Disclaimers: GW is not mine, just borrowing the characters for a little bit. I don't own nor claim to own anything within except for the fic itself. Poetry unless sated otherwise belongs to me. As in Rising Star, I will be taking some liberties with technology. This is the third fic in a series 'arc'. Jester Unmasked and Rising Star are the other two stories.

Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi, mild language, a bit of sap, not too much else in this part

Parings: 1+2, 3+4


Heero paced back and forth awaiting any word from Professor G on Duo's condition. They took him into the operating room about one and a half hours ago, his patience had run out about one hour ago. //Is everything going okay? Any problems??// Unknown to him, Wufei was very annoyed with his pacing.

"Yuy, sit down and stop fretting like a child. Everything is fine" Glaring at the Chinese pilot for a good while, he finally consented and took a seat eyes never leaving the door. Hands on his lap, fingers interlaced, he sat there not moving. Quatre looked over and sighed.

"Heero, everything is okay. Don't be so worried, nothing is going to happen." Seeing the stoic pilot not responding, he turned back to Trowa and their `discussion'. They were interrupted by the swish of the doors, turning just in time to see Heero literally fly from his chair to question, or rather interrogate, the Professor. Smiling a known smile, he told them all everything went as expected and Duo was back to his old self. Moving out of the way as Heero ran into the room to find his koi. Shaking his head in amusement, G went to talk with the others.


Duo laid there absorbed in this thoughts. //Returned to normal.// Although he wanted it, he still felt a pang about leaving that wonderful dream life behind. //Perhaps after this war I can go back. For the second time in my life, I felt like I belonged.// Hearing the door open, he looked over and saw the reason he lived. "Heero"

Heero looked upon the vision before him, his koi returned to him. //Thank whatever higher power I have him// He walked up to the figure lying the bed, sitting on the edge he caressed that face. "Duo, I have something I want to read to you" . Pulling out a piece of paper from his jeans, he unfolded it and began to read to his love.


The bottle sits
once void and forgotten
Now contains the burring flame
The flame of life and rebirth

The desolate terrain begins anew
The ground shakes no more
as the blackness begins to green
and the ominous clouds recede.

The crow returns
to it's pure form
The Dove
flying high in the brightening sky

The dark reality fades
Silence is overcome
Color returns and restores
as the flame grows

The Soul grows
outshining the brightest star
Nature within changes
Bleak winter no more

The bottle glows
blinding in intensity
The seed of life
grows, reclaiming the hold

A glorious rebirth
but started by another
My soul shines
thanks to you.

For words can not
express the immense feelings
To one so kind
worthy of everything

One that has lived
in pain,
until this day
One that has saved me from darkness

One that deserves
much more than
he knows, as
he has given greatly

The one,
who has rekindled
the fire within

Allow me to
plant a seed, as you have done
and remove the eclipsing pain
so that the fire may burn once again

Desolation no more
from the deepest parts
of my burning soul
I thank you for
my soul has been healed"

"I love you Duo"

With a radiant smile, Duo kissed him tenderly and pulled him to lie next to him. Curled together, they spoke endearments of love to each other slowly falling into a peaceful sleep. The others peeked in and smiled at the sight. //They are so right for each other// was the collective thought. Shutting the door softly, the small group went to discuss the problems with repairing the Gundams.


Lady Une stood in a secret hanger, a smug smile marking her face. Looking upon the new suits that will destroy the gundams. //Ah yes, just a little more time. You think you've won, but far from it.// Lights flickered within the hanger, throwing obscure shadows on her face.

Doctor J sat staring at the information he just received. He was seething with anger. //He is in the way of My solider// Throwing the papers into the fire, he stormed off to make plans.


The five pilots walked into the safehouse, it had been too long since they were together at their ‘home’. Pulling Duo up into his arms, Heero went upstairs to their room, ignoring the catcalls and whistles from below. Awkwardly opening the door, he entered and went over to the bed. Placing his love in the center, he called beside him, pulling him back into the embrace. “Welcome home koi”.

“Home, I like the sound of that” Yawning, Duo laid his head on the welcoming chest and slowly fell into a deep and peaceful sleep. Heero just watched the sleeping beauty beside him, content with things for once.


Dr. J listened to his subordinate’s report intently, “So the pilots will be attending Relena’s little party tonight. Get everything ready, I want no failures” The aid nodded curtly and walked out of the room to prepare. //Soon that brat will no longer be a burden//. Unknown to J, in another room two figures sat in silence listening to his plans. Fists clenched, the two got up as one to make their own plans.

Trieze was laying on the grand silken bed, looking at the person still asleep beside him. //Hmm Zechs, did I wear you out?// the thought with a smirk. Trieze was rather smug these days, the special suits were almost done, the gundams still hadn’t learned of their existence. //They won’t know until it’s too late// The body beside him began to stir, he was greeted with a sleepy, yet seductive smile.


“But Heero, I want to stay home tonight. I don’t wanna go out.” Duo was whining, they had been invited to one of Relena’s parties. Duo, although he liked her, wanted to stay home and spend time with his koi. //I have sooo much catching up to do//.

“Duo, we are going.” Heero stated in his monotone.

Throwing his hands up in the air in frustration, he agreed. “Fine Heero we’ll go” //Just you wait till I get my hand on you....// a sinister grin appeared on his face. //yes just you wait till I get them on you// With the evil glint, he took off to the bathroom to start the long task of getting ready. Meanwhile, Heero was on the laptop checking for messages. //He agreed a bit too quickly// Shaking his head, he decided he was being paranoid.

The party was a huge hit, the ballroom was filled with delegates from all the colonies. Relena moved through the crowd greeting various faces. Trowa and Quatre were dancing with each other, Wufei had vanished somewhere. Duo was trying to pry Heero off of the seat and dance with him. “Come on Heero, I wanna dance”


Putting on his best puppy face, Duo tried again. “Pleeease Heero”

“Duo, you know I don’t like dancing...” The rest of the sentence was cut off by Duo turning around and storming off. //Che...just one dance. That’s all I wanted.// A young woman walked up to Duo, as if reading his mind she asked for a dance. //Why not?// He accepted and the two went to the dance floor. The two moved as one, gracefully moving along the floor like seasoned dancers. All eyes ventured their way, watching the ‘perfect’ couple. //Deja Vu// Duo thought for a moment. The song ended all too suddenly, his dance partner bowed respectfully and vanished into the crowd. Duo tried to stop her and ask a name, but she had already disappeared.

Heero sat alone watching Duo, his Duo, dance with that female. //Damn. He only wanted to dance, why didn’t I just go out there.// Trowa and Quatre paused and watched Duo and the mysterious woman. No one saw the black clad figure slowly assemble a sniper rifle. The figure waited until the target took a seat.

Walking back to the table, Duo was deep in thought, he was confused by the odd feeling. Looking up he was treated with Heero’s eyes. //Hmm. Kill two birds with one stone.// Letting a wicked smile play across his lips, Duo sat down next to Heero. “Hi Hee-chan, did you feel all alone.” Heero gasped as a hand moved up his thigh and started to squeeze his length. Duo smirked at the little gasp, //Did you think I forgot about this afternoon.// Slowly and very teasingly he started rubbing the growing erection, looking around to make sure no one was paying attention, he slipped his other and under the table and unzipped the pants. “Du..DUo..what are...” The rest of his statement ended in a light moan as one hand slid past the pants and began to caress the heated flesh.

The gunman watched as his target took a seat at the table, lifting the weapon onto his shoulder, he took aim. Right through the head, smiling smugly, his finger slowly started to depress the trigger. A cough from behind him startled him, turning his head to see what or who it was, the assassin saw a tall figure of a young man, who was aiming a gun at his head. “I will not allow you to hurt him” the stranger said while firing the gun. Another figure appeared from the shadows, catching the fallen body and gun before they hit the ground. The two looked down to the intended victim. Shaking their heads at the scene, they dragged the body out into the night.

Heero’s mind was in complete lock down, he couldn’t think or react. He could only feel the imminent orgasm those talented hands were bringing him to. Trying his best not to draw attention to himself, he felt himself nearing the ledge, about to fall into a glorious climax, only to have the hands disappear. Whipping his head to glare at his koi, “What the hell?? Finish it Duo” He was frustrated beyond belief, on the verge to climax only to be denied.

Duo mentally grinned, he knew Heero was close. Almost laughing from his low, but forceful request, he only smiled sweetly at his koi. “I will koi, maybe later. Not now though, this is your punishment for making me come here and not dancing with me.” With that said, he offered Heero one last smug smile, got up and vanished in the crowd. Heero sat there, still painfully hard in shock. //Why that little tease...//


J was furious, his best assassin laid dead in front of his hideout’s door. “Damn it!!” Kicking the useless corpse out of the way, he went into the base. Going through some files, his smirk came back. //This time he won’t escape//. Typing up an email, he sent it to the pilots and awaited the results. //Survival percentage almost none, escape this one 02.//


Four figures were in the room, voices low to keep anyone from hearing. They were discussing what to do about the arising problem with Dr. J.

“He is a damn bastard and should die” One of the females was declaring, the male beside her nodded his agreement.

“Yes he should die, but he is still important to this operation. We cannot take him out unless it is absolutely necessary” Professor G was trying to talk some sense into the young adults, but apparently was failing.

“Lumin, Orion please calm down. I know this is hard on you, as it is equally on me. But we must remain in the shadows for now. We know now that J plans on getting rid of Duo, it is our job to prevent it.” Setsuna directed at the brother and sister across from her. //I know how hard this is, we are in the same boat.// Finally the two siblings conceded with the wishes of their commander. Orion was opening his mouth to speak when they got an urgent message.

“SHIT!” the collective response. Running out the door, they went to prevent another attempt on the life of pilot 02.

Professor G and Setsuna watched as they left, praying they were in time.


Meanwhile, back at Relena’s party Heero sat in the same spot thinking of all the wonderful things he could do to Duo. //This is war koi// Leaving his spot, Heero went in search of his mischievous koi. He saw his lost love talking with Relena and Quatre, with a predatory gleam, he stalked upon his unknowing prey. Grabbing his arm, he pulled Duo with him out the door tossing a goodbye over his shoulder to the others. Duo eeped when he was tugged away from the small crowd he was talking with. Turning his head he saw Heero and a certain evil gleam in his eyes. //Oh Shit, pay back time. I’m gonna enjoy this// Looking back he saw the smirks from the rest of the gang.

The ride back to the safehouse was ominously quiet, Heero trying to strike some semblance of fear into Duo, while he was anxiously awaiting his ‘punishment’. The sexual tension radiated from both of them, wanting nothing more than to rip off each other’s clothes and make hot steamy love in the middle of the highway.


Trieze, Une, and Zechs stood in the command center of another secret Oz base. They were going over the final details of their latest trap, one that would get rid of the gundams. “This time your Excellency we will not fail” Une’s eyes were gleaming with sadistic glee, her new plan was flawless, or so she thought.


Heero all but dragged Duo to their bedroom, upon entering the room he tossed the braided one onto the bed and pounced. Swallowing Duo’s eep with his kiss, he proceeded to strip off all of the boys clothes. Duo was moaning all throughout the splendid treatment, gasping as his neck was attacked by that skilled mouth and tongue.

Heero’s smirk was almost splitting his face, he slowly moved downward. Nipping and lapping at the abs, teasing the belly button with his tongue. Ignoring the soft pants from Duo, he moved down intending on swallowing the weeping length.


