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Warnings: Yaoi, AU?, OOC?, Langauge, Citrus, Angst*later chapters*

Pairings: 1+2+3, 4+?, 5+S

Author: dhuron

Notes: Minna-san, this fic is the sequel to 'Winning Hand'. Although that fic was sweet and happy, this fic will be a little rough. Angst warnings in future chapters.

'Fragile Love' Part 1


Duo slowly woke up, noticing that he was so very warm. Usually he woke up cold, since during the night he had a habit of kicking off his covers. The feeling was comforting, he squirmed under the blankets and felt arms around his waist. He opened his eyes and saw Trowa laying beside him, braid in one hand arm around his waist. Turning his head a little he saw Heero sleeping peacefully behind him. One hand joined Trowa's in holding the braid, while the other was also snaked around his waist.

Ever the little imp, Duo decided to have a little fun with his sleeping loves. His hand moved to rest on Trowa's inner thigh, gently running his hands over the soft skin. He moved his hand upwards to gently fondle the growing erection. He smiled when the sleeping boy softly moaned in his sleep.

Not wanting his Hee-chan to feel left out, duo wiggled his bare bottom brushing against Heero's naked manhood.

//Oh, that definitely got his attention//

Duo continued to rub against Heero, loving the feel of his love. It was all so perfect, between the two he loved most, their soft moans and murmurs dancing throughout the room.

His hand finally encircled Trowa and slowly began to stroke his lover, all the while he continued to stimulate his other lover.


Trowa was slowly waking from his peaceful dream. Only to find out it wasn't a dream, through half-opened eyes he saw Duo between himself and Heero. Those talented hands were pleasuring him, the feel of Duo's hands wrap, lovingly, around his aching arousal was sheer pleasure. Soft moans left his lips.

Trowa noticed his love was also teasing Heero, but what Duo didn't know was that Heero was awake as well. Their eyes locked, with a faint gesture to each other they began their counter-attack.

Duo yelped from Heero's nipping on his ear, and Trowa's hand on his erection.

"Guess I'm caught.." he said without remorse

"Aa..you are."

"The question is, what shall we do with you. Any suggestions Heero?"

Duo looked from Trowa to Heero, knowing he was in for it and loving every minute of it. He brushed against Heero again, shivering from the gasp the other pilot couldn't contain.

Heero's hand joined Trowa's on Duo, milking sweet whimpers and moans.

Duo back arched against Heero, he was close and voiced his pleasure...

"DUO!!!" Quatre called from downstairs..



"Get out of bed, you've got a mission!!"

Duo wanted to cry, his perfect morning ruined because of the mission. //Why me?//

He disentangled himself from both his lovers, kissing each one deeply, and went to the bathroom to get ready.

//This is so not fair...//