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Title: Conflicting Emotions part 6
Authors: dhuron and Jade (d_huron@y..., jade9999@a...)
Pairings: 3X4, 1+2, 2+3
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, angst
Disclaimers: we don't own the Gundam boys, we're just playing with them


Trowa walked down the halls. He was breathing a little fast. Just the thought of being with the blond again sent chills up and down his spine. The tall boy stopped in front of Quatre's door. He raised his hand and knocked. "Quatre?" he asked, hoping his voice didn't belay his nervousness.

Quatre was sitting on the bed, staring at the clock, willing time to move faster, when he heard the knock. He jumped up off the bed and rushed to the door, flinging it open joyfully. "Trowa!" he exclaimed, beaming.

The nervousness seemed to vanish, melted away by Quatre's angelic smile. He leaned down and kissed the blond gently on the lips. "Morning, little one. Ready to go?"

Quatre nodded happily. "I have to print a few pictures for my project. It won't take long. Do you like photography?"

If it's of you, I do, Trowa thought. "I've never really given it much thought." He took the smaller boy's hand, "Shall we go?"

Quatre happily led Trowa to the darkroom. He closed the door behind them and showed Trowa around. "I've got it booked for the morning, so no one should, um, bother us." He looked up at Trowa, blushing.

Trowa looked down at the small blonde, a smile etching itself on his lips. They were going to be alone for the morning. "Good," he murmured as he closed the distance between them.

Quatre pressed against Trowa; the taller boy was so warm. Their activities the night before came flooding back to him, and he was instantly rock hard again.

"Quatre," moaned the taller boy. The heat rolling off the blond's body and the taste of his mouth made his resolve crumble. He needed Quatre, and needed him right then. His hand fell to the bulge in Quatre's pants, lightly squeezing the hardened flesh.

Quatre gasped as he felt Trowa's hand on his aching cock. He knew what he wanted, and he didn't know if he would be able to stop this time. He wanted Trowa to touch him everywhere. He rocked his hips, thrusting against Trowa's hand.

"Quatre..." he moaned into the sweet mouth. Trowa wanted to feel every inch of the pale flesh; he wanted to feel Quatre's hands all over his body. He took one small hand and led it to his own bulging erection. A soft gasp left his lips when his lover teased his arousal.

Quatre squeezed Trowa's bulge gently, wanting to touch him fully. He fumbled with the button on Trowa's jeans. He whined with frustration when he couldn't unfasten them.

Trowa was busy exploring every inch of the sweet mouth. His hands started to yank at shirt buttons, revealing the soft flesh. He heard the whine. "Let me," he said while unbuttoning his jeans, leaving the zipper up.

Quatre smiled happily, and immediately eased the zipper down, eagerly reaching into Trowa's jeans to touch the searing hot flesh within.

Trowa moaned into the blond's mouth as Quatre took him into his hand. The taller boy pushed the shirt off the smaller boy's shoulders; his hands touched the warm flesh. "Beautiful."

Quatre shivered under Trowa's lustful gaze. He wanted to be touched by the other boy, all over. He quickly unbuttoned Trowa's shirt too.

Trowa's hands slid from the soft flesh of Quatre's chest, over the delicate hips, to the single button. "Quatre." His fingers unbuttoned the pants, and lowered the zipper. Trowa wanted to feel the other boy's burning flesh, too. His long fingers slid into the open garments and teased the wet cock. "I want you..." he whispered.

"Oh, Trowa, I want you so much too," breathed the blond boy. "I don't think I can stop this time. I want everything." His words turned into moans as he felt Trowa's caress, and he thrust helplessly into the other boy's hand.

Trowa didn't want to stop, either. He needed to have the sensual blond angel. His hands slowly pushed the jeans and boxers off Quatre's slim hips and down the soft flesh. He kissed the smaller boy more passionately, trying to ease the raging fire within his blood. His hands explored the exposed flesh, running over the firm curves and back up Quatre's hips. He wanted everything; Trowa wanted Quatre to have everything that he had.

Quatre loved the feeling of Trowa's hands all over him. He wanted to be possessed by the green-eyed boy, to surrender to him in every way. He whimpered, "Trowa... please... need you... don't stop..."

