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‘Crossing Fates’ Part One

The sun’s rays glinted off the polished black camero as it darted down the highways. Just beyond a turn, his destination came into view. Heero Yuy briefly wondered what his new school would be like. His senior year would be spent at a completely new school in a state he’d never been too. He pulled into the student parking-lot and looked for a place to park.

//Maybe this time...// The dark-haired teenager thought as he left his car and made way towards the entrance of the large high school. He didn’t notice the glances he was getting from various students, all of his focus was on the entrance of the school


Duo Maxwell stepped out of his silver Tahoe, radiant smile graced his lips. Letterman’s jacket slung over his arm as he greeted various students. He remained care-free, outgoing and joking, like they all thought he was. He entered the large school, hoping the school year would be quick.

//If only...//

“Hey Duo!”

“Hey John, how’s it goin’’”

“Nothing much. We going to win state this year?”

“Please, do you need to ask? Of course!”


“Hi, I’m Quatre.” The small blond said while he extended his hand to the Japanese youth.

“Heero Yuy.” The dark-haired boy said.

Quatre was about to say something else, but the teacher came into the classroom. He turned around in his desk, attention towards the front of the room.

“Hello class, I’m Mrs. Une. On your desks you’ll find the class rules and the required materials.” She turned to face the chalkboard and began to write a few key points.

Heero turned when the door opened, banging against the wall. His eyes widened at the vision that walked through the entrance. His mouth went dry as he looked at the boy that walked, with an almost seductive sway to the hips, over to the teacher’s desk. Heero’s hand began to itch as he watched the long chestnut braid brush against the firm round globes. He wanted to hold the long plait in his hand, Heero wondered if it felt as soft as it looked. He wanted to run his hands over the firm body, stare into the enchanting eyes. The heavenly creature’s voice were notes on an angels harp, each syllable took him higher on the scale of euphoria.

“Mister Maxwell, you’re late.” she chided.

“Sorry Mrs. Une, I was held up.” he smiled.

“Take a seat. Make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

“yes Mrs. Une.”

Duo walked towards the only empty seat, which was right next to Heero’s. The braided student slid into the chair, smoothly and, in Heero’s opinion, seductively.

“Hi! I’m Duo.”

“Hn. Heero Yuy” he replied in a slightly nasal voice. Appearing aloof to the other boy, while he desperately tried to shift in the uncomfortable desk so his erection wasn’t rubbing up against the cool metal of his zipper.

“I haven’t seen you before.”


“Oh, sorry. I’ll leave you be.” Duo’s attention left the strangely quiet boy and he focused on what the teacher was saying.

Heero shifted his hips, almost gasping out loud from the friction his tightening pants were providing. From the corner of his eye, he observed the braided beauty.

//It’s going to be a long year...//


Heero looked at the clock, on the far side of the room, and let out another sigh. Class was moving by incredibly slow, and having the braided angel near him wasn't helping matters. He heard bits and pieces of the lecture, something about calculus and physics and how they worked together. He idly started to doodle on the book cover, while glancing over at Duo and keeping up an act of paying attention to Mrs. Une.


"Hmm...What?" he turned to his other side, facing the blue eyes of Quatre. He hoped he didn't get caught, a slight blush rose on his cheeks.

"What's your next class?" the blonde asked, not noticing the slight increase in color. He wanted to befriend the new student, Quatre always thought one could never have too many friends.

"English" he said with a slight frown, and wondered if Duo was in the class. //I just met him and already I'm obsessing over him.// He wondered why this boy affected him like this, when no one he had ever met had any kind of impact on him whatsoever. Finally, he noticed Quatre was speaking again.

"well after school we can go and watch the wrestling match. It's going to be good..."

"Hn." he replied in agreement. It would be a nice change, and far better than being lonely.

Duo's attention was divided, he would pay attention to Une and look over at the strange new student. The deep blue eyes fascinated Duo, he had never seen eyes so deep yet so cold. He looked over and noticed Heero was shifting in his seat. //Must be bored too// he mused.

