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Author: dhuron

Rating: NC-17

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Notes: Minna this is a complete AU, meaning no gundams. They guys are about 20 and 21. Any others notes needed will be provided at the beginning of each chapter.

“Falling” Part 2


Duo sat at the table alone lost in thought. //Damn, he was...// Just the thought of the sexy bartender got him so hot and hard, he unknowingly was rubbing against the table. The friction continued to stimulate his aching erection, he bit down on his lip to prevent the erotic moan. He opened his eyes when someone sat next to him, the familiar scent filling his nostrils and sending his mind further into the lust-filled haze. He looked into the emerald green eyes that mirrored his own lust filled orbs. Duo’s hand clasped the other’s and brought it to the cloth-confined erection, a hiss of pleasure escaped those lips from the mere contact.

Trowa’s hand slowly squeezed the trapped erection, loving each and every whimper from the beautiful mouth. He very teasingly unbuttoned and unzipped the too-tight pants, his hand sliding between the opened garment. “Don’t hold back Duo, I want to hear you” He further proved his point when his hand slipped underneath the thin boxers, taking the burning flesh into his hand. With long and slow strokes he slowly coaxed Duo into making the sweetest sounds, his thumb running across the slit. His hand moved faster and faster, squeezing the hard column. He knew Duo was close to the edge. With a slight smirk his hand left the throbbing flesh.

“Wha..?” Duo began to ask, his question quickly turning into a strangled moan when his arousal was engulfed in Trowa’s mouth. “OH....mmm” His speech was reduced to incoherent whimpers and moans, closer to the edge Trowa took him. Duo’s body convulsed, his seed gushing from the sensitive head. His whole body was strained, the orgasm intense and unforgiving. He wanted to scream when the knowledgeable tongue began taunting the very tip of his member.

Trowa appeared from under the table, his tongue licking his lips. He kissed Duo deeply, sharing the taste with him. “You know, I still love you.”

Duo looked into the open eyes, seeing the truth to the spoken words. “I know Tro. Maybe if things would have happened differently. I still love you. I’ll always love you.” They both looked into each other’s eyes, words were never enough nor were they needed to express the bond. Duo refastened his pants and with a quick kiss he got up and went back into the crowd of people.

He felt someone press up against him from behind. . .a very aroused someone...

“Shall we go somewhere?” Duo turned his head and his eyes met with those burning cobalt blue’s once again.


The past hour had been pure torture for Heero, he was still painfully aroused and his mind wasn’t helping with all those fantasies of Duo. He was thankful his pants were black, that way no one would notice he was hard and wet. Every movement had his erection rubbing against his boxers, making him hotter. His supervisor finally told him he was free for the remainder of the evening.

He finally found him, in the middle of the crowd. Heero pressed against Duo’s backside, his erection brushing against the tight rear. “Shall we go somewhere?”


The music had changed to a very slow and sensuous beat. Duo’s hand rested on the slim hips and brought their bodies closer. He could feel the heated arousal as he teasingly brushed against it again and again. The soft moan filled his ears, his hips slowly gyrating to the music. The muscular arms slowly slid around his abdomen and the other joined in the erotic act. “I’m going to...”

Duo’s hand moved one the hip to grasp the bulge, “Cum for me”. He expertly pulled the zipper down and slipped his hand into the tight confines. His fingers toying with the throbbing shaft through the cloth. He intended on making the other beg. Duo turned so that he was looking straight into those eyes. “I want to feel you, see your face twisted in pure pleasure.” His hand slid under Heero’s underwear, brushing past the soft curls and grasping the hot flesh. His hands started to move over the hard length, his motions fast and fluid. Duo felt the other tense before he felt the hot seed surge from the tip, covering his hand.

Heero threw his head back. He was close. Duo’s hand quickly brought him to the peak, his body tensing before the mind-shattering climax hit him. His seed exploded from his body, covering Duo’s hand and his boxers. His breath was coming in short pants.

Duo’s lips were nuzzling his ear, “Still want to go somewhere?”

Heero could only nod in agreement as he was lead from the crowd and out the door.




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