Disclaimers: GW is not mine, just borrowing the characters for a little bit. I don’t own nor claim to own anything within except for the fic itself. Poetry unless sated otherwise belongs to me. As in From the Ashes, I will be taking some liberties with technology.

Warnings: AU, OOC,Yaoi, Language, Violence, Bastard J?, Sadness, Angst, Sap?, Abuse

Parings: 1+2, 3+4

Author: dhuron

“Demise” Prologue


In a dark room, a single figure was huddled against the wall. The body was shaking with unrepressed sobs of anguish. The girl looked up as the door opened, and revealed a short elderly man. Just the sight made her more afraid.

“What do you want..?”

Dr. J looked at the female, a smirk came to his lips. “You’re going to be the key to the destruction of Duo Maxwell, Tori...”

“Who is Duo Maxwell? Let me go!!” she screamed at the vicious old man. Tears pouring down her face from pure fear.

“You will serve my purpose girl!” he spat, “As for Duo Maxwell, I believe you know him as ‘Christian’”


“Oh yes, your little friend isn’t what he appears to be.” He sneered at her.

“No....no....it can’t be.......”

//Finally that little bastard will die, painfully if I have any say in it//


“Calm down Lea. What’s wrong?”

“It’s.....Tori....she’s been kidnapped...” the woman sobbed. Her shoulders were shaking from the intense emotions. “Why, dad? Why would she be taken from us??”

“I don’t know baby...do you know who did it?” the man asked, tears in his voice.

“I saw some old man pull her into a car...he had a metal arm...” she cried some more.


“Lea, is this him?” He asked before showing a picture, of the man he suspected of kidnapping his granddaughter.

“Yes! Dad that’s him!!”

“don’t worry baby, we’ll get her back. I’ll handle it...” he said.

“Please find her dad...please!!” she replied before the connection was cut.

“J, you bastard! You’ve gone too far now.” Professor G smashed his hand through the monitor. “I’ll kill you for taking my granddaughter...”