dhuron: Alright you slavedrivers.....

Jade: since you asked so nicely *giggles*

dhuron: yeah...so very nicely...::whistles innocently::

Jade: they don't buy the innocent thing, you know...

dhuron: ~hurt~ Whadda mean..?

Jade: *smirks* we write lemons. How innocent can we be?

dhuron: Damn! *grins* plus we are 'sinister'.....

Jade: so I've heard! you know, I think they're waiting for the fic...

dhuron: by all means Jade-sama....post away...

Jade: ok, here goes.... *hides behind dhuron and pushes send*


Title: Conflicting Emotions part 3
Authors: dhuron and Jade
Pairings: 3+4, 1+2, 2+3
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, angst
Disclaimers: we don't own the Gundam boys, we're just playing with them.


The blond boy squirmed in his seat, glancing at the clock for what must have been the tenth time. He was sure 4th period would never end. Quatre sighed and slumped in the uncomfortable chair, closing his eyes. Images of the tall lithe figure appeared behind closed eyelids, deep emerald eyes filled with wonder stared back at him.

What was it about this boy, that he couldn't stop thinking about him? Thinking about Trowa made him blush, and did things to his body that he tried to hide. Mentally, his eyes traced every curve of the perfect body. Quatre's blood felt like lava in a volcano, ready to erupt. He wanted to belong to the other boy, in every way. He just couldn't wait to meet the tall boy by the tree. He just hoped he wouldn't embarrass himself by saying something silly. All Quatre could think about was how it would feel to be in Trowa's arms, to feel that body against him, to... Quatre blushed more brightly. Hehad never done any of those things, except in his dreams.

Shifting in his seat, he looked at the clock one last time. Only five minutes more. Quatre wondered how Trowa's lips felt, how the taller boy tasted, he wanted.... He wanted Trowa to ravish him, put his hands all over him, touch him everywhere. Quatre realized he was as hard as rock now. How was he going to hide his erection? He tried to think of unsexy thoughts, but his lust filled mind provided very interesting picutres. Trowa lying on his bed, covered in ice cream, the deep green eyes looking down at him, while Quatre took the aching length into his mouth. A low whimper left his lips, his erection bulging against the very uncomfortable tight jeans. He wanted to touch Trowa, touch himself... Quatre was crazy with need and he didn't know what to do about it. All he knew was that the tall beautiful boy was what he wanted. Finally, the bell rang, and Quatre had to get up.


Heero was left sitting dumbfounded in the classroom after Trowa ran out, and Duo stumbled after, obviously biting back tears. Could the tall boy really be that oblivious to Duo's infatuation with him? Heero found himself consumed with rage at Trowa. He clenched his fists and tried to calm down. He took deep breaths, willing the anger to subside. Worried about the braided boy, but not knowing what to do for him, Heero left the classroom. While walking to his next class, Heero replayed the conversation he had with Duo over in his head. For some reason, Duo's voice sounded so familiar yet so different at the same time.

He felt such a bond with the longhaired boy, like he had known him forever. Yet they had just met. Heero couldn't explain why he felt this way, but with every fiber of his being he knew he wanted to be with Duo. He wanted to make Duo forget Trowa. He wanted to make Duo love him. The more Heero thought about Duo, the more his frozen emotions were thawed. Just with thoughts of the beautiful boy, he felt warmer. The only time he could remember not feeling cold was when he was seven years old.

Heero didn't remember much from his childhood, but he knew it had all changed when he was 7. His parents had been killed in a plane crash, and he had gone to live with his aunt, leaving the only home he had ever known, and his best friend. He could barely remember the other boy, or his old life, now. It was painful to think about that time. Heero entered his next class and sat down, eyes closing against the old pain. He wondered whatever happened to his best friend, Jonathan, and if they would recognize each other if they ever were face to face.


Duo sobbed quietly on the floor before dragging himself back to his room. He curled up on his bed. He knew he had another class, but he couldn't deal with it. He felt so alone. He loved, well, thought he loved Trowa, and thought the tall boy was his best friend. Now he felt abandoned. Just like when he was 7, and his only friend in the world was taken away, ripped from his arms in the middle of the night. Duo sobbed into his pillow. "You said forever...." His fists pounded into the mattress, the room echoing his heart-breaking cries.

In his mind, Duo saw the dark blue eyes filled with such happiness.. //Why'd you leave me?// Everyone always said forever, then abandoned him. His best friend, Kenji, his parents, and now Trowa... Duo cried until he ran out of tears. Duo drifted off to sleep, thougts of Trowa entwined with dark blue eyes....


Jonathan pulled his best friend into a big hug. Both boys giggled as they toppled over to the floor. "Kenji, you're my best friend right?"

"Always, Jonathan!" Kenji tickled Jonathan until the smaller boy giggled hysterically.

"Stop...Ah!..." The room was filled with their loud and cheerful laughter. Kenji finally stopped his assault on his friend. He looked into the violet eyes, brushing away stray locks of chestnut colored hair. "Jonathan, promise me something?"

"Anything, Kenji," replied the other boy, thinking how handsome his friend was and blushing.

"Promise me you'll always be my best friend. No matter what?" The dark-haired boy looked at his friend, hope rising in the dark blue orbs.

