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Author: dhuron

Rating: R for this part, overall NC-17

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Notes: Minna this is a complete AU, meaning no gundams. They guys are about 20 and 21. Any others notes needed will be provided at the beginning of each chapter.



Duo and Heero were talking in the comfortably small room. They talked about themselves, friends, interests, hobbies and the such. Just getting to know each other, Duo found out they had many common interests.

The telephone interrupted their discussion.



“Hey Hilde...why do you sound upset?”

“Duo you need to get down here.”

Fear started to fill his being, he had a very bad feeling.

“What happened Hilde?”

“Duo..it’s your friend.”


“Quatre...hurry and get here.”

Heero sprang from the bed to prevent Duo from falling to the floor. “What’s wrong?”

“Quatre....something happened. That was Hilde..she works in the hospital...” he choked out.

“this is my fault Heero...what have I done....”

His head fell onto the other’s shoulder, his hands clutching at Heero’s shirt. //What have I done....//

“I’ll never forgive myself...”

Heero lifted his beloved’s chin, their eyes meeting, he brushed away the tears with the back of his hand.

“Duo, don’t blame yourself. Please don’t blame yourself.”


“Ssh, come on I’ll drive you over there.”


//I can’t lose him!! Why won’t those bastards tell me anything!!// Trowa mentally screamed. He had paced for what seemed like hours, when it was only about twenty minutes. Finally he collapsed in a chair, the tears falling once again.


The distraught youth looked up, he saw Duo standing at the doorway crying as well.

He tried to speak, to say anything, but he couldn’t.

Duo walked into the waiting room, over to his friend, and pulled Trowa into his arms. He held his friend as tight as he could, both shaking with anguish and worry.

“I can’t lose him Duo...I can’t stand losing another...” his grip on Duo’s waist was painfully tight, Trowa tried to control himself but couldn’t. The onslaught was far too great.


“I can’t...I’ve lost you...you hate me now....I can’t lose him too....” He sobbed uncontrollably, the dam had been breached the sobs and cries were desolate. He sank to his knees, finally unable to hold himself up.

Duo fell too his knees as well, shocked at the admission of Trowa. The guilt hit him tenfold.

“Trowa, I’m so sorry..this is all my fault....”

The taller youth moved his gaze from the ground to the pain-filled violet eyes.

“I don’t hate you...I could never hate you...” Duo whispered.

“I thought...but...” His hands fell on Duo’s shoulders...

“I was upset...So much pain that I tried to hide...I didn’t mean it!!”

Trowa nearly fell backwards when Duo practically flung himself. The sobbing boy chanted ‘I’m so sorry’ repeatedly...

“I’m sorry Duo...so much has gone wrong...but I need you...what if...”

“No! No what ifs...He’ll be fine...”

“I’m so scared.”

“It’s okay Trowa, he’ll be fine.”

Both looked up, the sound of footsteps coming their way alerted them. Within a few moments the doctor appeared in front of the two distressed friends.

“Are you two friends of Mr. Winner?”

“Yes” Duo answered.

“Is he all right??” //Please let him be...// Trowa bowed his head, preparing for the worse.

“He’ll be fine. Mr. Winner was very lucky, that wreck could have very well killed him. His left leg is in a cast, and he has bruises covering his body. It’s not as bad as it looks.”

They both felt the tension leave their bodies, Quatre would be fine.

“Can we see him?” Duo asked

“Normally only one could, but just this once....” The doctor left his statement unfinished, he gave them the room number on his way out.

“I’ll be right there Trowa...”


Duo walked over to where Heero was sitting.

“He’s going to be fine.”

“I’m glad”

“I’m going to stay with him..”

“Are you going to need anything?”

Duo grasped the Japanese youth’s hand and pulled him to his feet, then tightly hugged him.

“As long as I know you here for me, I’m fine”

“I’ll always be here Duo.”


Duo joined Trowa in the small hospital room. Quatre was on the bed, his small figure almost enveloped by the blankets, pillows and cast. He walked over and sat on the other side of the bed, opposite of Trowa.

They sat in silence for a couple of hours, each one holding one of Quatre’s pale hands. They both jumped when a small whimper came from the bed.



“Hai little one.”

“’m glad you’re here...”

“Go back to sleep, we’ll still be here when you wake.”

One blue eye opened slightly, Quatre looked around. He saw both of them with him.

“arigato...” he whispered before sleep claimed him