Denying Fate
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author: dhuron

Rating: PG-13 this part, overall R bordering on NC-17

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Notes: This fic is the sequel to "Crossing Fates". A fic inspired by the lovely Jade. Let's hope I can keep the series line running and not bore anyone to death.

Denying Fate


Duo turned, from staring out the window at the rising sun, to the awakening boy on his bed. He had stayed up the entire night, after an hour or so he left his bed and sat at the window. As each minute passed, Duo's thoughts were conflicting with each other. He didn't know what to do. The morning sunlightbathed the room in light, creating a golden ring around the Japanese boy. Duo watched as the deep blue orbs were revealed, he sighed at the sensual teenager before turning away. Heero was looking around, maybe to see if Duo had left yet.

Heero slowly opened his eyes, arms stretching over his head. The movement caused the blanket to fall further down his hips ,reveling more flesh. He looked around the familiar room and smiled. //It wasn't a dream.// Heero thought happily, he had made love to Duo. Just thinking of the other boy sent a wave of warmth through his blood, was it love at first sight?

The Japanese boy couldn't stop the warmth, it bathed his body. Cerulean blue eyes glowed with new found joy. He reached over, head searching for the braided beauty, but the spot was cold. Heero frantically looked around the room, fear began to invade the warmth. A soft sigh left his warm lips, he found Duo on the other side of the room. The sunlight's golden rays illuminated the beautiful boy, long chestnut strands were woven with the sunlight. Heero's breath caught. Silently, he left the warmth of the bed and walked over to the boy that held his fragile heart.

Duo's attention was focused inward, he needed more time to think about what happened between Heero and himself. Memories filled his confused mind, the taste of Heero's sweet lips lingered upon his own. The long-haired boy mentally shook himself. What was it about the Japanese boy? Why had he given the other teenager himself, his innocence, after only meeting Heero that morning? Was it just lust, were his hormones out of control. Duo could still see the blazing blue eyes on his mostly nude body. A frustrated sigh left his lips. One thing was certain, now that he had ruined everything, Heero wasn't going to think of him the same. Would the Japanese youth think of him as a slut? Duo berated himself again, while fighting off the tears. He nearly jumped out of his skin when strong arms surrounded his bare waist.

"Good morning." Heero said, timidly. The Japanese boy was unsure, he didn't know what to say.

"Morning." Duo replied, the comforting warmth surrounded him again.

In, perhaps, the most crucial moment, Heero pulled away from Duo. A blush staining his cheeks, because he didn't know how to express all his feelings. What he didn't know, that hurt the boy he was falling in love with, was Duo's turbulent mind took the gesture as a rejection. Hero walked over to the pile of clothes on the floor, and quickly dressed. He had about an hour to drive home, shower and change for school. After Heero was fully dressed, in his wrinkled clothing, he walked back to where Duo sat. He turned Duo's head with his fingers.

"See you at school," was the soft whisper. Heero lifted the other boy's chin, and claimed their soft warmth in a small, passionate kiss. Heero broke the kiss a few moments later, and looked into the violet eyes.

"See you in a little while."

Duo watched the door close, his hand rose to his lips. Duo's fingertips touched his tingling lips as two tears rolled down the soft cheeks. They were the beginning of the torrent. He tried to brush them away, but the tears wouldn't stop. Duo tried to understand what had happened, but he was so confused. Was his fate to be alone, or with Heero? While still crying, he walked to his nightstand. Duo picked up the telephone and dialed the school's number. He was going to run, and try to hide from those eyes. Duo spoke briefly to the secretary, asking to speak with his councilor.

"Good Morning, Mrs. Brown. I need to change my schedule. I need to drop everything except for the classes I need to graduate. Yes, ma'am, I know. yes, kept me in athletics. Thank you. I'll be there before lunch to sign the forms. Thank you."

He hung up the phone and fell onto his bed, Duo regretted the action because he could still smell Heero's faint scent. Did he do the right thing, by running away from the other boy? Dropping all his classes was drastic, but Duo couldn't think of anything else to do, he needed time away from those blue eyes.The long haired boy just couldn't bear to see those eyes filled with disgust, hate or even pity. Finally the sobs joined the tears, Duo cried harder than he had ever in his life.


