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Title: Conflicting Emotions part 10
Authors: dhuron and Jade (d_huron@yahoo.com, jade9999@aol.com)
Pairings: 1+2, 3x4, 5+1
Rating: NC-17 overall
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, angst
Disclaimers: we don't own the Gundam boys, we're just playing with them


Duo wandered back to the dorm, feeling better than he'd had in years. He had had a great sleep, and this morning he and Relena had talked for hours. It felt good to have someone listen without judging.

He looked up into the bright blue sky and took a deep breath. Duo exhaled with a content sigh, he felt so free and unbound. Releasing all the pain and negative emotions was the best thing that had ever happened to him. The braided boy walked past a large tree, but a sound broke his reverie.

"Heero! Come back here! We need to talk!" a familiar voice rang out.

Wufei, his mind told him. Duo knew he shouldn't spy, but he couldn't help it. The braided boy wanted to know what the Chinese boy had that he didn't. Duo wanted to know what his best friend saw in the loud, annoying boy.

Duo edged around the tree and peered through the branches. He saw the Chinese boy hanging onto Heero's arm and trying to drag him back to the dorm. Heero looked furious.

Heero nearly ran out of the dorm, Duo wasn't back and he was worried. He couldn't let his only chance slip through his fingers, the Japanese boy had just made out of the dorm and onto the grass when someone grabbed his arm and spun his body around. "What do you want?" Heero sneered at his ex-lover.

Wufei flinched at the look of hate on Heero's face. "We need to talk," he repeated, more urgently. "I came all this way to see you!"

Heero had to bite back the raging hatred and anger; he looked at the Chinese boy with disgust. "I told you to leave me alone. You've ruined everything...EVERYTHING!"

Duo watched as Wufei stepped back from the anger in the Japanese boy's voice. "I... I don't understand. I love you, Heero..."

"I don't love you. How can you even claim to love me? We had sex, nothing more." Heero turned to walk away.

Wufei grabbed Heero's arm again and clung desperately. "How can you say, that, Heero! I... let you... and it was more than sex!"

Duo knew he shouldn't be watching such a private moment, but he couldn't tear his eyes away.

"Maybe for you, it was more. I've told you, it was a mistake on my part. But you wouldn't listen, and kept on stalking me. Why do you think I left?"

"Stalking you? I don't understand. You're mine! I love you, Heero!" Wufei's voice rose in anger and he jerked at Heero's arm as hard as he could.

"I don't belong to you. Leave me alone, Wufei." Heero yanked his arm back and glared, "I love Duo, and because you of he probably hates me right now."

Wufei snorted. "That longhaired slut?"

Duo winced as he watched.

Wufei continued, "He doesn't seem like your type."

Heero flinched as the words left the Chinese boy's lips. "What did you call him?" He asked, quietly.

Wufei stepped back from the look on Heero's face. Then he recovered. "A slut. He's a slut, I can tell."

Duo looked down at the ground.

Heero wanted to kill Wufei for that remark, he could've easily wrapped his hands around the Chinese boy's neck, "The only slut is you. Throwing yourself at me like a damn dog every chance you get. If I ever hear you call my Duo a slut again, you'll regret it."

Wufei was desperate, emboldened by anger. "Or what? I'm not afraid of you, Heero, or your slut," he said deliberately.

As soon as the words left Wufei's lips, Heero's hand shot up and surrounded the Chinese boy's neck. He squeezed, cutting off the flow of oxygen. "Fuck you, Wufei." He shouted before throwing the other boy backwards, into the building. Heero stalked off, barely restraining himself from harming the other boy further. "Duo..."

Wufei coughed, struggling back to his feet. He glared at Heero's retreating back, anger rising dangerously. "Don't you walk away from me, Heero!" he screamed at the Japanese boy.

Duo watched with horror as Wufei rushed at the unaware boy's back. Wufei was going to hurt his Kenji! Without thinking, Duo stepped out into the Chinese boy's path, taking the brunt of Wufei's charge. "Heero! Look out!" Duo cried as Wufei shoved him roughly away. The braided boy fell to the ground, hitting his injured shoulder again.

Duo cried out as the pain shot through his body. He pulled himself to his feet, swaying a bit, and intercepted Wufei once again.

Heero spun around when he heard Duo's voice, in a flash Duo was pushed to the ground and his Jonathon cried out in pain. Heero saw red; he was ready for Wufei's attack, but Duo got between them again.

"Duo, what are you doing?"

"Trying to protect you, Kenji. I don't want you to get hurt!" Duo cried out, holding his shoulder.

Wufei pushed the longhaired boy out of the way again. "Move, slut. This is no business of yours. Heero is mine."

Heero watched his Jonathan hit the tree; a whoosh of air left his friend's lips before Duo slid down onto the ground. Heero's control finally snapped, and he punched Wufei. His fist connected with the Chinese boy's nose, while his other connected with the unguarded midsection.