“Fucking Shit!!!” screamed a very pissed off Duo, “What the hell is it??” A very embarrassed and small voice called back. “Gomen Duo, but you have a mission and are to leave immediately, this is classified as highest priority.” Quatre back away from the door, hearing the enraged curses from both the rooms occupants, he heard shuffling and then the door exploded from it’s hinges as Shinigami stormed down the hall towards the hanger. All the way down he swore the painful deaths of the assholes that ruined his fun.

After Duo had left, Heero went to the laptop and checked the message, curious as to why he was the only one assigned to it. Even though the other four gundams were not one hundred percent, they were still fight worthy. Reading the text his face fell, opening some other windows he sorted through some more information. //Shit, this is a trap//. Running out the door, he fully intended on backing up Duo.


Omega stood against the tsunami of mobile suits, beam scythe flaring to life, he sped into the eye of the storm. //Shit, this was a trap. The doctors should have check out the data better. Dammit// Even though Omega was an advanced suit, it could only do so much against a platoon of mobile suits while the base, which was not suppose to have any defense capabilities, was busy pummeling his suit with missiles. Activating the more advanced weapon systems, Omega destroyed clusters of Aries with destructive beams while avoiding the base’s defensive measures. Slowly the enemy’s numbers were dropping to nil, when Heero’s voice came over the intercom.

“Duo, are you ok?” Seeing the all the suits were destroyed, Omega turned to face the incoming suit. “Yeah, I’m fine. It was a clever trap, but not clever enough.” Both pilots were absorbed with talking and looking at each other that neither noticed two Leo’s approaching Omega’s unguarded back.

Heero finally noticed the approaching danger and suddenly called out to his koi, just then two rays of light pierced the black veiled sky, reigning holy judgment upon the two suits. Spinning around, Duo saw the two suits slowly, cruelly deteriorate by the two blast until nothing but ashes remained. Checking his instruments for an indication of what or who helped him, Omega found nothing. //What the hell? It’s as if the sky rained down it’s fury to protect me// The thought struck him hard. //Are they watching out for me// Heero concerned voice brought him out of his inner thoughts. “Hmm..yeah I’m fine, just a bit flabbergasted.” //Damn a good night wasted on this, hmm it doesn’t have to be ruined// With that truly impish smirk, “Heero, race you back to the safehouse”, then he took to the air and gunned down the thrusters. //Oh you won’t get far koi// Heero was right on his heels.

Wing landed in the hanger first, quickly powering down and opening the hatch, Heero raced over to Omega just as it landed. Climbing up to the hatch door, he opened it with the emergency switch. //Well this is an emergency// was his thinking. The hatched seemed to be teasing with Heero, slowly and seductively opening only offering the slightest glimpse of the pearl inside. His heart rate racing, Heero ducked under, unable to wait for it to fully open and claimed the mouth of his koi in a long steaming kiss.

Duo was just as excited, willing that damn hatch to hurry the hell up so he could glomp onto Heero and continue where they left off. He was not expecting a certain body to jump into his lap and claim his mouth, but it was a most welcomed surprise. Heero sucking Duo’s tongue into his mouth while squirming on his lap. Duo’s moans started off soft, but grew as his shirt was nearly ripped off while another hand was busy with his pants. All coherent thought went out the proverbial window, matching Heero’s intensity, he pulled away only to pull off the tanktop. Duo looked at Heero’s lust filled eyes, gaze shifting lower seeing the erect nipples, heavy breathing and the light sheen of sweat.

Heero locked eyes with Duo, also examining every inch of that wonderful body. He finally got the pants open, grabbing at the waistline he started pulling the offending garments off with the help of Duo’s raised hips. Finally his eyes were able to feast upon Duo utterly naked and painfully aroused in the seat of his gundam. //Damn this is so bad// Was the impish thought. Nearly ripping off his own constrictive spandex shorts, he once again claimed Duo’s lips, hands roaming all over the broad chest. Teasing each nipple, then lowering his attention to the aching need. In one quick motion, he swallowed Duo, loving the loud moan. Heero’s only thought was the steaming arousal in his mouth, licking up and down it’s length, flicking his tongue against the slit, almost as if it was made specifically for his mouth. Feeling Duo’s body going tense and pour into his mouth, he greedily slurped it all down, rising from his knees he switched places with Duo.

Duo’s knees almost gave out on him as he was pulled out of the small chair, he saw Heero sitting there legs apart slowly and erotically fondling himself. Reaching under one of the control panels, Duo pulled out a tube of lube. Quickly opening it, he squeezed a big glob onto his hands and coated Heero’s near exploding erection. Unable to wait, Duo straddled Heero, bringing the glorious length to his puckered entrance. Slowly he lowered himself, being impaled by Heero was always to best feeling. Once the hard length had fully penetrated Duo, he started to ride Heero. Soon Heero was thrusting up to meet Duo’s rigorous pace, their moans and screams of ecstasy filled the hanger. The pleasure raced through the veins, moans growing in intensity. With a loud cry of triumph, Heero released himself into Duo’s hot channel, feeling Duo’s seed splash against his abs. Both boys were panting, unmoving trying to regain some energy. Finally looking up, Duo kissed Heero passionately, and suggested they get cleaned up and head back to their room.


Professor G listened to the sibling’s report. They had succeeded in protecting Duo and still were able to remain undetected. “So they didn’t see your Gundams?”

“No Sir, we were covered by the clouds. From the looks of it, they were confused as to the point of original of the beams” Lumin stated.

“They?” Setsuna was a little taken aback by this

“Yes, pilot 01 showed up in Wing.”

//Is he getting suspicious of J??// she thought

The meeting was brief, afterwards Lumin and Orion decided to go into town.


After a long bubble bath, with Heero, Duo was feeling extremely happy. He had talked Heero into going out to town for a nice late evening. “Ready to go Hee-chan?” Heero nodded with a smile.

Lumin and Orion were walking down the side walk, when they bumped into another couple. Getting up from the ground and about to apologize, Orion froze in his tracks. Lumin was likewise dumbfounded, they had bumped into Duo and Heero. Quickly overcoming the initial shock, they apologized profusely hoping to get away quickly. //He’s gotten so big// Lumin thought while getting a closer look at Duo. Heero helped Duo up from the ground, intending to glare at the other two for making his koi fall. He stopped when he saw that strange look on Duo’s face.

//Why do I get the feeling I know them??// “It’s ok, nothing to worry about. Hi my name is Duo, nice to meet ya.” he extended his hand to the others.

“Hello, I’m Lumin and this is my brother Orion.” She took the offered hand. Duo eyed her for a long moment then gasped. “Hey you were the one that asked me to dance at Relina’s party”.

“Yes I was, and I must admit you dance very well”

“Thanks, hey if you two aren’t busy would you like to join Heero and I for a late night dinner?”

Knowing they shouldn’t go, that they should stay away from these two, but they agreed whole heartedly. //It’ll be nice to spend time with him and his lover. We can make sure he is taking care of Duo for us.//

“Sugoi! Let’s go then” He grabbed Heero’s hand and started walking down the sidewalk. At first Heero was not too sure about the siblings coming along, but seeing the joy in his eyes he decided it was a good thing. //Anything to keep him happy//


Three days had past, and Duo seemed to be in higher spirits. His outgoing personality came back, he would pull those long missed pranks on Wufei, who couldn’t be mad because he had missed them. Everything seemed back to normal at the safehouse, and each pilot couldn’t be any more happy.


Setsuna intently listened to the siblings story about dinner three nights ago for the millionth time, but she couldn’t help but smile. They looked really happy, a first in a really long time. The door opened and G walked into the small room, gesturing for Setsuna to join him for a cup of coffee. “So my dear, they talking your ear off again?”

“Yes they are, I haven’t seen them this excited in a long time.” She looked fondly at her ‘adopted’ family. Getting up she excused herself and decided to go into town for a little bit, maybe even stop by and visit with Duo for a little while.

Duo was currently at the mall looking for something special to give to his koi, looking through all the displays and such, nothing really caught his eye. //What does one get the perfect love?// He turned from the latest display case, looking up he saw Setsuna.

“Hey Seta, Over here!” he hollered across the way.

Setsuna heard Duo calling, with a big smile she walked his way. “Hey Duo, how have you been?” She pulled him into a big bear hug. “What are you doing at the mall?”

“I’m great, I am just here looking for something for Hee-chan. You?”

//It’s amazing how he lights up by the sound of his name.// “I just came to get away from the lab. Hey how about we grab a bite to eat and if you want I’ll help you find something for him.”

“That sounds great. I have a lot of questions, also I want to tell you about these two new friends I made.” Offering his arm , in a most gentlemanly gesture, the two friends took off.


They were walking towards Setsuna’s car, when three men came out of no where. They shoved the ‘weak’ woman away, and surrounded Duo. “Pretty Boy, come with us now.” Duo had already gotten into a defensive stance, sneering at the idiots he shook his head no. “Fuck off”

Setsuna was brushing the gravel and dirt from her favorite skirt, she heard what they wanted. //Over my dead and still bleeding corpse.// Tapping the idiot, that shoved her, on the shoulder. Once he turned his head, all he saw was her fist. and the sky above him as hell tumbled to the ground. “Never, and I mean never mess with me or my friends.” Nodding to Duo, they attacked the other two buffoons with a flurry of punches and kicks. Their two fighting styles were so different, yet blended together perfectly. Finally the three ‘attackers’ laid on the ground bleeding and moaning from various broken bones.

“Let’s go Duo” Quickly they left the scene, with one parting kick in the ribs from Setsuna. //No one hurts him and gets away with it.//


J threw the cup of coffee across the room. Another attempt had failed. //Damn him. What is it with that damn brat and escaping from death.// He stormed to his computer, a new plan already coming to mind. //Fine, if I can’t kill him off. I’ll just drop some information onto Oz’s laps and let them do the work// Sinister laughter filled the room, slowly growing in volume. “Escape this one 02”

Une’s eyes nearly busted from their sockets, she was reading wonderful information concerning that damn new gundam. Her fingers speeding over the keys, copied and printed the information, knowing it will come in handy at a future point. //This time I’ll be careful on these plans, I won’t rush the job. When the time comes Gundam, you’re mine.//


{ He felt warm within a loving embrace. Opening his infant eyes, he looked up into a dark pair of eyes filled with warmth. Looking from the arms he was in, he saw a child about five years of age looking at him with the same dark eyes and long dark hair.} Heero woke from his unexpected afternoon nap, the dream in the back of his mind nagging his thoughts. //Where did that come from?// Looking around the room, he noticed Duo was gone. “Where’d he go?” Getting upfrom bed, he went down stairs.

The front door opened, Duo and Setsuna walked into the house just as Heero was reaching the bottom of the stairs. “Hiya Hee-chan” Duo ran up to his koi and kissed his cheek. Heero hugged Duo and asked him where he was. “Just out shopping.”

“For what?”

“It’s a surprise Hee-chan. Let’s go into the den and talk.”

Finally getting a good look at his koi, Heero finally noticed the dried blood on his pants and the traces of dirt. “What Happened?” He was beginning to get very angry.

“Some thugs decided to mess with us. We handled it, but there are some things we need to discuss.” Setsuna replied with just a twinge of venom in her voice. //The bastards// Heero looked at her while she spoke, feeling a little uneasy while gazing into her beautiful eyes. For some strange reason, they gave him a very unfamiliar feeling. The trio went into the den and discussed what transpired that afternoon. //What is this feeling?// Heero kept asking himself.

