out something that sounding like a ‘yes’. Duo’s hand started to slowly pump the aching erection in his hand, the tempo increasing with each stroke until Heero was moaning with mind blowing passion. Duo claimed Heero’s mouth once more before he violently came in Duo’s hand, the scream of ecstasy swallowed by Duo. He pulled his hand out from Heero’s pants and brought it up to his mouth, licking each one clean, then the refastened the button and zipper. Curling up beside his love, Duo murmured one last ‘I love you’ before falling asleep in the only place he wanted to be. Heero pulled the sleeping boy closer to him and too feel asleep, his body still shaking from the explosive orgasm. //The Greatest Gift, Duo’s love//.

The Greatest Gift of All

Trowa walked into the den the next morning and saw the two pilots fast asleep in each others arms. He pulled a blanket from the closet and covered them, then he left in search of his breakfast. Quatre met him in the kitchen, they shared a good morning kiss. “Quatre did you happen to look in the den?”

“Yes I did, they are so cute. But I expect Duo to wake up when he smells the food cooking.” True to his words, Duo stumbled in not ten minutes later, a silly smile plastered on his face. “Morning Duo” They chimed together.

Duo woke to the aroma of bacon and pancakes. He looked at his surroundings, eyes landing on the peacefully sleeping boy next to him. With a soft kiss on the forehead, he followed the alluring smell. “Morning Duo” Trowa and Quatre greeted him cheerfully.

“Good Morning guys, is it almost done? I am so starved”

“Go sit down, it’ll be ready in a minute”

“So Duo, did you sleep in the den all night long?” Quatre asked with raised eyebrows, a small smirk playing on his lips. Seeing Duo blush, he giggled. “Sorry, didn’t mean to make you Too red there. Did you not open your other gift?” He was actually nervous about the photobook he and Trowa had made, //Will he like it?//

“No I haven’t Q, I have not been in my room” Duo stated with dreamy eyes as he recalled the previous night. His eyes went distant as he thought about Heero more, he was snapped out of his reverie by Quatre shaking him. “What? Sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore you” He looked in front of him and saw a gift, he presumed it was for him. In a haste, he ripped the paper off and opened the box, inside was book of some kind. Pulling the book out of the box he opened it to the first page and read the inscription. In a very elegant script was:

"To our dearest friends Duo and Heero, may the
memories within always light up
your life and lead you through the future.

Trowa and Quatre"

He started to flip through the pages, smiling at times and crying at others. He finally reached the last page, it had a Polaroid of him and Heero sleeping together in the den. He closed the book very carefully, looked up at the other two pilots and jumped out of his seat to glomp them both, rushed words of immense joy pouring out of his mouth. Trowa and Quatre hugged him back and they stayed that way for a few minutes, giving Duo time to calm down.


Duo stepped into the hot water, the heat warming his chilled body. For ten minutes he just stood under the spray, loving the feel. When the curtain opened, he jumped. Turning he saw Heero slipping into the shower with him. Leaning back against the firm body, he sighed in content.

Heero was looking for Duo, he had woke up alone in the den an hour earlier. After talking with Trowa and Quatre, he found out his koi went to his room for a shower. //I’ll just join him// He thought to himself as he entered the bathroom. After he had stripped off all of his clothes, he pulled back the curtain and slid in. Pulling Duo against his chest and sighed.

“Sleep well love?”

“Mmm, Hai Duo” He said while exploring the firm chest, he started to nibble on Duo’s ear, while he hands moved lower.

“What are you ugh up to koi?” Duo was definitely have a hard time speaking, his body reacting to Heero’s touches. He gasped out loud when his erection was taken into those powerful hands. When he felt Heero tongue in his ear, all thought flew out the window.

Heero didn’t answer the question for quite some time, too busy stimulating Duo’s gorgeous body, he felt Duo let go when he stuck his tongue in his ear. “I’m only ‘returning the favor’ koi” He whispered heatedly into the sensitive ear, his hand was busy stroking Duo while moving his mouth to cover it’s counterpart.