His mind drifted off into the past, Duo's hand came up from laying on the desk and touched the cross pendant through his shirt. Memories came flooding through his consciousness. The smell of acrid smoke filled his nose, he could taste the virulent smoke, eyes were stinging from the tears that fell unchecked.

In his mind's eye, Duo saw the only place he knew as home burning. The flames licking the walls with their malignancy, he walked into the fire, crying out names of loved ones praying someone was alive. Through a child's viewpoint, Duo saw the fallen form of the woman that had become his mother.

"Duo?" a voice from the present broke his reverie. He shook his head, trying to clear the bad memories. He held the tears in check, and put on a fake smile.

"Yeah Quatre?"

The blond knelt down beside Duo, placing his hand on the braided boy's. "Thinking about them again?" Quatre asked, already knowing the answer. That accident was the only thing that could affect his adopted brother like that. It pained him to see Duo in so much pain, even after all the years that had passed. His parents heard about what happened, and learned Duo was the only person to survive the tragic fire. They adopted the little boy, hoping to bring light and love back into his life.

"Yeah. It's still so painful." Duo admitted.

"I wish I could help.." the blonde replied, genuine concern in his voice.

"You do, more than you know." Duo said, with a real smile. He rose to his feet and pulled Quatre up, into a large hug.

Quatre hugged him back, just a fiercely. "I'm glad, Duo. Come on let's go, class ended about five minutes ago."

"Nani?" the taller boy shrieked

"You were out of it for awhile Duo. Good thing we have a free period ne?" Quatre replied, wondering if Heero made it to his English class on time.

"Don't you mean more time to grope Trowa?" Duo asked, his playful humor returning slowly.


"What?" Duo asked while laughing at his blushing brother.

Quatre smiled, he had got Duo's mind off of the past if only for a little while. "Let's go, we have time to kill."

"Gym? Wanna shoot some hoops?"

"Sure. Let 's go."

"Maybe Trowa is already there, eh Q?" Duo chuckled as he walked out of the room, looking back at Quatre's red face.

Heero watched as the two walked down the hall. He had stayed behind, lingering near the door after noticing Duo staring at his desk. He wondered what was wrong, and stayed behind, wondering if he could help.

Deep blue eyes watched as Quatre knelt beside Duo, a wave of something unfamiliar washed over Heero as he saw their hands. He strained to hear the conversation, knowing it was wrong but he needed to know if Duo was taken or not. He saw Duo hugged the smaller blonde, and the wave came back again, jealousy. Heero was about to turn around and walk to class, but he heard Duo's voice. What he heard brought a small smile to his face, Quatre was already taken. That meant he still might have a chance. //Now only if I could work up the courage to talk to him.//


"So what are we going to be watching, Quatre?" Heero asked, feeling slightly embarrassed by asking. He wasn't really paying attention to the blonde in class, and had no idea what sport they were going to witness.

"Wrestling, Heero. This is the first actually match, we're going up against Southland High. It's going to be tough, but with Duo I think we'll win."

"Duo?" At that moment, the varsity team walked out lead by Duo. Heero had to force his mouth closed upon laying eyes on Duo in the rather small uniform. Each movement had the spandex-like material clinging to each curve. His eyes never left the figure of Duo, each sway of the sensual hips sent a wave of euphoria straight to his groin. Heero felt like whimpering, he was just as hard as earlier and this time he knew he wouldn't be able to completely ignore it.

"Duo has the first match." Quatre said excitedly

Heero watched as Duo's cute butt walked onto the mat. He watched with drooling attention as the opponent and the braided boy circled each other. For a few long moments they stood still, giving the boy in the stands a chance to look over Duo's backside. In a blink of an eye, they were in the center trying to force each other to the ground. Duo was forced to the mat first, his opponent was on top straddling the chestnut-haird boy's hips. He tried to pin the braided boy, but Duo quickly flipped them over and got the other in a lock, pulling the other's arm behind his back and pushing upward. He smiled to himself when the other whimpered, t he blonde was face down on the mat, Duo's chest pressed against his back.