(later that evening)

“So Duo, what did you get?” Heero was just a little curious.

“Just a present koi” Duo responded playfully.

“A present for whom Duo?” Heero knew by Duo’s look that it was for him, but he wanted to play along.

“For you” Duo handed Heero the small box. He watched him open the box and smiled at his response. Inside the opened box, was a silver ring with amethyst and deep blue jewels interwoven within the metal. The design was simple, but the special engraving made it all that more special ‘Ai shiteru, zutto’. Heero looked up into Duo’s eyes unable to come up with any words. “Think of it as a promise between us. A promise that we’ll survive this war and will be together after forever.”

Heero couldn’t believe it, looking down at the ring he took it out of the box and slipped it on his finger. Then he threw himself on Duo, hugging the life out of him. “Forever, koi”


“So you mean to tell us, J has betrayed us and we can’t kill him?” Lumin was fuming

“We are not one hundred percent sure that he has leaked information concerning Duo to Oz, but there is evidence to suggest it. Guys this just got more complicated. Duo and Heero were just sent orders to infiltrate a school. I want you two there three days ago. I’ve already changed records and everything you’ll need to get by. Watch over them both, even though Duo is in the most danger, so is Heero.” G was torn between killing J slowly and painfully and waiting until they had enough against him. //By the gods, if he harms either of those boys..// His thoughts were cut off by Setsuna’s appearance.

“Lumin, Orion get packed and get to that school. Duo and Heero should be there in a couple of days, watch over them both. G and I have a few more upgrades to your modified suits to upload. They will be hidden the coordinates will be in your laptops.”

“I swear if J hurts Duo, he will beg me to kill him” Orion was seething.

“Nobody messes with our little brother. Setsuna we will keep an eye on Heero for you, we will not let that bastard harm him in any way.” The two siblings left the room quickly, leaving the complex less than thirty minutes later. Setsuna watched them leave from the window, “Watch over my baby brother and yours.”


“Duo how long have you know Setsuna?” Heero and his koi were lying in their bed.

“I’ve know her for about two or so years. She came to help Professor G before we started this operation. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know, she just reminds me of someone” Heero was still confused, he didn’t know what it was about that young woman. //Why do I feel like it is important//

“Of who koi?”

“I don’t know, I just get a funny feeling when I’m around her. Don’t worry about it, I’m sure it is nothing major.” They soon feel asleep in each others arms, dreams of their future together filled their dreams.

The next morning the two lovers woke to the sound of an incoming message. Groaning, Duo just put a pillow over his head and went back to sleep. Smiling at his koi, Heero got up and opened the message, he read it twice then deleted it. He went back to bed with his koi and pulled him into his arms and feel back asleep. //The mission can wait a few more hours//


Duo sighed for the thousandth time that morning, he hated the school uniform with a passion. //Gah, why can’t they let use where our own clothes??// He tugged at the tie again, trying in vain to find some comfort. After a look from Heero he stopped. //This is going to be a long mission. Mmm...I’m not the only one that is going to suffer.// He grinned that sexy grin at Heero.

Heero saw the grin, and knew his life was about to become hell. The last time he saw that grin was at Relena’s party. //Damn// He thought, but strangely wasn’t upset about the fact at all. He grinned back.

The two ignored the teacher as she went on and on about some pointless freedom of speech lecture from old earth. No, they were too involved with teasing each other, simple gestures as licking their dry lips to one hand oh so slowly and sensually moving down a well muscled chest, lingering at the abs only to dip from view under the desk.

“Adam-kun, I’d like to see you after class”

//Shit, Busted// “Yes, D-sama” //I hope she isn’t too mad at me.// He looked over to his lover and saw him trying to hold in his laughter. //I’ll get you later// He turned back to the front and waited for class to be over, dreading what the teacher had to say to him.


“Adam would it really kill you to actually pay attention in my class? Just keep you eyes off the eye candy while in my class and pay attention. Ok Hon?” She laughed out loud at the scene of Duo blushing bright red. “And I want you to write a poem of your choice and present it in front of the class. Now go and don’t keep him waiting.” She watched as he left the classroom. “Such a cute one” She sighed and went back to grading papers.


Duo ran to make it to his next class before he was late. His cheeks still red from her words. //Damn, leave it up to her to get me all red// He just entered the room when the bell rang, quietly sitting in his seat he listened to the teacher introduce himself telling Duo to call him “E-sama”. //This class is going to be interesting// Duo thought as the teacher went into an animated discussion. The class was interrupted by the door opening and another student walking. Duo recognized him. //Hey that’s that guy, Orion//

“Orion-kun, you are late. Don’t let it happen again, now take a seat” He simply said he was sorry and sat in the only seat left, right next to Duo. “Hi, remember me?” He asked.

//Oh shit, this could get complicated// “Yes I do Orion, good to see you again.”

“Adam-kun!! Please remain quiet” The teacher mumbled something about ‘talkative chibis’ under his breathe as he once again tried to continue his lecture, eyeing those to the entire time.


After class, Orion walked with Duo to the lunchroom. “I thought you said you name was Duo?”

“Ano, that is more like nick name I have. My name is Adam. I didn’t know you came to this school, how have you and Lumin been?” Duo quickly changed the subject, he really didn’t want to risk the mission.

//You don’t know how right you are Adam, that is your real name// “Oh we are fine, she should be here any minute. Do you want to have lunch with us?” Looking around he didn’t see Heero anywhere, “Sure that will be great.” The two went into the food line waited until it was there turn.

They sat at a table and began to eat their meal, talking about various things. Lumin showed up about five minutes later. “Say it’s good to see you again Duo.” She beamed and sat on the other side of him. “Sis, Duo is only a nickname. His name is Adam” Orion could see the emotion in her dark blue eyes, and knew she was thinking what he had only minutes before. “I see, it is great to see you” She put her arm around him and gave him a hug, and that is how Heero found the trio.


Heero was looking in the halls for his koi, but couldn't find him. file://Where is he? He should have come back to the room. Maybe he is in the lunch room// He walked down the corridors and hallways until he came up to the double doors. Walking in he scanned the room, seeing the braid he walked over and promptly stopped. There sat his koi, between Orion and Lumin, who had her arm around HIS koi, never mind the fact that he didn't know they attended this school. A wave of jealousy overcame him as he watched Duo return the hug, and the pat on the back he received from the other boy. "Adam.." He said behind his clenched teeth. He was somewhat happy to see the other boy jump about two feet into the air.

"Dammint Heero, don't scare me like that" Duo was trying to calm down his racing heart. He motioned for Heero to take a seat, he didn't missed the look he gave the two on either side of him. file://Ah he is jealous// Heero sat across from Duo and stared, but Duo knew better, he was pouting. file://So kawaii when he pouts//.

Lumin and Orion watched the two lovers with great interest, with a wink to her brother she excused herself saying they needed to go and do a project for class. "Did you see Rion? That was too funny, I think Heero is jealous." "Yeah I think he is, come on Lum we got to report back to E"


"So Duo, I'd say you were looking comfortable with those two" Heero tried to keep his tone normal, but Dammit he was miffed. //I know I'm out of line, but Dammit he is MY koi// The only response he got from Duo was said boy getting up and walking towards the door. Panic began to claw at his veins, thinking he was in big trouble, but the wink Duo sent over his shoulder told him otherwise. He waited a while two minutes before racing out of the lunch room and to their dorm room.

Heero opened the door and walked into the room, searching for his lover. In two seconds flat he found his arms full with the braided boy invading his mouth. He groaned as those hands started ripping off his clothes, soon he stood there in only his briefs. He moved his hands to start disrobing his koi, only to have his hands slap away. "No no Hee-chan, you were bad. I'm going to show you who I belong to and who you belong to. No moving without my permission. Understood?" Seeing the dark hair boy nodded, he pushed him onto the bed and quickly pulled his own shirt off, leaving himself in his pants.

Duo looked down at the nearly nude form of his koi, growling low in his throat he walked over to his bag and pulled out a jar. Turning from the bag, he pounced on the other one. He kissed him with every ounce of passion his small frame contained and more, licking the lower lip asking for admittance. The kiss deepened as his hands roamed over Heero's chest, taunting and toying with the hard nipples. His mouth moved lower, down to the neck playfully nipping and licking every inch. His hands ever so lightly brushed against the cotton clad erection, Heero's loud moan filled the empty room, thrusting his hips up looking for some friction. Duo's hands slid beneath the clothe and took the steaming erection into his hand, slowly trailing his long delicate fingers up and down it's length, swallowing all the moans and cries of desire. In one smooth motion, Duo slid the offending briefs off and had thrown them across the room. He looked down at his naked love, his erection dark and pointing to the ceiling, moving his gaze to lock onto the cobalt eyes. Reaching to the side, Duo grabbed the jar and opened it. With a seductive grin, he started to pour the golden substance all over Heero's naked form. Duo started at his chest, slowly pouring all over while moving down to the navel and lower. Putting the jar away, he began to use his hand to rub the silken honey evenly over the taunt form, hands moving down to Heero's inner thighs rubbing the soft flesh, one hand caressing his hardness painfully slow. Heero's head was thrashing from side to side, moaning and begging for mercy. Duo lowered his head to take in Heero's length. He nearly screamed as it was engulfed in the hot wet mouth, he felt the head hit the back of Duo's throat. Duo began swirling his tongue on the underside, while slowly bobbing his head up and down, his face repeatedly brushed against the dark patch of curls Heero's scent filling his noise. Lifting his head from the hot and sweet erection, he quickly removed the rest of his clothing, then moving back up Heero's body he took control of the panting mouth, thrusting his tongue deep inside the welcoming mouth.

Heero whimpered into Duo's mouth, wanting nothing more than the beauty above him. He wiggled under Duo, trying to get him to finish what he started. Finally Duo seemed to take the hint, he slowly moved his tongue down the contours of Heero's body. Taking his time to relish every inch, he reached Heero's hips, focusing all his attention on the tender flesh. He sucked and licked the skin while holding Heero still, with a growl he bit the soft flesh, bringing blood to the surface. He lapped up the blood, and kissed the mark with a thousand nerve burning kisses. Finally he moved on, brushing the tip of Heero's aching erection with his tongue. Slowly he took it in, centimeter by centimeter until the tip reached the back of his mouth, moving his eyes upward he saw Heero watching him with lust filled eyes.

Heero nearly screamed again as Duo began to swallow the head of his penis, the pleasure was increased ten fold as Duo penetrated him with one finger. Thrusting in and out of him, soon a second joined the first and his mind was lost. While the fingers were busy stretching him, Heero's arousal was still in Duo's warm mouth, the sucking and licking were quickly bringing him to the edge. A third finger join the first two, stars danced behind his closed eye lids as they hit his prostate. He could feel himself about to come, when Duo grabbed his sack and prevented it. "Not yet Heero, I want you to come with me" He nearly screamed in frustration as Duo's mouth and fingers left him.

Duo looked at the panting and begging boy, quickly coating himself with some of the jar's substance he returned to his lover, his aching erection nudging at the entrance. Oh so very slowly he pushed past the tight ring, he interlaced his right hand with Heero not daring to look away from those eyes. Both boys were moaning and panting as Duo's length slowly disappeared into Heero.

Heero's mind had long since shut down, all he could do was feel. He knew he was close to losing total control and this time it did not scare him. The slow thrusting slowly became faster and deeper, the angle changed to hit his spot each time. He never stopped gazing into those violet eyes, he felt whole when with Duo. Fire gathered at his stomach and slowly invaded every cell of his body, he knew he was close, he could feel his precrum running down his neglected arousal, silently he begged Duo to give him release.

