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Notes: Minna this is a complete AU, meaning no gundams. They guys are about 20 and 21. Any others notes needed will be provided at the beginning of each chapter.


“Falling” Part 11


“How are you feeling, love?”

“Better, the pain medication helps a bunch.” Quatre paused to gather his disarrayed thoughts. “Trowa, we need to talk.” His blue eyes looked straight into his love’s eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me about Duo?”

“Quatre...I didn’t...”

“Didn’t what, Trowa? Think? I wish I would have known he was the one I took you from.” the blonde shook his head, laughing. “I should’ve known, you two just had some kind of chemisty. I thought that it was just you two fit with each other, I didn’t know I was the cause of your breakup.”

“Koi..please..” Trowa began, he saw the tears start to flow.

“No. Listen to me, Trowa. I love him, maybe not the same as I do you. Duo is very important to me, and I caused him the greatest pain. I took you away from him, only to bring him into our bed that one time.” His shoulders began to shake, “how could you do that to Duo and me? Did you not think I’d find out? Why?”

The taller boy sat in the chair, not able to speak past the tightness in his throat. He was wrong, horrobably greedy for wanting them both. He just couldn’t go on without them both, and in his ultimate greed he hurt the two people he loved with his whole heart. “I’m sorry, Quatre. I just couldn’t see past my own lust and need. I wanted you both, and I hurt you both. I almost killed Duo with my actions.” He bowed his head and cried, the tears poured down his face. Duo’s words coming back with a vengaence, each a stab into his soul. All he could see was Duo’s crying eyes overlapped by Quatre. What had he done?

The blonde watched as his lover cried, everything was a huge mess. Duo had forgiven them both, but somehow he knew the braided boy still ached. What must he have endured when he was with Trowa, kissing him and teasing him? How did his friend feel when they would hold hands, walk down the street tightly embraced?

“Trowa...do you love me?” Quatre needed to know, did Trowa love him as intinesly as he loved the taller boy.

Intense green eyes looked at Quatre in shock and hurt, of course he loved the bonde angel. Had he really damaged their relationship that much, he could feel his world cracking. “do you love me? can you love a bastard like myself? If you wish Quatre, I’ll never now and never bother you again.” He rose to his feet, intent on leaving the room and his last chance at hope. //I don’t deserve him, or happiness.//


He turned to face his love, and saw the burning tears. “I’m sorry, Quatre. I’m so sorry...”

“Don’t go...please don’t leave....I need you...” he begged. “just hold me...”

Trowa quickly joined his blonde love on the bed, pulling Quatre against his chest. He just held the other boy while their tears fell. “I love you so much...”


Wufei leaned down and kissed his beloved’s forehead, Sally was still resting peacefully. He smiled softly and walked towards the small kitchen, she was so special to him. The Chinese man was going to surprise her with a fancy, homecook dinner.


Duo finished rearranging his clothing, a silly smile on his lips. The braided man walked over to his lover, who was bent over tying the yellow sneakers, and smacked his ass. The sound filled the empty lab, sending a shiver of excitement down his spine. “I can’t believe we just made love in the school’s lab.” He laughed aloud, knowing the room would always bring a smile to his face.

“Bets doing the experiment, love.” Heero pulled his lover into his arms and kiss him again. He squeezed Duo extra tight for a few moments, everything felt perfect. The Japanese man had the one he loved, in his arms, and Duo loved him back. Was this how Wufei and Sally felt, how had he lived this long without knowing these warm feelings. “Duo, lets go somewhere. Dinner?”

“What about the assignment?”

“Let’s not worry about it, I’d rather spent time with you.” Heero replied, staring into the deep, loving eyes.

“Let’s go, Heero. I can’t think of anything else I want more.”


The two lovers walked down the street, each smiling at one another. They had a wonderful, quiet dinner together. Duo talked about his past and friends, sharing more of himself with Heero. The Japanese man found himself falling deeper as Duo revealed more of himself. His beloved was so strong. They walked by a flower shop, and Heero had an idea.

“Wait here, love? I’ll be right back.”

“Ok, love.”

Heero entered the flower shop and walked towards the red roses he saw. Carefully he selected the most beautiful red one and took it to the counter. For some reason, his hands began to sweat as the nice lady wrapped the flower and took his money. Heero was nervous, he had never bought a rose for anyone but for some reason he wanted his Duo to have a rose. It was meant to be a symbol of his love.

“Thank You.” The Japanese boy said to the sweet lady while walking out of the shop. He stopped in horror at the sight, the rose falling to the ground.

“Stop now, or this guy gets it.” Some man yelled at the three police officers, while holding a gun to Duo’s temple.


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