Duo moan in displeasure when the hands, that were driving him to ecstasy. He looked behind him and saw Heero leaving the shower, beckoning him to follow. Leaving the hot spray, he allowed his love to dry him off and followed him into the bedroom. They stopped in front of the large full length mirror, Heero went behind Duo and reclaimed his prize. “No Duo, open your eyes. Look at yourself. I want you see what you look like while I pleasure you.” Duo did as he was asked, watching not only his face, while his orgasm built, but Heero’s as well. The hand pumping him moved faster and faster until Duo came with yell, before his mouth was at the losing end of a tongue battle, and loving every minute of it.

“What about you, Heero?” Duo turned in the embrace and intently looked into those sparkling eyes. “I want to watch you and see your face as you pleasure yourself” Duo stated, just picturing the erotic scene, his erection quickly hardening once again. He fell into the chair across from the bed and watched enthralled as Heero’s hand squeezed the hard shaft.


Wufei looked up from the book he was reading to greet Duo and Heero. “What did you two do all day?” After seeing the two blush, he decided he really didn’t need to know. He went back to reading his book, perfectly content knowing those two finally got together.

Trowa and Quatre walked in the den, holding each other’s hand, about ten minutes later and wanted to melt at the scene of Heero and Duo laying together on the couch looking at the photo book. They quietly made their way to the other sofa and curled up into each other.


Over the next few days Heero and Duo were never seen without the other, it was amazing to see them both so open in their mutual affection. More than once Trowa, Quatre or Wufei would walk in a room and walk in on them in a hot make out session. Or one would be moaning the other’s name. Quatre still remembered the one time he forgot to knock before entering the bathroom, he still had to fight the noise bleed.


Quatre had just woke up from a long nap, the activities before his nap sapped his strength and he fell asleep in his lover’s arms. He stumbled into the large bathroom, forgetting the lock was broken. What he saw made froze him in place Duo was busy trying to swallow Heero’s tongue with they each were stroking each other’s hard members, he felt the blood squirt from his nose and ran to find some tissue.


Duo looked at the calendar for the tenth time that day. It was New Year’s Eve, he didn’t know how much longer he could wait. //Damn I want him so bad//. The last few days had been torture for them both, although they would bring each other to climax by their hands, it was not the same and Duo wanted more. //Tonight he’ll make me his//

Heero looked over at Duo. //He is staring at the calendar again. He is just as excited as I am, but is he as nervous?// Banishing that thought away, he continued to type on the laptop, hoping to finish soon so he could just hold his love.

The hours passed by way too slowly for Heero and Duo. The small party at the house was nice, but time seemed to be mocking them. Finally it was five minutes till midnight, Duo was bouncing from one foot to the other, watching the second hand slowly tic towards his goal. Finally the clock chimed midnight, Duo screamed ‘Happy New Year’ right before he was swept off his feet by Heero and was carried upstairs.

Heero carried Duo over to the bed and placed him down gently. The then started to take off his clothes, watching as Duo’s went flying across the room. He walked over to the nightstand and pulled out a large tube of lube with a note on it:

“We thought you could use this.”

Smirking, Heero pulled out another jar and made his way over to the naked beauty on the bed. In long strides he was one the bed, attacking the bare chest. He opened the jar and slowly start to rub it’s contents all over Duo’s body. Pausing to admire his work for a moment, “You look good enough to eat” Was the only warning Duo got before his nipples and abs were attacked. He thrusted up against the warm body above him, wanting more and wanting it right then. Heero seemed to understand to an extent, he lowered his attentions, slowly licking his way down. When he reached the soft flesh near Duo’s hip he bit down, marking Duo. Kissing and licking the wound, he moved down to the beckoning arousal. While staring deep into those violet eyes, he swallowed the enlarged organ. His tongue teasing the underside and tip, sending Duo in the downward spiral. Heero saw Duo’s legs spread of their own accord, quickly coating his fingers he slipped one in slowly probing the tight channel while he licked and sucked on the arousal in his mouth. Soon a second finger was added, Duo was thrashing on the bed. Blinding white pleasure shot through his body as those fingers hit something within him, his erection exploded sending stream after hot stream of his seed into Heero’s waiting mouth. He whimper as the wondrous fingers left him, his eyes met Heero’s pleading him to finish. Quickly coating his member, Heero positioned himself. He pulled Duo up off the bed to sit on his lap as he slowly entered his love. The tightness and heat was almost too much for his control, but he slowly pushed in, not wanting to hurt Duo, until he was fully seated in the fey beauty. His thrust were slowly and deep, hitting Duo’s special spot each time. He wanted his love to enjoy every moment of their union. Duo’s hand clasped around one of Heero’s, their kissing was deep and full of passion. The bed started to protest the speeding thrusts, the room filled with sensuous moans and cries of passion. Feeling he was close, Heero’s free hand encircled Duo’s reawakened length and pumped furiously. Duo came for the second time that night, screaming Heero’s name at the top of his lunges. Heero pumped faster and faster feeling himself at the breaking point. The felt his seed explode from his throbbing penis, his cry matched Duo’s in volume. His essence fill Duo as the aftershocks of the orgasm rocked his body, he collapsed on Duo panting heavily.

