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Title: Conflicting Emotions part 8
Authors: dhuron and Jade (d_huron @ yahoo.com, jade9999 @ aol.com)
Pairings: 1+2, 2+3, 3+4, 5+1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, angst
Disclaimers: we don't own the Gundam boys, we're just playing with them


Duo flinched from the venom in the other boy's tone. The words final hit him like a thousand tons. The tears fell down his eyes, once again. He ran towards the door, sobbing as his heart finally shattered beyond repair. "you lied....you promised you'd never hurt me....you're just like Trowa..." he cried before bolting down the hall.


The Chinese boy frowned at Heero as Duo ran out the door. Heero tried to follow, but Wufei held him back. "Who was that, Heero?"

Heero glared at the Chinese boy, "Move," he growled before pushing Wufei to the side and making his way for the door.

"No!" Wufei said, stepping in Heero's way again. "I came all this way to see you, and this is how you treat me? Didn't you miss me?"

Ice cold eyes glared at Wufei, he couldn't believe the other boy followed him and just ruined his chance with Duo. "Why did you come here, Wufei?"

"To see you! I missed you!" Wufei was confused. He ran a finger down Heero's chest. "we had such fun..."

Heero's body shivered from the touch while his mind yelled in exasperation. He felt the other boy's hand travel further down his chest, and he felt his rebellious body react to the sensual touches.

Wufei saw Heero's reaction and smirked. He stroked Heero through the spandex, and said softly, "I see you do remember..."

The Japanese boy's eyes closed as he hardened under Wufei's skilled touch. Hazy memories came back to his mind, a soft moan left his lips as a warm hand slid beneath his shorts. Unconsciously he rocked his hips into the touch.

Wufei smiled and sank to his knees in front of Heero. He pulled down the spandex and licked at Heero's hard cock.

"Nnnn," the other boy moaned as Wufei's hot tongue teased his wet cock. It felt so good, "Duo..."

Wufei frowned, but continued to lick Heero. Then he took just the head into his mouth, sucking at it and teasing it with his tongue.

Heero moaned again as his hard cock was teased, his hips thrust, pushing into the wet heat. Wufei took more of Heero in his mouth, increasing the suction, until he had Heero's whole cock in his mouth. He took it easily, starting to bob his head up and down.

Heero opened his eyes and looked down, wanting to drown in violet pools. What he saw, however, wasn't Duo sucking his length, but his first lover.

Wufei sucked harder, moving his head faster, knowing Heero was close.

The Japanese boy's hips moved faster, pushing his cock further into Wufei's mouth. He was gasping as white hot fire coursed through his blood. "No...." he whimpered, knowing he was betraying his true love. Heero felt Wufei's hands on his ass, long fingers sliding between the firm globes. Wufei teased Heero's opening, knowing the cobalt-eyed boy was lost. With one hand he stroked Heero and with the other he gently played with his ass. Bobbing his head faster, he knew Heero couldn't last.

Heero cried out as climaxed, his seed pouring into Wufei's awaiting mouth. He felt the Chinese boy swallow his passion and that talented tongue lick his cock clean. The pleasure was short lived as reality came crashing back down on him.

Wufei licked his lips, standing up smoothly and holding Heero close. "You taste wonderful, koi..."

Heero snapped at the endearment, he hated himself for being so weak. How could he allow Wufei to grant him any sexual pleasure when Heero's heart belong to Duo. "What have I done..." The Japanese boy quickly pulled his shorts up and ran towards the door.

Wufei looked at Heero. "I'm not good enough for you now? Is that it?"

"This was a mistake, Wufei. Just like the first time, only now I can't blame it on alcohol or being lonely." Heero said before dashing down the hall trying to find Duo.

Wufei stood in Heero's room, trembling. How could Heero do that to him? After what they'd been to each other? The Chinese boy vowed that Heero and his little slut hadn't seen the last of him.


Trowa was in his room, reading on his small bed. He was brought out of his book by the slamming of a door. "Duo?" Quickly the tall boy walked over to the shared restroom. He entered and paused at Duo's door. "Duo?" He called but received no answer, so he opened the door and entered his best friend's room.

Duo stumbled into the room, blindly falling onto the bed, sobbing hoarsely. He didn't hear Trowa at all.

"Duo?" Trowa called out after seeing the boy sobbing on his pillow. He walked further into the room and sat on the braided boy's bed, he reached out and laid his hand on Duo's shoulder.

Duo jumped when he felt the hand on him. He blinked at the boy. Trowa! The last person he wanted to see now. He buried his head in the pillow and mumbled, "Go away."

"Duo, what's wrong?" Trowa asked, flinching from his friend's tone.

Duo looked up, tearstained face red from crying. "What do you care?" he said angrily.

