Jade: I bet you thought we forgot about this fic again!
dhuron: How could we forget about this fic? It is our first together...
Jade: and you never forget your first....
dhuron: Very true...*grins*. So here is part 12
Jade: we threw in a few twists...
dhuron: but I"m sure you all don't mind a few, ne?
Jade: *presses send* I think we'd better get out of here...
dhuron: Hai! *follows Jade*
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Title: Conflicting Emotions part 12
Authors: dhuron and Jade (d_huron @ yahoo.com, jade9999 @ aol.com)
Pairings: various
Rating: NC-17 overall
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, angst
Disclaimers: we don't own the Gundam boys, we're just playing with them


Quatre crept up to the door. It was late, and he didn't want to get caught. He took out the key that Trowa had given him, and unlocked the door quietly. He peeked in; the slice of light from the hallway showed Trowa lying on his bed. He walked in, and sat on the bed next to the sleeping boy. "Trowa?" he whispered.

"Hm?" Trowa answered, half asleep. He slowly came out of his alcohol induced sleep, emerald eyes opened slightly. "Who's there?" the boy asked.

"It's me, Quatre. I'm so sorry, Trowa. I was scared. I was scared of my father. But I'm here now. I ran away. I can be with you now!" Quatre turned on the bedside light and smiled at Trowa.

The light hurt Trowa's eyes; he squinted at the small blonde. The same boy that managed to hold his heart and rip it to shreds. For reasons unknown to him, Trowa was angry, the pain and hurt feeding the growing anger. "Go away."

"But Trowa! I came here to see you! You don't understand!" Quatre couldn't believe it, he was sure that the tall boy would forgive him when he explained.

The taller boy slowly rose to a sitting position, his back facing the blonde. He stood up, wobbling on his feet, still not looking at Quatre. Trowa didn't want to look at the angel.

"Trowa?" Quatre said softly, beginning to doubt himself. Then he thought of something. Trowa would forgive him; he just had to convince him.

The soft tones from his lover, no ex-lover he amended, barely reached his ears. How could he forgive Quatre? The blonde boy would never understand the pain he was feeling. "Just go."

"You don't mean that, Trowa. I love you," Quatre said, standing up. He moved closer to Trowa, moving up behind him.

Trowa could feel the other boy behind him, Quatre's body heat rolling off him like sensual waves. The green-eyed boy could feel his resolve weaken, but then a flashback of watching Duo and Heero together came to his mind. The passion, tenderness, and undying love. He thought he had that with his angel, but after seeing what those two shared...

The small blond wrapped his arms around Trowa from behind, running his hands over the other boy's muscular abdomen, brushing against his nipples gently, just the way Trowa liked it.

"Stop it, Quatre." Trowa almost yelled, breaking free from the intimate embrace. He spun around and glared, mentally trying to calm his body's reaction to Quatre's touch.

Quatre jumped back. Was Trowa really serious? But his body said otherwise... Quatre hid a small smile as he saw that Trowa, who was dressed only in boxers, was visibly aroused. Quatre looked up at Trowa through his long lashes, and started unbuttoning his shirt. "Let me make it up to you, Trowa..."

The taller boy couldn't believe just how stubborn Quatre was; yet he couldn't take his eyes off the other boy as the nimble fingers unbuttoned his shirt. Trowa cursed himself for only being in boxers; his erection was wet with passion. Why was the other boy doing this to him?

Quatre finished unbuttoning his shirt and let it fall open. He knew how the dark blue material framed his creamy skin. He let the shirt slide off one shoulder so that one pink nipple showed. He licked his lips and dropped his hands to his pants button.

Trowa quickly turned around. He fumbled with his boxers in an attempt to adjust his aching cock. He didn't want to be seduced, he wouldn't be. The tall boy bent over to pick up a pair of pants on the floor.

"Oh, Trowa..." Quatre stared at the other boy's tight ass. "Please let me pleasure you. You know how much you like it when I suck your cock..." Quatre unfastened his pants and stepped out of them; he wore nothing underneath.

"No, is that all I am to you? Your fuck toy?" Trowa spat, while picking up his jeans and quickly putting them on. "Is that all you want from me, sex?"

"Trowa!" Quatre cried. "You know that's not true! I was a virgin before you. No one has ever touched me but you!" Quatre dropped his voice, whispering, "No one but you has ever touched this..." he wrapped his hand around his hard cock, pumping slowly. He knew how much Trowa liked to watch him touch himself.