Duo knew he was close and so was Heero. He knew Heero was close to losing his control. Slowly he moved his other hand to take the rock hard erection into his hand, he slowly rubbed the slit with his thumb, causing Heero to buck wildly. Slowly he started pumping his hand up and down, speeding up to match his thrusts. Pulling Heero up from laying on the bed to sitting on his thighs, their eyes met. Heero's erection twitched one last time before it exploded violently, spraying both their chests and abdomens with his hot seed. His scream was swallowed by Duo's urgent kiss, Heero's orgasm rocked his already weakened body as he continued to come, he could feel Duo thrusting wildly into him and then he felt Duo release himself into his tight channel, crying out his own ecstasy. Finally, Heero's orgasm eased off leaving him crying into Duo's shoulder, his body shaking from everything. Duo eased out of Heero and pulled him into a strong hug, whispering words of eternal love into his ear, softly running his hands through the soft hair. "It's okay Heero, I'm here and will never leave you. Do you understand, I am yours as you are mine" Slowly the shaking stopped, Duo got up from the bed and picked up Heero, taking him to the bathroom to clean up. He ran the water and put in the plug, once the tub was full he climbed in with Heero and laid against the porcelain with Heero on his chest who was slowly starting to fall asleep. "Duo th-thank you for being mine. You are all I have Ai shiteru"


Lumin and Orion were waiting for E to show up, he was late. "Where is he?" she asked.

"I'm right here young ones. So how is Duo? Everything going smoothly" E asked as he approached the two siblings.

"Yes Professor E, everything is fine with 01 and 02. We will continue to watch over them. Nothing will happen to them" Orion reported to their superior

"Good Orion, make sure it doesn't. That bastard J is just jealous that G, Set, and I created a better gundam than him. He may not know of Set or me, but he hates G. I know it and now that Heero is involved with Duo his hatred has just doubled. Be extremely careful, J is very cleaver, he will stop at nothing to get rid of Duo. Go now and if you run into any problems contact me or D." They nodded towards E and walked towards their dorm rooms, each were planning several ways to kill J.

"They have their work cut out for them don't they E?"

E turned towards D, "Yes they do, but we will do all we can to prevent J from harming any of the pilots." They looked to where Lumin and Orion had walked, praying they could stop Professor J.


Duo laid Heero in his bed, because Heero’s was a mess. //You are so different when asleep, that mask is gone. I hope this war ends soon, then we can both destroy our masks// He pulled the covers up to his koi’s next and soft kissed his lips. “Sleep well my Hee-chan”. He began to remove the dirty sheets and remake the bed, then he left to take them down to be washed. He walked back into the room, Heero was still fast asleep on the bed. He walked over to the small desk where the laptop sat, grabbing a notebook from his bag he began to flip through the pages. //Which one should I turn in?// Finally deciding on a one, he began to type it up.

Heero was warm and comfortable, he didn’t want to get up from his restful sleep, but he was awaken by the printer and clacking of keys on the keyboard. He slowly opened his eyes, peering across the room at his lover. “Duo come to bed”

Duo turned and smiled at his lover. “Hai Heero” He turned it off and crawled next to the other young man, snuggling up close to him. “Hmm, this is very nice. What do you want to do for the rest of the evening?”

Heero moved his body so that not one inch was between Duo and himself, “I just want to stay here with you in my arms and fall into a wonderful dream filled sleep” With that said they both fell asleep just holding each other.


Quatre went to answer the door, //Odd who would know we are here?// “Setsuna, what are you doing here? What’s wrong?” She had a cold fire in her eyes. “Come in”

“Quatre we need to talk. Duo is in danger.”

“What?” His face had paled, that answered the nagging feeling he was feeling.

“What I tell you has to remain between us Quatre, I not suppose to tell any of you, but I decided to go against those orders. Do I have your word?” Seeing his nod, she began to tell him about J’s attempts on Duo and their countermeasures, and of the suspicion of him leaking information to Oz.

Quatre watched Setsuna as she talked, he was outraged by what he heard. Very few things angered the mild tempered Arabian. Closing his eyes to calm himself, he felt a wave of something from his space heart. //What is it?// “Orion and Lumin are currently watching over them at the school” //Nani? Those two// The feeling in his chest increased, until it became clear, the pieces all falling into their places. He looked up at her once again, an image of Heero appearing next to her face. //Of course, why didn’t I see it sooner.// “Don’t worry about anything, I will do everything in my power to prevent that bastard from harming either of them.” //I won’t let him take away your family//


“Damn it all” Une was not happy at all. The new systems were not compatible with the Mobile Suits. “Find a way, I will not accept failure.” //We need those new measures if we are to stand any chance against the Gundams. Damn researchers// She stormed out of the room with a flurry of muffled curses. //This will set us back by at least a month//


Duo stood in front of the class, ready to read his assignment. He had decided to go back to the specs, because Heero liked them.


“Duo, why don’t you wear your glasses when you read?” Heero asked the boy cuddled next to him.

“I don’t know, I just don’t.”

“I wish you would, you look cute and intelligent with them on”


Clearing his throat, he looked around at the class knowing his koi was somewhere near, //He skipped class just to listen to me. Damn he is the best//

“Aquatic Dreamscape

Tired, worn from the Day
Lying half awake upon the bed
Hearing the music from the Ocean
The Rhythmic crashing of Waves

Drifting into Sleep, soothed by the Ocean
The Mind goes on a Journey...

Rushing of water, the smell of the air
The Beauty of the Waterfall Pouring into the
Crystal Blue lake below. Perfection at hand,
Untouched by Humans, left in its remarkable Splendor

Closing my eyes, taking in the soothing air
All goes quiet for a brief instant, A faint Song
The inhabitants of the lake sing with Majestic Beauty
Drawn to the Siren Song of the Lake, hypnotized Fading away

Raindrops falling on my body, Slowly opening my eyes
No longer at the Enchanting Waterfall, but in a Valley
The Faint rain grows in intensity, falling faster upon me
The Sensual Smell of the Rain, overcomes my senses

Finding shelter under a tree, watching Nature’s production
Gray Clouds pouring their Tears on the Green land
Thunderous Cries filling the sky, sending chills up my spine
Sparks of Fury Striking the Ground, Dancing in the sky

Such Precision, Thunder Lighting Rain
A glorious gift, clouds growing Darker
Sparks growing, Cries screaming louder
Sitting, watching the clouds pour their soul on the ground

Running out into the Production, Rain covering myself
Lighting Flickering all around me, hearing the sizzling
As it touches the Rain, Thundering Welcoming me
Closing eyes, feeling the rain...fading away

The Moon shining Down, No longer under the rain
but on the Beach at night. The Waves swaying, Moon
Providing the Light and the wonderful music of dolphins completing
The ocean’s production of the night.

Calling out for me, walking into the ocean
Feeling, finally feeling the splendor of these waters
Diving underwater, swimming with the aquatic creatures
Riding with the Dolphins to the Depths of this
Mysterious Ocean

Taken to a new level, the majestic beauty
The unseen beauty of the aquatic world
Colors vividly expressed throughout this
Perfect representation of art, nature’s Hidden painting

Further down, into the Ocean, I am taken.
Led by a pack of Dolphins, hearing their wondrous song
Peace, Never found on the ground, but pouring in the waters
Submerged in Peaceful waters, seeing the truth.
The Truth within the mystery of the ocean, closer to the Radiating Light
Further down they take me, into the heart of the ocean....

Awakened from the slumber,
Refreshed and calm
Hearing the ocean outside
Smiling and remembering

“Wonderful Adam-kun. I’d like to speak with you please” The bell had already rang and Duo gathered his things and approached D-sama’s desk. “Yes, D-sama?”

“Adam, that was remarkable. I was wondering if I could enter it in a national contest for you?”

“That would be great. Here it is.” Duo handed the paper to his teacher and left the classroom with a great smile.

D-sama put the copy with the papers she had already prepared, after she changed the last name. Looking at the paper “Adam Winters”.

“What are you planning D?” Lumin walked over to the gentle woman, curious as to her intentions.

“He has talent, while I can do nothing more than keep an eye on him, I can do this. Make sure he has a future after this war” She sealed the envelope and placed it in her purse for mailing later that day. “I want to make sure he has a good future Lumin, this is how I can help him.”

“Thank You D, we are lucky to have you watching out for his well-being”


“Setsuna, I have a question”

“Yes Quatre?”

“When are you planning to tell Heero and Duo about you and the others?” He was greeted by the young woman face faulting, he tried to cover the small smile.

“How did you know?” She was confused, no one besides G, D, and E knew the truth.

“When you were talking about them just now, I got a feeling. Slowly the pieces started to fall into place. Now please answer my question, when are you all going to tell them?”

“To be honest, I don’t know. We never fully expected to find them, when we did we were extremely happy. After debating we decided to watch over both of them and slowly enter their lives. Our hopes were to one day reveal the truth to them, to finally let them know they have family.” During her explanation she stared right into Quatre’s eyes, hoping he would understand. “I hope one day soon, we will finally be reunited.”

Quatre had moved over to sit next to her as she spoke, the pain of being separated from her only family coursing through his space heart. “It’s okay, the time will come.” He pulled her into a friendly hug and whispered calming words into her ear as soft sobs started. Both were so occupied, neither noticed Wufei in the doorway.

“So when do we leave.” Wufei was determined to get to the school, he wouldn’t allow anything to harm either of them.

“In three hours. We should be there by late tonight.”

“Isn’t it risky for us all to be at the same place?” Trowa stated in his usual calm voice.

“Risky? What would you rather do Barton, just sit here and let something happen to either one of them? Would you prefer to just lounge around while our friend is in danger? I for one can not, I let him down once and don’t intend to again, do what you want.” The angered Wufei left the room and one shell shocked Trowa.


“Do you understand? I will not accept any failure, if you do not kill him don’t bother coming back for your life will be forfeit.” Dr. J was merciless with the hired gunman. With a dismissive hand gesture, he was gone. “You will not escape this time”


Heero and Duo were getting ready for the evening. They had agreed to go with Orion and Lumin into town for some deserved fun. “Duo, we still have an hour before we are suppose to meet them..” he left the remainder of his statement unsaid. Duo swayed his hips as he approached his koi, finally in his arms he moved in for a kiss.


“Shit” Duo mumbled

He walked over to the door and opened it. “Wufei? What are you doing here?”

“We have been relocated for the moment, that is why we are here.”

“Oh I see, where are Trowa and Quatre?”

“They will be here shortly, I left before them” //I had to, Trowa didn’t seem to want to come here. He might be correct in the risk//

“Yuy what are your plans for this evening?”

“We are going out with Orion and his sister”

“Hn, I will see you tomorrow then. Have fun Duo” He turned and walked out of the room, leaving a mildly confused Duo.

( Four days later)

“Listen to me Lumin, nothing is going to happen to him. The others are here and watching over him as are we. Don’t forget about agents D and E.” Setsuna was still trying to calm the younger female down and not having much luck.

“I don’t like waiting for them to make a move, just sitting here is putting us all in a bad spot” she retorted.

“I agree, we need to do something and now”

Three sets of eyes spun to glare at the intruder. “What are you doing here Wufei?”

