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Author: dhuron

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‘Breaking the Bonds’ Part 4


Duo was ripped from his sleep by Genro’s frantic yells, he quickly left his bed and ran over to the other. The American saw the redhead was having a nightmare, a very bad one at that. The other boy was thrashing in his bed and crying out, tears rolling down the soft cheeks. His heart ached, knowing how it felt to have nightmares and not have anyone.

“It’s okay,” he whispered while pulling back the covers and crawling in beside the sleeping boy. Genro continued to thrash in his sleep, feeling Duo’s arms around him slowly calmed his subconscious. The braided boy began to softly sing the song Sister Helen would sing to him. Duo held his new friend close to his chest, the vibrations from his humming soothing Genro.

Violet eyes stared into the room’s darkness, he wondered why no one had ever held him like this. He watched as the red-headed boy burrowed deeper into his embrace, and took his braid into one pale hand. Duo gasped slightly. No one had touched his hair since he was little, he wouldn’t allow anyone to get away with such sacrilege of their memory. But for some odd reason, he didn’t mind his hair being held by the sleeping boy.

Duo stayed awake the remainder of the night, whispering to his friend with the demons returned to his dreams. Every so often he’d brush the red bangs from Genro’s sleeping face.

Heero stared up at the ceiling, the sun was rising but he really didn’t notice it. He really didn’t get much sleep, thoughts kept his mind from relaxing enough to settle into slumber. He knew what the problem was, feelings. He was beginning to feel for his partner. The Japanese boy wasn’t stupid, he knew what feelings were and had plenty. During his short lifetime, he had learned that it was best not to show his emotions. They weren’t worth the pain he had to endure, so much pain and anguish. Heero rolled over onto his side, and the teenaged boy stared at the clock. At this rate he’d never get any sleep.

“Duo...” A soft whisper in the choking darkness, the boy wondered if the braided boy was worth the risk. But deep inside his heart, Heero knew it wouldn’t work out. He was too dedicated to stopping the war and had been so cold to his beloved. “I wish....” he whispered.


A soft yawn and grunt left the redheaded boy’s lips, Genro noticed it was warmer than usual and that he was holding soft velvet in his hand. His amber eyes opened slowly at first, then in shock. In his hand was a long rope of chestnut hair, and he finally noticed he was within his braided roommates embrace. He was confused as to why Duo was holding him, then he really stopped caring and just enjoyed being close to the warmth. So long he had been pinning away for Ryuuen, maybe it was time to give up on the unattainable dream. His amber eyes gazed at Duo’s sleeping face, he reached up and brushed away the bangs.

“Mmmmm...koi...” Duo softly exclaimed, snuggling closer to the warmth. Slowly he opened his eyes, violet met with amber and the braided boy didn’t seemed so shocked. In fact, he had dreamt of his red-headed roommate, wondering what Genro’s lips tasted like. Duo knew he didn’t have a chance with Heero, they were too different and the braided boy didn’t want to risk suffering any more pain. Maybe he could find what his heart so desperately needed somewhere else, perhaps that person was in his arms. Duo blushed as he remembered that the other boy was asleep and didn’t know what had happened.

“Erm....sorry, you were having a nightmare...”

“It’s okay, Duo. We should get up for breakfast,” the other boy said. He didn’t want to leave the bed, but Genro needed time to think. Should he pursue Duo, even though the braided boy was madly in love with his best friend, Heero?

Duo fought the feeling of loss as Genro left the bed. The braided boy sighed and left the bed to go find a change of clothes. As the peeled off his night clothes, Duo wondered why he was feeling attached to Genro. If he was honest with himself, the other boy was very attractive if not downright sexy. He knew his roommate was in perfect physical condition, just from holding the firm body all night long. Absently, Duo wondered how it would feel to run his hands over the muscled chest. Visions of Heero entered his mind, and the braided pilot groaned. Being in love with one person, and lust with another wasn’t a good thing. He tried pushing the thoughts away before he became aroused.

“Why me...?”

Genro splashed cold water on his face, and tried to forget how it felt to be held by the other boy. Was he attracted to Duo because he had a braid like Ryuuen? Was that the only reason, that he could have Duo as a substitute for the only he really wanted? He sighed in frustration.

“Why him...?”

Ryuuen smiled at his reflection, he couldn’t help but admire just how good he looked. If vanity be a sin, then send him to hell. The long purple hair, lovely rose-tinted eyes and his creamy flesh. Although he wouldn’t show his vanity to anyone else, Ryuuen knew he was close to perfection. He ran his finger down his bare chest, and over his hardening nipples. Although he wouldn’t allow anyone to touch his body, the braided one touched himself imagining it was his perfect mate.

He had been waiting for a little over four months. In his dreams he could see someone hovering over him, there was no light, and all he could see was a head of tousled hair. His mysteries lover would take him, claim his virginity and make sweet passionate love to him.

“gods...” Ryuuen moaned. Just thinking about the mysterious man had him hard and whimpering. He watched his hand slip under the briefs. Ryuuen ran his thumb over the wet slit, moaning from the sensation. Quickly, he pushed the tight briefs off his body and kicked them to the side. Ryuuen stared at his reflection, his hand encircled his wet cock once again.

“Nnnn...” the teenager whimpered out as he began to pump his length with slow strokes. Ryuuen imagined it was the person from his dreams, slowing teasing his hardness, making him beg for completion.

His hand moved faster over his cock, Ryuuen’s knees felt like they were going to buckle. His other hand began to pinch his nipple, creating more pleasure.

“Tasuki!” He cried out as his body was taken over by his fierce orgasm. Hot passion sprayed his hand and the counter sink. His hips continued to thrust to the ebbing waves of pleasure. Unconsciously, his hand rose to his lips and Ryuuen’s tongue licked the warm seed off his fingers. Briefly, still in ecstasy’s grip, he wondered who Tasuki was.