Heero stopped breathing. His mind supplied him with visions of himself straddling Duo, minus clothing. Hips thrusting to meet his, heat rolling off their sweaty bodies like clouds billowing in the sky. The actual wrestling match overlapped with his fantasy. He pictured himself rolling around on the floor with Duo, trying to dominate but only to yield to his own desires. He saw himself, face down on the mat, and the lithe form above him demanding his submission.

Heero snapped out of his rather hot fantasy, and looked around. He thanked whoever was responsible, everyone's attention was on the current match. He looked down at his own lap, the bulge in his jeans very prominent and very wet. Heero rose from the stands, awkwardly, and headed towards the restroom, hoping no one was in there so he could relieve some tension.


Heero walked into the empty restroom, his dark blue eyes scanning the room just in case. Walking from the bleachers, and down the stairs, around the corner and into the restroom was an adventure in it's self. The dark-haired boy was thankful everyone was so into watching the match, that they really didn't pay him much attention nor see the bulge in his jeans. Each step he took, each shift of his hips had his arousal brush against the fabric. Heero took three more steps and entered one of the empty stalls. He closed the door and slid the lock into place. He squeezed the bulge through the material, a soft moan rang in his ears.

Listening to make sure no one walk in, Heero unbuttoned and lowered the zipper on his jeans, and folded the material to the sides. He paused and listened once again, the thought of getting walked in on turned him on even more. His hand slipped into the opened fabric, slipping underneath his boxers, wet with his desire.

"Nnnn" he exclaimed as his hand brushed against the wet head of his cock. He sucked on his fingers, of his free hand, as he fondled himself.

He pictured himself against Duo, the braided boy still in the skimpy spandex uniform, he took his length into his hand. Slow and powerful strokes, his hand brought him pleasure. His hips rolled in slow, sensual gyrations thrusting his cock into his pumping hand.

"duo.." he gasped out. Heero pushed his pants and boxers off his hips and down his legs. The interfering material pooling around his ankles. His hands reclaimed his burning flesh, and continued the slow and agonizing strokes. He bite his lower lip to keep from yelling out, pleasure and euphoria spiraled throughout his quivering body and began to coalesced in his groin. His hand moved faster, grip tightened and his deep blue eyes rolled back.

Heero could feel Duo's hand stroking him. He felt Duo's spandex-clad erection grind into his bare ass. He felt Duo's breathe on his neck, heard the gasps of pleasure that left the braided boy's lips. "oh gods..." he moaned out, as the beginnings of his orgasm stirred in his groin.

The sound of moans and whimpers filled the empty restroom. Inside the stall, the Japanese youth's hand moved faster and faster. Heero shut his eyes as his body shook, a wordless scream left his mouth as he climaxed. Hot seed covering his hand, and the side of the stall. His hand and hips kept moving, riding the fading waves of ecstasy.

Deep-blue eyes finally opened, and Heero stared down at the mess on his hand. He let go of his softening erection and sighed.

//Only if...//

He wiped his hand off on the roll of tissue, then bent down to pull up his pants. He heard the bathroom door open, and froze.

"Sure Jon." He heard, the voice was torturously familiar and sweet. Heero tried to ignore the wave of lust that flowed through his sweat-covered body. A very low whimper left his lips as his awakening erection brushed against the metal teeth of the zipper.

//Dammit, get it together. I just have to get away from him...// Heero thought as he pulled the boxers over his erection and fastened his jeans. Taking a deep calming breath, and trying to calm his racing heart, and his raging hard arousal, he unlocked the door and walked out.

Heero walked over to the sink, intent on washing his hands. He kept his gaze downwards, so that he wouldn't see Duo in the very sexy and revealing spandex.

"Hey Heero!" Duo cheered as he bounced up to the quiet boy, beginning to wash his own hands.

"Duo." Heero responded, thanking every deity there was that Duo had a pair of black sweats on. Just being near the other boy had him whimpering inside. The heat rolling off of Duo's body, the smell of sweat turned the Japanese boy on even more.

"I didn't know you were here." The braided wrestler asked, wondering why Heero looked so flush.

"I came with Quatre." If he had been less aroused, Heero would have smirked at the pun. He wanted to come with Duo.

"Oh? Really, now?"


