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Author: dhuron

Rating: R for this part, overall NC-17

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Notes: Minna this is a complete AU, meaning no gundams. They guys are about 20 and 21. Any others notes needed will be provided at the beginning of each chapter.



Duo looked around the dance floor, it was filled with people around his age. He was looking for something, each time he went out he searched but didn’t find it. Tonight at Hilde’s party was not different. With a sigh he slowly made his way through the crowd politely turning down various offers to dance. He jumped slightly when a pair of strong arms found their way around his slim hips, the person pulled him against their chest and Duo smiled. “Trowa..” His hips moved with the movements of his friend. “Where’s Quatre” His hand cupped on of the slightly red cheeks. Their mouths met in a brief but electric kiss.

Trowa turned the lovely creature, his hands threading through the loose hair and moving in for another kiss. His tongue toying with the sensual lips asking for entrance. Duo moaned into Trowa’s mouth, their tongues caressing each other. Finally Trowa went up for air, “Miss you, so does he.” One finger toyed with Duo’s erect nipple through the silk shirt. The small moan turned Trowa on even more, he indeed missed his first love. Expertly, he began to nibble on Duo’s earlobe.

Duo gently pulled back, his eyes filled with passionate lust. “Not tonight.” With one last kiss, Duo left his first love and went to the bar. His eyes, not to mention his manhood, noticed the bartender. He started walking over to the bar, his eyes dark with passion a seductive smile curving his lips.


He mentally groaned. //Damn// He looked at the sexy form behind the bar once more before turning and greeting the hostess. “Hilde, how are you?” He placed a chaste kiss on her lips as she pulled him towards a group of people and away from the sexy man catering the bar.


Heero looked at the crowds of people, another boring night at work. His co-workers were too busy shamelessly hitting on anything that moved. //Hn.// His eyes finally focused on the tall and young man. The long chestnut hair was in a loose ponytail, instantly he was attracted. //Who is that?// He watched nervously as the beauty looked him in the eye, Heero’s palms began to sweat. //He’s coming over?// He swallowed the lump in his throat, he watched each step towards him running over what to say in his head.


Heero watched the emotions pass across the sexy face and as the lithe form turned around to greet the hostess. //Shit// He went back to serving the clients, all the while his mind was on ‘Duo’.

(one hour later)

“Can I help you?” Heero asked the person at the bar, he looked right into an alluring pair of violet eyes. //Oh...//


Heero quickly filled a shot glass with the alcohol. “Have we met before?” //K’so! that was so stupid, why of all the lines use that one//

“Yeah, we went to different schools together”

“Ah I thought...?” Realization finally dawning on him. //Shit//

“Come here” Duo asked the bartender, he beckoned him closer until their lips were mere inches apart. Duo moved to whisper in one ear, his hot breathe sending shivers down Heero’s spine.

“When two people connect like we just did, never ask them if you know them. Politely ask them if there is somewhere to go and tell them you want to worship every place their last lover forgot about.” Duo’s tongue erotically traced the perfect ear lobe before moving back. With a parting smile he turned and went back into the crowd of people.

Heero’s breathing was harsh and labored, his arousal was uncomfortably confine by the pants, he was so hot he could feel the pre-cum oozing from his trapped erection. //Damn...//



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