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Title: Conflicting Emotions part 11
Authors: dhuron and Jade (d_huron@yahoo.com, jade9999@aol.com)
Pairings: 1+2, 3+4
Rating: NC-17 overall
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, angst, AU
Disclaimers: we don't own the Gundam boys, we're just playing with them


Wufei stood in front of the mirror, disgusted with what he saw. His face was starting to bruise, and his eyes were puffy from crying.

His hand traced the blossoming bruise, remembering the punch clearly. Heero had hit him. The Japanese boy didn't care for him.

Wufei bit back more tears. He loved Heero so much; why wouldn't the Japanese boy love him back? He had given Heero everything, his body and his heart. And this was what he got in return. Just like he deserved. Why would the silent boy want a slut like himself? He threw himself at Heero every chance he got, like a dog begging its owner for attention. Maybe his father was correct, no one could want him.

His mind drifted back to the time he lived with his father. The man had never had a kind word for him, never a word of encouragement. Nothing he did was ever good enough. His father, if he could be called that, never loved him. Even as a boy, Wufei was treated like an outsider, an unwanted problem. The tears finally fell as he remembered the night his father beat him.

He couldn't even remember the reason for his punishment; bad grades perhaps, but it didn't matter. If Wufei's grades had been perfect, there would have been something else to complain about. He could still smell the whiskey on his father's breath when he came home from work that night.


Wufei was sitting, on the floor, in the living room. The small lamp on the coffee table shone down on the book he was reading. The day had been long, and tiring. Reading was a passion for the Chinese boy, his escape from the desolate life he lead. He heard the door open and slam shut, indicating that his father was home from work.

Wufei looked up apprehensively as his father called him. The words were slurred and Wufei knew he had been drinking again. Fear gripped his stomach with cold fingers as he reluctantly went to greet his father.

"Boy," his father started but when Wufei didn't answer him or look at him he became furious. His hand struck Wufei across the cheek, "look at me when I speak."

Wufei bit back his anger and looked up at his father. "Yes, Father?" He managed to say despite the pain.

"What's this I hear from your teachers," the older man said between clenched teeth. His anger was boiling, barely held in check. Why did he get stuck with such a problem to raise?

"But, father," Wufei began, "It was only one mistake. The teacher says I can make it up, and still get an A."

Excuses, the Chinese man hated them almost as much as he disliked his son at that moment. He hit him again, watching the blood run down the boy's lip. He couldn't stop himself, years of bitterness at his ex-wife and son fed his anger. He threw the troublesome boy against the wall, forearm pressed against Wufei's throat. His son began to choke from the lack of oxygen, "You're worthless. No one will ever want you."

Wufei tried to gasp, tried to breathe, tried to fight back. But he couldn't, his father was too strong. And after all this time he truly believed it, believed that no one could want him. His own mother had abandoned him, left him to live with this violent man who may or may not have fathered him, as he liked to remind Wufei. If his own mother didn't want him, who ever would?

+end flashback

Wufei shook his head, trying to forget the painful memory once again. He had ended up with a bloody nose, a few bruised ribs and a shattered soul that night. It was the night he gave up hope of finding his salvation.

After that, he looked for love in other ways. He had met Heero, and in the friendly kindness that Heero had shown him he has misread love. Wufei sneered at himself; he was so pathetic that the first time someone showed him a grain of kindness he had fallen hopelessly and obsessively in love.

But was it really love, or something else? No that the Chinese boy thought about it, he didn't love Heero. Wufei had become obsessed with the Japanese boy, a childish crush taken way too far. Not only had he hurt himself, but his caused great pain to Heero and Duo, the boy that his ex-lover truly loved. Wufei hung his head in shame, disgusted with himself.

It all started to become so clear, finally. He could see how he had latched on to Heero, and how the other boy had tried to gently discourage him. The only time he had ever slept with Wufei was when he had been completely drunk. And still Heero had tried to be nice to him, until Wufei had gone too far, following Heero and insulting the boy he loved.

He decided some fresh air was needed to clear his head, and Wufei didn't want to stay in his room any longer. He decided that maybe going to a club would help clear his mind, if nothing else Wufei could get lost in the crowd of people.

Wufei brushed his hair, leaving the glossy black tresses loose for a change, grabbed a jacket and went out into the night.


