Disclaimers: Gundam Wing is not mine, nor do I claim to own them. It all belongs to Sunrise, Bandai and Sotsu. The only thing within that is mine is the plotline.

Warnings: Yaoi, AU?, OOC?, Langauge, Citrus, Angst, Blood, emotional torture?

Pairings: 1+2+3, 4+?, 5+S

Author: dhuron

Notes: Minna-san, this fic is the sequel to ‘Winning Hand’. Although that fic was sweet and happy, this fic will be a little rough. Angst warnings in future chapters.


‘Fragile Love’ Part 2

Duo wanted to cry, his perfect morning ruined because of the mission. //Why me?//

He disentangled himself from both his lovers, kissing each one deeply, and went to the bathroom to get ready.

//This is so not fair...//


The bedroom door closed, bordering on a slam, and the two teenagers on the bed stared for a few moments. Heero sighed, wishing that his braided love didn’t have to leave. He turned his head and looked into the soft green orbs of Trowa. Tentatively he raised his hand so his fingers traced over the tall boy’s cheek. Slowly he leaned over and tasted the softly sweet lips.

Trowa’s hand went around the slim waist and pulled the stoic boy closer to him, deepening the probing kiss. Soft moans left his mouth, his lover’s hands were slowly inching down his body to his straining erection.

“Heero...” he gasped out when he was taken into the hot hand, his hips thrust into the warmth.

“I want you Trowa...”


Deathscythe flew through the moon-less night, it’s flight was rough and the mammoth machine would lose altitude, only to be pulled back up. It was obvious that the pilot was either seriously injured, or the machine had suffered massive damage.

Duo fought to stay awake, unconsciousness slowly was creeping upon him. The metallic taste of his blood filled his mouth, pain coursed through his veins. Weakly he pulled hard on the controls, preventing yet another near fatal collision with the earth. His blood-covered hand reached over to a panel, clumsily messing with the controls he waited, hoping someone would answer his communications. Duo bit back his tears, the pain was getting more intense.

The screen came online, revealing the face of a very sleepy Sally. “Duo?” She rubbed her eyes, before looking at him clearly.

“Sally...I can’t make it to the safe-house. I’ve already nearly killed myself three times.” he was stopped by a loud gasp, his side screaming in agony.

“Maxwell? What happened?” Wufei asked, shock and worry in his tone.

“Gomen...didn’t mean to disturb you two....”

“Don’t be foolish! Can you land your gundam in a safe place?”

Violet met concerned onyx, “I...I can try.”

“We’re on our way. Try and stay awake Duo. We’re be there as soon as we can...” Sally rushed out before disappearing from the screen in a flurry of frantic motions.

“arigato Wu..”

“We’re coming Duo. Keep this channel open...”

“hurry...I don’t know how much longer I can hold on...”

Wufei turned off the monitor and quickly ran to find his clothes, while throwing the garments on he looked over to his beloved. She was pale, he knew she was extremely worried.


“Wufei, he looked....” she couldn’t finish, tears pouring from her eyes. Wufei quickly pulled her into his arms, hugging her tightly.

“I know, we have to hurry.”

“What if he doesn’t....”

“Don’t say that, he’ll make it.”


Trowa and Heero walked into the house after spending the afternoon in town. Although they had a wonderful time together, it still wasn’t perfect. They entered the den and sat on the large couch.

“Do you think he’ll like it?”

“Yes. Heero don’t worry so much. Duo will love it.” Trowa answered, while leaning over to give his koi a quick peck on the cheek.

“Hi guys.” Quatre said as he joined them in the den. He was relieved to see them, all afternoon he had a very unsettling feeling in his chest. But the feeling only increased with each passing moment. His eyes closed as a faint wave of pain flashed through his body, he felt himself falling towards the ground.

Trowa caught the small blond pilot before he hit the ground, worry in his eyes.

“Quatre??” He gently shook the Arabian.

“Something’s wrong...” the blonde gasped out.

“What happened?” Heero asked from behind Trowa, equally as worried.

He closed his eyes and concentrated, his shocked gasped filled the room. “Duo!”

The other two paled, with wavering voices they asked Quatre what was wrong.

“Pain...so much pain....” tears rolled down his eyes....”he’s dying...”

Trowa and Heero heard the phone ringing, but the sound seemed to be far away, the same thought ran through their minds as their hearts threatened to break.

//Please no....Duo....//