Finally gathering enough strength, he slowly and carefully pulled out and pulled Duo into his arms, eyes meeting eyes. “I love you so much Duo” He unclasped the chain around Duo’s next and pulled off the ring, then the slipped it onto the long slender finger.

Duo stared at the ring on his finger, tears of immense joy falling. He kissed Heero deeply and passionately. Snuggling deeper into the warmth he called home. “Thank you Heero, thank you for loving me.”

“No, thank you Duo. You have given me the greatest gift of all, your love.” He kissed Duo one more time before pulling the covers over their naked bodies. The two soul mates fell asleep, knowing their future was bright with eachother.


The morning sun filled the room, shining down on the two figures laying together on the bed. Sounds of birds chirping outside overcame the darkness, their soft song slowly brought Duo out of his peaceful slumber. Slowly he opened his eyes, then looked up at the slumbering form next to him. He smiled and snuggled closer to his koi. //I know! I’ll surprise him// Duo quietly left Heero’s arms and threw some clothes on. He turned back to the vision before heading downstairs to the kitchen.

Heero’s hand was searching for Duo, when it found nothing he woke from his sleep. His dazed eyes looked around the room, looking for his absent lover. “Where’d he go?”

“Right here lover” Duo announced as he walked back into the room, carrying a tray of food. “I thought I would feed you breakfast in bed.” He stopped at the small box in the corner of the room and placed a small plate inside. “We can not let chibi-duo starve now can we?” He placed the tray of food on Heero’s lap and sat beside him.

After the initial shock wore off, Heero leaned over and kissed his koi. “Thank you Duo, I’ve never had breakfast in bed.” He was really touched by the act of tenderness.

“You are most welcome, now do you need help with the fork?” Duo asked with a smirk in his voice. The look from Heero nearly made him roll off the bed from suppressed laughter. “Eat up Hee-chan, then we can face this new day together”


Quatre was having a cup of tea in the kitchen when a very happy looking Duo bounced in. “Morning Q-man!” He watched as the braided pilot danced in front of the refrigerator while humming some tune.

“Have a good night Duo?” Quatre laughed at Duo’s blush.

“Actually I did.” After pulling out some food he joined Quatre at the table. “I want to thank you again for what you and Trowa did. It means so much to me, but how did you two know?” Duo was playing with his braid, hoping he wasn’t making a fool of himself.

“Duo, look at me. Trowa and I saw how you and Heero were dancing around each other. It pained me to see you yearning for something that you thought you could never have. I am only glad you two finally got together, as for the album, well we knew you were putting one together and we decided you needed one of the rare moments between you and Heero.” He found himself in a bearhug with Duo.

“Thank you!”

Heero smiled at the sight, he had heard everything said. //I must remember to thank those two//. He walked in and sat next to Duo, he was pleased when Duo scooted over as far as the chair would go.


“Duo?” Heero looked intently at the boy laying next to him on the sofa.

“Yes koi?”

Heero paused for a moment, not sure how to go about asking Duo. //Well might as well just come out and say it//.

Duo turned and looked at Heero when he didn’t get an answer, “Heero, what’s wrong?”

Heero looked into those deep violet eyes, his fingers running over the smooth ring on Duo’s finger. “I want to marry you, I do not want to wait. I want the world to know you are mine and I am yours”

“I don’t want to wait either. We will get married as soon as possible, even if we elope.” Duo hugged Heero, thrilled beyond words at his love.

“You two will do no such thing.” The turned and saw Trowa and Quatre standing in the doorway, who had his hands on his hips. “You two will have a wedding, and I will not take no for an answer” They agreed, who were they to argue with Quatre Winner when he had his mind set on something?


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