Wufei crumpled to the ground, looking up in disbelief at Heero. He tried to speak, then fell back, unconscious.

Duo tired to struggle to his feet, but the world spun around him. "Heero!" he called out. "Don't... hurt him... any more."

The Japanese boy left Wufei lying on the ground and walked over to his beloved. "Duo...I'm sorry..." Heero whispered, knowing those three words were so inadequate for everything that had happened.

Duo looked up at Heero. "Did you mean what you said, Heero?"

"Yes. I did, Jonathan..." Heero stared into the other boy's eyes, hoping this was his second chance.

Duo gazed into cobalt eyes, wondering if he could trust again. "Kenji? I need to know for sure. Do you love me as a friend?"

"Jonathan, I love you more than a friend. I always have..." Heero replied, moving his hand to rest upon the other boy's cheek.

Duo stared at his friend. "More? Like how, Kenji? I've been hurt so much... I need to know. I... I love you."

Heero took Duo's hand into his, "I love you, Duo. Ever since we were little, all I ever wanted was to be with you, forever. I never wanted to hurt you, but I have. Can you forgive me for being a damned fool?

It was too good to be true. Duo almost couldn't believe it. But he looked into those eyes, and knew he couldn't resist. "There's nothing to forgive, Heero."

Heero couldn't stop the small smile; he didn't lose his chance to prove himself to Duo. "Duo," He whispered, placing his hand on the braided boy's shoulder.

Duo hissed, and tried to hide his pain.

"Duo... what's wrong?" Heero asked, worried that his beloved was injured.

"It's ... nothing, I just hurt my shoulder. It will be fine." Truly, the pain didn't matter to Duo now that he had his Kenji back.

Heero didn't quite believe Duo; he knew how stubborn the other boy could be. The Japanese boy quickly rose to his feet and pulled Duo up from the ground, into his arms.

Duo let Heero hold him, trying desperately not to cry with happiness. It felt so right to be in Heero's arms. Could it be true, that Heero loved him and they could be happy at last?

Heero walked back up the stairs, holding Duo as close to his body as possible. While walking down the halls, he hoped that they could finally be happy together.

Duo snuggled into Heero's arm's, feeling safe and secure. "Heero..."

Heero stopped in front of his bedroom door for a moment before deciding to take his love to his own room, too many bad memories. Plus it gave him more time to enjoy the braided boy snuggling against him.

Duo was almost dozing against Heero's strong chest, when he felt Heero gently lay him on a bed. He opened his eyes to see they were in his own room. He wouldn't let go of the other boy, though, and pulled Heero down next to him.

"Jon... " Heero whispered while looking into the violet eyes. Slowly he lowered his lips, wanting nothing more than to kiss Duo. He stopped before their lips touched, silently asking the other for permission with his eyes.

Duo answered with his lips, rising up slightly to bring them into contact. Heero's lips were soft and sweet and warm, and Duo wanted to kiss him forever.

Heero's hands moved to rest on Duo's hips, and he deepened the kiss. Everything that was missing in his life, he found within that tender kiss. Heero never wanted it to end.

Duo melted into the contact, craving more. He opened his mouth to Heero's tongue, and they explored each other's mouths. It felt perfect, and he brought his arms up to pull Heero against him.

Heero moaned as their arousals met, his hips unconsciously thrusting. The sweet friction sent them both into teasing pleasure. His hands slid up Duo's shirt, lightly grazing his love's warm flesh.

Duo gasped at Heero's touch on his sensitive skin. He moaned at the feeling of Heero's hardness against him; he rocked his hips against Heero's. Nothing mattered any more except Heero's body against his, and Heero's hands on him. Heero's hand continued to trace over Duo's soft skin and began to nibble on the braided boy's lower lip. He wasn't in a hurry, but wanted to prolong their first true tender moment together.

Duo sighed, arching up against Heero, enjoying the warmth of the other boy's body. He pulled at the hem of Heero's shirt, wanting to feel the hot skin against him.

Heero broke the kiss long enough for Duo to remove his shirt. As soon as the fabric was tossed across the room, Heero reclaimed his love's soft lips. The Japanese boy began to push Duo's shirt up his chest, licking and teasing the exposed nipples.

Duo gasped as Heero touched him. The sensations went straight to his aching cock, and he buried his hands in Heero's hair. He wanted Heero to touch him everywhere.

Finally, Heero got the bothersome fabric off Duo's chest. He looked at the other boy's perfection, soft creamy flesh, hard nipples, eyes full of passion. He wiggled, rubbing his arousal against Duo's. Heero's fingers fumbled with the single button on the braided boy's pants.

"Oh, Heero..." moaned Duo as he felt Heero's fingers near his aching need. He arched up, ready to give the other boy everything. He looked up at Heero; the other boy was a wet dream, cobalt eyes dark with need and chiseled muscles bulging.