“I am here to protect my friend, what about you?” After no response, he continued “Good, now let us discuss what we know”


“Guys this is great, I’m glad you all came” Duo was in high spirits, ever since the others showed up he had a ball of a time. He was never bored, activities were planned for everyday. This day was no different, except everyone tagged along. He was thrilled by seeing Setsuna again, oddly he felt calm near her and his two newest friends.

“This has been fun Duo, it is good to spend time with your other...” Lumin’s sentence was cut off by the sound of a gun going off. Everyone turned to where it sound had come from. They all saw a man in his late twenties, what angered them was he had a gun pointed a Duo.

“02, your life is forfeit.” He fired once, aimed straight at Duo, knowing it would hit it’s mark.

“NO! Duo!” The anguished cry, by whom nobody knew.

Duo closed his eyes and waited for the biting pain to end his life that he never felt. Opening his eyes, he saw Wufei in front of him swaying on his feet. “NO!” He caught his friend as he fell backwards. “Why Wufei? Don’t leave us Please” He felt a hand brush away his tears.

“Don’t cry Duo. Even though I don’t so it...I I consider you my best friend. You have so much to live for, Heero and you...your fam-family” He couldn’t say anything else as the pain sent him into the unconsciousness. “Wu..please don’t die”

As soon as the shot fired, the assassin was beaten into a bloody mess of broken bones by an enraged Setsuna, Lumin, Orion and Heero. The blows struck his body so swiftly and fiercely that he didn’t even have time to scream out in pain before darkness took him. They turned and saw Duo holding the bleeding Wufei, begging him not to die.


Call an ambulance!!!” Quatre screamed, he ran towards Duo. Trowa and Heero ran to the nearest phone while Lumin, Orion ran to help Wufei. Setsuna was torn, but decided to watch over the hitman. //If he dies you will know the meaning of pain// She vowed to herself.

“Don’t Die, Please stay with us.” Duo keep repeating hoping his words were getting through to his friend.

Wufei opened his eyes and found darkness everywhere. “What the hell?”

“Hello Wufei”

He spun around and fell into shock..”Merian?”


“We got to get him stabilized before transport or he won’t make it” One of the EMT’s yelled at the other. They both knew the situation was grim and chances were very slim.

“Don’t Die” Duo repeated again, not noticing he was being hugged by three people at once


“Yes Wufei, it is me.”

“Why are you here? Am I dead?”

“No you are not dead, but are on the verge...”

“I’m losing him. Dammit he’s slipping away!!” The EMT screamed in anguish, this boy was too young to die, just the thought was ripping into his heart.

“NOOOOOOO” Duo jerked out of the comforting arms holding him and ran to Wufei’s side. “Damn You Come Back!!” He started to try and bring him back...trying to get him to breath again. Wufei’s blood had soaked into his clothes and hands. “Come Back!!!” His scream ripped through the clouds and went straight to the heavens.


“Then you’ve come to take me with you?” He asked, hope filled his voice

She looked sad, “No, you are still needed. Oz is moving against them, if they are not stopped the world and colonies will suffer great loss. As we speak they are gathering stronger forces.”

“What can I do?”


Quatre was sobbing, just watching Duo tore his heart. He walked over and knelt beside the braided pilot. “He’s gone Duo...”

“NO He isn’t!!” He snapped back at Quatre and continued trying to revive his friend. “Damn You to Hell!! Don’t do this to me......don’t leave like the others....” The rest of his pleads were cut out by the heart breaking sobs ripping from his throat. Trowa and Heero could do nothing but watch the scene before them, each feeling the pain from the other two, tears flowing down their cheeks proof of their grief.

“Come Back, Please!!!”


“Come Back, Please!!!”

Wufei turned, he heard Duo’s pained voice. “Duo?” He turned to his dead wife. “What is happening?”

“He won’t let you go Wufei, he is your way back. Go they need your help. From the Ashes of Defeat will emerge the two Avenging Angels. Remember to have faith. Now Go beloved.” She vanished and Wufei was left in darkness once again, suddenly pain lanced through his body and he could hear Duo more clearly. //I’m coming back//


Duo’s fist impacted against the non-moving chest. ”God Damn You. NO!!!!!!!” He hugged Wufei closer to his body, he sobbed into Wufei’s chest.

The others stood around the two on the ground, offering what little comfort they could to Duo. Quatre was crying in Trowa’s arms, Lumin was as well into her brothers loving embrace. Setsuna had left the dying assassin and had found Heero in a state immense grief. She swallowed back the sobs and hugged him tightly, whispering in his ear while he cried at their loss.

Duo gasped loudly as he felt the chest move. Quickly he opened his eyes and looked down. “Wufei?” He barely whispered not wanting to break this illusion. Wufei’s eyes were barely open and he was breathing. He turned to the EMT’s and begged them to help him and get him to the hospital. They quickly got to work and in no time they had him on the stretcher and loaded up in the ambulance. Duo turned towards the others, “I’m going with them, met us there and pray” He jumped into the ambulance and sat next to Wufei, holding his hand. “Everything is going to be fine Wu.” More tears fell when he received a small smile in return.

“Everything is going to be ok?” Quatre was hoping beyond hope that it would. “Let’s go!!” Quickly everyone ran to the car, with the exception of Heero and Setsuna who remained embraced. Heero looked up into her eyes and gasped “Su??”


“Hello Wufei, today has been good. The usual, everyone fussing over me. Things are going fine, we just miss you around here. Come home soon.” Duo sat next the hospital bed, three weeks had passed since Wufei was brought in and had yet to awaken. Duo had taken it the hardest of everyone, he blamed himself for Wufei’s current condition. “Why did you do it? Am I really worth all you have and will endure? Am I?” Once again the familiar tears rolled down his face as he spoke between shaking sobs. “What family? I have no family, I don’t even remember if I ever did” His head fell into his hands as he body started shaking.

Quatre and Setsuna were at the door, about to enter, when they heard Duo’s cries and heart wrenching admission. It made their hearts ache with loneliness. “Setsuna, you really need to tell him, look at how much he is hurting. Not even Heero can pull him out of this.” He turned to looked at her.

“I know, Heero has started to remember. He called me ‘Su’.” She wore a wistful smile while gazing upon Duo. “Lumin and Orion should return from meeting with G and Relena soon.” She looked at Duo and decided to try and cheer him up. Nodding to Quatre she walked in and hugged the distraught boy.


“What is your Report Une?” Trieze was becoming very annoyed with all the problems they have been having the past few weeks. He wanted those new suits, no he needed them to rid himself of those damn gundams. Lady Une was before him about to give her report, he simple glared at her, daring her to give him more bad news.

“Sir things are moving along as expected. We should be ready within the next two to three weeks.” Une wanted to panic, never had she seen Trieze this displeased with her. //Damn those scientists. It is almost as if they are trying to delay us//

“Good to hear, you may leave” She saluted him and quickly scurried out the room.


“The next time he makes a move against him we will eliminate him. Not before, is this understood?” Professor G was trying to talk some sense into the siblings, it was hard for him for he too wanted to gut the heartless bastard. Because of him Duo was a complete mess and Wufei was still in the hospital. The siblings agreed to his terms and left his company. //Perhaps this was needed to reunite you with him.//

They arrived at the hospital two hours later, and went straight to where they knew Duo was. He was slumped in the uncomfortable hospital chair, the dried tear tracks showed on his face. As one they walked in and Orion carefully picked him up from the chair and carried him out of the room, taking him with them. They passed Setsuna and Quatre on the way out, with a single nod they left the two. Lumin opened the door the their car and got into the back seat, once she was settled in, Orion placed Duo in the back with her. He got in and started up the car and began the drive home. Duo began to whimper in his sleep and started to awake, Lumin caressed his cheek and softly began to sing the lullaby their mother use to sing to them. Tears of joy fell from her eyes as he quieted down and snuggled closer to her.

Heero looked down at the paper in his hands. He was nervous, which he didn’t like. He tried getting through to Duo but nothing was working. So he decided to try writing a poem for his love, he knew how Duo loved the last one he attempted. //I hope this helps//

He read over it again, kinda red in the face that he actually wrote something like that.

‘In a Lover’s Embrace, the Heat Unbearable
Softly Kissing you, Soaring in the sky
Hearing you whisper in my Ear, I Love You
Knowing you are mine, the temperature rising’

//I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely express what he means to me.// He continued to walk down the hall towards room 432, only to be stopped by Quatre and Setsuna. “What are you two doing?” He hoped it didn’t sound rude.

“Actually we were waiting for you. Heero we need to have a talk.” Setsuna willed her voice to stay even.

“I came to see Duo. I need to talk with him”

“Orion and Lumin took him with them, he had fallen asleep and they didn’t want him sleeping in the hospital chair.”

“What? Why did they do that? I should have been..”

“Kai, would you just shut up and listen?”

Heero froze upon hearing that name. Memories broke through the years of confinement they endured. Waiting for the day to be released, the memories flooded his mind. He looked up into those haunting familiar eyes with tears in his. He remembered. “Su, it is you.” He looked down, trying to hide the fact he was crying. “Why didn’t you say anything the last time?” He looked up again and saw tears rolling down her face as well. He didn’t give her time to answer, he quickly ran up to her and fell into her arms. Quatre decided to leave the two newly united siblings, they needed some time alone.

Duo woke up in a unfamiliar bed, he rose to a sitting position and looked around the strange room. His gaze fell onto a picture across the room on the dresser. He got out of bed and walked over to the dresser, looking at the picture he nearly cried out. He recognized himself when he was younger, but there were two other children in the picture with him. He heard someone clearing their throat and spun around to face them, still clutching the picture. “Good you are up. We have a lot to talk about Adam” His eyes watered and lower lip quivered from the raging emotions and memories that were flooding his body. He fell to his knees, he was aware of Lumin holding and rocking him. He wept the joy of knowing he really did have family. He looked up into her eyes and smiled through the tears, then he looked towards the door and saw his brother standing there, eyes asking the question his mouth couldn’t voice, reaching out to him Duo nodded. The three of them spent what felt like an eternity just embraced, the loneliness and despair being driven from their torn souls.


Wufei laid in the hospital bed, the sounds of the machines filling the room, no body was in the room at that time and no body saw the twitch of his hand, nor the figure that appeared beside him. “Remember, From the Ashes of defeat the two Avenging Angels will appear to join the third. One as three, Three as one to rise against the enemy. Wake up soon and warn them.” The figure was gone, leaving nothing behind.


“So she is his sister?” Duo was shocked yet again, first he found out he had family now they were telling him that Setsuna was Heero’s sister. “I always wondered why she was so nice to me.” He smiled again and asked if they could go see Wufei. His siblings agreed, not able to deny him anything.


“So that is basically it. I found out J had you and G had Duo, I then became his co-worker trying everything I could to protect you both.” Setsuna was telling her brother why they never told him nor his lover the truth.

“Can we go and see them? I’m sure they are going to visit Wufei again?”

“Yes, let’s go and see them all.” She smiled and went to change for the trip.

They walked into the room and froze. Duo was hugging a very much awake Chinese Pilot. Lumin and Orion were standing off to the side with Trowa and Quatre just watching over the two best friends. They walked in, Heero went over to his koi’s side while his sister joined the others. The rest of the afternoon the huge extended family stayed in each others company, telling Wufei what he had missed.

Once everyone had left the room for one reason or another, Wufei looked at Duo. “Yes you are.” Duo looked confused. “I heard what you were saying Duo, and you are. Haven’t you realized it by now, look at how far we would all go for you. We all lost you once and don’t want to again.”

