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Extra Notes: HEAVY ANGST!!

Notes: Minna this is a complete AU, meaning no gundams. They guys are about 20 and 21. Any others notes needed will be provided at the beginning of each chapter.

“Falling” Part 12


Duo watched as his koi entered the flower shop, a shiver ran through his body as he realized his love was going to buy him something. He closed his eyes and let the cool wind whip around his body, the night had been absolutely perfect

The next thing he knew was himself being grabbed and yelling. Duo quickly opened his eyes and saw four police officers in front of him, someone had a tight hold on him and he felt something hard and cold pressed to his temple. The American began to panic, he was being held at gun-point.

Duo heard a strangled gasp and looked towards the sound. //Heero.//

“Stop now, or this guy gets it.” Duo heard the words and ice began to creep into his blood. Was he going to die, after finally finding happiness?

“Let him go, please.” Heero called out, fearing for the life of his soul-mate

“Mueller, release him and put your gun down. Now!” One of the officers yelled, in fury. He was pissed that the criminal had gotten away from them and stolen one of their weapons. He looked at the hostage, and the other man. He felt himself burning in rage that the piece of shit would threaten someone’s life.

Mueller looked, with disgust, at the police. He wouldn’t be taken alive, then he turned to the other man and saw the worry within the blue eyes. Making sure the exotic man was watching, he licked Duo ear. His hot pink flesh traced his hostage’s lobe before sliding further into the warm cavern. A soft moan lips his lips, it had been far too long since he had indulged in the carnal pleasures of sex. A strangled whimper went to his growing cock, and he smiled as the beautiful man tried to pull away. His eyes narrowed as the man, who he assumed was the lover of the tasty body in his arms, moved forward.

“Stay back, or your lover here will pay the price.” Just to emphasize his point, his free hand moved down Duo’s chest and grabbed the soft flesh between those soft thighs. He roughed handled the other man, bringing painful whimpers and gasps.

Heero was outraged, how dare that person treat his lover like that. He was about to kick the guy’s ass, but the gun was aimed at him now.

“I told you to stay back.” His grip on Duo tightened. “Now I’ll just have to kill you...”

“No! Heero stay back, please.” Duo pleaded, tears in his eyes. He didn’t care what happened to himself, as long as Heero was safe.


Mueller saw that this was his chance, he started backing away from the others and made his way to a car. He threatened the elderly lady, forcing her out of the car and got into the vehicle. He floored the gas and they raced down the street, Duo let the tears fall as he was taken away from his love. //Heero...//


“Just how long are we suppose to wait?” Hilde screamed at the detective, in rage and sorrow. Three days had passed since Duo was taken by criminal. She looked over at everyone else in the room, each one wearing a similar expression except for Heero.

The Japanese man had hardly said three words after seeing his love being taken away. He had retreated into himself, leaving a cold shell for the world to see. He tried to block out the horrid images that his love could be going through, each one worse than the last. He tried to focus on the happier memories, spending time with Duo and holding the braided man.

Trowa looked over at Heero, his heart aching even more for the other’s pain. He sat with Quatre safely beside him. The blonde insisted on coming along, even though he was suppose to still be in the hospital bed. His koi refused to stay in bed while his best friend was in danger. Trowa smiled, in amusement, as the nurses and doctors came rushing in to get him back onto the bed and his deadly glare and icy voice.

Trowa’s amusement was quickly squashed as reality came back, Duo was in terrible danger.

“We have to do something!” Sally nearly screamed at the lead detective, while holding onto Wufei. Fresh tears rolled down her face and Sally buried her head against her love’s chest.

“We’re trying our best, but Mueller is hiding somewhere. I’ve got all the manpower we can spare looking for them. Please, I know it’s hard, but have faith.” The female detective said, trying to make them understand.

“What the fuck would you know about it?” Heero yelled, breaking his silence. He glared at the female, his body shaking.

“Because that asshole’s brother kidnapped my grandfather three years ago.” Dorothy said, glaring back at the Japanese man.


The resounding slap filled the darkened room, driving away the bleak emptiness. The dark-haired man glared at his hostage. Just the site of those violets eyes infuriated him, his fist rose and connected with Duo’s face once again.

“No one will want you now.” He said, bitterly Duo’s head was thrown to the side from the force of the blow, blood erupted from his mouth and landed on the cold floor. He heard the venomous words, and didn’t want to believe them. They did ring true, except Heero wanted him. Someone wanted him, so Mueller was wrong.

The other man didn’t answer, and Mueller became enraged. His fists came down in a flurry of lightening fast hits, beating the once beautiful man. He started yelling at Duo because the American wouldn’t say a word, he’d just take the punishment. Heero would come for him, but if his beloved didn’t make it in time he swore he’d never give Mueller the satisfaction of hearing him scream in pain.

Mueller finally pulled away, breathing hard. The tied man didn’t even scream out, he didn’t know why that pissed him off even more but it did. The dark-haired man quickly went to find the object he’d need, Mueller intended on marring the beauty.

Duo’s eyes widened in sheer panic when Mueller returned holding a pair of scissors, he knew what the other man planned to do. He thrashed in the chair, trying to get away.

“So this is all it would’ve taken? I should have thought of it sooner, what’s to your beauty without this glorious mane of hair.” With those words he grabbed the long braided, pulled Duo’s head back, and severed it from the braided man. He held it up for a minute before dangling it in front of Duo’s eyes. “Now, no one will want you and I will make sure of it.’

The tears left Duo’s eyes as the long rope of hair was thrown across the room, landing in the darkness beyond his sight.