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Warnings: Angst!, Yaoi, Language?, depression, tear-jerker Lemon *just read*, OOC and AU*after war*, just in case but considering this is after the war....

Pairings: 1+2/1X2

author: dhuron

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Notes: This is the fourth part of the ‘Otherside’ challenge. It was meant to be a one shot fic, but turned into this multi-part fic. This is actually part “B” of three To understand and not get lost you must have read ‘Otherside’ Version 1, ‘Facing Truth’ “Possession”. I think this will be the last part of this series, perhaps at a later time I’ll throw in a sappy epilogue of sorts.

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“...” words
//..// thoughts


[Morning smiles
like the face
of a newborn child,
innocent, unknowing]

The sunlight slowly filled the room, Duo’s eyes fluttered opened. His smile was as radiant as the sun itself. He felt safe in Heero’s strong arms. //Is this what home is?// He turned around so he could watch him while sleeping. //He looks so peaceful.//

[Winter's end
of a long lost friend.
Speaks to me of comfort]

Duo could feel the darkness, that was his prison, fade into the dawning sun. Carefully he moved closer to the slumbering form, he could feel Heero breathing on his cheek. His lips hovered over an ear. “Thank You” was the soft whisper. He hesitated for a long time, not sure if he should or not. //Please don’t leave me like everyone else// Gently he kissed the parted lips.

[but I fear
I have nothing to give.
I have so much
to lose here in this lonely place.
Tangled up in your embrace
there's there's nothing I'd like better than to fall]

Heero woke when the bed shifted, //What is he doing//, His heart swelled when Duo moved closer to him. It took everything he had to remain still when he felt Duo’s head moving closer to his. “Thank You” //Duo.// The raw emotional within those two words threatened to overwhelm Heero. His breathing stopped when those lips touched his. //He’s kissing me// He opened his eyes and kissed back, trying to put all the emotion he had into their first real kiss.

[but I fear
I have nothing to give]

Duo whimpered into the kiss, feeling the passion within Heero. He pulled back in need of air, and looked into Prussian blue eyes. Duo saw the true depth of Heero and his feelings, it made him all the more scared and special at the same time. He buried his head into Heero’s chest and softly cried, but this time not from depression. //Let it last//

[Wind in time
rapes the flower
trembling on the vine
and nothing yields to shelter
from above.
They say temptation will destroy our love.
The never ending hunger]

Heero held him closer, both their tears falling to be absorb by the sheets. The joined together, bonding with one another. “Welcome back Duo, Ai shiteru” He buried his head in the junction of the shoulder and neck. “Stay with me?” He asked, the question barely a whisper yet holding the weight of Heero’s heart.

[but I fear
I have nothing to give
I have so much
to lose here in this lonely place
tangled up in our embrace
there's nothing I'd like better than to fall]

“I love you too. You are the only reason why I stayed alive, the only reason I live now. I’d do anything for you.” Duo confessed to the only person his heart belonged to. He pulled Heero on top of him, “Take away the fear, take what I have to give. My unconditional love.”

[but I fear
I have nothing to give.
I have so much to lose.
I have nothing to give.
We have so much to lose...]

Heero stared down into the violet eyes brimming with tears. He slowly kissed away the two that fell from Duo’s eyes. “Then take my doubt and guilt for leaving you. Take my undying love.” He felt Duo’s hands rest on his hips, he kissed Duo again.

“I’m sorry for...” Duo was silenced once again by a deep kiss and a thrust of Heero’s hips. “No more apologies.” His hands started to roam Duo’s chest, all of the little moans and whimpers excited him further. “Onegai? Take Me?”

[Tangled up in your embrace
there's there's nothing I'd like better than to fall]

Heero looked at Duo, nude and panting with desire. When he thought Duo was prepared enough he withdrew his fingers and squeezed some more gel onto his hands.

While watching Duo, he covered his erection with the cool gel, Prussian blue eyes filled with barely controlled lust and passion. “Duo” he whispered, placing his hand on Duo’s cheek He pushed past the tight ring, slowly filling Duo. The tears poured from Duo’s eyes, but not from pain. He felt Heero moving deeper into him, the sensation was threatening to overwhelm him. He heard his name fall from Heero’s lips.

The thrust slowly went deeper and faster. Closer and closer they came, burning fire blazing their blood, emotions coalescing, the wave of pleasure coursed through their bodies. Duo screamed Heero’s name when orgasm hit, his seed exploded from the sensitive tip. The blinding ecstasy shot through his veins, he clamped down on Heero’s engorged sex still within him. Heero felt the burning in his loins, he knew he was close. Duo’s cataclysmic orgasm sent him over the edge, the tight channel squeezed his erection almost painfully. The first ribbon exploded from Heero, with each thrust his seed coated Duo. Heero’s shout matched Duo’s for intensity, his orgasm still hitting him hard. His body started shaking from the sheer power. He could feel his vision blurring, his mind was on the verge of shutting down. Slowly the fire receded, his erection stopped pulsing. Heero almost collapsed on Duo, but he managed to carefully withdrawal from Duo’s body and fall to his side.

Two bodies laid together, spent from their union. Heero pulled Duo into his arms and kissed him deeply. “Ai shiteru Duo”

Duo looked into the eyes of his angel, “I love you too. Forever?” He laid his head on Heero’s chest, the melodious beating of his heart slowly lulled him to sleep. “Hai, Forever koi.”



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