I was going through my poem files and found this one and thought it would fit 'Ashes' quite well. Although I won't put it into the fic, I will refer to it in the parts to come, hope you enjoy!!


Blistering Night

Last night fills my mind
Blistering heat, standing under the silver moon
Still Quiet leaves room for Thoughts
Thoughts of passing the Time

Thoughts flood My mind as a drop of sweat runs down my face
Thoughts of Your hand running over my Face
Roaming down my Neck, Trickles of sweat pouring down
The Heat of your hand upon my chest

My Senses Heightened, the gentlest touch felt a thousand times fold
The Feel of your hair, Smell of your Skin, Softness of your Lips
Drives my mind over the top with Images
Feeling my knees begin to cave, slight feeling of
panic, waiting with hope

Moving Closer to you, Wanting to feel you against me
In a Lover’s Embrace, the Heat Unbearable
Softly Kissing you, Soaring in the sky
Hearing you whisper in my Ear, I Love You
Knowing you are mine, the temperature rising
Last night fills my mind