Rating: R for this part, overall NC-17

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Notes: Minna this is a complete AU, meaning no gundams. They guys are about 20 and 21. Any others notes needed will be provided at the beginning of each chapter.

“Falling” Part 10

Heero, how are we suppose to do this lab? It’s biology lab is locked...” Duo stated, hoping it meant they could stay and make hot passionate love...

“I’ve got the key....Let’s go. The sooner we finish....” Heero left his statement hanging in the air, they both knew what he meant.

Duo followed Heero, in actuality he was watching Heero’s ass as his gorgeous love walked. He sighed in exasperation, really wanting Heero. His arousal brushed, teasingly, against the metal zipper with each step he took. //Gods...I need him so much...//


The lab was dark save for a few halogen lights in the far corner. Heero looked around for a switch, finding one he flipped it on. The brightness blinded them momentarily before their eyes adjusted.

"Saaaa...." Duo breathed as they walked over to a lab station. "So what's this lab anyway?"

Heero looked at his beloved, Duo was nibbling on his lower lip. He looked so damn kawaii, and sexy. Growling lowly, Heero focused his attention on finding the materials that they would need.

“Duo the lab paper is on the teacher’s desk, get it out and read over it. I’m going to get the materials.”

Duo stuck his tongue out at his lover's back as he sauntered over to the desk, too bad Heero didn't notice that.... might have changed his mind about the lab.

In actuality, Heero had noticed his lover's display and was regretting his resolve. 'Damn it, Duo! Why do you have to be so sexy?'


While Heero was gathering the materials, Duo began to read over the lab. In his opinion it was boring and a waste of time. //I wonder if I could....// With an evil gleam in his eye, Duo placed the paper back onto the desk and began to unbutton his shirt.

“Duo, are you reading over the information?” Heero called from the supply closet.

“Hai, Hee-chan”

The open shirt fell from his shoulders, pooling on the floor. Next his fingers went to the button on his jeans.

At the plop of material Heero pulled his head out of the closet.... His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he gazed upon his nude lover..... The moonlight shown in the large window, glistening on the pale skin. Heero was sure there was a puddle of drool forming below him as he continued to stare at the elfin creature. He felt his cock harden into a solid pulsating erection, his pants becoming far too tight.

Duo smiled at him and began to idly drift over to his rock-hard, drooling lover. Heero watched, eyes transfixed, groin aching, as Duo put a seductive sway into his hips. Anymore of this sweet torture and Heero was sure he'd cum then and there.

"Hello, lover," Duo breathed in a low, sexy voice, against Heero's ear.

Heero shuddered as he felt the heat radiating off Duo's sensuous body. That mixed with that low, thrumming voice. He lifted a hand slowly and caressed the soft cheek of his beautiful lover. Duo practically purred, nuzzling the hand like a cat, violet eyes falling shut. Suddenly, aforementioned eyes snapped open and Duo licked his lips, sending another shiver spiraling down Heero's back and making his loins quiver in anticipation of taking his beloved.

Duo watched as the deep blue eyes darkened with lust, he had waited so very long. He was addicted to Heero, after only one taste. The other was in his blood, and Duo needed Heero.

“Heero....strip for me....” Duo watched as his sexy beloved teased his shirt off, fingers brushing against the hardened nipples. Heero’s shirt was thrown across the lab, he slowly played with his chest. Tracing patterns across his abdomen, he looked up at Duo. Violet orbs locked with prussian, then were gone. Heero blinked before he felt his pants being fumbled with, the nimble fingers ghosting across the bulge of his erection

“Nnnnn..Duo.....” Heero moaned. With a mental smirk, he moved away from the wonderful hot hands. His hand slid into his pants, while his hips thrust forward. Heero brought his other hand to his lips, tongue darting out to seductively lick them before sucking them into the moist cavern. “Nnnnnnn” He pinned Duo with a lustful look, hips gyrating slightly. “Do you want me Duo?” Slowly he stroked his hard arousal, the head poking out from the waist-band of the boxers.

“heero..” Duo moaned, trying to catch his breathe. His arousal twitched from the sight, precum oozing down the burning length.

Heero moaned as his hand left his boxers, only to move to his lips. His pink tongue licked the warm seed, proof of his passion for Duo.

Slowly his hands pushed the pants down, over the slim hips and down the long muscular legs. He kicked them to the side, and stood before Duo clad only in a pair of boxers. Once again his hand slipped underneath the thin material, grasping himself. With long, solid strokes he teased Duo and himself. “oh...gods.....Duo.........”

Duo whimpered, his body quivering violently, but he nodded his understanding.

