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‘Breaking the Bonds’ Part 3


The small digital clock’s red letters glowed in the darkened room, it was past ten and Heero was still laying on his bed. His eyes were closed, and he was breathing deeply. He had fallen asleep while trying to analyze the current situation with Duo. A soft knock at the door woke him up. Silently, and cautiously, he walked over to the door and opened it. Light from the hallway shining into his dark room. It was Duo.

“Heero, you want to come out with us?” The braided boy asked.

“Hn.” was the perfect soldier’s automatic response, he looked over Duo’s shoulder and glanced at the other two. “It’s late, Duo. We have class in the morning.”


“Aww, come on out and play Heero. We don’t bite, honest.” Ryuuen replied, mischief glinting his eyes. The other boy was far too serious, and he intended on changing that. “That is unless...” He trailed off, leaving the remainder of his statement hanging in the air.

“yeah Heero, come out. Ryuuen and I want to get to know you better. Oh, I’m Genro. Nice to met you” he offered his hand to the Wing pilot, genuine smile on his face.

“will you?” Duo asked.

//I would be a good time to get to know these two better, make sure they’re not spies.// Even in his own mind that sounded lame, but how was he to deal with his warring thoughts. “Fine.” Heero said in a monotone.


“I had fun, guys.” Duo said to his two new friends. They were in his room currently, lounging around and just talking. Heero had returned to his room, with a concise goodbye. He looked between the two teenagers, and smiled wistfully. He wished he could have a best friend like that, how would it feel to actually have someone else actually enjoy being around you. For some reason Duo felt comfortable with Genro and Ryuuen. During their late dinner, he didn’t miss the glances Genro would steal of his friend. He chuckled to himself, such irony. The braided American saw the longing within those eyes, and he felt a spark of something. Although he wouldn’t admit it to himself, he had gone and developed feelings for the other pilot. Duo wondered what Genro was thinking.

“I better go to my room. It’s late and we have class in the morning.” Ryuuen said with a yawn He walked over to the door, “Duo, want to have breakfast with us?”.

“Sure. Meet you down there at eight?”

“Ok, good night”

Duo rose from his bed after the door closed, and walked over to his dresser. He took off his shirt and rummaged through the drawer, for something to sleep in. His light glinting off of his cross.

“I like your cross, Duo.” Genro noticed the other boy stiffened, and wondered why. Then he realized it must have a high sentimental value to the other boy. “Let me show you something.” The red-head walked over to his possessions and pulled out a small metal box. The light in the room reflected off the polished surface, Genro slowly unclasped the lock and opened the box. Duo’s eyes widened upon seeing the various jewelry of polychromatic hues. They were nothing short of breathtaking. Wide violet eyes stared into the hazel ones of his new roommate and friend.

“They’re beautiful, Genro.’ The American whispered in awe as the seemed to glow in the artificial light. He wondered how’d they look in the sun.

“Thank you, Duo. They’ve been in my family for countless generations. Before I left home, with Ryuuen, my grandmother gave them to me. She said they belonged with me.” His eyes took a hint of longing and wavering sadness.

“You miss her?”

“Yes, she and I were very close. She would always tell me stories of ancient past, they were so amusing to listen to.” He said, wistfully.

Duo’s hand came up and held the cross, “Sister would tell me stories. She’d come and tuck me into bed, and I always begged her to tell me another story. I liked listening to her voice, it was so soothing. I remember her gently ruffling my bangs as she spoke, slowly lulling me into a peaceful slumber. Every night, before she’d leave, she would place a soft kiss on my forehead and say “Sleep tight, my little angel.”. I’ll never forget how it felt, to be loved so much by another person.” Duo didn’t know he was crying until he felt the tears being brushed away. “I’m sorry”

“Don’t be, it must still hurt so much.” Genro said, oddly knowing how the loss felt. His horrid dreams came back to mind, and he had to fight the shudder.

“Thank you, no one’s really ever listened to me like you just did.” the braided boy admitted.

“What about Heero? Or your other friends?”

“I can’t talk to Heero about that, he wouldn’t understand. I don’t have any other friends, really. Just some acquaintances.” Duo answered, honestly. He really liked the other guys, but couldn’t call them friends because he wasn’t sure what they thought about him. That thought in itself was depressing, and if he wasn’t already crying, he would have started.

“You have me, now. Also Ryuuen, he considers you a friend.” Genro answered, honestly. He knew that Duo was the type of person he could fully trust, and already did.

Duo smiled, feeling less lonely, at his new friend. All of a sudden this mission didn’t seem so bad. “I guess we should get to bed?”” The braided teenager suggest, yawning while stretching his arms.

Genro watched the other boy stretch, he blushed as the braided boys shirt rose to reveal soft-toned flesh. He just couldn’t tear his eyes away, and felt guilty about the thoughts that raced through his mind. Slowly he rose to his feet and began to remove his clothing.

Duo’s violet eyes widened as he took in the almost bare-form of his roommate. He just couldn’t tear his gaze away, guilt filled his mind. He finally admitted to himself his love for Heero, and knew that Genro had similar feelings for Ryuuen. Yet, here he was thinking about the redhead. Was it because the other boy was nice and actually showed kindness to him? Duo shook his head, while sneaking one last glance at Genro as the boy bent over. He quickly got under his covers, hiding his growing arousal.

Genro saw the other boy climb into bed, from the corner of his eye, and quickly got under his own covers. He turned off the lights, settling into the unfamiliar bed.

“night, Duo.”

“Night, Genro.”