“Thanks Wufei” was the only response he could think of. He hugged him goodbye and left him to rest, going over what he said. //I am really lucky// He saw Heero waiting for him down the hall. //Damn lucky// With a small seductive small he swayed his way to his lover, bent on fully showing him just how happy he was.

“Three as one rise against the enemy” The words repeated themselves in Wufei’s head. He knew he needed to recover soon, the time was coming and he was going to be ready.


Duo woke up in a unfamiliar bed, he rose to a sitting position and looked around the strange room. His gaze fell onto a picture across the room on the dresser. He got out of bed and walked over to the dresser, looking at the picture he nearly cried out. He recognized himself when he was younger, but there were two other children in the picture with him. He heard someone clearing their throat and spun around to face them, still clutching the picture. "Good you are up. We have a lot to talk about Adam" His eyes watered and lower lip quivered from the raging emotions and memories that were flooding his body. He fell to his knees, he was aware of Lumin holding and rocking him. He wept the joy of knowing he really did have family. He looked up into her eyes and smiled through the tears, then he looked towards the door and saw his brother standing there, eyes asking the question his mouth couldn't voice, reaching out to him Duo nodded. The three of them spent what felt like an eternity just embraced, the loneliness and despair being driven from their torn souls.


After longs moments of just being in each other arms, Duo broke the silence. “All this time I thought I was alone. This is the best thing to happen.” He started crying again, his older siblings holding him tightly, afraid they might lose him for a second time.

“Duo do you remember what happened that day or your real name?” Lumin asked between her tears. Duo tried to remember those faded memories, but nothing really concrete appeared. “ I was running somewhere, in a hurry, but I fell and someone picked me up...” He looked up into his sister’s eyes, “ I was screaming as I was taken away, I was going to miss the shuttle. The person wouldn’t put me down.” He looked down. “I don’t remember my name, I really don’t remember much. But I do remember you two now.” He felt his brothers hands on his shoulders..”It’s ok a-chan, but you have already used your real name, Adam” He laughed at the dumbstruck look on his younger brother’s face. “Come on guys, lets go out and get something to eat.” Duo’s ears perked up at the thought of food.


After all three had stuffed their faces at the restaurant, they returned ‘home’ to watch some old home movies. Duo was really excited, he would be able to see happiness from his childhood. They sat in front of the television watching themselves running around in diapers, their laughter filled the room. Duo was completely involved in the videos, Lumin and Orion shared a meaningful look. It was about eleven at night when Duo began to doze off, he leaned against Orion, the picture was too kawaii. With Duo safely nestled in his arms, Orion carried him over to one of the bedrooms and tucked him in.

Duo opened his eyes, finding it hard to do. “Please stay for awhile? Tell me some more about our life?” The other two could see the hint of fear in his eyes, they walked over and sat beside him on the bed. They told him about how they searched and searched for him that day, and everyday after that. They had never given up on their search, they were sure he was still alive. Then they went into stories of how everyone fell head over heels for Duo when he was little, even as a baby he had an uncanny ability to make friends. Duo’s eyelids slowly drifted shut as he listened the soft voices, his eyes picked up the soft singing of his sister before he fell into a world of memories and pleasant dreams of the future.


The smell of pancakes filled Duo’s nose, blinking his eyes open he yawned and got out of bed. He walked towards the kitchen, the wonderful smell stronger. He was greeted with a hug from Lumin and a “Good Morning” from Orion. “Yes, it is your favorite. We even got the strawberry syrup. Now take a seat and I’ll serve you.” Lumin had to laugh at her younger brother’s face.

“I wonder how Heero and Setsuna are fairing” Orion wondered out loud.

“What do you mean?” Duo said after swallowing the mouthful of pancakes.

“Well ‘Duo’, Setsuna is Heero’s older sister. Although that is not his real name, which I’m sure you know. But to keep things simple we’ll call him Heero and you Duo until this war is over.”

"So she is his sister?" Duo was shocked yet again, first he found out he had family now they were telling him that Setsuna was Heero's sister. "I always wondered why she was so nice to me." He smiled again and asked if they could go see Wufei. His siblings agreed, not able to deny him anything.

Duo kinda sat there, absorbing the new information. //This is weird// He looked at his family. //but I wouldn’t have it any other way//. “Ok, I’ll go take a shower and change. Then we’ll go see Wufei and perhaps see Heero.” He got up and left the room, leaving two very happy young adults in his wake.


//I don’t think I’ll ever be able to completely express what he means to me.// He continued to walk down the hall towards room 432, only to be stopped by Quatre and Setsuna. “What are you two doing?” He hoped it didn’t sound rude.

“Actually we were waiting for you. Heero we need to have a talk.” Setsuna willed her voice to stay even.

“I came to see Duo. I need to talk with him”

“Orion and Lumin took him with them, he had fallen asleep and they didn’t want him sleeping in the hospital chair.”

“What? Why did they do that? I should have been..”

“Kai, would you just shut up and listen?”

Heero froze upon hearing that name. Memories broke through the years of confinement they endured. Waiting for the day to be released, the memories flooded his mind. He looked up into those haunting familiar eyes with tears in his. He remembered. “Su, it is you.” He looked down, trying to hide the fact he was crying. “Why didn’t you say anything the last time?” He looked up again and saw tears rolling down her face as well. He didn’t give her time to answer, he quickly ran up to her and fell into her arms. Quatre decided to leave the two newly united siblings, they needed some time alone.


Heero’s wet eyes looked up and into his sister’s. “Can we go talk somewhere?” She nodded, and they left the hospital embraced in a heart warming sibling hug. They ended up at a park, sitting on a bench while watching young children play.

Setsuna lifted Heero’s chin so their eyes met, “I have waited over ten years for this day. I never gave up hope, even when everyone else told me too. I would not, and I finally have you back.” The last came out a strangled sob as she cried into her hands, when she was hugged by him she starting sobbing once again.

Heero whispered while holding her, never did he imagine this moment. //I have someone else// His heart soared, knowing there were two people in the world that loved him. “Su..” he whispered through tears. The two reunited siblings remained on the bench, tears of joy flowing from them both.


“Heero, wake up.” Setsuna tried to wake him, after the a long conversation he had fallen asleep from the emotional strain. //I’ll make sure you know the happiness that was taken from you.// Finally one cobalt blue eye peaked open, followed by the second. She watched as he practically sprang up from the bed. “It wasn’t a dream?”

She laughed, a heart warming laugh. “No, it wasn’t a dream. Now get up and come to breakfast” She ruffled his hair before walking to the door.


“Yes Heero?”

“I love you.”

She quickly was at his side, placing a kiss on his cheek. “love you too Kai, just so no one gets confused, I’ll call you Heero.” With one last glance, she left the room.


While eating, Setsuna finished telling Heero everything. “So that is basically it. I found out J had you and G had Duo, I then became his co-worker trying everything I could to protect you both.” Setsuna was telling her brother why they never told him nor his lover the truth.

“Can we go and see them? I’m sure they are going to visit Wufei again?”

“Yes, let’s go and see them all.” She smiled and went to change for the trip


He saw Heero waiting for him down the hall. //Damn lucky// With a small seductive smile he swayed his way to his lover, bent on fully showing him just how happy he was. Duo gladly fell into the open arms, his own arms circled the slim waist. “Hi lover” He smiled brilliantly. Their lips met in a soft kiss, when they broke away they walked out of the hospital in each other’s embrace.


“How did it go?” Heero finally asked while they were waiting at a red light. He smiled at Duo’s goofy grin.

“It’s unbelievable Heero, all these years I thought I was alone. I have a brother and sister, it’s just...” Duo couldn’t find any words to describe his feelings, but he knew his koi knew how he felt. “How did it go with Setsuna?” Duoslid closer to him and placed his head on one shoulder, and sighed when one arm went around his shoulders.

“It went great Duo, but we can talk about that later” Duo saw the mischievous gleam in his koi’s eyes. He smiled in return, his hand venturing downward to give an erotic squeeze. “Let’s get home Hee-chan” he whispered seductively.


Duo walked into the house, his stride slow and sensuous. He barely made it to the foot of the staircase before he was swept off his feet and into Heero’s arms. “You are a tease koi” Heero kissed him before any replies could be stated and he walked up the stairs to their room.

Heero placed his koi in the middle of the bed, he slowly began to unbutton Duo’s shirt and pants. After all of Duo’s clothes were thrown across the room, Heero quickly undressed, his eyes didn’t leave Duo’s gaze. “Missed you koi” Teasingly he walked over to the nightstand and retrieved a small tube. Unwilling to wait any more, Heero quickly opened the tube and squeezed the cool gel onto his hand. Duo’s sweet moans urged him on, the panting mouth was too irresistible. His kiss sent Duo’s mind further into the hazy fog, while he began to prepare his koi.

Duo moaned loudly as Heero slowly entered him, the pace torturously slow. “Please...” He bit down on his lower lip when the pace quickened, eyes closed he savored every inch of movement. “Harder...” He met every thrust with his own and nearly cried out when Heero started to pump his hard arousal. Unintelligible words spilled from his lips, his orgasm at the pinnacle. His scream of ecstasy reverberated throughout the house, his seed exploding and covering both their bodies.

Duo’s scream sent shivers of pleasure all over his body, he thrusted faster and harder into his koi, he felt Duo climax and his muscles clamp down on him. After two more thrusts, his own climax hit, his seed filling his lover. “Ai shiteru” He fell into the open arms, his head resting on Duo’s chest.

“I love you.” Duo whispered into the mop of brown hair, his hands on his koi’s lower back. “Forever” Duo reached over to the nightstand. He brought the ring into Heero’s line of sight, and slowly placed it on the slim finger.

Heero watched Duo’s actions, when he saw the ring he knew what his lover was going to do. “Forever Duo” Their fingers interlaced, “Forever” He whispered once again.


Heero had been awake for a couple of hours just looking at his love curled around him. He squeezed Duo’s braid, while he moved his lips to touch the warm forehead. “Duo, my Duo” He softly whispered , his other hand gently stroking the soft chestnut hair. He looked thoughtful for a few moments before whispering, to his love, once again.

“The Darkened Existence
once held me in comfort
Straying from the light
Choosing an secluded life"

His hand caressed one round check, his thumb running over the pale lips.

“Feelings of content beyond grasp
just being, existing,
Cowardly hiding from the world
Fearing being left alone"

He thought back to life prior to meeting Duo, before he found Su. He was a shallow vessel, waiting to die.

“The Dark was spellbinding
Lulled me into psudo-comfort
Embraced my body in utter familiar coldness
Freezing my soul, locking away feelings
The Cold was home
Protected me from the hurt
Shielded me from the evil of others
Slowly killing my spirit"

He watched as one violet eye blinked open, he placed his index finger on his lips then onto Duo’s.

“The Frosty Prison was breached
Unlocking me from my self-exile
Slowly the ice melts,
Freeing my Spirit
Feeling welcomed and wanted
Embraced with long forgotten warmth
Freed from the confines of my mind
No longer having to cowardly hide away”

“Duo, Ai shiteru” Heero lowered his lips to Duo’s parted lips, they kissed as it was their first kiss. Duo didn’t think it was possible, but he was falling in love all over again. “I love you too.” Duo let one tear fall, he buried his head in Heero’s chest. “Love you so much.” They remained in their lovers embrace, content with their lives if only for a couple of hours.


“Onna!” Wufei yelled at the female doctor, he was embarrassed as all hell at being unable to care for himself. “I can do it myself!”

