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Author: dhuron

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‘Breaking the Bonds’ Part 1

“Hurry up Genro!” Ryuuen shouted out the window of the car. They had stopped at a gas station for a restroom break, well actually Genro needed to go. The braided teenager just shook his head in amusement, his friend was just too much of a goof. He smiled at the red-head’s silly antics, “Hurry up or I’m leaving you here!!”

“Be patient!” the red-head called out Ryuuen. In truth, he needed some time to calm down from that last nightmare. So he just made it look like he really needed to use the restroom. While he was alone, all the emotions came rushing forth. Fear, Despair, Grief, and Immense Grief.


The tall boy’s hands clenched the white porcelain in a vice like grip. Breath coming out in shallow gasps, Genro tried to block out the vicious scenes from his dreams. His eyes were shining with tears, ready to fall at any moment. The mirror reflected his grief-stricken face, the pictures of his nightmares coming back into his mind. He saw, through someone else’s eyes, a broken body lying on the snow. Blood staining the pure white, then he saw the face.


The tears finally fell, running down his cheeks. Genro fell to the floor, waves of loss washing over him. The last thing he remembered was the sun shining down on the twin bracelets.


Ryuuen looked at his friend’s face, noticing Genro’s eyes were a bit red. He was about to ask what happened, while reaching over to place his hand on one shoulder, his sleeve slid up his arm and reveled the bracelet.

“What’s that?” he said in a shaking voice, the images coming back.

“Huh? Oh these?” Ryuuen asked, while showing both bracelets. “They’re the bracelets ‘kasan gave me before we left. Why are you acting so strange? You’ve seen them before.”

Trying to remain calm, although his mind was screaming at him, Genro smiled foolishly. “Saa, I suppose I’m still half asleep. Let’s get going, ne?”

“Sure! We have only another thirty minutes before we get there.”

“Ne, are we rooming together?” Genro asked, the hope in his eyes went unnoticed.

“No. I thought we were, but I’m in a single.” The braided teen frowned at that, “You have a room-mate though. He should be there by the time we arrive.”


Duo walked over to his door, someone had knocked on his door which woke him up from his little nap.

“Who is it?” the braided boy asked, already knowing who it was from the knock.


“Gomen, I don’t know any baka’s.” Duo replied, snickering the entire time. He could just picture Heero glaring through the door. The braided boy heard a low growl, he smiled bigger.



“Open the door.” Heero grounded out between clenched teeth.

“Who is it?” The braided boy was having entirely too much fun, he could just see Heero’s dark expression right about then.

“Heero. Open the damn door.”

Duo jerked the door open, wearing a huge goofy smile. “Heero! What brings you here?” he chimed happily, too happily.

“Hn. I’m just making sure you’re not getting yourself into trouble.”

“Heero, I didn’t know you cared.”

“I don’t.” He snapped back, and immediately regretted it. The saw the slip of the mask, the fake happiness within the deep eyes flicker in the wind. “Duo..”

“Don’t worry Heero, I do know how to behave. Is there anything else?”


“Fine, good night” Duo said before slamming the door in Heero’s face. “Bastard” he muttered under his breath. The Deathscythe pilot flung himself on his bed, burying his head in the soft pillow. //Why do I even care. he’s just a fucking bastard//


Heero returned to his room, the entire time berating himself for being such an insensitive prick. He sat on his bed, his mind a jumble of conflicting thoughts. He was confused, and mad at himself. Heero knew he needed to control his temper, but it was hard to control his thoughts or actions around the other pilot.

“Just what is happening?”