Trowa had no intention of stopping this time. His hands left Quatre's perfect body, and pushed his jeans and boxers off. He stood before the blond, nude and fully aroused.

Quatre gasped as he looked at Trowa; the boy was even more gorgeous without clothes. His body was lithe but perfectly muscled, proportioned and smooth. Quatre stepped closer and pressed the length of his body against Trowa's, savoring the hot skin.

With a low growl, Trowa picked Quatre up and placed him on the empty counter. His fingers ghosted over the smooth flesh of the blonde's inner thigh. Each small gasp and whimper went straight to his cock. Trowa leaned down and took Quatre into his mouth.

Quatre buried his hands in Trowa's hair, trying not to scream as his cock disappeared into the wet heat of Trowa's mouth. He spread his legs apart wider, and leaned back. His whole body vibrated with pleasure; nothing mattered but what the tall boy was doing to him.

Trowa took the blonde boy deeper into his mouth, hands still stroking Quatre's inner thighs. His head bobbed up and down, sending the blond further into pleasure's embrace. His tongue teased the underside of Quatre's cock.

"Tro~wa..." moaned Quatre, completely out of his mind. He had never felt anything like this before, and to think they were doing this in the darkroom... it was so perfectly naughty, it made it even better. Trowa's talented mouth was driving him higher; he could barely breathe.

Trowa worked faster, wanting to taste Quatre. His head bobbed up and down, while moving his hands to the blond's ass.

Quatre moaned more loudly, thrusting up into Trowa's mouth, getting closer to heaven. It felt so good, so hot, so wet, so perfect... when he felt Trowa's hands on him he couldn't hold back. With a strangled scream, he emptied his passion into Trowa's mouth, unbearable pleasure flooding him.

Trowa swallowed every drop of the blond's passion before releasing the softening erection. He licked his way up Quatre's abdomen and chest, teasing each nipple before taking the soft lips in a deep kiss. His tongue slipped into Quatre's mouth, "Quatre..."

Quatre clutched Trowa tightly, still overwhelmed from his climax. "Oh, Trowa," he panted, "That was..." Unable to come up with words, he settled for kissing Trowa passionately.

Trowa returned his lover's passion, sliding his arms around Quatre's shoulders. He pulled their bodies closer together. "Quatre..." he whispered, before claiming the soft lips once again.

Quatre let Trowa lift him off the counter; the feel of their bodies pressed together stirred his passion once again. He could feel Trowa's arousal against him, and he wanted Trowa to feel as good as he did. "More," he whispered.

The taller boy looked down at his lover. Trowa wanted to take the smaller boy. He wanted to claim Quatre as his. He looked around the darkroom for something to use, so he wouldn't hurt the angel in his arms.

"Trowa?" Quatre asked. "Will you make love to me?"

"I want to, little one... but first we need to find something to use as lube." Trowa said before kissing his lover again. He was addicted to those lips and the taste of Quatre's mouth.

"Lube?" Quatre asked, confused. Then he figured it out, and blushed bright red. "Oh." He thought for a minute, then said, "There's usually some hand lotion in here somewhere."

Trowa smiled as the color on Quatre's cheeks rose. He set the blonde boy back on the counter and searched through the cabinets for the hand lotion; he bent over to check the drawers across from the counter, giving the blonde boy a view of his backside.

Quatre eyed Trowa hungrily; the other boy's body was incredible. He shivered at the thought of what they were going to do; he wanted it so badly.

"Found it!" Trowa exclaimed while holding the small bottle. He looked over his shoulder and saw the hungry look in the blonde's eyes. His cock throbbed in anticipation.

Quatre smiled and spread his legs, leaning back. "I'm ready, Trowa," he murmured.

Trowa's breath came out in a sharp gasp; his little one had his legs spread, offering him his innocence. The sight was so erotic that Trowa had to fight not to climax too soon. He rejoined his lover, sliding between the spread legs. With one hand, he opened the bottle and squeezed some of the lotion onto his fingers. "So perfect," he whispered into Quatre's ear as one long, slick finger penetrated the blonde's body.

