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Pairings: 1+2

Author: dhuron

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Defying Destiny Part 5 "Perfect World"


Duo was sitting at a bench in the park, it was around 6:30 in the morning. Normally he wouldn't be up until after 11 since it was a Saturday. He woke up in Heero's arms, his mind had started spiraling with ideas and `what ifs'. He needed to think, he needed time to sort things out. //I love him// He didn't want to lose him but had a feeling that something bad was coming.

{They say the time has come for us
to start again
I believe that's true
They say the time has come for us
to make amends
And I believe that too}

The sun had already risen and was shining down on the landscape, he watched a small group of children play with each other. His heart clenched at their obvious happiness, the joy and comfort he never had growing up. //I wish you never know the horrors of war, may it leave you untouched// His thoughts then went back to his beloved. Fear filled his eyes pushing the tears out, he silently cried his frustration.

(Why tell me why
is it all so hard to find
I pray each day
For a perfect world}

Duo left the park and went walking aimlessly, his gaze focused downward as he tried to stop the tears. Sadly for him they would not be held back this time, he walked into a secluded spot and collapsed onto the ground and cried his eyes out. The sobs shook his body and would not relent until the bottled up emotions were finally purged.

{Where children are laughing
Lovers romancing
Time stands still
A perfect world
There's nothing to cry for
No one to die for
In a perfect world}

Duo cried over the parents he never knew, he cried about his lost childhood. All the restrained emotions finally revolted against his control. Slowly the tears receded, the sobs calmed and Duo was left weary on the ground. He wished he was born in another time, a better time. //Why must I endure all this pain, why am I being eternally punished// The tears came back, the searing path scarring his cheeks.

{Our father's father says that
things were better then
How easy they forgot
On every page in every book of history
a thousand tears were shed}

Duo had left the alleyway, he was walking around the small town. His eyes were still distant as the memories came back. He heard the joyous laughter of various people, but his eyes focused on a young couple so in love. He could feel the love glowing from those two, oddly it warmed his heart and helped to banish his bad memories.

{There's hope in our hearts
and love in our eyes
Day after day I keep searching
Why tell me why
is it all so hard to find
I pray each day}


Heero was looking for Duo, he had woke up to an empty bed and was worried. //He has never left like that before// He wondered what had happened, he thought it had to do with his past. Heero knew what a painful history Duo had, and at times it would come back to haunt his lover. //Please be ok//


Duo had arrived back at the park, he was sitting near the small pond. His mood had lightened some, the negative feelings slowly leaving him. "I wish for this all to be over soon. Please let it end soon" His hand gripped the cross tightly. "Let us start over again."

{For a perfect world
Where children are laughing
Lovers romancing
Time stands still
A perfect world
There's nothing to cry for
No one to die for
In a perfect world}

Heero had finally found Duo an hour later, he looked on as his love stared into the clouds. He knew Duo had a very emotional day, from where he was he could still see the shimmer of tears within those eyes. //He should never have to cry// He silently walked over to the silent teenager and laid down beside him, resting his head on Duo's chest. No words were needed, they both knew they didn't need to speak. The feelings and emotions flowed between them. Duo reached his hand out to hold Heero's. Heero had taken the hand into his and gave it a loving squeeze. The two laid their, just existing in a moment of perfection. No war, No sadness, No tears.

{Show me the way I'm to understand
that you prove to myself that I'm a man
and you love, but you can't look from above
Travel cross the seven seas to be with you
Passion and desire will see me through
The road that I must travel will wind and curl
You're all I ever needed in a perfect world}

The wind seemed to be whispering in their eyes, a carrier of their silent message. "Ai shiteru" it whispered softly. Hands clasped together, the two fell into a light sleep, dreaming of their perfect world after the war.


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