dhuron: ::grins innocently:: Jade, you think they're ready for part 2?
Jade: I'm not sure. Have they begged enough?
dhuron: Well, certainly threatened enough...
Jade: are we going to bow to their threats? they need to suffer!
dhuron: ::rubs hands together:: But they will, let's post this sucker.
Jade: *giggles* here goes....
dhuron:: ::whistles innocently and runs like a bat out of hell:
Jade: i'm not getting left behind this time! *jumps on motorcycle and rides off*

Title: Conflicting Emotions part 2
Authors: dhuron and Jade
Pairings: 3+4, 1+2, 2+3, ?x?, ?x?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, angst
Disclaimers: we don't own the Gundam boys, we're just playing with them.
Notes: you might want to grab a towel...


Duo and Trowa walked into class together.

"Yeah, it's nice to have a single room, but did it have to be so damn small? I can't even turn around without stepping on myself!" Duo exclaimed.

Trowa chuckled. "Duo, they're not that small."

Duo waved his arms around to illustrate. "Yes they are! And forget trying to brush this hair in there... and they won't let you put up posters..."

Trowa smirked. "Duo, are you trying to make a scene? He gestured to the class. "Come on, class is about to begin."

Duo looked wounded. "Me, make a scene? Never!" The braided boy bounced up next to Trowa. "Hey, lets take these two desks..." He threw his backpack down, banging things around, braid flying.

"Yes, you, Duo." Trowa set his backpack down and sat in the seat, looking around the classroom.

Duo rummaged in his backpack for pencil and paper, then looked up at Trowa to see him staring across the room.

"Duo, who's that?" Trowa pointed to a blonde haired boy sitting in the back of the classroom.

Duo frowned. "Uh, his name's Quatre, I think. I don't really know him, but I've seen him around. Why?"

Quatre looked up to see Trowa staring at him, and looked quickly away.

Trowa blushed slightly at being caught, and turned towards Duo. "Well..." He looked back over to the enchanting blond.

Duo realized what was going on, and looked crestfallen. "Oh, right."

Trowa glanced back over, and this time Quatre met Trowa's eyes and smiled.

"Duo...could you go and see if he wants to sit over here..?"

Duo tried to put on a smile. "Yeah, sure, why not. Anything for you, Tro! I'll just switch seats with him." Duo punched Trowa in the arm. "Good luck!"

Duo walked over, whispered in Quatre's ear, and pointed to Trowa.

Quatre looked over, giggled and blushed, then he nodded, making his way over to Trowa.

Quatre smiled shyly and said, "Is this seat taken?"

Meanwhile, Duo slumped into Quatre's old seat, right next to Heero.

"No it isn't. My name's Trowa..." He extended his hand in greeting.

Quatre, still blushing, took Trowa's hand. "I'm Quatre. Nice to meet you." They stayed like that for a moment, not realizing they were still holding hands.

Duo sat in his seat, trying not to stare at the two, playing with his pencil. Suddenly, he accidentally broke his pencil.

Heero looked over at Duo, frowning in confusion. //What just happened?//

Heero's heart had nearly stopped as the longhaired boy walked in the room. His stomach began to do flips, and his palms began to sweat. He found it harder to breathe normally.

He tried in vain not to stare at the beautiful boy, who was talking animatedly with the tall boy from yesterday. He was so full of life; he seemed to glow with energy. Heero had to repress a smile at the braided boy's antics. He wished he was the one that was receiving all of the beautiful boy's attention.

But it was obvious to him that the boy's attention was exclusively on his friend. He watched Duo grab the seat next to his friend, still talking.

Heero continued to watch Duo, even though the pain in his chest continued to grow. He couldn't turn away from the only one to spark emotions within him. He watched as the tall boy turned towards Duo, asking a question he guessed. The sparkle within the violet gems vanished, briefly, and the smile faltered.

Heero's heart ached to see the boy so upset. What could have happened to put out that fire? He followed Duo's gaze to the delicate blond boy next to him. Trowa's eyes were obviously on the boy, too, and the tall boy's interest was obvious. Heero was confused.

//I thought..// He watched as Duo smiled, a little too wide, and left his seat. His breath caught in his chest as the braided vision walked towards him. He tried to listen to the whispered words, but to no avail. The blond giggled and nodded.

//So they're not..?// Hope surged in his heart at the same time he felt ashamed; Duo was so clearly crushed as he traded seats with the other boy. Heero chanced a glance at the braided boy; the violet eyes were firmly fixed on the two boys across the room, holding hands.

He winced when the pencil in Duo's hand snapped. The American's knuckles were white, his face clear of emotion. Heero fought with himself, he wanted to ease some of the pain but was still so terrified.

Heero could so clearly see the longhaired boy's heartbreak; he found himself hating the tall boy, for making his Duo feel this way. //My Duo? where did that come from?// He wanted to speak, but was afraid.

Quatre sat down, meeting Trowa's green eyes shyly.

Trowa watched the golden beauty, heart fluttering in his chest.

"So, Trowa, what do you do for fun around here?" Quatre began.

"Actually, I just arrived yesterday. Maybe you could show me the sights?" Trowa ventured.

"Sure!" Quatre's aqua eyes sparkled. "I thought you might have been new. I definitely would have remembered you." Again, they gazed into each other's eyes.

Tentatively, Trowa asked, "What are you doing for lunch?"

Quatre smiled, "Nothing. Yet."

"When I arrived, I noticed a nice spot by the trees. Would you meet me there?" Trowa looked down, blushing slightly.

Quatre smiled. "I know the spot. I'll see you there after 4th period then?"

