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Parings: 2+3,(implied 3X2/2X3), implied 2+4,
3+4/4+3,3X4, implied 2+H, 1+2+1, 1X2,5XS

Author: dhuron

Rating: R for this part, overall NC-17

+++++ beginning/ending flashback/dream
~~~~~ scene/POV change

Notes: Minna this is a complete AU, meaning no gundams. They guys are about 20 and 21. Any others notes needed will be provided at the beginning of each chapter.

Extra Notes: LEMON!!!! 5XS and perhaps 3X2 Lemon??

“Falling” Part 6


Wufei joined Sally on the couch, finally they had some time alone and he knew just how he wanted to spend it. He took her hand into his, and held them over his heart.

“Wufei” she whispered while staring into his eyes, still she would fall into the deep black orbs of her beloved. She traced his cheek with her free hand, the act full of endless love and devotion.

Time slowed as two bodies moved closer, lips touched in an explosion of feeling that sent even the gods in awe. Sheer tenderness and unmatched loved composed the kiss, it was passionate, innocent, seductive and sensuous.

Sally’s hands went around her love’s neck, pulled them closer together. Pulling the tie from his pony tail, his hair fell to his shoulders framing his face.

Wufei stared into her loving blue eyes, his hands ran through her hair as hers was his.

Their mouths met once more, their passion grew with each passing moment. Slowly they removed their clothing, flesh meeting flesh.

“Fei..” she moaned as his hands caressed her body. Goose-bumps were left in his fingertip’s wake. Every inch of her skin was sent blazing with passions flame, she returned his caress and kiss with every once of sensuality within her body. Wufei’s eyes shined with an sweltering flame, his entire being consumed by the growing fire.

Her back arched off the sofa as he slowly took her, gently he slid into her body. Their hands intertwined as their bodies connected physically and spiritually.

Sweet moans of ecstasy and cries of passion pushed away the quietude. Sally arched into each slow thrust of her beloved, each one taking her higher and closer to sweet oblivion. Her entire body was blazing with ecstasy’s flame, her hand squeezed his harder . Wufei kiss her deeply and more passionately, he was falling and only she could catch him.

Sally screamed his name as the blazing fire finally sent her over the edge, falling into sweet’s embrace. Her body was caressed by wave after wave of pleasure.

Wufei joined her in rapture’s embrace, crying out her name once climax overtook him.

“Wufei, I love you”

“Wo Ai Ni” he whispered back before pulling her closer and they both surrendered to sleep’s embrace, together.


“It’s okay Duo...” Heero whispered, vowing everything would be fine. //I swear//

Heero him as close to himself as possible, gently rocking back and forth. His hand gently caressed Duo’s back, slowly calming the distraught youth. Finally the shaking had stopped, and he just held him.

Duo stayed in the warm arms, after such a long time he felt warm and safe. He wanted to believe in his blue-eyed angel, wanted to believe this time he wouldn’t be left out in the bleak darkness of loneliness. How ever hard he tried, he knew he couldn’t fight the feelings. Since he could remember, Duo had been falling. He thought Trowa was the one that would catch from falling into darkness.

“Heero...” he whispered while looking into the deep blue eyes, what he found nearly overwhelmed his mind. Unbridled tenderness and love flowed within his eyes.

Duo clung tighter to him, pulling him into a tight hug. His head rested on Heeero’s shoulder.

“please don’t leave me too...”

Finally deciding to follow his own feelings, Duo allowed Heero to catch him.



Trowa looked deep into the violet orbs, drowning in their intensity. “Duo..”

“Trowa, I love you” Duo confessed before his lips met his best friends in a lustful and passionate kiss. His hands slowly started to undress the boy above him. His fingers ran across the firm muscles of Trowa’s abdomen, falling on the button of the tight blue jeans. Trowa’s hand stopped him, if only for a moment.

“Duo..are you sure?”

“Yes. I’ve fallen so hard for you. I’ve been saving myself for my true love, saving myself for you.”

“I love you, Duo.”

Soon the jeans were undone and Duo slid his hand beneath the material to touch his lover. The burning heat from his arousal sent delicious shivers up Duo’s spine. The felt the moisture collecting at the tip, proof that Trowa wanted him as much as he wanted Trowa.

Trowa pulled back from his lover and pulled off his jeans, his arousal standing painfully hard. His eyes looked at the over-dressed figure.

“Duo, may I?” he asked. After the braided beauty nodded his consent, Trowa slowly removed his clothes.

He tugged the black slacks off the soft-toned legs, and let his eyes feast upon Duo. Aroused, nude, and wanting him. He rejoined Duo on the sofa, their mouths connecting in another electrifying kiss. Their bodies moved together, while hands explored the velvety steel of the other. Rock hard erections continuously brushed against each other, eliciting whimpers and moans of pleasure.

Duo pushed Trowa up from his chest, and looked deep into the emerald eyes. His hand encircled the other’s arousal, slowly and teasingly he stroked Trowa before his legs encircled the slim hips. Duo pulled Trowa closer to his body, his hand guiding the hardened flesh to his entrance.

“duo..wait..I don’t wanna hurt you..” Trowa moaned out before he quickly left the erotic scene and ran to find something to use.


The tears wouldn’t stop falling, Trowa’s anguished sobs filled his room. After the scene with Duo, he left and headed home. Crying all the way, he now knew the intense pain his first love went through.

“Forgive me...please..”

Quatre peeked into the room, he still didn’t have any idea what happened. He wanted to know why Trowa was so upset and crying his eyes out. Decision made, he left the hall and headed for the door.

“Duo, we’ve got to talk...”