"Heero, why is your face all red?" Duo asked, it wasn't hot. In truth, it was kinda cold, he could feel his nipples harden from the chilly air. Although, if he was completely honest with himself, it was just the air.


A small smile touched Duo's lips, Heero face was growing in redness. //I wonder why he's so embarrassed.// "Heero, you wanna come over after the match?"


"I won't take no for an answer, Heero. Do I have get you into an arm lock and drag you?"

The mental image that Heero's mind conjured up from Duo's last statement almost made his knees buckle.

"Duo, it's my first night here..."

"Which is why you need to come over. Quatre and I can take you around town." Duo said, really wanting Heero to agree. He stared into the deep blue oceans, a sense of inner peace filled his heart.


"Sugoi! I'll meet you and Quatre at the stands." Duo quickly dried his hands and bounced out of the room.

"Why am I torturing myself?" Heero asked himself, feeling his erection throbbing in his pants, again.


“So you live with Duo?” Heero asked Quatre. The two boys were waiting for Duo to come out of the locker room, since he had time alone with the blonde Heero wanted to know a few answers.

“Yes I do. Why wouldn’t I?” Quatre replied, wondering why the Japanese boy was asking him such a silly question.

“Because, Heero, he is my brother.” Duo called out, while emerging from the locker room. The braided boy walked over to them, smiling the entire time. “Didn’t you know that?” He asked the shocked Japanese boy.

“I thought...”

“Don’t worry about it, Heero. Come on, lets get to the house.” Quatre stated.

“Trowa gonna show up, Q?” Duo teased.



“You’re just jealous, because unlike you, I’m getting some.” Quatre smirked at Duo’s expression. //Ha, score one for me// He turned around and headed for the exit.

Heero looked at Duo, and smiled. The braided boy’s jaw was nearly hanging on the floor. He couldn’t stop the small feeling of joy, Duo didn’t seem to have a problem with Quatre going out with Trowa. Heero had met the tall, quiet boy in class earlier that day. He followed the blonde, thinking that he might have a shot with the lovely boy.

//Maybe I’m not fated to be alone, forever.//


Heero sat on the sofa, located in the den of Quatre and Duo’s house. They had spent the evening taking him around the town and went for pizza. The usual stoic boy had the best time of his life. He looked around the room, wondering how long Duo was going to be. The braided boy went to take a shower, but ten minutes had already passed.

//I’ve known him for one day, and already I want him. I want to give myself to him, maybe he can make me feel again.//

Quatre had already left, he went with Trowa. Heero felt his stomach turn, he was alone with Duo. Thoughts of what he wanted raced straight to his groin, making him hard. Heero rose from the sofa, leaving the den, and headed towards Duo’s room.

Heero looked around Duo's room, his eyes falling upon the large comfortable looking bed. In his mind, he saw the beautiful boy beneath him, hair down and damp from the shower. Sweet erotic moans dancing upon his ears. The fire sparked, and began to heat his blood. His hands clenched at his side, Heero could feel the wetness from his erection. Duo walked out of the bathroom, wearing a plain white towel. He adjusted the towel on his head, the long-haired boy looked up and saw Heero in his room. He gasped aloud and jumped, causing the towel on his hips to fall to the floor. The Japanese boy stared at Duo’s exposed form, the soft-colored flesh of the strong chest, rose colored nipples, lean and firm stomach. Heero’s breath caught, as his eyes moved lower. He could feel his control slipping. Blue eyes darkened with lust, his mouth went dry as he thought about all the things he wanted to do with Duo’s impressive cock. Lust finally overrode his control, Heero quickly closed the distance between their bodies. He pressed against Duo’s hard body, pulling the braided boy’s head down for a searing kiss.

Duo returned the kiss with the same intense lust. His body was overriding his mind, and the feel of the other body pressed up against his nude form sent waves of fire through his veins. He opened his mouth, sucking the other boy’s tongue into his mouth. He slowly pushed the Japanese youth over to his bed, driven by animalistic lust. Duo pushed away the small voice telling him this wasn’t right, that he should wait. His hand slid down the hard body, grasping the hard bulge between Heero’s legs. Greedily, he swallowed the gasps and moans the poured from the strong boy’s mouth as he teased the denim-clad arousal.