"How can it not? You come here this late at night, throwing yourself at me. Do you think that everything will go back to how it was just because of sex? You use it as a tool, when in fact it should be sacred." Trowa looked for a shirt; he had to get out of his room and away from the blonde boy.

Quatre wrapped himself around Trowa. "I love you, Trowa!" He pressed his erection against the taller boy while he stroked Trowa's hardness through his pants. "I know you want me..."

"I said stop," Trowa removed Quatre's hand from his arousal. He walked towards the door, deciding he really didn't need shoes. "You don't hurt someone you love, you don't let them down. But you did..." Before the blonde could answer, Trowa walked out and slammed the door

Quatre stared after the boy, then collapsed on the bed and cried.


Wufei followed Treize into the immaculate apartment. He was feeling a bit apprehensive now that they were alone together.

The older man led Wufei into the sitting area; he wondered how far things would go. He was nervous. "Wufei, would you like anything?"

Wufei shook his head. "I'm fine, thank you. You have a beautiful apartment." He wasn't sure why he was feeling so nervous now. He had been so sure of himself at the club.

"Thank you," Treize replied, motioning Wufei to sit down. He sat on the love seat. Why was this so difficult?

Wufei took a deep breath, and went to sit next to Treize. He smiled at the older man, and snuggled close.

Treize put his arm around the smaller man, feeling more at peace. He liked having Wufei in his arms.

Wufei loved the smell of Treize; he was pressing closer when suddenly he surprised them both with a huge yawn. "I'm sorry!"

Treize smiled, fatigued himself. "It's okay," he said before lowering his head and brushing a kiss against Wufei's sweet lips. "Why don't we go to bed?"

Wufei laughed. "I thought that's why I was here."

"I meant just sleeping, possibly holding each other." The older man replied.

"I'd like that, I think, Treize."

Treize stood up and extended his hand for Wufei. "Then shall we call it a night?"

Wufei nodded, and took Treize's hand. The older man led him to a huge bed. Wufei slipped off his clothes, leaving his boxers on, and slid gratefully under the silken sheets.

Treize took off his own clothing, watching as Wufei's body was revealed. He had to take a deep breath and calm his hormones; they were not going to do anything. After he kicked his pants to the side, Treize joined Wufei under the sheets.

Wufei watched Treize's muscular body, and felt himself harden. Maybe... but then he yawned again, and snuggled close to the taller man. Maybe in the morning...

"Goodnight, 'Fei," Treize whispered before closing his eyes and falling asleep.


Trowa looked up at the moon. His feet continued to walk without any direction. The boy soon found himself near the school's large swimming pool. Thoughts of his encounter with the blond filled his troubled mind. Did the other boy think that everything would be fine with sex? How could Trowa forgive him, not only did he not stand up for him, but Quatre came back ready to get into his pants.

Trowa paused by the pool, looking through the fence. A flash of blond hair caught his eye, and it reminded him of Quatre. His heart ached, yet he was still angry. His eyes were drawn to the person by the pool. Long hair, blond like Quatre's but long like Duo's... Trowa found himself walking into the pool area unconsciously.

Green eyes widened and he stopped in his tracks. Before him was one of the most beautiful men he had ever seen, and the blond was slowly stripping off his clothing. Trowa had to bite back a small whimper as the muscled body was slowly reveled.

Trowa watched fixedly as the blond man dove into the pool, light flashing off the perfect body as he entered the water. He quietly moved closer, wanting another glimpse. His body, already frustrated from the earlier encounter with Quatre, responded by hardening fully.

The boy's eyes were glued to the man's form, watching the almost sensual movements within the water. He wondered what it would feel like to have those arms around his waist, pulling him against the blond man's chest. A moan left his lips, the green-eyed boy's hardness strained against his jeans. Trowa must have made a noise as he sat down; the blond man looked straight at him, realizing he wasn't alone.

"Hello," the blond purred, his voice deep and sensual.

"H-hello," Trowa stammered back, completely lost to the man's deep, sexy voice.

The man swam to the side of the pool nearest where Trowa sat, crossing his arms on the side and looking up at him. "I know I'm breaking the rules, wimming this late," he said with a sexy smile. "You won't get me in trouble, will you? My name is Zechs. I'm a new student teacher here and I wouldn't want to start off on the wrong foot."

Trowa only shook his head, unable to say anything to the blonde god before him. He took a deep breathe, trying to ignore his extremely hard arousal and suppress thoughts of being taken by Zechs.

