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Pairings: 1+2

Author: dhuron

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‘Defying Destiny’ Part 7 ~Everything I do, I Do it for You~


“Forever Heero. We’ll be together forever.” Duo’s hand gently caressed his lover’s cheek. The laid together, content with gazing in each other’s eyes. Slowly they fell asleep still holding each other, the moon shining through the window almost blessing them with it’s light.


Heero watched the early morning dawn while holding his sleeping lover in his arms. A sigh escaped his lips while he thought of the war, and future with Duo. All Heero wanted was to spend his life with Duo. Maybe after the war, they could finally settle down and maybe even start school. His mind thought up of several things he wanted to do with his love. Spend his first Christmas with the braided boy, Valentine’s Day even. He wanted to spend long nights tangled up in Duo’s embrace, not having to worry that it might be their last. He felt the boy stir in his arms and looked down into the sleepy violet orbs. Heero smiled down at his koi, placing a soft kiss on the soft lips.

(Look into my eyes - you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart - search your soul
And when you find me there you'll search no more )

“Morning koi” he said while kissing Duo once again, the searing kiss filled with Passion and hope. One callused hand traced his lover’s soft cheek, while his tongue slipped past Duo’s parted lips. Finally he pulled back, needing to breathe. His deep blue eyes were open, revealing his inner turmoil.

“What’s wrong Heero?” Duo asked while pulling Heero further down on the bed, letting his arms encircle his lover’s waist. He let his love’s head rest on his chest, softly tracing patterns on Heero’s back. Heero lifted his head to look Duo in the eye.

“Just worried about our future.” he answered honestly, “I want to be with you” His head fell to Duo’s chest, just listening to the steady beating. “All I want is a life with you.”

“Heero, I’ll fight for you, for us. I’ll fight for our future and happiness. I love you” the braided boy said, honestly and firmly. He wouldn’t let his love, his life slip through his finger tips.

“Everything for you Duo...” the Japanese boy whispered. Whatever it took for Duo’s survival in this war, he would do it. Heero couldn’t imagine his life without the American that had shown him his heart and claimed his love, and heart.

Heero kissed Duo’s lips, putting every emotion into the kiss. He flipped them over, so that Duo was laying on top of his body. His hands traced over the slim hips, placing his love in his touch. They slipped from Duo’s hips to the firm globes, squeezing them lovingly. He needed Duo, needed to show the American how much he meant to him.


(Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for
You know it's true Everything I do - I do it for you )

Duo brought his fingers to his mouth and wet them with his pink tongue. The long and slender digits were taken into his mouth, coating them with his saliva. Heero moaned at the erotic site, hips thrust upwards to show Duo his need.

A small gasp left the braided boy’s lips as one slender finger entered his body, his eyes never leaving Heero’s. Slowly and carefully he prepared himself, each small whimper was kissed away by his lover’s mouth.

“Heero..” he moaned while rocking against his thrusting fingers.

“Duo..” he said before gentle removing Duo’s fingers from his body. He kissed his love deeply, erection sliding between the twin globes and the head of his arousal nudging at Duo’s entrance.

Duo lowered himself, feeling Heero enter his body, biting back a slight moan of pain. Slowly he was claimed, pain fading into pleasure. His eyes never left his lovers as he took his lover to the peak of euphoria. He cried out from the blazing pleasure, nails running down Heero’s chest leaving welts in their wake. He stopped briefly, allowing his body to adjust and relax.

“Heero...Ai shiteru...” He began to move, hips rising only to thrust back down. Heero took his hands into his as they moved together, Heero’s arousal sliding into his lover’s body repeatedly. Their pace quickened, sweat breaking out over their bodies

Heero’s hips met each downward thrust Duo made, each movement brought him closer to the edge of heaven. He cried out as he came within Duo. His seed pouring into his lover, giving himself to Duo completely.

Duo collapsed onto his beloved’s chest, panting from his intense orgasm. He heart fluttered in his chest, as it did every time he made love with Heero. Duo opened himself completely to his love, gave him his heart and soul. He belonged to Heero, and didn’t want anything else except the Japanese boy’s love.

“I love you.” Heero whispered, fingers trailing over the soft lips

“Love you too Heero”


(Look into my heart - you will find
There's nothin' there to hide
Take me as I am - take my life
I would give it all - I would sacrifice)

Heero stepped out of Wing’s cockpit, detonation in his hands. He looked at the white mobile suit, anger in his eyes. Quickly he looked around, in the distance he saw Deathscythe.

Duo watched in horror as Heero stepped out of his gundam. His mind racing with fear and horror. He knew what his lover was planning, and his heart was cracking from the inside.

“No!!!! Heero, DON”T!!!!!”

//Please don’t leave me. Don’t leave me alone like everyone else. ONEGAI!// Tears poured from his eyes as he saw Heero’s face in his monitor. Deep love and regret were pooled in the blue oceans he loved so much.

“Gomen nasai Duo, I love you” Heero said to the image on the visual screen. He raised the self-destructing device and pushed the button.


Duo’s cries of anguish filled the cockpit as Wing self-detonated, taking away his love and reason for living. “No!” he screamed, sobs ripping from his throat and the tears rolling down his cheeks in twin rivers of sorrow.

“don’t leave me alone...”

(Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more
Ya know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you
There's no love - like your love
And no other - could give more love
There's nowhere - unless you're there
All the time - all the way )

-about one month later-

Pain, old throbbing pain filtered through his mind and body. Slowly consciousness crept upon his mind. He blinked one eye open, wincing at the bright light of the sun. //Sun? I didn’t die? DUO!// Heero’s head rose from the pillow, his pain-filled gaze falling upon a figure sitting in a chair. The female turned around. “Relena?” She shook her head, and told him she was glad he finally woke.

“Let me get Trowa.”


“Trowa, your friend is awake.”

Heero looked at Trowa’s eyes, he needed to know where Duo was and how long he was out of it. “How long?”

“About a month.”

“Duo?” Heero asked, his throat constricting. //What has he gone through?//

“Depressed, from what Quatre’s told me.” Trowa’s eyes softened.

“Does he..”

“He doesn’t know you’re with me. We thought it best, in case you never woke or did die. It would just push him over the edge.”

“I have to see him. I have to let him know...” Trowa nodded his agreement

//Duo...Ai shiteru. Please be safe...I’m coming home, to you//

(Oh - you can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more
I would fight for you - I'd lie for you
Walk the wire for you - ya I'd die for you)

The rain poured from the sky, drenching Heero. He looked upon the house where Duo was. He peered into one window, knowing his love was in that room. Heero knew Duo was crying, he had always disliked the rain. His love would always become sullen and depressed when it rained, the bad memories would come back and haunt him.

“Duo.” He walked up to the house, slowly and carefully as he was still not fully recovered from his injuries. With the key Trowa gave him, he opened the door and walked into the house. It was dark, only the random flashes of lighting pierced the darkness. Heero heard a muffled sob, he turned and walked towards the stairs. Following the heart-wrenching cries. Each step brought him closer to being reunited with his love. Duo’s last words to him rang in his mind...

{ “No!!!! Heero, DON”T!!!!!” }

The pain in Duo’s voice sent shards of glass to pierce his heart. The last thing he wanted to do was make the other boy feel pain.

“Duo, I’m sorry.”

He reached the door where the loud cries were coming from. His hand turned the door knobbed and he pushed it open.

Duo’s laid face down on the bed, shoulders shaking from the sobbing.

//How could I hurt you like this. I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you koi.//

(Ya know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you)