"Good morning, Quatre." Trowa said while kissing his lover. He hugged the blonde boy tighter, his fingers glided over Quatre's warm skin.

"Morning, love." the blonde boy smiled, brightly.Quatre leaned further into Trowa's embrace. He couldn't think of anything better than waking up in the arms of the person he loved. Soft blue eyes shined with eternal love as he kissed Trowa's addictive lips. "Do we have to get up?" the blonde asked, a hint of mischief gleamed in his eyes.

"We have some time to get up and play." Trowa returned while his hand's moved from Quatre's chest to tease the blond boy's growing erection.

The blonde whimpered, in pleasure, as he trust into Trowa's hand. No matter how long he was with his love, Quatre couldn't get enough of the sexy boy. Making love was just that, showing each other the depth of their feelings and devotion for one another. It didn't matter who was on top, as long as they were together. His slim hips moved faster, driving his hardened cock into Trowa's pumping hand.

"love..." Trowa whispered into Quatre's ear while he continued to pump the hard flesh in his hand, his hips began to gyrate in small circles. The quiet teen's hand left his lover's wet cock and fumbled with the nightstand drawer, he was quickly trying to find the lubricant. While the taller boy fumbled with opening the tube, Quatre began wiggling his firm ass against Trowa's straining cock.

Quatre's moans filled his room, he wasn't even coherent enough to keep the cries of pleasure down. He started to thrust faster into his lover's hand, climax just within grasp. He whimpered when the pleasure stopped and Trowa's hand left his burning flesh. "Trowa..." the blonde boy whispered, voice drunk with passion and need.

The blond boy felt himself guided to lay on his back, blue eyes were clouded with passion as Quatre looked up into Trowa's gentle gaze. "Trowa!" he yelled out, back arching off the bed, as his lover's hand reclaimed his aching cock. The cool, colorless lubricant was driving the blonde further into euphoria's embrace. He watched, with growing desire, Trowa climbed up his body and straddle his hips. The blond threw his head back and moaned as his lover lowered his body, taking Quatre's searing length into his body.

Both lovers' moans and sweet whimpers filled the room, Trowa's hands rested on his koi's slim hips as he slid down the thick arousal. His eyes were glazed over, breath coming in pants as the waves crashed through his body. He began to rock his hips, loud gasps of pleasure leaving the taller boy's lips. Trowa stared into his lover's beautiful eyes as he rode Quatre's cock, fast and hard.

Two bodies moved together, bringing each other to the peak. Sweat covered the finely muscled forms, mouths met in a fiery kiss. Trowa took the other boy's hand and guided them to his cock. Their joined hands pumped the flesh with the same fast pace.

Quatre's head thrashed from side to side, his lover's tight heat was so exquisite. Trowa's hand covered his as they stroke the taller boy, pumping his hardened flesh, while the blonde's slim hips slammed upward into his lover.

"Quatre!" the taller boy cried out as his climax washed over his body and mind, his seed covering their hands. He slumped forward, head resting on his lover's strong chest, while the blonde's hips continued their pounding thrusts. Trowa heard his koi's cry and felt the warmth following from the blonde's body into his.

"I love you, Trowa." the blonde boy whispered into Trowa's ear, hugging his koi tighter.

"Love you too, Quatre." the taller boy stated, feeling his lover's softening erection leave his body. They needed to take a shower and get ready for school, the two lovers didn't want to be late.


Heero walked into the classroom with a huge smile, he just felt like the darkness was banished from clouding his soul. He couldn't wait to see Duo again, Heero knew they couldn't really do anything during school hours, and just be in the braided boy's presence. Maybe he wasn't destined to be alone, after all. The Japanese boy prayed that the violet eyed boy was his destined soul mate. He sat in his desk and waited for the angelic vision to enter the classroom, he wanted to proclaim his feelings.

Quatre walked into the classroom a couple minutes late wearing a neutral statement on his face. He quickly glanced at Heero and wondered what had happened. After his shared shower with Trowa, the blonde went to his brother's room and knocked on the door. There was no answer, but he was sure he could hear some muffled sobs. The scene came back to haunt him as he sat in his seat.