“Fine, Wufei do it yourself” Sally was exasperated with the Chinese pilot. //He’s so damn stubborn// When he fell she was immediately by his side. “Are you ok?”

Wufei tried to walk on his own he knew he needed to get well for their sake. One step, another step, his legs buckled and he fell. //Dammit!// “Are you ok?” He looked into those eyes filled with concern and something else. For some reason, unknown to him, his heart felt warm. He smiled almost shyly “Could you help me up?”


“Report Lady” Trieze stated all the while not looking at his subordinate, truth be told he was tired of the delays. He wanted to rid the world of the Gundams.

Une shifted uncomfortably, she was not in pristine condition as she usually was. The last few weeks had taken their toll on her. Lack of sleep, not eating right and stress were a few among the difficulties she had to endure. She rubbed at her bloodshot eyes before clearing her throat and speaking.

“We will be ready to launch the operation by the end of next week, your Excellency”

“Good, you’re dismissed”

Une saluted her superior and left the room, once the door was closed she slumped against it. “One day....one day....”


Orion and Setsuna watched Duo bounce from one store to another, his face lit up in excitement. “It was a good idea to bring him here Setsuna”

“It’s good to see him so cheerful.”

“Guys? Are you coming??” Duo had turned around and was acting very foolishly, the laughter from his two companions was sweet music to his ears. “Come on slowpokes!!” Duo ran up to his brother and Setsuna..


Duo turned around, his eyes big and disbelieving. “Tori-chan?”

Tori ran and glomped Duo, “I thought I’d never see you again!” She squeezed him tighter.

“It’s good to see you Tori.”


Quatre sat alone in the study, lost deep in thought. A certain times the normally cheerful pilot needed to be alone, now was one of those times. He pulled his knees to his chest and let his chin rest on them. The large room was quiet dark and cool, matching his current mood.

//So much so happened//

The last few months had been straining on them all. The weight upon his shoulders grew too great, and it finally all came falling down. Quatre remembered the time of Duo's disappearance, and the immense guilt flooded him once again. Even thought Duo had forgiven him, he still hadn't forgiven himself for those harsh and cruel words. Tears fell down his cheek, trying to was away the pain and guilt.

He remembered watching Deathscythe explode, and the dreams he didn't take heed to. Finding out that Heero and Duo had family. He remembered the attack on Duo, ending up with Wufei in the hospital. He cried harder, hugging his knees to himself.

His mind focused on Trowa, his beloved. With everything that had happened, he was their to comfort and support Quatre. In those dark times, he found himself falling deeper in love with the silent boy. He knew Trowa cared for him, but didn't know if it was as deep as his love.

"Trowa...save me" he whispered brokenly. Praying Trowa would come and pull him out of the pit of despair.


Trowa walked down the hall, heading for the stairs. He had spent all morning in his room thinking about Quatre. Everyone was out for the day, and it was the perfect time to talk with his beloved and beg him to be his if he needed to.

//Where is he//

Trowa walked by the study and stopped when he heard someone crying. The next thing he heard pierced his heart.

"Trowa...save me"

Those three words were filled with such grief and despair, Trowa opened the door and walked into the study. He found Quatre on the love-seat, knees pulled up to his chest and his head was resting on them. He was rocking back and forth slightly, shoulders shaking. He sat beside the crying angel and pulled him into his arms. Whispering soothingly in his ear.


"Can I get you anything else Wufei?"

"No, thank you." He replied to the nurse. He wished she was there with him, he longed for her company. The endless days he spent in the hospital room nearly drove him to madness, but then she would come along and they would talk. Wufei found out that Sally was a very strong and intelligent women, and each day he found himself falling harder for her.

"Wufei....are you there."

The soft tones of that voice reached his ears and brought him out of his haze. He turned his eyes to her and fell into those lovely eyes.


"How are you feeling today?"

//Much better now that you're here// Wufei thought, or at least he thought he did. He saw her blush and cursed himself for saying it out-loud.

"Sally, can I tell you something..?"


"It's good to see you, Tori" Duo said after the initial shock wore off. It had been so long since he last saw his friend.

"Where the hell have you been?" She asked as she punched him on the arm. "Up and leave without any word. I have half a mind to strangle you right here."

She looked Duo over, it had been too long since he disappeared with those other teenagers. He was the same old Christian, without the glasses. //He is so cute// She thought then blushed.

"Tori, I didn't expect to see you here? But I'm glad I ran into you" He smiled that smile that had her heart beating a mile a minute.

"Well I'm here with my family visiting a friend. Can we talk?"



Cold eyes watched their every movement, after confirming his theory he pulled out a cell phone and made a call.

"Sir, I think we just found what we're looking for."

"Aa, I'll follow and carry out your orders."


J hung the phone up, with a grand smile on his face. "I can't hurt him, then I'll hurt his friends and have him come to me. Your days are limited 02."


Quatre jumped when a pair of hands pulled him sideways. He was about to say something but then he heard Trowa whispering in his ear. //He came// He sighed comfortably letting his eyes close. //So warm//

Trowa held his little beloved as close to him as possible, his hand ran soothingly over his back. It was heaven for them both, neither wanted to be anywhere else except with each other.



"I need to tell you something"

Quatre pulled back and looked at Trowa, fear had begun to grip at him. He took a deep breathe and calmed his racing heart. "I need to tell you something too."

They both looked at each other, almost afraid to take the next step.

"I love you" they both blurted out finally.

Both smiled, finally knowing their love was returned fully and their suspicions were correct. Quatre reached out to touch Trowa's cheek, he ran over the smooth skin of his cheek and moved to trace the soft lips. Timidly he moved closer to Trowa, and his lips touched his love's in their first passionate kiss. The kiss was soft, lips parted and tongues darted. Electricity shot through Trowa's veins.

"Quatre..want you.."

Quatre pull Trowa back with him, that the tall pilot was laying on top of him. His hands started to tug at Trowa's shirt.

Trowa pull back to pulled his shirt off, then quickly reclaimed those soft lips. The soft whimpers and moans coming from Quatre's mouth drove him further into passion. Quickly he began to unbutton Quatre's shirt and pull it off.


Trowa felt hands on the waistband of his jeans. Quatre unbuttoned them and pull down the zipper.

Quatre's hand slip inside the denim, and grasped Trowa's length. Hot and hard passion, just for him. His other hand ran over the firm globes.

"Off Trowa..."

After he had pull the too-tight pants, Trowa returned to Quatre and quickly pull his pants off. He didn't have any more patience for teasing.

Quatre watched as Trowa pulled the pants off his hips, revealing his hard cock, and down the muscled legs. The sight of Trowa was simply stunning.

The vision laying, nude and aroused, on the love-seat was breathtaking. Quatre laid their offering everything to Trowa. It was enough to bring tears to his eyes. He watched Quatre raise his hand, beckoning for him to take it. Here it was, everything he ever wanted. Trowa took his love's hand and was pulled back onto the blonde pilot.

Mouths met again and again, in the beginning of seductive dance of the ages. Both moved together, hands born to touch and caress each other explored each contour. Hardened Arousal brushed against each other, the friction and stimulation drove them both higher and higher.

"take me trowa.."


"please, don't make me wait"

The deep blue eyes pierced Trowa's soul, and he knew then he couldn't deny him anything. He sucked on his fingers, coating them with saliva. With all the gentleness born to him, Trowa began to prepare Quatre. He didn't want to hurt his angel at all, therefore he went slow and kissed away each gasp of discomfort.

Trowa finally decided Quatre was ready, the small blond was writhing and thrashing about. He pulled his long finger out and positioned himself. The tip nudging at Quatre's entrance.

"are you sure little one?"

"Yes..please...please.." Quatre whimpered, his eyes were begging Trowa to take him.

Slowly Trowa took Quatre, his erection slid slowly into his love. Both were at the edge, the room was filled with sweet moans of pleasure. After an eternity of waiting, Trowa was fully seated. He paused to kiss the tears away. "Quatre...I love you"

"Oh Trowa...I love you so much..."

Trowa began slowly, still afraid of hurting his lover. To be honest, this was his first time because he didn't want anyone else except for his angel. The incredible heat of his love sent shock-waves of pleasure up his spine and into his blood. He pulled back only to thrust back into the tight heat. His usual silence was broken with ecstasy.

"Quatre..gods...only you..only you" He half moaned, half whispered

"Trowa...AH...my angel.."

Quatre cried out, the pleasure reaching mind-blowing peeks. He cried out when his erection was pumped in time with Trowa's movements. It was all too much for him, he cried out as he came. Vision blurring at the edges, Quatre's body rode the ebbing waves of pleasure.

Quatre's climax sent Trowa over the edge, his hands squeezed the slim hips. He cried out his angel's name, claiming Quatre as his. He collapsed onto the smaller pilot, panting hard. They both laid intertwined, spent from their intense act of joining. "You're my life Trowa. I love you..."

Trowa kissed the warm forehead, "love you too". They slowly fell into a deep peaceful sleep, locked in a lover's embrace.


"Sally, can I tell you something?"

//What does he want to say? Maybe he wants...// Sally squashed that thought, no use in getting her hopes up too high. //If only//

"Yes Wufei, what is it?" //Gods his eyes, they are so...//

"I know this isn't very professional...but I like you..I really like you" He had his head downcast, fearing to look into her eyes.

"Wufei, look at me" he did as he was asked.

"Good. I like you too." //and if it weren't for the fact that you're still injured I would've jump your bones awhile ago// she thought to herself.

They both sat staring at each other for a long time. Neither wanting to break the surreal moment.


Lumin watched Heero, she decided to go with him and find out some more information on the person her brother loved. She liked him, already thought him as another younger brother. //Who says I can't have a little fun..// With an impish smile, Lumin turned to face him.



"Lady, are the final preparations done?" Trieze asked.

"Yes, Trieze-sama. Everything is ready, we await your orders."

"Good, we begin tomorrow morning." He turned to the window, effectively dismissing Lady Une. Once the door was closed, he sighed.

"Soon, so very soon..."

Lady Une walked down the corridors to her room, finally she would be able to get some rest. The pounding in her head had only gotten worse over the last couple of days, she often doubted her feelings for Trieze. file://This isn't love...//

She entered her room and sat on the bed.

The lady was having doubts, and perhaps a change of heart....


Lumin watched Heero, she decided to go with him and find out some more information on the person her brother loved. She liked him, already thought him as another younger brother. //Who says I can’t have a little fun..// With an impish smile, Lumin turned to face him.



“How much do you care for my brother?”

“NANI?” Heero turned to face her, his face full of surprise and shock.

Lumin tried to prevent the laughter, but failed. “Gomen, but your face...”

Heero looked at the older woman, well not by much. He smiled at her before answering, his heart’s words pouring from his lips.

“Duo is the most important thing in my life. He is my heart and soul. Before I met him I was empty and cold. I love him so much, he was the first and only person to care for me, love me, hold me, and make me feel special and wanted. I wouldn’t live without him”

Lumin listened to Heero, who was already another brother to her, her eyes were moist from the dialogue. She really didn’t expect all that from him, while she didn’t doubt his love she wondered how deep it was.

She walked over to him and pulled him into a fierce hug.

“I’m so glad he found you and you him. I’m proud to call you my younger bro if only in spirit.”


“So Duo, who was she?” His brother asked playfully, teasing him like an older sibling should.

“Just a friend from one of the schools I attended” Duo replied, lost in thoughts and memories of those days. So much had happened since his days as ‘Christian’.