"No matter what. Best friends forever," Jonathan promised, looking deep into Kenji's eyes and believing. "Even when we're old, like 20!"

"We'll live together and never be apart!!" Kenji shouted while glomping onto his friend.

"Boys, time for bed," called Jonathan's mother.

"Yes, ma'am!" they chimed together.

The boys climbed into their sleeping bags, and Kenji wrapped a hand around Jonathan's short braid. "Night," he sighed.

"Goodnight Ken" the other boy whispered while his short arms encircled his friend in a hug.

They drifted off to sleep. The next day, everything changed.

The boys cried hysterically, as the strange old woman tried to pull Kenji away.

"Leave him alone! He belongs here!" screamed Jonathan, his violet eyes streaming with tears.


Trowa strode quickly across the campus, anxious to see the blond angel that haunted his thoughts. His heart raced and his cock hardened again at the thought of what he wanted to do with Quatre.

He tried to calm his racing heart, finally arriving at the designated area. He leaned against one tree, watching the door, waiting for the golden angel to appear.

His heart nearly stopped when he caught sight of the golden boy stepping into the sunlight. His hair shone like spun gold, and he seemed to glow from within.

He felt himself fully harden, moaning low in his throat. Trowa was so aroused, he didn't know if he wanted to scream or cry. He watched as Quatre walked towards him, the slim hips were calling to him in a siren's song.

How he wanted to grab Quatre, kiss him hard then take him right on the lawn....his cock ached and his palms sweated as the beautiful boy approached.

"Hi Quatre," he said, hoping his voice didn't give him away.

Trowa's heart melted when the other boy smiled at him.

"Hello Trowa."

The taller boy smiled, shyly, back and motioned for the blonde to take a seat on the grass. He joined Quatre on the ground, and said, "How were your next two classes?"

"Fine..." answered Quatre, looking up at Trowa sweetly. "But I'm better now."

Trowa blushed from the words, warmth spreading through his body. He slowly started to eat his lunch, sneaking
glances at Quatre, while trying to build to courage to ask Quatre on a date.

Quatre took a deep breath. It was obvious he was going to have to make the first move. Trowa looked adorably nervous, stealing glances at him, and Quatre wanted to sit in his lap. "So, would you like me to show you some of the town sometime?

"I'd like that. How about...tonight?" Trowa asked quietly, wanting to be with Quatre. "If you're busy we can..."

Quatre said quickly, "No, I'm not busy! That sounds great. I know a great restaurant... do you like Indian food?" Quatre's cock hardened at the thought of being alone with Trowa.

"I love Indian food, what time do you want to go?" Trowa licked his dry lips, just picturing the entire night with Quatre. Trowa knew he wanted Quatre, but it was more than lust, was it love at first sight?

Quatre's heart ached when he looked at Trowa. He felt so happy sitting next to him, as if he were whole. He never wanted to move from the sunny spot with the brown-haired boy.

Sadly fate had something else in mind; the bell rang, signaling the end of their lunch period. Both boys rose to their feet, staring into each other's eyes. "I'll see you tonight Quatre..."

"About 7? Right here?" Quatre said hopefully, looking up at deep green eyes.

"7 it is then." Trowa placed his hand on one of Quatre's shoulders. He looked deep into the aquamarine eyes, slowly he moved closer... Quatre held his breath; the heat from Trowa's hand was incredible. He tilted his head up, hoping that Trowa would kiss him... Trowa's lips moved closer; he could feel Quatre's breath on his face. Eyes sliding closed, Trowa continued to close the distance.

Quatre could smell Trowa's sweet scent; he couldn't stand it anymore. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to Trowa's... he tasted wonderful. Trowa's knees felt like putty, Quatre's lips were so soft. He moaned into the kiss, tongue brushing against the blonde's lower lip... Quatre parted his lips as he felt Trowa's tongue... he couldn't believe he was doing this, kissing another boy in public! But he didn't care if anyone stared.

Trowa's tongue slipped past the parted lips, moaning as he explored Quatre's mouth. The taller boy had never felt anything like this; his body felt like it was being caressed with thousands of feathers, his blood was boiling. Heaven, that was Quatre. Quatre melted into the kiss, pressing his body against Trowa's, reveling in the heat. He brought his hands up around Trowa's neck.


Heero was walking across the quad when he saw the two boys under the tree talking. His anger boiled up again. Then the two boys got closer, almost like they were kissing.. as Heero got closer, he saw that was exactly what they were doing. The deeply hurt violet eyes haunted his memory as Heero watched the tender scene between the two boys. His eyes narrowed as a growl left his lips.

Heero couldn't believe the rage that overcame him as he witnessed the two boys. How could Trowa do that to Duo? Trowa hadn't seen the hurt look in Duo's eyes in class today. Duo was beyond hurt, Heero reflected. The braided boy almost seemed broken, his eyes seemed to collapse on themselves. Suddenly the anger left him, only to be replaced with intense worry.

Heero wondered where Duo's room was.... he hoped against hope that the longhaired boy wasn't seeing the same scene as he was. There was no telling what he would do then.


+end part 3

*the authors go back into hiding*