A soft moan left the braided boy's parted lips. Duo was dreaming of Heero above him, teasing his body and claiming his soul. He started to rub against the warm body next to him. Duo whimpered as his hard cock rubbed against the soft material of his boxers, letting them with his need. He slowly woke up and realized he was indeed lying next to Heero, and cobalt eyes were staring back at him.

"Duo..?" Heero asked while staring into the other boy's deep violet eyes. His arousal was hard and wet with passion.

Duo couldn't help it; his hand stole down to his erection and stroked it through the material. "I want..."

Heero couldn't tear his eyes away from the other boy's hand. Duo was stroking himself, teasing his cock. The Japanese boy licked his dry lips, "What do you want?"

"I want you," moaned Duo, "But we were going to wait..." Duo slid his hand inside the boxers; he was so hard for Heero...

The Japanese boy didn't know what to do, they agreed to wait but he wanted Duo so bad. He was so hard for the other boy. Heero moved his hips in small circles, the head of his cock rubbing against the boxers. "I want to watch, I want to see all of you Duo."

"Oh, Heero, you turn me on so much," Duo whispered, and slid the boxers off. Making sure Heero was watching, he squeezed his arousal, and started to stroke slowly, teasing himself. "You like?" He asked Heero, panting slightly.

Heero looked at his Duo's perfect body, moaning from his own need. He watched as the other boy teased himself, "Duo, you're perfect."

Duo lay back on the bed, one hand stroking his cock and the other pinching a nipple. He arched his back, and started to thrust his hips, driving his cock into his hand. "Oh, god, Heero... watch me..."

Heero longed to touch the other boy's hardened flesh, to burn from its heat. He watched Duo's hips thrust. "Duo...I want..."

"What, Heero? Tell me..." his words turned into a moan as his passion rose higher.

"I want..." Heero whispered unable to voice his need. His hips rose from the bed, and he slid his own boxers off. Heero moved, so that he was between Duo's legs. "I want to taste you..." Heero stated while brushing Duo's hand away and teasing his love's cock with his tongue.

Duo moaned, letting his gaze travel over Heero's perfect body, coming to rest on the straining arousal. Then Heero was touching him, licking him, taking his hot need into his mouth. "Oh, Heero!"


Trowa sat on his bed, the room utterly dark. He took another drink from the bottle, drowning his sorrows in alcohol. His life had gone to shit in one day. First he found out his best friend was in love with him and he did nothing but hurt Duo. Then Quatre broke it off with him; the little blond didn't even stand up to his sister. That hurt the worst of all, that his little angel didn't think he was worth the effort. He just couldn't believe it; was Quatre that afraid of his family? He had said he loved Trowa... they had shared their passion; now nothing. Was it all over, with just a message? His head snapped up as he realized there were sounds coming from Duo's room next door. Was the braided boy home finally?

Trowa rose to his feet and walked towards their shared bathroom, stumbling often. The door to Duo's room was ajar and he peeked in. The tall boy nearly gasped out loud as he watched Duo raise his hips to slide his boxer shorts off his body.

Trowa couldn't take his eyes of the longhaired boy; Duo looked incredible, naked and hard and wet. He watched avidly as Duo stroked himself; he felt his own cock harden in response to Duo's arousal. Why had he never seen how beautiful Duo was? The longhaired boy was perfect, slim and lithe and rock hard, his sensuous mouth open with passion.

Trowa watched his best friend's hips thrust his cock into his hand, wanting to feel Duo's heat. His eyes blazed with passion and alcohol, he wanted Duo. His hand unfastened his pants, sliding underneath his briefs. Trowa teased the head of his cock, smearing the wetness gathered at the tip. The intoxicated boy began stroking himself while watching Duo.

Trowa knew he shouldn't be doing this, watching Duo and touching himself. But he couldn't stop; he was frustrated and turned on and Duo was gorgeous. Then he saw Heero kneel before Duo, naked and hard as well.

Heero spread Duo's legs apart, licking the boy's cock. His fingers toyed with his lover's inner thighs while he slowly took Duo into his mouth. To finally taste the other boy nearly had Heero whimpering, he focused on licking and sucking the cock in his mouth.

Duo whimpered, completely overcome with desire. He couldn't believe Heero was doing this, touching him like this, taking his hard cock in his sexy mouth. Heero's mouth was hot and wet, and Duo gasped, thrusting up, needing more of the wonderful sensation. Heero's hands pushing his legs apart only heightened his need.