"You look upset," Zechs said with concern. "Do you want to be alone? I can leave."

"N-no, don't leave. You were here first..." Trowa said, rising to his feet, temporarily forgetting about his hard cock bulging against his jeans.

Zechs looked up and realized Trowa was very aroused. He smiled, and lifted himself out of the pool with his powerful arms. Standing up, he stood naked in front of Trowa, letting the water glide off his naked body and rapidly hardening cock. "I hope you're not leaving," he murmured, letting the beautiful boy get a good look at him.

Trowa looked at Zechs' body, taking in every inch of the man's perfection. His eyes finally fell upon the hardening arousal; unconsciously, Trowa licked his lips.

Zechs smirked; he liked the way Trowa was looking at him, and he would love to see what the green-eyed boy looked like out of his tight jeans. He took a step closer, fully erect now.

Trowa backed up slightly, seeing the predatory smirk. His back hit the tree, and he knew he didn't have anywhere to go. "Zechs?" He asked, looking from the man's erect cock to his eyes.

Zechs took another step, then looked down deliberately at Trowa's bulge and said, "You want some help with that?"

Trowa nodded his head in agreement, wanting to feel Zechs' hands on his arousal. "Please..." he whispered softly.

Zechs smiled and stepped closer, until he was inches from the boy. He looked down at Trowa, and ran one hand down the boy's chest, just brushing against the straining jeans. "What's your name, green eyes?"

"T-Trowa", the boy moaned out. His eyes fell shut from the slight contact, he was so hard. "More...please...touch me."

Zechs loved the sound of the need in the boy's voice. "Well, Trowa, I'm going to make you very happy." The blond's hands made short work of Trowa's jeans, and soon they were around his ankles. Zechs looked at the boy's hard cock, wet with need. He wrapped his hand around it and squeezed firmly. "Is this what you want?"

"Yesss..." Trowa hissed, arching into the older man's skilled touch. Having Zechs' hand around his need nearly had him crying with pleasure. "More...please Zechs...more...."

Zechs slowly pumped Trowa's hardness, watching the boy's beautiful face twist in ecstasy. He leaned forward and kissed Trowa's neck gently, nibbling his way down to the hard nipples. He paused to tease each one while he pumped. Then he sank to his knees in front of Trowa, looking up at the moaning boy.

"Zechs..." Trowa moaned. He felt like he was burning within a raging inferno of sexual heat, each touch of the blonde's lips send his skin aflame. Trowa looked down, meeting the other man's eyes.

"I want to taste you, Trowa," Zechs whispered, and took the boy's dripping cock in his mouth, drawing it in all the way to the base before returning to tease the head.

"Gods!" Trowa cried out. His hands fell to the blonde man's shoulders, trying to balance himself. He closed his eyes and thrust into the man's mouth, needing more.

Zechs let Trowa fuck his mouth, taking each thrust easily, never letting up on the suction. The boy was incredibly responsive; he must have been very frustrated. He brought up one hand to cup Trowa's balls.

"Zechs....Oh gods...", Trowa cried out as he felt himself near the edge. The burning fire ran through his young body, heading straight for his cock. "Zechs!" He screamed out as he came, seed pouring into the blonde's mouth.

Zechs swallowed Trowa's creamy seed, milking every drop from the trembling boy. He stood up quickly to catch Trowa; the boy seemed ready to collapse. He held him close for a moment. "Are you ok?"

"Yes," Trowa replied. He tried to calm his racing heart; he had come harder than he ever had before. His hand reached between their bodies and encircled Zechs' hardness. "I want..."

Zechs moaned from the contact; giving Trowa pleasure had turned him on even more. "What do you want, Trowa? Tell me."

The green eyed boy stroked Zechs' length, loving the feel of the other man's cock in his hand. "I want you, I want to be taken. Please take me..."

Zechs took a shuddering breath. This boy was getting to him. Trowa wanted Zechs to fuck him; well, he wanted nothing more than to bury his cock deep inside the firm ass. But..."Would you like to go back to my place? It's more comfortable, and I don't have any lube here..."

"I don't care, as long as you bury your cock inside me. I need it..." Trowa said, rubbing against Zechs. All he wanted was the other man to take him, to show him how it felt to completely submit.

Zechs decided he didn't want to wait to take this eager boy. He needed to fuck Trowa now. He eyed the pool. He looked back at Trowa. "I don't want to wait."

+end part 12