"Duo?" Quatre called after receiving no answer, it wasn't like his brother and the blonde boy began to worry. He could hear soft sounds from the room, were they sobs? He reached for the door knob and turned it, but the door was locked. This made Quatre panic, in all the time Duo had been with them he had never locked the door. "Duo! Answer me, please." he pleaded as his mind came up with horrid scenarios

His fist began to pound on the wooden door and he called out more frantically. The door finally opened and reveled his brother clad in a pair of boxers and a white T-shirt. Quatre could tell that Duo had been crying, he thought it was the nightmares again. On impulse, he pulled his adopted brother into his arms and hugged him with all the strength his body contained.

"Don't scare me like that, Duo. I thought..."

"I'm sorry, Quatre. It's been a rough morning." the braided boy admitted, still in confusion. He just let his brother hug him, trying to stop thinking about Heero.

"What happened?"

"I can't talk about it, now."

"Okay, Duo. Are you not going to school, you're not dressed for first period."

Duo looked down for a few moments, "I'm no longer in that class, Quatre. I changed my schedule. I don't go until after lunch."


Quatre was brought out of his daze by a note being tossed onto his desk, his mind found it rather ironic. Passing notes in class, he would have laughed if in his usual happy state of mind.Quickly, he unfolded the paper and read the contents. His head turned to the side and looked into Heero's confused eyes. He quickly wrote a reply, as to where Duo was, and folded the paper back up. While the teacher wasn't looking, he tossed it back to Heero.


The class had already started and Duo still hadn't shown up, this confused Heero. The braided boy was late the day before, but not this late. He looked over at Quatre and thought that theblonde boy might know the answer. Feeling odd about passing notesin class, he quickly wrote down his question and tossed it over to the blonde's desk. His eyes met Quatre's and the Japanese boy couldn't suppress the foreboding feeling, something wasn't right.

Heero unfolded the piece of paper and read the contents, his heart breaking. Duo isn't in the class anymore. He changed his schedule, I don't know why he wouldn't tell me. But he was extremely upset this morning.

Do you know why he was upset?

Heero folded the note and put it in his pocket and gathered his things, he rose from the desk and nearly ran out of the room with a hurried excuse of not feeling well. He ran down the halls and out the door, Heero knew he had to talk to Duo.

//What did I do? How'd I mess everything up?//

The Japanese boy mentally screamed at himself for how he acted this morning, his shyness must have made Duo think something else. He pulled out of the parking lot and raced down the streets, "Duo..."


The braided boy walked to his desk, and pulled out the letter opener. He was intent on joining his real family in heaven. The light glinted off the metal, Duo's hands brought the merciful blade up into the air. He closed his eyes and let out a shaking breath. The sound of fists pounding on the door reached Duo's ears, he could hear Heero's voice. But it didn't matter, nothing mattered anymore

The door finally gave way to Heero's pounding fists, as the splintered and fell to the floor Heero saw the blade plunge into Duo's chest.

"NO!" he screamed

Heero ran into the room, pulling his bleeding beloved into his arms. "Duo...why? Why did you?"

"It was because of you...." Duo whispered with his dying breath

Red blood stained the Japanese boy's clothes, but he didn't care. Because of him, the only person he loved was dead. "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...." he whispered among the sobs of lose.


Heero shook his head, trying to make the horrid day-mare goaway. He wouldn't be able to handle life if the braided boy killed himself. His eyes glistened with tears, he had to hurry.


Violet eyes reflected in the mirror, they were no longer puffy nor red. Duo had taken a long shower and changed into some clothing appropriate for school. He had time to burn before lunchtime, when he was suppose to sign the forms that would take him away from the exotic youth.

"Why am I so afraid? He didn't reject me..." Duo thought aloud. Was he just so insecure with himself that he was purposely causing himself pain? In all honestly, he was afraid of admitting loving the boy. Love at first sight, Duo laughed gently, he had never really believed in it. He lived in constant fear that Quatre, Trowa and his new parents would be taken away, could Duo bear to let another into his heart?

