Disclaimers: Gundam Wing is not mine, nor do I claim to own them. It all belongs to Sunrise, Bandai and Sotsu. The only thing within that is mine is the plotline.

Warnings: Yaoi, AU?, OOC?, Langauge, Citrus, Angst

Pairings: 1+2+3, 4+?, 5+S

Author: dhuron

Notes: Minna-san, this fic is the sequel to ‘Winning Hand’. Although that fic was sweet and happy, this fic will be a rough. Angst warnings.

‘Fragile Love’ Part 3


Trowa and Heero heard the phone ringing, but the sound seemed to be far away, the same thought ran through their minds as their hearts threatened to break.

//Please no....Duo....//


Trowa fell to his knees sobbing brokenly, his entire body shook as he cried for the first time since his childhood. The distant ring of the telephone reached his conscious mind, but he was still to upset and distraught to move.

“Duo...gods no....”

Numbly Heero walked over to the vid-phone, his body moving towards the sound while his mind went numb. //No.....// His fingers pressed a few buttons, out of reflex while he denied the fact that his koi was in danger of dying.

“Heero!” Wufei popped onto the screen, his white tank top marred with deep crimson blood. He looked like hell on a good day, his eyes were wide and filled with pain and worry.

Heero blinked out of his pain-filled thoughts, unknowingly to him tears were streaking down his face. He looked at Wufei on the monitor, with a shaken voice he answered.


“Meet Sally and me at her clinic, it’s Duo...”

“Is he...?”

“It’s bad Heero, get there quick...” the connection was severed.

Heero turned towards his upset love and his friend, their watery eyes were on him.

“We need to hurry to Sally’s clinic...”


“It’s bad...Wufei was covered in blood...his blood...” Finally everything came crashing down on the boy’s shoulders, he fell to the ground, crying.


Quatre paced back and forth, his eyes were blood-shot and he kept fumbling with his hands. He briefly looked over to the solemn pilots sitting in the uncomfortable chair. Heero’s head was in Trowa’s lap, the hot tears had almost stopped but every once and a while either Trowa or Heero would break down again. The blonde boy felt the immense pain and despondency they both felt, ten fold, the negative emotions were clawing at his heart and threatening to mortally wound his soul.

“Trowa...I’m scared...” Heero whispered brokenly, he felt very tired and emotional drained. He absently wondered if this was why Dr. J had tried so hard to condition all emotions out of him.

“I am too, koi. He can’t leave us...he promised!” Trowa bit back the tears. He just couldn’t bear a world without Duo.

//Onegai Duo, don’t leave us. We need you so much...//

“He’ll be fine guys, Death can’t die. He’ll be back to normal soon...he has to be...” Quatre whispered between the tightness in his throat.

Trowa looked up at the clock once again, Duo had been in emergency surgery for over four hours now. Wufei had greeted them when they arrived and told everything he knew. It was very bad, Duo was hanging on by a thread. His last words echoed in Trowa's head.

~~He’s fighting to stay alive, fighting to stay with you two...~~

All eyes turned towards the opening door, they focused on the distress face of Wufei. They saw the pain in his deep onyx eyes, and for the first time in Trowa or Heero’s life they prayed.

//Will this Fragile love be enough...//