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Author: dhuron

Rating: NC-17

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Notes: Minna this is a complete AU, meaning no gundams. They guys are about 20 and 21. Any others notes needed will be provided at the beginning of each chapter.

* This chapter is FULL of citrus minna. Don' read if you can't handle lots of sex! I have my muses prepped with rescue kits just in case anyone needs them. This is majorly NC-17...so if you can't read really bad adult content do not continue. ::author is done ranting:: More notes at the end.


“Falling” Part Three

Blue eyes watched the two leave the room, a mixture of longing and another unknown emotion lingered in the orbs. With one last longing look, she turned back to her party with a false smile plastered on her face. //Get over it. He’ll never feel that way//


The ride back to his apartment was hell. Heero was nervous and aroused by the beauty sitting next to him. He turned his head slightly to admire the sexy form. //What is he thinking?// Heero gasped when he felt a hand on this thigh jerking him from his thoughts. The gasp quickly turned into a loud moan when the hand slid over his lap to cover his hardening erection.

As Duo continued to rub the trapped erection, he could feel the slick wetness. He shifted in his seat before moving over and straddling the driver. “Pull over” he whispered hotly in one perfect ear. His hips started to thrust, brushing his hard erection with the sexy bartender’s.

“We’re almost there..” Heero managed to squeeze out between moans. Duo’s hand was squeezing his manhood, bringing him closer and closer to the edge.

“I want you.” Heero wanted to scream, Duo’s tongue was toying with his ear. //Oh gods...//

The car finally pulled into the parking lot. With shaking hands Heero turned off the car. Duo was still on his lap, nibbling on his ear. “We’re here, come on.” Heero’s hand drifted to squeeze the wonderful ass torturing his cock. With faltering control, Heero opened the car door and managed to get out. He extended his hand to Duo.

Duo’s eyes were fixed on the swaying ass, his body following the other’s lead. Finally they were in the elevator. “I never did ask you your name.” he asked while sliding closer to the perfect body.

“Heero.” Was all he as allowed to say before Duo claimed his mouth. The kiss was long and lustful. Their arousals brushed against each other repeatedly while Heero’s tongue slipped into Duo’s willing mouth. The elevator doors finally opened and the two parted. Lust filled both sets of burning eyes. Heero led Duo down the hall to his apartment. At the door, he took out a key and inserted it into the lock

Duo looked around the apartment, noticing the bareness of it. He turned around and walked over to the nervous-looking man. In three long strides he was within Heero’s embrace. Their mouths found each other again, while their hands quickly started to remove clothes. Duo’s hands traveled over the exposed chest, goose bumps ran down his spine at the feel of Heero. His moans were swallowed by Heero’s mouth. Duo quickly unbuttoned the tight pants and, ever so slowly, lowered the zipper. He intended on savoring every inch of the hard erection. His hand slipped underneath the boxer shorts and reclaimed the stiffness. Tired of teasing Heero, he quickly tugged down the pants and boxers, slipping them off him completely. He looked into the deep blue eyes, turned on even more, as he slowly took the shaft into his mouth. He sucked hard and fast, wanting to taste him. . . all of him. The loud gasp enticed Duo and consequently aroused him further.

The heat was taking him closer to the pentacle. Heero quickly pulled himself out of the talented mouth and pulled Duo off his knees. He picked Duo up into his arms and awkwardly made his way over to the bedroom.

Heero found himself lying on the bed, watching Duo strip off the rest of his clothes. His manhood twitched in anticipation. Finally Duo stood before his hungry eyes, naked and very hard. Heero sat up in the bed, with his back against the wall, and retrieved a small tube of lubricant from the drawer in his nightstand. He opened the tube and squeezed the colorless gel onto his hand. Making sure Duo was watching him, he took his arousal into his slick hands. The sight was erotic, Duo thought, Heero fondling himself while coating his member. Unable to resist any longer, Duo joined Heero on the bed and crawled up his hard body. He was straddling the other again, this time the slick head nudging at his entrance. He looked into those eyes as he lowered his hips, impaling himself. Duo closed his eyes from the combination of pleasure and pain.

Heero cried out, the tightness and heat of Duo sending white-hot pleasure through his veins. Finally he was fully imbedded. He felt Duo begin to move and with a growl, Heero flipped them so Duo was on his back and so he was between the open legs. He started to thrust into the tight heat.

“Mmm, Harder. Fuck me harder, Heero.” Duo moaned, wanting to feel the Adonis slam into him over and over.

Heero’s pace picked up. He slammed into Duo harder and faster, his orgasm clawing away at his body. His hand roughly grasped Duo’s arousal and pumped. Heero pulled Duo up off the bed in a sitting position as he rammed his erection harder and faster. His vision slowly began to blur, his climax starting to take over. He cried out when Duo bit into his shoulder, drawing blood. “Fuck me harder” Duo screamed he, too, on the verge of climax. Duo raked his nails down Heero’s back. He threw his head back with a savage cry. His seed exploded from the tip and covered Heero’s lower body. He could still feel Heero pounding into him.

Heero held back a yell when the nails scraped down his back. He moaned when Duo climaxed all over him. He pounded into the tight heat frantically, feeling his body about to explode. Yelling Duo’s name at the top of his lungs, Heero’s seed surged from his body and filled the tight channel.

Duo fell back on the bed, slightly wincing as Heero’s member slid out of him. He kissed his new lover’s swollen lips again while his hand roamed over his body. His hand passed by Heero’s member and Duo noticed he was hard again. With a feral smile, he snaked his way downward and swallowed the hardened erection yet again. This time he would taste Heero’s hot passion.

“Oh, FUCK..” Heero’s statement came out a strangled moan as he was taken into Duo’s hot mouth once again. Duo sucked him hard and fast, his hands teasing his sensitive nipples. “Duo!” He screamed as his seed exploded from his sensitive arousal. Duo’s tongue thoroughly licked his member clean, each pass of the hot tongue sent another shiver up Heero’s spine.

Duo crawled back up Heero’s body and kissed him. His tongue invading the sweet mouth, sharing Heero’s taste with him. Finally pulling away, Duo laid down beside his lover and placed his head on the sweaty chest. Heero’s hand reached down and pulled the blanket over them before quickly falling asleep.


Heero woke up slowly the next morning. His shoulder aching from the bite Duo had given him. He slowly opened his eyes and looked beside him, only to find no one there. He quickly jumped out of bed and looked around his apartment. He finally returned to his bedroom and fell onto the bed. //He’s gone//