"He's already in there." he said while raising his hand to rest over his heart. His mind finally cleared as he accepted his heart's words. "I love him and want to be with him." Duo smiled softly into the mirror, he knew what he wanted. The doorbell broke his inner musings, he left his room and headed downstairs.


Heero raced up the steps to Duo's house and rang the doorbell, his heart was pounding in his chest. The door opened to reveal his beloved, without further thought, Heero grabbed the braided boy and hugged him as tight as he could. The Japanese boy was afraid that if he let Duo go, he would be condemning himself to the black loneliness. "I'm sorry, Duo. I'm so sorry for hurting you. Don't leave me..." Heero had a sample of divine happiness and content, the Japanese boy didn't want to give it up. He needed the braided boy to live and breath, to love.

Duo felt the wonderful warmth envelop his body, once again. He fell into the fierce embrace, breathing in Heero scent. His arms wrapped around Heero's waist and he hugged the Japanese boy back. He heard the worry-filled words and his chest tightened.

"Heero...we need to talk."


Heero shifted, nervously, on the love seat as the other boy satin the chair across from him. He was relieved that the braided boy was okay, one fear gone. "Duo, what do you need to say?" He looked down at his hands, unable to look into the violets orbs.

Duo tried to calm his racing mind and heart, he watched the Japanese boy shift uncomfortably. "About what happened, Heero. I need to know...was I just warm body for release? Did it mean anything, other than sexual gratification?" The braided boy asked, voice lowering to a shaky whisper.

//Baka, Heero no baka!// The Japanese boy scolded himself after recovering from Duo's pained voice. "Duo, it wasn't just sex. Do you think that's all it was? We made love...." He replied, meaning each and every word. Duo was sexy as hell, Heero remembered how he had touched himself in the restroom. Since the first time his blue eyes saw Duo's lithe figure, he was rock hard. At first it was lust, or so he thought. After he had given himself to the braided boy, Heero knew he wanted to spend his life with the other boy. He felt hands on his shoulders, and Duo's soft voice broke the silence.

"Why are you here, now?"

Heero handed the crumbled note to the braided boy, watching the angelic face for any emotions. The Japanese boy bit his lower lip, "I knew it was because of me. This morning I didn't know what to say or how to express what I was feeling."

"How do you feel about me, Heero? I need to know, to hear you say it."

"I know it sounds fake, since I've known you for only a day. I love you, I want to spend my life with you. Will you give me another chance..?"

//Was fate wrong?// The braided boy thought, all this time he thought fate destined him to be alone. Duo finally smiled and lifted Heero's chin with his fingertips, slowly he closed the distance between their lips. The kiss was a brief touching of lips, but conveyed all of his feelings and doubts. "I feel the same way. I was confused this morning, and scared to admit to myself. I didn't want to let you into my heart, everyone that I care for leaves me. I live in constant fear of losing Quatre and my new family. First I lost my parents when I was young, then the orphanage with Father Maxwell and Sister Helen." He stopped to collect himself, the painful memory bringing the tears. "It still hurts so much, they died because of me. I have my new family and Quatre, but for how long? When is fate going to take them away from me?"

"Duo, it's not your fault." Heero said, pulling the other boy into his arms.

"I'm sorry for being so stupid, I was hurting myself for no reason. I just couldn't believe anyone would want me."

"I want you, Duo. I never knew love or compassion. My parents thought their duties were over after my mother gave birth to me. My whole life was filled with loneliness and coldness, many times I just wanted to die. But I knew that I wasn't meant to die, I was suppose to live." Heero placed his hand over his chest, directly over his heart, "I know now that you are the reason I didn't die all those years back. I was meant to find you."

"I'm scared, Heero. I don't want to be alone, but what if fate takes you like she took them?

"Duo, I can't promise that I won't be taken sometime. Are you going to deny yourself, and me a chance to be together, and defy fate? Don't push me away, let me love you."

The braided boy closed his eyes, thinking about what the other boy was asking. It was a big chance, Duo could end up alone once more. However, a life without Heero just seemed like a worse punishment. "You were my first, Heero. You are my only and I want to be together with you. Fate be damned, my destiny is with you." Duo sealed his vow to Heero with a kiss, for once not worrying about the future but living in the present.