Heero's fingers finally unfastened the pants; he lowered the zipper with deliberate slowness. Duo was his love, his obsession. Dark violet eyes, perfect body, and he held his heart. "Duo."

Duo held his breath as Heero opened his pants. He ached for the other boy to touch him. His arousal throbbed and he thought he was going to explode.

Heero began to push the fabric down Duo's hips and legs before pulling them completely off the smaller boy's body. They joined his shirt, across the room. His cobalt eyes stared down at the bulging erection within Duo's boxers; they were wet with his passion. Heero pulled the other boy into his arms, Duo's legs straddling his thighs, and kissed him. His tongue slipped past Duo's parted lips, and Heero poured his heart into his actions.

Duo thrilled at the feeling of Heero on top of him. He wanted Heero to... to touch him, and..."Heero?" he gasped out. "I... I've never..."

The Japanese boy pulled back, slightly, and looked into Duo's eyes. He couldn't stop the feeling of extreme happiness, he would be Duo's first and only. "Duo, do you want this?"

"I do, Heero, but... I'm a little scared," he said. "But I want you so much...."

"I want you, too," Heero replied. "We'll wait until you're ready." He kissed the other boy again.

"Heero... I just... it's all so fast..." Duo looked up at Heero, wondering if Heero would really wait for him.

Heero looked into the enchanting eyes, "I understand, Duo. I got a second chance, and this time I'm going to make sure I don't lose you. I love you."

Duo looked into cobalt eyes, amazed. "Heero? You really love me?"

Heero smiled, softly. "I love you, only you."

Duo was confused. He had really thought he loved Trowa, but now... "Heero, I'm so confused... but I know you're my best friend, and I've always loved you..."

Heero placed his finger on the boy's lips, "It's okay, Duo. I'll be here, no matter how long it takes. Don't do anything you'll regret later, follow your heart and emotions."

Duo's heart swelled at Heero's words. He felt safe and content in Heero's arms. He had been saving himself, wanting to only have sex with the one he loved, and he had thought that was Trowa. But now he was glad he had waited. He knew that soon he would be ready to give himself to Heero, body and soul.


Quatre moaned as Trowa pressed him to the bed; their hips rocked together and their cocks ached with desire. "Trowa..."

"Quatre," Trowa moaned out, pressing his body against the blond boy. He could never get enough of touching or kissing the other boy. His hips began to thrust down, while nibbling on a sensitive earlobe.

Since Quatre and Trowa had first made love, they stole every moment they could, kissing and touching whenever possible. They were in Quatre's room, in his huge house, and no one was home.

Trowa began to kiss and tease his lover's chest, wanting to hear the delightful moans. His tongue swirled around Quatre's nipple, taunting the flesh while his hand claimed the blond's hard cock.

Quatre gasped and arched into his lover's hand; Trowa's touch set him on fire. All he could think about when they were together was feeling those hands, that mouth, that cock. Quatre was addicted to the green-eyed boy.

Trowa looked into Quatre's eyes before licking teasing the tip of his wet hardness. "Quatre, I want you" he whispered before taking the blonde into his mouth.

"Trowa!" Quatre nearly screamed as he felt his hardness enveloped in the hot wetness of Trowa's mouth. "Take me..."

Trowa's head bobbed up and down Quatre's length, his tongue added to the blonde's pleasure. The green-eyed boy could taste his lover's passion, but wanted more. He sucked Quatre faster, and harder.

Quatre buried his hands in Trowa's hair, and bucked up into Trowa's mouth. He was so close... neither heard the door open. But they did hear the scream.

Trowa jumped from the loud scream and turned towards the door, he blocked Quatre's nudity with his body and glared at the intruder.

"Quatre!" the shocked voice yelled from the doorway. A blonde girl a few years older than Quatre stood there. "You... and that's a boy... oh my god!"

Quatre was frozen by shock, unable to speak.

Trowa didn't know what to do, one of Quatre's sisters had just walked in on them. No one was supposed to be home till that evening. What was going to happen to his lover?

The girl screamed at Trowa, "You pervert! Get away from my brother! Get out or I'll call the police!"

Quatre didn't say anything, just started to sob.

"Quatre..?" He asked, but his angel was crying. Trowa silently picked up and clothes and dressed as quickly as possible. He looked at the blond boy, but Quatre wouldn't look at him. He left the room, and quickly walked down the stairs. The tears didn't come, he felt hollow inside as he left the house.

Trowa stumbled into his room, unable to believe what had just happened. His Quatre... he hadn't even said anything, just sat there, while his sister ordered him out. Not a word, he wouldn't even look at him. Trowa's heart ached. He thought Quatre loved him! Trowa's eyes fell on the answering machine. Maybe it was a message from his angel! Eagerly he pushed the button, and listened.

"Trowa?" the voice began tremulously. "We... I can't see you anymore. Please don't try to call me. It... it's over. Goodbye." That was it. Trowa stared in disbelief at the answering machine.

+end part 10