Disclaimers: Gundam Wing is not mine, nor do I claim to own them. It all belongs to Sunrise, Bandai and Sotsu. The only thing within that is mine is the plotline.

Warnings: Yaoi, AU?, OOC?, Langauge, Citrus, Angst

Pairings: 1+2+3, 4+?, 5+S

Author: dhuron

Notes: Minna-san, this fic is the sequel to ‘Winning Hand’. Although that fic was sweet and happy, this fic will be a little rough. Angst warnings.


‘Fragile Love’ Part 4


All eyes turned towards the opening door, they focused on the distress face of Wufei. They saw the pain in his deep onyx eyes, and for the first time in Trowa or Heero’s life they prayed.

//Will this Fragile love be enough...//


Heero sprang up from the chair and ran over to where Wufei was.


The Chinese pilot’s head was down, shoulders were slumped almost in defeat. Heero saw all of this and thought the worst. He fell to the floor, his world spinning uncontrollably. His hands pounded on the cold, hard floor while his anguished cries filled the room

Trowa fell to his knees beside Heero, a torrent of tears ran down his face as the light slowly vanished from his world. He pulled Heero into his arms, vainly trying to comfort his lover.

“No....” Quatre slumped against the wall, the pain in his chest gone. He slid down the wall, his face white as the realization came crashing down upon him.


Wufei’s body shook violently, blood dripping from his palms. His gaze remained on the floor as his tears fell from his eyes. His mind retreated to happier times, when Duo was alive and bouncing around with life and energy.



Sally cried her eyes out, they had tried so hard. They managed to get the bullets out of Duo’s body, but it wasn’t enough. She choked on a sob while staring at the monitor, willing it to show any signs of life.

“Why, Duo? why didn’t’ you wait....” she walked over to the prone form on the table, her fist pounding on the unmoving chest. “Damn You!!” Her head fell onto his chest, crying pitifully. She begged and pleaded with him not to leave, the voices of the nurses barely reached her ears as she continued to strike Duo. “Don’t Leave us!!”

“Dr. PO!!!!” one of the nurses shrieked as she looked at the equipment. The machine flickered to life. Sally’s head snapped up and pinned the machine with a hopeful glare.





“By the gods, Sarah go get Wufei!!!”


“no...it can’t be...Duo...don’t leave...” Heero whispered, his voice shaking with tears.

Wufei opened his mouth, about to say something....

“Mr. Chang!”


“Quick...follow me!!!” the nurse rushed back through the doors, Wufei right on her heels.

“duo..” Quatre gasped out, his hand hovering over his heart. He looked up with a smile.

“He’s alive....”