Heero's hand trailed up his lover's body, finding a hard nipple. He pinched the aroused flesh, teasing Duo's body even more. Heero's mouth left his lover's arousal, "gods Duo, you feel wonderful." He reclaimed Duo's cock, taking the boy deeper.

"Heero!" cried Duo, wanting release yet at the same time wanting the feeling to never stop. He thrust up again. "I'm so close..."

Trowa stroked himself, unable to tear his eyes away, close to climax too.

Heero's head bobbed up and down Duo's length faster. His hands moved to hold the boy's thrusting hips down. Heero needed to feel Duo climax in his mouth; he wanted to swallow the other boy.

Duo sobbed, "Heero..." and with a cry, he climaxed, bucking his hips and filling Heero's mouth with his hot passion.

Heero greedily swallowed his lover's passion. He released the softening erection, and began licking Duo's inner thighs.

Trowa watched Duo's completion; the other boy's cries made him release his need. Whispering Duo's name, Trowa came, empty pleasure pumping from his cock.

Duo panted, still awash in pleasure, and reached for his lover. "Kenji..."

Heero crawled up his lover's body, "Jonathan." He lowered his lips to the other boy's, kissing him passionately. His tongue slid between Duo parted lips, deepening their kiss. Duo and Heero kissed, barely parting to breathe. Their first shared passion left Duo wanting more.

"Oh, Heero," breathed Duo when they broke the kiss. "You haven't..."

Heero reclaimed the braided boy's soft, swollen lips, thrusting his tongue into the warm mouth. A soft moan left the Japanese boy's lips. Heero pulled back, and looked deep into the violet eyes. He moved so that he was straddling the other boy's hips, his hand moving down his body. Heero held Duo's gaze as his hand encircled his cock. "Jon..."

Duo watched as Heero touched himself. Heero was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. He felt himself harden again as he watched Heero stroke himself. "Heero... I want to touch you..."

Heero kept his eyes locked with the other boy's, his strokes were slow. When Duo said he wanted to touch him, Heero nearly exploded. With his free hand, he guided Duo's hand to his cock.

Duo touched Heero's hardness at last; the hot length nearly burned him with its heat. He didn't know how to stroke someone else, but he squeezed lightly, moving his hand slowly up and down.

Heero moaned from Duo's warm hand, he fought the urge to close his eyes. He wanted the other boy to see how much pleasure he was experiencing. Heero's hand covered Duo's, showing the braided boy how he liked to be touched.

Duo let Heero guide him; he couldn't get enough of the feeling of Heero's arousal in his hand and the sounds he was making. He stroked faster, gaining confidence; he wanted to hear Heero moan his name in pleasure.

"Duo, oh gods don't stop," Heero moaned. Having his hardness in the other boy's hand was pure ecstasy. Duo slowly became more confident with his strokes. Heero's hips began to thrust his cock into their pumping hands. "Duo..."

"I want to see you come, Heero," moaned Duo. He stroked faster, tightening his grip. His own cock dripped with need as he stroked his love.

"Faster, Duo," Heero begged. He could feel himself so close, his hips moved faster.

Duo gripped tighter and stroked faster, concentrating on keeping an even rhythm. With his free hand he touched the inside of Heero's muscular thighs, loving the feel of the strong boy's body.

"Duo!" Heero cried out as he climaxed, his hips thrusting wildly. He continued to moan and whimper as ribbon after ribbon of hot seed left his cock.

Duo watched with rapt attention as Heero came, feeling the cock in his hand pulse. Heero looked beautiful, a sensual angel. Duo brought his hand to his mouth and licked it; Heero tasted wonderful.

Heero's body shuddered, panting from the force of his orgasm. He watched as the other boy brought his fingers to his lips and licked off his seed. Heero growled, and claimed the other boy's lips. He felt Duo's reawakened erection. With slow movements, he began to rub against the braided boy's awakening hardness.

Duo whimpered, "Heero... love you..." He thrust helplessly against Heero; his passion for the other boy seemed insatiable.

"Love you too," Heero whispered before kissing Duo again. He reached between their bodies and claimed the boy's hardness. Slowly he began to stroke Duo, needing to see those violet eyes in pure rapture.