Trowa returned the smile and nodded his agreement.


Duo tossed down the broken pencil in disgust. He couldn't watch anymore. Didn't Trowa know how he felt by now? He turned away; and found he was staring into the most intense blue eyes he had ever seen. He hadn't even noticed anyone next to him. He stared for a long moment, then found his voice.

"H-Hi! Sorry about that." Duo indicated the ruined pencil.

Duo's voice transfixed him, it was an angel's sigh. For countless moments Heero stared into the violet orbs, drowning in their depth and not wanting to be rescued.

The blue-eyed boy didn't answer, and Duo took in the messy brown hair, vaguely exotic features and chiseled muscles. Finally, Duo broke the gaze and studied his hands. He was destined to be ignored today.

Heero snapped out of his stupor as Duo's gaze fell. He caught the dwindling sparkle fade even more, it felt like thunderous clouds blocking out the sun. He cleared his suddenly parched throat and spoke for the first time that day.

"It's okay. My name is Heero."

Duo's head snapped up as he heard the slightly accented syllables. He tried to put on a smile, and said, "I'm Duo!"

Heero saw the smile, but it didn't reach the expressive eyes. A small smile graced his lips, "Nice to meet you, Duo."

Duo found himself calmed by the other boy's demeanor. He was about to reply when the teacher announced that class had begun. He shot a small smile to Heero, and looked toward the front of the room, before he realized he didn't have a pencil anymore.

"Shit." He fumbled with his backpack.

Heero chuckled, pulling out a spare pencil from his own pack. "Here." As his fingers brushed Duos, a jolt of electricity ran though his body.

Duo looked up, startled, as Heero's hand touched his. It was so warm... he flashed a grateful smile.

"Thanks. I'll make sure to give it back to you after class."


Trowa had a free period before his next class. Ducking out of the class with a small wave to Quatre, and completely forgetting about Duo, he rushed back to his room to grab a book. His thoughts were on the blond angel he'd met today. He was so aroused, he knew he wouldn't be able to concentrate on his class.

Trowa opened the door and entered his room; he couldn't get Quatre's image out of his mind. His eyes closed in pure pleasure, his pants becoming way too tight. Slowly he squeezed himself through the fabric.

He caught sight of himself in the mirror, momentarily abashed. Then he slowly unzipped his jeans while he watched in the mirror. He wanted to do this to Quatre, to touch him like this.

His hand slipped underneath the material, brushing against his arousal. Slowly he began to tease himself, imagining it was the blonde's hand.

Trowa watched his hand in the mirror as he slowly stroked himself. Watching in the mirror like this made him feel as if someone else was doing it. His cock stiffened even more at the image of Quatre's perfect mouth, and what it could do to him. A quiet moan slipped from his lips.


Duo stumbled into the bathroom, feeling like shit. Trowa had all but forgotten he existed when he caught sight of the blond boy. Duo stared at himself in the mirror in disgust.

His eyes were bloodshot; sleep had eluded him last night. With an explosive sigh he turned the faucet, splashing the cold water onto his face.

As he turned off the water, he heard the door to Trowa's room slam shut. The two rooms were connected by a small room that held a toilet and sink. Duo was going to go though Trowa's door to confront him when he heard a low moan.

Duo pressed his ear against the door; another moan filled the room. Realization hit him like a bolt of lighting, coursing through his body and to his awakening erection. A small moan left his lips, one hand squeezing himself through his jeans.

Trowa was... oh, god, Trowa was stroking himself... Duo could hear the moans rise in volume and he heard Trowa unzip his jeans. Duo tried to picture Trowa stroking his own cock... Duo quietly unzipped his own pants and slid his hand inside.


Trowa pushed the pants down, giving his hands more access. The strokes became faster while his other hand moved to his erect nipples. His moans slowly became louder from the double pleasure he was invoking upon himself. Half-lidded eyes stared into the mirror, picturing the small blond on his knees slowly taking his length into the sweet mouth

He stroked faster, lost in his fantasy. He wanted to touch Quatre, to make him moan like this, to see that angelic face twist in passion. Closer and closer, faster and faster he stroked....


Duo moaned as his hand wrapped around his burning cock, tongue wetting his lips. Slowly he stroked himself, holding his cock tightly. Eyes sliding shut as lust's flame sparked.

Duo rested his head against the door so he could hear Trowa's moans. He squeezed his aching erection tightly, stroking faster and faster. He ached to see Trowa, to see what the tall boy looked like when he climaxed.


Trowa stroked faster, lost in his fantasy. He wanted to touch Quatre, to make him moan like this, to see that angelic face twist in passion. Closer and closer, faster and faster he stroked....

The name of his passion spilled from his lips as his desire spilled from his cock.


"Trowa..." he whispered against the door, wishing the taller boy would hear. Duo bit his lower lip to keep from screaming out loud, hot seed spraying against his hand and boxers. Eyes falling closed, blood boiling, knees buckling from the intense orgasm. "Trowa...."

As Duo's climax faded, his cock still pumping, Duo could tell that Trowa was close. He was crying out, and Duo could make out a word...




Trowa fell to his knees, his body still humming from its release. Still stroking himself, emerald eyes stared into the mirror. When the last waves of euphoria ebbed away, he vowed to himself that he would fully possess the blond angel.


One word shattered his fantasy. One name pierced his heart, a silver arrow slaying his hopes. Violet eyes faded, torrents of tears running down his cheeks.

"Trowa..." whispered Duo, as he slumped to the floor, sobbing silently.

+end part 2

dhuron and Jade