Delicious Payback

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Warnings: Yaoi/Shounen Ai, Lemon, PWP?, oral sex, mild langauge,AU, OOC

Pairings: 1+2, 1X2

Author: dhuron

Rating: NC-17

Delicious Payback



Heero once again tugged at the collar of his dress shirt, the tie bothering him as well. He sighed once again and looked out the window of the car. It was early in the evening, around six, Trowa, Duo and him were on their way to a banquet of some sorts. The Japanese boy, at first, didn't want to attend Relena's latest function but then he found out that she wanted his lover to give the opening address. As soon as he confirmed this little tidbit of information, Heero called up Relena and asked for more details.

//Paybacks are a bitch, koi. I still remember that little stunt you pulled last month// A small smirk lifted his lips, oh yes he would finally pay Duo back. That night, one month ago, had been hot and very pleasurable. Heero didn't regret it, even though he was sore the next morning.

Everything was planned for his little plot against the braided boy, Heero could feel his pants tighten painfully over his hard flesh. This time Duo Maxwell would know that just how evil and mischievous his koi was.

Duo looked over at Heero, the Japanese boy was being very quiet. In fact, the entire week his lover had be quiet and almost elusive. The American frowned, his thoughts racing through his mind. Had he done something to disappoint or upset his love? "Heero?" he asked, his voice soft and quiet.


"What're you thinking about?"

"Things, Duo. I have a lot on my mind." Heero said, not looking at his lover. From the corner of his eye he saw Duo's saddened look, and for a moment he felt bad. But then a little sadistic smile replaced his small frown, Duo was about to get the shock of his life and the Japanese boy couldn't wait. His pink tongue licked his soft lips and he shifted in his seat, his erection hard and wet.


Duo looked out into the audience, searching for Heero. He didn't see his lover anywhere, a deflated look appeared on his face for a brief moment. He walked up to the large podium and adjusted the microphone. He leaned against the sturdy wood, for some reason feeling very weak, but he didn't notice the curtain that blocked the shallow opening in the podium. It was big enough for a person to hide in.

"Hello and good evening." Duo began, his voice takingon his usual cheerful tones. He smiled once again and began to give his speech, He jumped and gasped out loud when he felt a hand lower the zipper to his pants Long slender fingers reached into the open fabric and began fondling his awakening erection.

Duo felt the eyes of everyone on him, he looked down and saw a familiar head of brown hair poking out of the hole in the podium.

"First, I would like to ahhhhh thank Relena! for hosting THIS wonderFUL event."

Heero quickly pulled his lover's erection out of the silk boxers, he teased the wet tip with his thumb. The Japanese boy couldn't stop the smirk as he heard what effect he was having on Duo's voice, very evilly he teased the slit with his tongue. He moaned softly, the taste of his lover sending him into heaven, his felt his hardness twitch in the confines of his own pants. He didn't dare touch himself, because he knew Duo would most defiantly tease him before making him come, later. He looked up through his bangs, meeting Duo's violet eyes. Heero's eyes held a gleam of pure wickedness, and he smiled devilishly before taking the head of his lover's arousal into his mouth. His tongue began to lick and tease the burning flesh, wanting his lover to moan.

Duo hands were, almost painfully, gripped to the sides of the podium. His knuckles were white and he nearly screamed when he was enveloped into Heero's wet warmth. His hips began to rock, pushing his aching length into his lover's mouth.

"It's an ah..ah..HONER to be here with YOU ALL...ohhhh...gods...YES." Duo's mind was quickly shutting down, his well prepared speech was quickly being forgotten under Heero's wonderful oral torture.

The Japanese youth smiled around the hard flesh, each strained word from Duo's lips set his blood on fire. His head bobbed faster, wanting Duo's climax to be thunderous. Heero knew that his lover liked it fast and hard, just as much as slow and loving, because it always made the braided boy's orgasms more powerful. Duo would often scream at the top of his lungs and his entire body would shudder from the powerful release. Heero could feel his lover's body tense and knew it wasn't long before his hunger would be sated. The Japanese boy doubled his efforts, one hand encircled and stroke the base of his lover's shaft.

Beads of sweat broke out on Duo's forehead, he continued to smile at the audience. He moaned in the back of his throat and his hips rolled in small, tight circles. "Once again, I welcome you all, ohhhh, thank you Relena for having us." His eyes shut as he finally reached climax, his seed pouring into Heero's mouth.

"OH GOD, THANK YOU!" Duo cried out in total orgasmic bliss, his body began to shake from his climax. A small whimper left his lips as Heero's tongue bathed his softening erection, searching for any last drops.

Heero moaned again as Duo climaxed in his mouth, his lover's seed was greedily swallowed. The Japanese boy could feel some of the hot seed trail down his lips and chin, but he was reluctant to release the softening arousal. His tongue teased Duo's sensitive flesh, it's wet heat searched for more of his lover's passion.

Duo watched as the delegates and everyone else left the room, dinner was to follow his welcoming. After the last person had left he let out a shuddering sigh and looked down at his lover. The American almost gasped at the shit eating grin Heero was wearing.

Heero climbed out of the hollow podium and stood in front of his lover, still grinning. "That was most enjoyable, koi." He leaned over and kissed Duo, his tongue slipping between the parted lips.

"Nnn." Duo moaned when they broke apart, he looked at his very satisfied koi and grinned. He had indeed been payback for his stunt. Duo pulled Heero closer, his tongue licking up his remained essence from the other boy's lips and chin. "Most enjoyable, Heero." He ground his hips against the his lover, rubbing against the bulge.

"Now it's my turn to have dinner." Duo dragged Heero to the closest empty room to return the favor.