Heero fell back onto the bed, Duo on top of him pinning his hands above his head. This is what he wanted, the beautiful boy. His hips thrust upwards as Duo’s tongue entered his mouth.

Moving his hands from Duo’s body, Heero unbuttoned his pants and lowered the zipper. A loud moan left his mouth when a warm hand reached inside his open pants and grabbed his burning flesh. Long, slow strokes threatened to drive him out of his mind. His hips rose from the bed, and Duo yanked the garment off.

“Duo...” he moaned, the braided boy moved down his chest nipping and licking his nipples. A small gasp filled the darkened room when Duo bite down on the hard flesh.

The braided wrestler stared into the lust-filled blue eyes, squeezing the hard length. Duo reached over to his nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lotion, he knew what he wanted. He needed to have Heero buried in his body. Tilting the bottle, the cool scented lotion poured into his hand. While watching the Japanese youth’s face, the took the hard cock into his hand and covered it with the make-shift lube. Duo intentionally teased Heero as much as possible, drawing out the loud moans and needy whimpers. Duo rolled himself off of Heero, laying on his back and pulling Heero on top of him. He legs were spread, in an open invitation.

Heero moved so that he was kneeling between Duo’s parted legs. He wrapped the long, slender leg around his waist and positioned himself. With gentle care, he pushed into the body beneath him. “Nnn...Duo...” The exquisite velvet heat envelop his erection, inch by inch he slid into the wondrous angel. “Duo...” he said behind clenched teeth, Heero’s control was quickly fading away. He wanted to pound into the lithe body, but he forced himself to go slow. Finally, Heero was fully inside the braided beauty. Lips sought lips and met in an explosion of passion, igniting a fire-storm of euphoria. Heero rocked his hips, moaning from the sheer pleasure the small movement caused.

Duo couldn’t speak or think, when Heero’s arousal plunged into his body his back arched off the bed and he let out a loud whimpering moan. He felt himself being stretched by the Japanese boy, and felt himself being claimed inch by torturous inch. The pleasure was doubled as he looked into the deep ocean-blue eyes. Duo was so lost in pleasure, he didn’t even think that he was giving this boy, whom he just met that afternoon, his virginity. The rocking of Heero’s hips made the American shiver, a sheen of sweat covering his body. “please...” he begged, needing the sensations and pleasure.

While watching the violet orbs, Heero pulled out of the burning heat only to push back in with greater force. His hands squeezed Duo’s hips, almost sure to leave bruises in the morning. His hips moved, pulling his hard flesh out of the perfect body and drove it back into it’s tight heat. Both teenagers’ voices rose to fevered pitches as they moved together. Drawing out and plunging back in, Heero’s pace quickened as his eyes slid closed. Duo’s melodious voice filled the room, sending him deeper into his pleasure. He felt Duo rock against him. “Duo!” he cried out, thrusting faster as he felt himself on the brink of orgasm. He took Duo’s wet, bobbing cock into his hand and stroked with the same frantic pace as his thrusts.

Duo cried out, his climax hitting with such intensity that he almost passed out. His passion covered Heero’s hand, and his chest. He cried out again because Heero kept pumping him, his body squeezed the other boy’s erection as streams over white seed poured from his quivering cock. His back came off the bed, impaling himself further onto Heero as he felt his lover’s essence flow into his body. Heero’s cry filled the room, his erection pulsing inside Duo’s body. He gave the braided boy all he was, filling him with his seed.

Both, Heero and Duo, were panting and exhausted. The Japanese teenager pulled his softening erection out of Duo and collapsed beside the braided boy. His arm encircled the slim waste and soon he fell asleep.

Duo remained awake, watching the other boy sleep. His mind screamed at him for giving into temptation. He gave himself to someone he barely knew, Duo argued with himself all night long. It felt right to give himself to the other boy, but in the rightness it felt wrong.

“What have I done...?” He asked, fearing everything would change. Did he ruin everything by not stopping the sensual boy?


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