Quatre gasped as he felt the oiled finger enter him; it felt so good, he was fully hard instantly. He leaned back farther, spreading his legs fully and surrendering to the tall boy. He felt more fingers inside him, and he pushed back against them, wanting them deeper.

Trowa's fingers thrust inside Quatre's body, he wanted the blond to feel no pain and pure pleasure when he took him. His lips moved from Quatre's to the soft flesh of his throat. When he felt the blond push back, he knew his lover was ready. Trowa removed his fingers, kissing away the small whimper of discontent, and coated his aching cock with lotion.

Quatre watched avidly as Trowa put the lotion on himself. He wanted it so badly, but Trowa was so big... Quatre moaned as he felt Trowa's arousal against his entrance, pressing gently. He tried to relax. He trusted Trowa completely.

Trowa softly kissed Quatre as he slowly pushed past the tightness; he gasped inside the blond boy's mouth. Quatre was so tight. He slid in slowly, both boys moaning as they gave themselves to each other.

Quatre held on to Trowa tightly as the brown-haired boy pushed inside him. He was being filled by Trowa's thick cock, and it felt so good. He could only moan as Trowa slid deeper. He needed to have the other boy all the way inside him; he craved it.

Trowa moaned, in pure pleasure, into Quatre's mouth. He slid deeper into the boy's body, the tight heat nearly too much for him. Finally he was fully seated. Trowa paused so that his lover could adjust to his thick cock. "Oh, Quatre..." he moaned out when the blond's body began to squeeze his length. Trowa placed Quatre's legs around his waist, and began to withdraw, only to push back into his lover. He started with long, slow thrusts, wanting Quatre to remember their first time.

Quatre couldn't believe the sensations Trowa was giving him. He was filled by Trowa, split open, but it didn't hurt. Trowa's length inside him was his whole world. When Trowa thrust into him he nearly screamed. Each thrust felt better still.

Trowa's hips rocked in small circles, driving his cock in and out of Quatre's body. His hands were squeezing the flesh on the blonde's hips; each thrust was more erotic and pleasurable than the previous.

Quatre sobbed as Trowa thrust into him; it was an overload of pleasure he didn't want to end. Just looking at Trowa's beautiful face, knowing what they were doing, was enough to make him nearly climax.

Trowa's hips gyrated faster, pleasure coursing through his body. He took Quatre's cock into his hand and stroked him with the same speed as his thrusts. "Quatre!" he cried out as he came closer to climax.

Quatre thought it couldn't get any better; then he felt Trowa's hand stroking him and it was all over. Screaming at the top of his lungs, Quatre stiffened and climaxed, covering them both with his seed.

Trowa's loud cry joined Quatre's, as he surrendered to his own climax. His seed filled the tight heat, claming Quatre as his. Trowa's hips continued to move, riding the ebbing waves of pleasure.

Quatre clung to Trowa, savoring the heat inside him. "Trowa..." he whispered.

"Quatre..." Trowa whispered before claiming the swollen lips once again.

Quatre kissed Trowa, and he felt complete. He broke the kiss and said, "I know this sounds strange, we've just met, but you make me feel so much..."

"It doesn't sound strange at all, I feel the same way," he replied, looking deeply into the soft blue eyes. He buried his head in the damp blonde hair.

"Really?" Quatre asked, trying to look in Trowa's eyes.

"Yes," the brown-haired boy said, his fingers caressing Quatre's cheeks. He moved his hips once more, loving the feel of the blonde boy. "I like being here."


Duo slammed the door to his room behind him and leaned against the door, sobbing. His heart was breaking. He kept seeing them together, making love in the little room. He slid to the floor, crying harder than he ever had in his life; his hope lay on the floor, shattered. Even after the last few days, he had had a tiny hope. That someday Trowa would love him back. But that was all gone now.

The tears flowed, endlessly. He sobbed in his room, alone. His eyes closed, and he saw the boy he loved, making love to someone other than him. His heart finally shattered as he lost consciousness. Duo lay on the cold floor, tears still falling down his cheeks.

+end part 6