"Good," Heero purred, rubbing against his trembling lover. Duo threw his head back and groaned, Heero took that as an offering and bit down on the long column of milky flesh. Duo yelped at the pain, but did not pull away as Heero laid his make upon Duo's body.


"Mmmm, yours...." Duo murmured.

Heero pulled the boy to him, their mouths crushing together passionately. Duo could taste his blood upon Heero's lips, it was bitter and tangy. Getting fed-up with the teasing, Duo reached behind Heero's head, grabbing the hair at the nape of the neck, and broke the kiss, pulling Heero away from him. Their faces were mere inches apart as sparking violet bore into swirling prussian. "Fuck... now... need you.... need you.... now!" Duo emphasized his need by grinding into the man before him.

Heero kissed his koi hard and passionately, nibbling on his lover’s lower lip. For so long he had been denied, first because he thought he blew it with Duo, then because of the prior events. Now that Heero had Duo, naked and thrusting against him he wouldn’t hold himself back. “Duo...” Heero took Duo’s cock into his hand, feeling the precum of his lover.

“koi.....Ahh...please...” he whimpered, hips wantonly thrusting upward into Heero’s hand. His moans and whimpers filled the room.

Heero lifted Duo and placed him on the lab table, spreading his koi’s legs his head went down and took Duo’s arousal into his mouth.

“Oh gods!” Duo screamed into the empty lab, his eyes squeezed shut. He fisted his hands in Heero’s soft hair, guiding the Japanese man’s mouth up and down his erection. The braided man’s hips thrust his searing flesh into his lover’s mouth, while Heero’s tongue teased the underside of his shaft. “Heero...” Duo spread his legs wider while throwing his head back. Cries of ecstasy left his lips when his love began to prepare him. “Koi...please.” he begged his lover. Duo wanted to be claimed, he needed to feel complete. Unintelligible moans and whimpers left his parted mouth while be began to thrust back, pushing the long fingers deeper inside his body.

Heero’s mouth sucked harder and he bobbed his head faster, each of Duo’s sensual moans pushed him closer to losing all control and climaxing. He heard his vocal lover scream into the room, thrusting his wet cock deeper down his throat. Duo was so close, the fey beauty’s body began to hum with pure sexual energy. Heero reached down and squeezed his own hardness, gasping from the wetness. He moaned, sending vibrations along Duo’s throbbing cock. With another cry, Duo’s passion filled Heero’s mouth.

The Japanese youth released Duo’s softening arousal and spit the warm seed into his hand. Cobalt looked deep into twin oceans of violet as Heero coated himself with Duo’s essence. “Duo...”

“want you, Heero.” The braided boy spread his legs further apart, and leaned back onto the table.

Heero rose from his knees and wrapped Duo’s long slender legs around his waist. His hands rested on the other man’s hips, slowly pushing the head of his erection into Duo’s body. “Koi!” the Japanese man cried out, head thrown back in pleasure, as inch by inch he sank into Duo’s burning tightness. Heero paused after he was fully seated, brushing soft kissed on the braided man’s lips. His hips began to move, slow sensual gyrations. Each movement sent shivers racing through their blood. With each thrust, Heero declared his unspoken feelings with a gentle kiss. Each thrust grew in speed and intensity, they both moaned and moved against each other.

Duo whimpered and thrashed underneath his lover, each thrust taking him closer to climax. He raked his nails down Heero’s body as the fire in his blood began to gather at his groin. “Gods...Heero!” he cried as his second orgasm hit him. His body quivered, as he climaxed all over Heero and his lower bodies. Duo could still feel Heero pounding into his body, he clamped down on the pounding flesh.


“Koi!” Heero shouted, thrusting into Duo’s body once more before he climaxed. His passion filled and claimed Duo once again, his body still moved with the roaring waves of pleasure. His head fell onto the violet-eyed man’s chest, gasping to catch his breath. They both laid on the lab table, spent and sated.

Duo opened his mouth, to say something, but closed it hurriedly. He wasn’t sure if he could vocalize his feelings. He was scared that once he said it, he’d be abandoned again. Heero must have noticed, because when he looked down his eyes met Heero’s deep blue ones.

“Duo? What’s wrong?” //Did I do something wrong? Please...don’t leave me...//

“I love you.” Duo finally admitted, knowing that this time it was different. This time it was true love, and that Heero wouldn’t leave him. “I love you, Heero.”

“Duo...” Heero whispered, choked with emotion. “I love you, too.” He buried his head under his love’s chin, and squeezed Duo tight. Finally things were set right between them.