"Duo, you're my best friend..." Trowa began, only to be cut off by Duo's angry voice

"My best friend? That's a joke. Go back to Quatre, Trowa."

Trowa visibly flinched this time, the venom in Duo's words cut into him deeply. "Duo..?"

"Just go away, Trowa. I don't need you." Duo got up, and walked out the door.

Trowa quickly ran after Duo, not understanding what was wrong with his friend. He grabbed the braided boy's shoulders and turned him around.

"Don't touch me!" Duo yelled, pushing the tall boy away and running away.

"Duo, wait!" Trowa yelled down the hall, he chased after his friend. Finally he caught Duo, holding him tight. "What is wrong with you?" His hold tightened as Duo squirmed to get away.

"You! You're what's wrong with me! Now let me go!"

"What? How can you say that, Duo? We've been best friends for a long time, why are you trying to hurt me?"

Duo looked stunned. "Me? Hurting you? That's not possible. What the hell are you trying to do to me?"

"I haven't hurt you, Duo. Not like this." Trowa stated, feeling the anger rise.

Duo laughed. "You keep telling yourself that, Trowa. I'm leaving. If you try to stop me again I'll call security."

Trowa had had enough, he shook Duo hard. "Why won't you tell me, dammit? Answer me! Call security if you wish, but you're going to tell me what's wrong with you and why you're treating me like this."

Duo's anger faded and he started to cry anew. "You don't even know, Trowa..." he whispered.

"I don't know what, Duo? What has you so bothered?" Trowa asked, "I want to help you."

Duo looked up at the tall boy. "It doesn't matter. Just let me go."

"Of course it matters, Duo. I'm not letting you go until you tell me everything. So talk." Trowa said, his grip remained firm.

Duo didn't want to talk. "I saw you and Quatre, Trowa. I walked into the darkroom."

Trowa felt guilt wash over him, the braided boy must feel like he'd be left alone. "I'm sorry you saw that, Duo. But Quatre and I really like each other..."

Duo snorted. "I could see that."

"Why does it bother you so much, Duo? I want him and he wants me, why are you acting like this?" the taller boy pleaded, still not catching onto the truth.

Duo stared at Trowa, dumbfounded. "Don't you get it?"

"No I don't, you haven't told me anything." Trowa was quickly becoming annoyed, why wouldn't Duo just come out and say it?

"I love you, Trowa! Do I have to spell it out?" Duo yelled, finally breaking free from Trowa and running out into the quad.

Trowa stood in shock as Duo ran down the hall, how could it be true? Was he really that blind to Duo's true feelings? "Oh gods..."


Wufei glared at the door. How dare Heero leave him all alone and horny? He sat down on Heero's bed and looked around. The room was in perfect order, just like he remembered his friend, turned lover. He lifted Heero's pillow to his face and breathed in the Japanese boy's scent.

The Chinese boy almost moaned at the scent of his lover. Just the smell of Heero was enough to make him rock hard. He lay back on the pillow and stroked his arousal through his white pants. Wufei's eyes closed and he thought of his lover stroking his wet cock. Another moan filled the empty room and he stroked himself faster

With a whine of impatience he fumbled at the button of his pants, slipping his had inside finally. He hissed as he freed his cock, stroking it roughly and thinking about Heero and how they had met. Ever since he first saw the quiet and reserved boy, Wufei knew he would change his life. Those fierce blue eyes, thin and firm lips. His hand moved faster, pumping his cock with desperate need. "Heero..." Wufei moaned, throwing his head back.

Wufei had set his sights on Heero, and done everything to get the reserved boy into bed. His hand squeezed tighter, teasing himself, as he thought of the night of the party when he finally managed to get Heero where he wanted him. Inside him.

They had both been drinking alcohol that night. Wufei didn't have as much as the Japanese boy. He started to tease and flirt with Heero. Finally, all his efforts paid off when Heero pulled Wufei into an empty bedroom. Wufei moaned as he remembered Heero's hands on him, finally ripping off his clothes, and the way the Japanese boy had growled when Wufei teased him.

His hips began to thrust, upwards, to meet his hand's strokes. Wufei could still feel Heero's fingers tease and stretch him. "Gods..." He exclaimed, climbing higher into pure bliss. Wufei could still remember how it felt when Heero took him, entering him for the first time. Heero had been rough, but Wufei liked it that way. Wufei slid a hand under his shirt to play with his nipples. He arched off of Heero's bed, pushing his cock further into his hand and began to pinch his nipples. The Chinese boy remembered each rough and deep thrust of Heero's burning cock. He knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer. "koi....."

Wufei cried out and released, pulse after pulse of his hot seed coating his hand and stomach. Lost in dreams of Heero, he almost forgot where he was.

