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Author: dhuron

Rating: R for this part, overall NC-17

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Notes: Minna this is a complete AU, meaning no gundams. They guys are about 20 and 21. Any others notes needed will be provided at the beginning of each chapter

"Falling" part 4


Duo slowly woke up, disorientated at first until he remembered the previous night. His cloudy violets eyes looked at the peacefully sleeping face. He gently caressed the soft cheek. //Face it Duo, you’re falling.// Knowing what would happen if he allowed himself to fall for Heero, Duo carefully and quietly left the bed. Quickly he slipped on his clothes and walked over to the bedroom door. With one last backward glance, filled with longing and an aching familiar emotion, Duo left.

(one week later)

Duo stared out the window of the restaurant, his eyes were focused on the dark blue sky. //Just like his eyes.// He mentally slapped himself for that thought. //Get over it, it was only sex. A week ago...//

“Duo are you listening?” He jumped when Trowa placed a hand on his shoulder. He turned and looked at them with a sheepish smile.

“Gomen guys” he sighed in defeat. Looking at his plate, which was untouched, he slowly began to eat the cold fries.

“Duo...” Quatre began to speak, only to be cut off by Trowa.

“It’s been a week Duo, what exactly happened? You’ve been distant and cutoff since that night. I want to know...why?” His emerald eyes were filled with concern and a hint of jealousy . //Why is he moping around? If he hurt him...//

Quatre watched Duo pale during Trowa’s unusual outburst. Faint pangs of pain poked at his heart, //Duo..//. “Trowa calm down, if he doesn’t want to explain don’t force him” his glare reinforced his statement. He then turned to look at Duo, who was still slumped in his seat. “Duo, have you given any thought about going back to school? Maybe it’s what you need...”

Duo looked up from his plate, “Maybe you’re right Quatre”.

Cool green eyes looked from Duo to Quatre and back. He was torn between the two. His mind drifted back to simpler and happier times.


Trowa nervously looked himself over in the small bathroom mirror. //Shit, he’ll be here any minute and...// The doorbell cut off his internal rambling. With one last look in the mirror he left the bathroom and went to great his best friend.

“Hey Trowa!” Duo greeted him with his usual charm. He nodded dumbly and motioned for Duo to enter. They stayed in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes before Trowa spoke up and suggested they go to the video room.

The video was towards the middle when Duo reached over for some popcorn, which happened to be on Trowa’s lap. His hand slightly brushed Trowa’s inner thigh, he quickly looked up to apologize when he was entranced with the emerald green eyes. “Trowa...”

Trowa nearly cried out when Duo’s hand sent thousands upon thousands of goose-bumps up and down his spine. He quickly looked over, after the hand was quickly retracted. His eyes met with Duo’s and he was falling all over again.

Slowly they moved closer to each other, never breaking eye contact. Soft lips delicately met, in their first kiss....


“Trowa...are you coming?” Quatre asked the him.

Shaking his head slightly, Trowa nodded to Quatre. He left the table with one last look at Duo.


“Are you okay Heero?” Sally asked. The last few days he had been more reserved. She didn’t know what was wrong, nor how to comfort him.

“Aa, I’m fine.” he replied quietly.

“Are you sure?”

He sighed in resignation, //might as well tell her, maybe... //. Heero looked up and into her concerned eyes. “Actually, I’m not sure.” He swallowed once more before telling her exactly what was bothering him.


“I woke up the next morning, and he was gone.” Heero managed to say before his throat choked up with emotion. Throughout his explanation the emptiness within him grew. Soon he was fighting tears. “Why?” He whispered. He felt her arms grasp his shoulders and he fell into her hug.

Neither Sally or Heero noticed Wufei standing in the doorway. His fists were clenched at his sides, he walked into the room and joined the two most important people in his life.

//If I ever get my hands on him...//