“Duo, you okay?”

“Hm? Yeah I’m fine Su, just thinking.”

“Why don’t we go for some ice cream, my treat”

Duo smiled at his ‘big’ sister before glomping her. “You’re the best!”

The two older persons shared a look, both smiling that Duo was slowly acting normal again.


Heero walked into the house they were currently using, the afternoon had been pleasant. He smiled in remembrance, still feeling silly. It was all to good to be true, his family kept growing.

He walked up to his room, wondering if Duo was home yet. His koi wasn’t there so Heero went over to lay on the bed, just letting himself get lost in thought.

Heero went over to the stereo, being in the far corner of the room, and placed his favorite CD in the player. The room was filled with Adam’s soothingly sexy voice.

“Let me turn all your tears, that you’ve cried
into pearls
Hand them over to me
I’m going to keep them, keep them for you

I want to hold you, I want to kiss you
I want to mend what is broken”

The soft beat of the song and soothing voice calmed Heero’s mind, he soon fell asleep to dream about his braided baka and his new family.

*one hour later*

Duo, along with his brother and Setsuna, finally returned to the safe-house. All three carrying at least one shopping bag.

“Thanks guys, I had a blast”

Duo then glomped them both, giving one extra squeeze before he went to look for his koi.

“He’s finally happy.” his brother stated, smiling at Duo’s cheerfulness

“Yes he is, I only wish we could keep him happy. There is still a war going on...”


First Duo checked the study, he didn’t find Heero there but did see his two friends sleeping together. They were curled up around each other, Trowa holding his precious one as close to his body as possible. Duo stepped out of the room with a beaming smile.


//Now where could he be//

Duo nibbled on his lower lip while considering his options. “Of course!”

The bundle of energy race up the stairs and went straight to his and his lover’s room.


Heero was sleeping, he lain on his side and was snuggling the pillow, in the absence of his love. Duo debated on what to do, finally he decided he didn’t want to wake the sleeping boy. Turning to leave the room, he was stopped by Heero’s sleepy voice


“yes koi?”

“Why you leaving?”

A soft chuckle, “I didn’t want to wake you”.


Heero said his name in the tone of voice that turned the American’s knees into jelly. The lying boy extended his hand out, asking the braided one to join him on their bed.


“Tomorrow, it all comes down to Tomorrow.”

“What shall I tell the pilots?”

“Tell them to get a proper night’s rest. We launch in the morning.”

“Yes Trieze-sama”




Wufei stood in a dark forest, the pale moon shining down. He looked around, barely able to see two feet beyond. Deathly cold wind wrapped around his body, tendrils of death’s embrace. He shivered from the frigid gust.

“Anybody out there?”

He walked deeper into ominous forest, each step deeper made his stomach knot up in fear.

Slowly he neared a dim light, drawn to it’s unexplainable allure. Wufei walked faster, doom poured into his veins the trepidation growing by the second.

He reached the ghostly light and found himself upon a cliff. It was overlooking a battle field. Death and Destruction reigned everywhere.

The young pilot fell to his knees, he recognized the devastated figures. The five gundams were completely obliterated, pieces of burnt wreckage littered the area. His tears fell to the barren soil, four bodies laid dead on the ground.


Wufei jolted up from the bed, his healing wounds protesting violently. The sharp daggers of pain were nothing compared to his racing heart. The dream still haunted his mind, and he knew it was a warning.

Frantically he called out for anyone, the feeling kept growing and he knew they were in trouble.

“Wufei what is it?” Sally came running to his side.

“They’re in danger...”

“Who? Wufei who’s in danger?”

He turned terror filled eyes, looking passed her. “my family. Please tell Heero and the others to get over here...”


The two lovers were awakened by a loud noise, Duo opened his eyes and listened to the sound.

//A message!//

He jumped out of the bed and raced over to the desk, Heero was on his heels.

Duo paled considerably as he read, what he feared most.


He fell to his knees, the information completely shattering his world.

“DUO!” Heero was at his side instantly, trying to calm his love.

“Heero, we have to stop them...”

“Heero!” Quatre yelled as he ran into the room, too much in a hurry to knock.

“We need to get to the hospital. It’s Wufei...”

//What’s happening...//


//I have to help them. They can’t...I won’t....// Wufei couldn’t finish the thought. The nightmare still haunted his mind, it was so vivid. Heero, Duo, Trowa, and Quatre all dead and scattered on the war-torn ground. Their light gone forever?

//I won’t let them DIE!//

He tried to get out of the hospital bed, each slight movement shot pain through his body. He still hadn’t fully recovered, but he didn’t care.

The door was jerked open and everyone ran into his room, each one frantic and worried.

“It’s time...”

“Oz is going to attack.” Lumin stated, blood dripping from her clenched fists. She turned to look at Orion, sharing a look and nod.

“We have to stop them.” Quatre stated worriedly, Duo was still pale.

“I’m coming!” Wufei demanded


“Duo, I’m going”

“I said no, you’re still hurt. I’ll be damned if I let you go into battle.” The braided pilot retorted. He knew that they were about to face their toughest battle.

//If I have to give my life...they will make it out alive.//

Wufei threw the covers off his body, intending on getting up and walking out of the room, but Duo pinned him down with his weight.

“I’m sorry Wufei, this is for your own good.”

Wufei felt a needle pierce his skin, his vision began to blur. He reached out with his hand.




“Let’s go.”

Duo turned to face the three older teens, “You are not going either.”

“Duo..” Orion began

“Don’t, it is our job to protect you all...”

“but we..”

“Su, he’s right.” Heero said to his older sister.

“Trowa, Quatre lets go.”

“duo..no....” Wufei whimpered in his drug induced sleep.

Orion, Lumin, and Setsuna watched the retreating backs of the pilots, once they were out of the building they began to plan.

“I’ll pilot Nataku, they are going to need all five gundams.”

“Are you sure Su?”

“Yes. We’ll hold them off as long as we can. Meet with D and E at the lab.”

“Be careful.”

“I will be. You two get there as fast as you can, we’re depending on you two and Duo...”


The four pilots fought with everything they had.

Arcs of green fire decimated a few moble suits that confronted Deathscythe Omega. Duo destroyed suit after suit, his determination fueled by his need to protect his family, his love.

Sandrock and Heavyarms fought side by side. They moved together, movements gracefully deadly as they destroyed suit upon suit.

Heero blasted away with his buster gun, he didn’t see the twins suits stalking up behind him until it was too late. His eyes were wide with surprise as he prepared himself.

“Heero!!” Duo screamed out...

The two suits were engulfed in blazing fire, the cries of the enemy pilots were almost audible beyond the melting metal.

Duo and Heero saw Nataku spear through the sky, landing smoothly on the ground beside them.


A communication’s visual popped up on their screens, revealing Setsuna in the cockpit.

“Are you okay Heero?” concern filled her voice.

“What are you doing, Su?”

“Saving your ass little brother.” She said before launching the gundam into a small group of suits.


The battle continued, both sides fighting with every ounce of strength. The gundams were losing, the sheer amount of suits was overwhelming. Oz had them trapped by squads of Leos and Aries and two new types of suits, similar to the blue proto-type they destroyed.

The new suit types were few in number, but they were superior to the gundams. The only one that could damage them was Duo’s gundam. He kept them away from the others, but even he was tiring.


He turned his gundam in time to see Sandrock go down, sparks flying from the fallen gundam. To his horror, the advanced suits moved in on the other three gundams. Heavyarms’ arm and left leg were severed with a beam saber, Nataku too a volley of fire to it’s body falling in a heap of damaged metal.

“Heero!! Get out of there!!” Duo yelled through the communicator, but his cries were too late. One suit got past the Wing’s defenses and it’s saber struck the gundam. Wing fell to the ground, beside the other fallen gundams. Unable to do anything as the suits backed away to regroup.

“Duo...please save yourself....”

“No!” Tears were streaming from his eyes. //I can’t lose you all. I won’t//

Deathscythe Omega stood in front of the battered gundams, protecting them from the four advanced suits. The beam scythe flared to life, and the black wings extended to their full length.

“You have to get through me You bastards!!” //Someone...give me the strength....onegai//


An image of his brother popped up on his screen, “What are you...”

But before Duo could finish, one of the suits took off into the air and flew towards an incoming cargo plane. He watched as the beam saber sliced through one wing.


The plane fell from the sky and crashed into the ground, flames engulfing the remains. The fire roared into the sky.

‘From the Ashes of defeat the two Avenging Angels will appear to join the third. One as three, Three as one to rise against the enemy’

Enraged, he charged the enemies. Within his fury, Duo pushed his gundam to it’s limits, he fought will cunning precision and frightening fervor. The God of Death had arrived in full force and sought he’s revenge.

His targets cowardly retreated behind a squad of Aries and Leos, Omega swung it’s weapon of choice. If he would have been thinking, Duo would have heard his friends’ distressed calls and he would have known he was way out numbered.

“Get away from our brother!!”


Duo turned on the rear cameras, a visual window popped up. It revealed two suits, so very similar to his. One was in shades of red and orange, like living fire. The other was it’s complete opposite, enriched with different colors of ice blue. The stood there, standing before the raging fire.

With incredible speed, the two strange suits attacked the Oz moble suits. Spheres of ice and fire enveloped and destroyed the enemies, both suits landed beside Deathscythe.

One as three, Three as one

As one, the three suits attacked the group of Oz soldiers.


Heero, Trowa, and Quatre watched in silent awe as the three suits tore through the enemy. They moved like one being, each being and extension of the other two.

“Who are those two?” Heero asked, the communication systems were among the few things working.

“That’s Gundam Isis and Gundam Solaris” Setsuna answered while watching the three siblings dance upon the battlefield.

“How do you know that?” Quatre asked worriedly

“Because I helped to build them.”


“Orion and Lumin are the pilots of those two gundams. They are equal with Deathscythe Omega.” she paused for a moment, collecting herself so the pain she was feeling from her broken arm wouldn’t leak into her voice.

“We’ve been expecting Oz to make a move like this, so we prepared.”

//But was it enough...//


“Shit! They’re running away!!” Duo yelled and was about to follow the bastards...

“Don’t Duo..”

“Why not Lu?”

“We need to get the other’s back to safety...”


“Let’s go, and Lumin?”

“yes Duo...”

“you two have a lot of explaining to do...”


(several hours later at the current safehouse)

“What are we going to do? The gundams are beyond repair..” Quatre stated worriedly.

“How long before Oz regroups and attacks again?” Trowa wondered.

“They took a heavy blow, and need time to build their forces back up. We need to prepare” Orion stated angrily.

“But how can we? The gundams are useless...”

“Su, I think it’s time...”

All eyes fell on the tall woman, she sighed and nodded her agreement.

“Time for what Su?’ Heero asked

“Follow Me”


In a dark room, a single figure was huddled against the wall. The body was shaking with unrepressed sobs of anguish. The girl looked up as the door opened, and revealed a short elderly man. Just the sight made her more afraid.

“What do you want..?”

Dr. J looked at the female, a smirk came to his lips. “You’re going to be the key to the destruction of Duo Maxwell, Tori...”




::grins:: and hides from the readers.

That's it for 'From the Ashes' how'd ya'll like? It took long enough to finish ne? The next big 'fic series' within this arc is a little further down the road. There will be a few smaller fics before I can get to the next fic series. Within these smaller fics we'll see what J has in store for Duo and Tori, what Su is going to show the pilots and Trieze's reaction to his bittersweet victory/loss*

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