Trowa still watched as the two boys pleasured each other, professing their love. Finally, he stumbled back to his bed, passing out from alcohol and despair.

Duo arched up off the bed into Heero's hand; his cock was incredibly sensitive now, and he almost screamed.

Heero's hand moved faster, bringing his love closer to climax. He continued to kiss him deeply, showing Duo how much he needed him. Each whimper or moan, Heero greedily swallowed; milking the beautiful boy for more.

Duo gasped; Heero was bringing him to climax again. He was helpless to resist and he didn't want to; Heero's talented hand coaxed another climax from him. He screamed Heero's name, emptying his passion once again.

Heero's hand continued to stroking Duo's throbbing arousal, he felt the other boy's seed cover his hand and abdomen. "Duo, you're so beautiful." He whispered, lovingly. He brought his hand to his lips, licking the braided boy's passion.

Duo watched Heero, and couldn't believe how lucky he was to have found his friend again. "Heero..." he sighed, exhausted.

Heero shifted so that he lay next to the braided boy, then he pulled Duo into his arms. He placed a tender kiss on Duo's lips, bonding them to each other once again. "I love you", Heero whispered before he fell asleep.

Duo snuggled into Heero and fell into peaceful slumber.


Wufei entered the club; his onyx eyes looked around the darkened room. Here he felt at peace, where he could forget the real world and his problems. The Chinese boy made his way through the crowd in the noisy bar. He brushed off several offers of dancing and more. He settled at a barstool and turned to watch the crowd.

As soon as the sexy Chinese boy sat down on the stool, Treize knew it was his chance. He was enthralled by the striking beauty. It was not often that anyone affected him like that, but this dragon had ensnared Treize, and he didn't want to be free.

Wufei looked up to see a tall, handsome man approach him. He was about to brush him off, but something about the tall man called to him.

Treize was lost in a sea of onyx, spellbound by the exotic vision at the bar. Finally he stood before the seated Chinese man, feeling heat wash over his body. "Hello, I'm Treize."

Wufei smiled up at the man. He didn't seem to fit in with the general clientele. "Hi, Treize. I'm Wufei." He was stunned when Treize took his hand and placed a gentle yet sensuous kiss on the back of it. No one had ever done that before.

Treize continued to hold Wufei's hand, feeling the other's heat on his skin. "A pleasure. Would you like to dance?"

Wufei didn't want to be alone tonight, so he decided to take a chance. Treize's body looked well muscled under the impeccable suit. It would be nice to feel against him. "Sure, why not?" he stood and let the tall man lead him to the dance floor.

Treize lead the stunning beauty to the center of the dance floor, turning his body to face Wufei. He pulled their bodies close together, hips moving with the slow, sultry beat. His hands rested on Wufei's shoulders, and he continued to gaze into the black pools.

Wufei melted into Treize's body, letting the older man hold him close. The heat of Treize's body intoxicated him; the tall man felt as good as he looked. In spite of himself, Wufei felt himself get aroused; he reached

up to wrap his arms around Treize's neck, gazing up into deep blue eyes. He could get lost in those eyes.

Treize's hand moved to caress the younger man's cheek; a small gasp of pain left Wufei's lips. The older man flinched as if it was his own pain. He slowly lowered his head, and brushed a soft, heated kiss against Wufei's cheek.

Wufei tried not to moan at the gentle caress; it also reminded him of how he had gotten the bruise. He lowered his eyes, saddened.

Treize placed his fingers under the younger man's chin; lifting Wufei's head so that their eyes met. "Don't be saddened, such warmth and beauty shouldn't know the meaning of sadness." Taking a big risk, Treize lowered his lips the Wufei's.

The Chinese boy stiffened for a moment, then relaxed and let Treize kiss him. The man's mouth was hot and sweet, and Wufei opened his mouth to him. His cock hardened fully, and he pressed his arousal against Treize.

Treize slipped his tongue passed Wufei's parted lips, tasting the sweet warmth. He groaned, feeling the younger man's arousal against his.

Wufei surrendered to Treize's lead, moaning deep in his throat and sliding one hand down the older man's chest. He wanted to feel the hard muscles against him, the hot silky skin, wanted to be taken by the handsome man completely. His cock throbbed, already wet with need. He broke the kiss and whispered, "Take me home with you..."

+end part 11