"Heero," he whispered, needing his lover.


Heero burned with shame. How could he have let Wufei pleasure him when Duo was in such pain? He cursed himself for his weakness; the weakness that had made him succumb to Wufei's advances in the first place. He had been so lonely, and Wufei was always there...

He remembered the party where he gave the other boy his virginity. The week was terrible and the Japanese boy decided to go and get drunk, hoping to forget about his problems and emptiness. Wufei was there, as usual, but the alcohol had lowered his inhibitions. Heero remembered taking Wufei to an empty bedroom, and throwing the Chinese boy on the bed.

Heero didn't remember much else, but he had woken up with a very naked Wufei draped over him, looking satisfied. The Chinese boy had followed him incessantly since then, until Heero had had to transfer schools just to get away. It hadn't worked apparently.

He had been so happy with his long lost friend, everything was going perfectly with Duo. However, his Chinese stalker showed up and ruined everything. Heero didn't know how, or if he even could, fix this problem. Heero ran through the halls calling Duo's name. Would his friend ever forgive him for his weakness? Heero felt so dirty. He didn't deserve Duo, but he had to try to explain.

"Duo, please forgive me." He begged while running down the stairs and heading for the front door. If anything happened to his love, he wouldn't be able to live with himself.


Duo ran through the trees, not noticing the cuts they gave him. He just needed to get away, away from the betrayal the two boys he cared for had given him. He slowed, then sobbed as he realized his feet had taken him to the place where Kenji and Jonathan had found each other.

Duo began to laugh, almost in hysteria. Together forever, shallow promises. Yet he had always kept his hope, knowing it was all he had. What is one supposed to do once hope is obliterated? Duo wondered idly why he was destined to be betrayed over and over again. All he asked was to be loved. Nothing more. As soon as he opened his heart, it got crushed. Well, no more.

"Excuse me." A soft, feminine voice echoed into the night.

Duo looked around. He hadn't known anyone was there. He saw a girl standing by a tree. "What?" he managed to say, voice thick with tears.

The girl walked towards the boy, she could tell he was extremely upset. It broke her heart to see a fellow person in pain. "Why are you here this late at night?" She asked in concern, avoiding asking him if he was all right. Apparently he wasn't, as the girl saw the deep pain within his violet eyes.

Duo laughed hollowly. "Why do you care?"

She flinched from the dripping pain behind the words. "Why wouldn't I care? No one should have to cry or be upset." She took a step towards him, moving slowly and non-threateningly.

Duo backed away. "No one should be upset? What world do you live in?"

The young girl stopped her advancement, it was clear that this boy had been hurt by someone close to him. "I said no one should, not that no one does get hurt. I know how it fells to be hurt by others, the pain that feels like it'll never go away. The unending tears and the sobs that no one hears. I know it all too well." She said sadly, while looking Duo in the eye.

Duo stared back, wondering if the girl could really know his pain. "You do?" He wondered why he was even talking to her, but he was so tired.

"Yes, I do. That's why I don't like seeing others in pain. I've experienced the darkest of pain, and I don't want anyone else to suffer through that. No one deserves to endure that kind of sadness, No one." She stated, fervently.

Somehow, Duo believed her. Something in her voice told him she was sincere.

"What happened to you? " he whispered.

She looked down, breaking their eye contact for a moment. The girl wondered why she was bearing herself to this strange boy. "It's a long story, but to sum it up: I grew up not knowing if my parents cared for me or not. They never took part in my life. Everything just began to pile upon my shoulders, then I was betrayed by my best friend." The girl couldn't continue, she was still not healed from that wound.

Duo moved closer. It was easy to forget that other people had problems too. "I know the feeling," he said.

"I'm sorry that you do." She whispered. Her blue eyes met with his violet ones, both knowing the other understood. "What's your name?"

"Duo," he answered. He decided that Jonathan was dead for good now. "What's yours?"

She held out her hand, "Nice to meet you, Duo. I'm Relena."

"Hi, Relena. Sorry I was rude earlier. I've had a bad day."

"I understand, Duo. Now shouldn't you be back at your dorm? I'm assuming you live in the dorms over there."

Duo shivered. "I'm not going back there."

Relena took his hand, into her own. "Alright, but you're coming with me. I won't allow you to stay here all night long."

Duo allowed himself to be led away. He just wanted to forget.


Heero ran into towards their special spot, the place where they had discovered each other again. He knew Duo would be there, and the Japanese boy was praying that his love would forgive him.

Heero slowed down as he spotted Duo. But his braided love wasn't alone. He watched as the girl took Duo's hand and lead him away, he saw the small smile on his friend's lips as the blonde girl spoke to him. Heero's vision was clouded by anger, loss and jealousy.


+end part 8