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Author: dhuron

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Notes: Minna this is a complete AU, meaning no gundams. They guys are about 20 and 21. Any others notes needed will be provided at the beginning of each chapter.

Extranotes: Major Angst warning here. Tissues would be ideal if you might burst into tears. It's toned down, but still rough.....*tchan has gone wild*

“Falling" Part 5


Slowly they moved closer to each other, never
breaking eye contact. Soft lips delicately
met, in their first kiss....

The level of passion within the single kiss nearly drowned them both. Unwillingly, the two broke the bond for air. Duo stared into his best friend’s eyes. Without any words, Duo laid back on the sofa pulling Trowa to lay on top of him...


Duo stopped to look at the entire campus. It was breath-taking, to say the least. With a rare heart-felt smile, he followed Trowa to find his room. Duo was so enthralled by everything that he didn’t notice a pair of shocked cobalt blue eyes.

Trowa and Duo made it to the small room. It was, in all honesty, a very nice single. Personal bathroom, full sized bed, a window out-looking the scenery. //Damn, have to thank Q sometime for this// He sighed happily, before jumping out of his skin when Trowa came up behind him and hugged him. “Trowa, what are you doing?”


Heero looked around the familiar campus grounds. His gaze shifted downwards to the lush green grass. Their was a soft breeze, he noticed as it caressed and ruffled his hair. Thoughts of him raced through his mind, memories of their encounter and the most passionate fantasies. His fantasies were painfully detailed. Heero could feel the texture of the soft skin, smell the soft scent of his hair and the flowers. Hear the wind soar through the trees, and he could see his beloved. Hair undone, flowing and fanning around them, Lips slightly parted, violet eyes filled with compassion and love. Heero shook his head, and sighed again. //Hell even the breeze reminds me of him//

He looked up from the ground and gasp out-loud. The object of his desire, frustration, and love walked passed him. In a complete stupor, Heero watched the lithe figure take in the scenery. //Oh gods, that smile// If it were possible, he would have died right then blissfully happy.

Heero followed them both, making sure not to be noticed. Once he figure out their destination he cursed his decision to live off campus.


“Trowa, what are you doing?”

“I don’t know Duo. I just...” He watched as Duo almost jerked out of his embrace to turn around. Duos’ eyes were filled with confusion and anger?

“Just what?” Duo asked shortly and fiercely. His hands were clenched at his side.

//Don’t...please don’t...//

Trowa swallowed nervously and tried to get his thoughts in order. //Just what? I don’t know...I love you...but I love him too..// He walked up to Duo and kissed him, trying in vain to express his emotions through his actions. He pulled back and opened his eyes, he fell backwards onto the floor when Duo pushed him away.


“Don’t, just leave Trowa” Duo was trying to stop his body from shaking, keep the tears at bay, and his voice even.

Trowa picked himself off the floor and walked back up to Duo. “Duo. Don’t, I love you...” The next thing Trowa knew, was that he was on the floor and his check was stinging.


“Duo. Don’t, I love you...”

Those last three words rocked Duo to the core. Before he could stop it, the anger overwhelmed him and hit Trowa. Those unbelieving green eyes stared at him. “Never tell me that again.” His body was humming, he knew he was about to blow up. “Leave now, before it’s too late...”

“No. I’m not leaving Duo. Why?” Trowa asked, confused and hurting.

Duo whipped around to glare at Trowa. The tears rolled endlessly down his face. He spoke, his voice broken with the raging tears and repressed emotions. “Why? You want to know why? You should know Trowa. It’s your fault.” He spat angrily.


“NO! You’re going to shut the hell up and listen. Do you know how it feels, Trowa, to have your entire life, dreams and future crash in front of your eyes while your hearts slowly shatters? How the hell do you think I felt when I walked in on you two? How do you think I felt to know the only person I loved and gave myself to betrayed me? Do you know how it feels?” Duo looked down at Trowa, some small part of his mind begged him to stop.

The words and emotions behind them hit Trowa in the chest, directly at his heart. It felt like it was slowly being squeezed. “Duo...I’m so sorry..”

Duo’s glare increased, “No, it’s me who’s sorry. Since you pushed this I’m going to tell you everything. You once asked me where I was for those three weeks, well now I’ll tell you....


He was curled up at the toilet, his hair a mess, eyes blood-shot. Duo once again threw-up, before crying his eyes out over his loss. It couldn’t be true, it had to have been a nightmare. “Why..?” He cried brokenly, sobs from a torn and mortally injured soul.

Hilde looked at the crying form on the floor. Her heart went out to her friend. She walked into the bathroom and picked him up. “Duo...” She whispered as she placed him in the bed. She climbed into and pulled him into her arms and let him cry until he finally fell asleep.

//How could he do this to you...//


“I didn’t know..” Trowa whispered brokenly...//gods what did I do//

“Of course you didn’t. No one knew what I went through. I owe my life to Hilde. She stopped me from killing myself.” Duo paused in an attempt to control his emotions. “I know she wants more than I can give.”

“Duo, don’t push me away. I love you” Trowa cried out.

“NO! If you loved me how could you do that to me? Because of you, I’m terrified of falling in love, frightened of those three words. You wanted to know why I was so down after that night. I’m scared to death, as hard as I tried...I fell for him. I’m so scared... I can’t take it again” Duo fell on his knees, crying into his hands.

Trowa’s tears had long ago started. Hearing Duo’s heart-breaking sobs hurt him even more. He finally understood how it felt. “Please don’t hate me...” He whispered before getting up and leaving the room. “don’t hate me Duo....”


Teary blue eyes watched as Trowa left the hall. He didn’t mean to, but Heero heard everything. His eyes turned back to the figure on the floor, crying his eyes out. Without hesitation, Heero entered the room and knelt beside Duo. Those eyes looked deeply into his before Duo fell into his arms, clutching to him with desperation.

“It’s okay Duo...” Heero whispered, vowing everything would be fine. //I swear//