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Warnings: ANGST! Flashbacks, Heero torture?

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Notes: This is the follow-up to 'Otherside' Version 1, it looks like it will be a three part fic. Have tissues this has lots of angst.

'Facing Truth'

//Why did you?// Heero’s mind repeated over and over. His life was spiraling out of control and he was powerless to stop it. //Why did you did?// He looked at the result of last nights events, the tears had long since started. Flashbacks of that day came back with seething vengeance.


Heero slowly walked down the stairs, his mind in chaos with his newly re-found heart. He had a small bag slung over his shoulders, it contained the very few personal items he had. He reached the bottom and turned to walk out the door, when Duo’s anguished voice stopped him. “Where are you going Heero?” He willed his emotions to the back of his mind, allowing the solider to kick back in, and walked toward the door and out of the lives of his only friends.


//Why did you do it?// He looked at the too still figure on the bed. Yet he still could not find the answer. “Why did you?” The small part he thought he locked away asked, no demanded over and over. The silence of the room was overcome by a shrill beeping. He quickly looked up at the monitors and jumped out of the chair. He was beside the bed in less than two seconds. “NO! NO!” His hoarse voiced cried out into the room, he was begging his life not to leave him. //Why did you?// The voice screamed in desperation.

“I was scared Damnit! I thought he deserved better! I did know by leaving I would not only be killing myself, but him” He sobbed into the blankets. He heard the door burst open and felt himself being moved away from the bed. He thrashed and yelled to Duo, pleading with him not to leave. He barely registered the sensation of a needle piercing his skin before the darkness enveloped him.

Heero woke up feeling like shit. After a few minutes of disorientation, he remembered what happened last night. He jumped out of the bed and ran down the hall to Duo’s room. //Please let him still be there, PLEASE// Heero threw open the door, panting from the frantic run, and saw Duo laying there. He appeared to be sleeping. He quickly went and kneeled by the bed, taking the still hand into his. “Come back to me, Onegai. Give me another chance. Let me make it all up to you. Onegai Duo, Ai shiteru” As his unusual speech progressed, his voice dropped lower and lower until he was almost whispering a prayer. He gasped out loud when Duo squeezed his hand, he quickly looked up, straight into violet eyes. Duo had tears running down his cheeks and a small but earth shattering smile graced his lips. “Heero, we need to talk”

“Yes Duo, we will but first I want you to get well.” Duo agreed while keeping his hand intertwined with Heero’s. They would have much to talk about and face before they could move forward.


Well, I'm not sure how i feel about this part. The last one will be longer. The others will make an appearance, but don't think the angst is over yet. It has only begun. C&C minna? Tell me if you liked it or if I should just forget about writing the last part and go back to the other 'sappy' songfic series i have currently running.


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